Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Sunny Sunday!

It has been such a beautiful sunny day!  Sunday School and Church went well.  Chime team played without any noticeable mistakes and the orchestra did a great job with the hymns and the anthem was great.  Very happy.  It made for a good preschool Sunday too!

Sarah, Jeff, Matthew and I rode in to Grand Rapids for a delicious lunch.   Came home and the guys threw the softball around while Sarah and I watched some basketball, did laundry and baked cookies. We hate for this day to end, since we have a freeze warning for the overnight hours. Poor Daffodils, they look so pretty in our yard and all the trees are budding and the yards are green.

Matthew is hoping to hear from WMU to see if they are going to award him any scholarships/financial help.  He wants to make his decision  this week.  Sarah is going back to Hope after her last spring break as an undergraduate.   Just a few months and she will be done! Wow! Extra prayers for her as she prepares to take her state boards next month, on our anniversary.  Mary is keeping busy at  U of M, and is running for secretary or president of the Glee Club for next year.  Elections are tonight! Will keep you posted..

For now, Jeff and I are off to bowling.  Hope we do better than the last time. 



Friday, March 23, 2012


Sarah and my trip to Grand Rapids was a success. Sarah got several dresses, one of which will be her graduation dress.  I like it very much.  We shopped in the "new" JCPenney and I bought some new white tops for work.  We ate fajita's for lunch at On the Border and it was very very good.  Found out after the fact, that I could have received a discount for being a Metro Employee.  Guess we will have to go back!

The weather continues to be unseasonably hot with a thunderstorm yesterday afternoon.  Even had a rainbow.  Had a great orchestra rehearsal and then watched men's basketball.  So glad the Gators pulled off a win!  Marquette wasn't playing up to there potential.  That helped. More games tonight. 

Little Jack is here today and we have had a fun time together.  He really loves music now. Gettting some computer work done while he is napping. Should get the laundry started or at least sorted downstairs. 

That's about it I guess,  have a nice day!


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Happy Birthday for Jeff!

Today was another warm/hot day in W. Michigan.  The warmest birthday Jeff has had since living in Greenville.  He certainly didn't complain any.  There was even a little thunder just before soup supper at church! Here are some other things that happened today:
  1. I baked a birthday cake.
  2. Sarah and I had lunch with Jeff at Arby's.
  3. Church/Choir
  4. Watched TV together and the reading of birthday cards.
Still expecting more fun the rest of the week.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

You'd Think It Was Summer

Happy Spring! The weather is warm/hot for March here in Michigan.  The crocus have been up for a week or so and today our daffodils are in full bloom.  Don't you just love Spring?  It is has been strange going to work while it is still light and then hard driving into the sunrise in the morning. I like not having to wear a coat to go outside.

Sarah is home for spring break and I love having her home. Today we had lunch and went grocery shopping since our fridge was pretty empty. We both love watching Tiger's baseball and some TV shows.  Making meals that she hasn't had in a while.  She has also done some studying for her licensing exam.  That is going to take place on April 13, our Anniversary.  Other good news,  Sarah is going to Japan in May.  I am so happy for her!  So glad she had a second chance.

Not too much news from Ann Arbor.  Mary and Brandon are fine after all of the tornadoes in the area last week.  Classes are going well. She even got to see a reading of the orphan of Zhao, performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company.  They will be performing the play during the London Olympics. What a great experience for her to see them at the U of M! I can't believe that we will move her home in five weeks, and she will have finished two years of college.

Matthew has been accepted into both theatre programs!  Now he has to decide where to go, Oklahoma or Western Michigan.  He is still waiting for the official letter from WMU, but received admittance via email.   We are all very happy for him. He and Jeff went to his interview last Friday while I stayed home with bronchitis and sinusitis.  I had to call into work sick for the first time. Ugh! I had that, especially on a weekend.  Good thing I have a doc note.  I can prove I wasn't playing hookey.

Tomorrow is Jeff's birthday and I will be baking a cake for soup supper before the lenten service.  Fudge Marble with Chocolate Frosting.  Wednesdays are always so busy, so not sure how when we will celebrate.  Guess I will have to let you know.

I had a couple busy nights in the nursery at work, and am now spending time with Sarah, had two fillings this morning and plan to go to Grand Rapids maybe on Thursday to hopefully find a graduation dress for Sarah.  I need some short sleeve white tops for work too.

