Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Veteran's Day!

Thank you to all who serve and have served in our nation's military and protecting our Freedom!  Special thanks to Bob Scherer, Dan and Lori Brown, Mitch Oliver and my veteran Jeff!  

Jeff and I had a very nice evening in Ann Arbor last night.  We attended Mary's U of M Women's Glee Club Concert.  It was wonderful! Mary looked beautiful and getting lots of her hugs made me so happy.   It was nice to see Brandon and the Cory's too.  More hugs! 

Mary recently completed a project in her English ambiguity class.  It is pretty complicated to this old nurse.  I am just amazed at what she can do!  Have a look at the project: Mary's Garden Path. Brandon has received his acceptance to Michigan's Law School! He is very excited.  Guess the Dean of the Law School handed him the letter in person!  Wow!  He is going to have a very hard decision this winter.

Sarah has turned in a rough draft of two chapters of her thesis about predicting ankle injuries in high school athletes.  Basketball season at the high school has begun for boys and girls, so she is back to afternoon practices.  She loves her work at the high school. The kids love her too.  It's obvious she chose the right profession.  I just talked to her and she is working on a special mission for a special person! 

Matthew is working hard at classes.  Performed a monologue for a class and felt he did a great job.  No news about the bike yet.  Guess there were some tornado sirens yesterday, but no tornadoes, thank goodness.  I sure miss him, but am so happy he is at such a great school. 

That is about it.  Until next time~


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Family Update

My last post was October 16th, the day of my bone marrow biopsy.  Three days later I would learn I had Multiple Myeloma with Plasma Cell Leukemia, requiring immediate inpatient treatment.  Today I am home and recovering and preparing for Round 2.  I will be using caring bridge to update my medical status, but will try to update family life here as necessary.

Jeff is doing a wonderful job taking care of me, the house and church.  Flushes my central line like a pro and keeps track of all my medicines. 

Sarah checks in on me throughout the week and had begun writing her thesis.  Chapter One: Introduction.  Hoping it is going well for her. 

Mary is home. She has baked cookies, started the laundry and is cooking dinner!  We all enjoyed a pizza dinner last night.  She will need to leave after lunch tomorrow. Mary will be singing with the UM Women's Glee Club Concert next weekend.  I hope to be able to attend.  Dr Brinker doesn't want me to miss it.  I need to stay healthy!

Brandon was interviewed by Georgetown Law School with all but an official acceptance. Sounds like an awesome place of opportunities.  He has been accepted to UCLA, but I told him that is too far away..LOL.  

Matthew is doing well at OU.  He ran his first 5K today in less than 30 minutes! Woohoo! Last night he rain in some sort of zombie survival run. Came out with torn jeans...Guess he had fun.  He's looking good for now...Matthew is participating in No Shave November.   We will see how he looks by Thanksgiving... Mountain Man Matt?  He makes me smile.....always.

Sammy did fine at the kennel for nearly a week. Looks nice after getting groomed. It is obvious he is glad to be home.  Just like me....