Thursday, August 16, 2012

Boomer Sooner!

The last few weeks have been crazy and overwhelming!  I never want to do another garage sale as long as I live! So many hours looking through our stuff, set up and organizing, then sitting out in the hot weather waiting for customers.  We had a low turnout and ended up donating most of the stuff to goodwill in the end. Couldn't even sell TV's for 10 bucks!

In the meantime, we have done tons of laundry, helping Matt pack his stuff, the Olympics and working a 3 day weekend right before our trip with my emotions on a roller coaster of happy and sad. I have decided that I have more tears of happiness and excitement than sadness of empty nesting. Notice I said more, because I still have the sad ones too, memories of them being small and now they are grown up and I won't have them home every day after school.  I always loved when they came home from school.  I still do, I just have to wait months instead of hours.

After a long weekend of work and minimal sleep, Matt, Mary, Brandon, Jack, Jeff and I went to Craig's Cruisers, Matt's favorite, which happened to be his half birthday.  We had lots of fun eating pizza, playing games and driving the go-karts. When we got home, it was back to work finishing the laundry, packing making lists, cleaning and paying bills.

Tuesday morning came quick, again with minimal sleep, and we were packed up, said good bye to Mary and on the road by 0830 EDT.  We drove until 3:30 pm CDT, where we stopped in St. Louis.

First we did a little shopping at Union Station then headed to a Cardinals baseball game.  We had so much fun! Home Runs, Fireworks and even watching all the people was great entertainment! I think there was only one family of Diamondbacks (aka Dbacks) who brought posters, spelling D-b-a-c-k-s. For nine innings they "fouled" up the spelling and timing of using said posters. It was so funny.  Even the people next to me couldn't help but chuckle along at their crazy mistakes. The Cards won an got nine hits during the game,  which equals a Krispy Kreme donut special! Spent the night in Cahokia,IL resting up for another day's drive.

Which brings us to today.  We were back on the road by 10 and drove another 8 hours before arriving in Norman, OK.  We had a very nice dinner at the Interurban Restaurant, where we enjoyed fajitas and chips and salsa.  Braums is the place for ice cream, so we stopped there for dessert and then went to WalMart for the first time this trip.  The Comfort Suite Inn is our home away from home.  We stayed here back in March when Matthew had his interview.  It is a nice place.

Tomorrow? This is what is planned so far:
  • Meet with an academic advisor.
  • Get Matthew's OU ID card
  • Move in to his dorm
  • Shop for more needed items, including a bike! 
  • Buy books??? 
Supposed to be hot with rain in the afternoon. Maybe that will hold off till late afternoon.

Check my facebook for more frequent updates of our goings on, and the photo album has plenty of photos. Say a little prayer for me, my back has been hurting for the past several days. Ibuprofen has kept the edge off.  Hope I can be of some help moving tomorrow.

Better get some sleep!