Guess that is all.  We have more warm weather ahead this week, even setting heat records for the month of March!


PS: Happy Birthday to by brother Dan...Hope you had a great day at Animal Kingdom! Look for you present in the mail in just a few days!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Home again..

We arrived home late last night, or should I say very early this morning. What a weekend!

We attended the church Jeff went to as a college student Sunday morning.  It was a very nice service and Jeff was able to meet up with a few friends that still attend there.  Furthermore, when we explained that our son was considering coming to OU, Matt was introduced to all of the students and was made to feel very welcome. After church we had some delicious burgers/sandwiches at a local restaurant, O'Connel's, at Campus Corner.

Since our plane didn't leave until 6:15pm, we stopped at the OKC National Museum on the way to the airport.  Matthew was only 1 when the bomb blew 1/2 the federal building away in April 1995.  The museum was very well done and the memorial quite moving. There were a  few moments when I teared up, remembering that day, and what could have been for those lost.  I don't know how you get over something like that if you were a survivor or family of a victim.

Before driving to the airport, we stopped at Braum's Ice Cream one last time.  We returned the rental toyota, checked in and got through security in plenty of time to load the plane. Our seats were almost all the way to the back. There was one row behind us. Although things were pretty tight, the trip to Chicago wasn't too bad and before you knew it we were eating dinner at the O'Hare Airport.  Jeff really likes the Italian Beef Sandwiches.  The flight to Grand Rapids was only about 30 minutes and much more comfortable.  We were all glad to get to get to bed and sleep.

Matthew is back at school. He had a test today. We also have a better idea what still needs to be done for the OU housing and scholarships.  I slept most of today trying to prepare for a night shift tonight.  I still have a cold, but am going to try and tough it out. I have a day of education at the hospital on Wednesday and then work the weekend. Jeff may get his driver's license and car tags renewed. It is his birthday month.

Hope all is going well for you! Have a great day!


Sunday, March 11, 2012

Interview #1- OU: Complete

We have had a marvelous time here in Norman, OK.  It started with a very early wake up Friday morning and were in the air by 0730.  We had a stop in Chicago along with a delay, but arrived in OKC before 11 am.  Lunch was at Matthew's favorite, Chik-Fil-A and checked into our room before going to OU.  The weather was gorgeous, sunny and warm, perfect for a walking tour. Some of Jeff's friends from his college days met us for dinner at a steakhouse. It was very good and we enjoyed our little reunion. Our evening wasn't over yet.  We had to shop for a new tie, and go to Kinkos to make a few changes to the portfolio. It turned out great!  Matthew got a teal and black tie and a blue striped tie, and would decide which one  to wear in the morning.  Even though we were tired, Braum's ice cream was in our mind, so we stopped and had some yummy ice cream before going to sleep.  Didn't take long to sleep, we had a long but fun day.

Today was another early day.  Sign in at audition day was at 0830.  Grabbed a quick breakfast and headed to campus.  Matthew decided to wear the blue tie and when we arrived, the color scheme for the day was blue.  How cool is that?  The itinerary was all planned out. Met the teachers and some students, heard from the financial aid and housing offices and then Matt went on with the tech profs for a workshop and tour.  Jeff and I had a Q+A session with financial aid, housing and faculty followed by a tour.  It was very interesting and helpful.  Everyone had lunch together in one of the small theatre stages.  Matthew and the other 5 techie applicants went upstairs and had their interviews together as a round table discussion. It lasted two hours. Jeff and I walked around a little then found waited patiently in a comfy lobby and then in the green room at the theatre. We even had a chance to call and talk to our moms. Matthew reported  that the interview went well and that he should here from the theatre department in two weeks.

With the interview complete, we had the rest of the day to do fun stuff like: eating at CiCi's Pizza, more shopping, and going to the Lloyd Noble Center, a sporting event venue, to watch #1 ranked Men's Gymnastic Team, University of Oklahoma, take on #8 University of Michigan.  It was fun to watch, had great seats and had a good outcome.  OU won the meet as a team and the All Around winner was from U of M.  I like floor exercise, rings and high bar the most.

It is night time and we are tired.  The guys are sleeping and I should get to sleep soon. Tomorrow is church in the morning, perhaps a little sightseeing in OKC and fly home tomorrow evening.  It's been a great time, and went by quick.  Posted pictures on our photo album.

Interview #2 at Western Michigan, Friday March 16th.

