Wednesday, March 26, 2008

3/26/08 Pictures from tonight's concert


The concert tonight was fantastic. I am glad I went to both. It was hard to get real sharp pictures of the event. More pictures on shutterfly or wilhelm family photos. Click on the link to the right.

I had a good day at work and will work again tomorrow for 3 hours (5a-8a). Then it will be getting ready for Germany. We'll have to break for bowling after lunch. Lots to do and time is ticking away.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

March 25- The Concert was Great!

The concert tonight was awesome! There was such a variety of music. Sarah was first in the show, performing with Village Green, the high school's show choir. Mary started out in the second half singing in the concert choir, then playing cello with the symphonic orchestra. Matt had his turn in the high school jazz lab II band that he was invited to be a part of last december. Mary and Sarah sang "Sisters" next and did a great job. Mary went back to the orchestra played another song and then the finale was awesome..all the groups, choirs, bands, orchestras played and sang together! Wow! I also enjoyed a percussion ensemble, and a few other duets. I plan to go again tomorrow. Maybe I can get some pictures this time. For now, I am posting a picture of Matt before the concert in the Jazz Band uniform.

Mary will get behind the wheel for the first time tomorrow and drive a car! She is a little nervous, but that will make her be more careful. I should have gotten more done today, but time flew. I did make a roast in the crock pot that turned out pretty good! Everyone ate when they found time. We really need to start packing! We leave for Germany in just a few days! I am working tomorrow, so I won't have too much time to pack then either. I guess Thursday after we pre bowl for our league will be serious packing time.

We had an inch or 2 of snow this morning, but a you wouldn't know it tonight! We had warming temps of 40 and lots of snow melted. We are all anxious for spring to arrive. Time to get some rest.


Monday, March 24, 2008

March 24, 2008: A Very Busy Week Ahead

Happy Easter! We had a busy weekend and a nice Easter celebration. Instead of cooking a meal, we went out for pizza and a movie. Horton Hears a Who was fun and entertaining movie.

Today starts the begining of another busy week. I am working at least a few hours Mon-Thurs. Mary starts drivers training tonight. I have kids choir and a church softball meeting. Sarah and I are going to coach Mt. Calvary's team. I am pretty excited! The kids are in the High School's annual Collage Concert on Tuesday and Wednesday evening. The concert is made of songs from choir, band, orchestra, jazz band, solos and ensembles. Sarah and Mary are singing "Sisters" in the second half of the show. All three will also sing and/or play with their regular groups, Village Green, Orchestra, Concert Choir and Jazz Band. Mary and Matthew have play practice daily. The school is putting on "The Hobbit". Mary is working behind the scenes by choice, making/constructing the creatures of the story. Matt has a small role as a H(e)uman, how appropriate. Sarah has Softball practice daily as well. Thursday is quilting, church orchestra and choir. We leave for Germany on Friday. Whew! We need to be packing for our spring break trip to Germany all week. It will be nice to visit with Liz and family and also visit Bavaria and Paris, France. Jeff just informed me that an ice storm is possible at the end of the week. Yikes! We are looking forward to a fun time.

Sarah has been accepted to the Athletic Training Program at Hope College in Holland, MI. Looks like she will be a Flying Dutchman! We are very proud!