Good Night.


Friday, March 9, 2012

Boomer Sooner

I think everything I needed to do is done, except for packing my clothes.  A very productive day if I say so myself.
  1. Babysitting my little friend Jack.
  2. Cooked the main dish for our Thursday Lunch
  3. Laundry
  4. Sent out emails
  5. Sammy to the Groomer/Kennel. 
  6. Pre Bowled for our league.  Better than last week, but still not so good.  
  7. Parent Teacher Conferences~ The teachers love Matthew!
  8. Quicken is up to date!
  9. Organized my nursing bags, sunday school and computer bags. 
  10. I even got to watch a few TV shows while folding clothes.
Matthew is all packed up and has all his homework done.  He has his portfolio ready to go and admits he is nervous.  He can practice his presentation ideas on the plane.  Audition on Saturday. He showed the portfolio to a few teachers today and they loved it.  Whew!  Can't believe the day is finally here. Time is sure going by fast now.

Mary is back in the swing at U of M.  She texted me tonight to let me know that the Northern Lights are supposed to be visible here.  What a sweetie.  She knows that her Momma wants to see them one day!  It's a little chilly to go out side, plus being in the city, even a small one, with street lights, it would probably be hard to see. Her barbershop group, Blue Horizon, had a singing gig yesterday.

Sarah is finally feeling a little better.  Doc thinks she has an ulcer from taking ibuprofen for so long to control the fever.  Fever and aches probably due to mono or other related virus. Liver test normal.  They are checking her blood for H. Pylori (stomach bacteria) and a repeat Hemoglobin.   She has been  a trouper, being so sick for so long and keeping up with assignments.  Started taking some medicine for her stomach today.  On a happier note, Sarah might be able to go to Japan this May.  It is not certain yet, but so glad they are offering it to her should the trip pan out.   I would be so happy for her!

Guess that is about all for now...We will be in rainy Oklahoma in less than 12 hours.  A campus tour in the rain, fun!  I am sure it will be no matter.  I love Norman, OK.  We will be having dinner with some friends Friday night.  Looking forward to a great weekend!


Sunday, March 4, 2012

Back to U of M, Bowling and the Week Ahead

Spring Break is over and Mary and Brandon are on their way back to Ann Arbor.  We had some really fun times.  It is always nice to have your kids home from college.  I will be going to Ann Arbor in a few weeks for Brandon's UMMGC concert.  Time will go by quickly.

The Cory's and our family went to see "Act of Valor" last night. It was an action packed movie about the navy seals.  The movie was well done and sure left me with so much gratitude of our military who fight to keep us safe.  There is so much we don't know about or realize what sacrifices they make. It certainly left me thinking and thankful. 

Tonight I hope to bowl over average.  Our team isn't fairing to well this season.  It sure is amazing that we were in the top 3 for the fall season and in the bottom 3 in the spring season.

Sarah continues to have a sick stomach.  She says it is not a muscular pain, but kind of under the ribs.  The tests that she has had have all been within normal limits.  Negative rapid strep, mono (x3) and flu tests. Guess they took other blood tests at her last doc visit on Thursday morning.  Supposed to have results by Friday, but no one called.  Better hear something from them in the AM! Being medical people, Sarah and I have thinking of everything it could be and that can be a dangerous thing.  Better just to wait and see what the blood tests show.  Fever came back early over the weekend but has subsided since last night.  When I asked what she might need, her answer was energy.

I work tomorrow and Tuesday night and then have the rest of the week off.  Wow, gotta love my schedule.  I have a great job!  Wednesday and Thursday will be prep days.  Getting Sunday School and Kids' Church ready, laundry and packing.  Friday morning we fly out to Oklahoma for Matthew's college visit.  Campus tour on Friday afternoon, dinner with some of Jeff's friends on Friday night and then the big theatre interview on Saturday. Portfolio is done.  Will let you know how things go.

We won't get home until late Sunday night, and then I have a pretty full week. Work on Monday CPR and clinical skills updates on Wednesday, VBS meeting and church.  Concert on Thursday and then working the weekend.  Matthew has his audition/interview at Western Michigan on Friday afternoon.  One of my friends will work my first four hours of work so that I can go with Matthew to K-Zoo. By then, Sarah will be on spring break and I will have the whole week off with her.

Guess that about does it.  Might have time to work on our VBS website and some planning tonight yet.

Ready, Set....GO!