Thursday, September 29, 2011

Good Morning to Another Busy Day!

The morning started off with Jeff finding Sammy had thrown up near his favorite sleeping spot.  My morning started out with cleaning it up.  It looks pretty good too!  I have had breakfast and sent out my emails.

So what else is on the docket for this Thursday?
  • Our bathroom continues with it's remodeling job.  The electrician has been here for the wiring for our new heated floor, and now the builders are back to put the subfloor back in.  The plumber is here putting some sort of valves on the tub and toilet or something. 
  • Lunch at church with the quilters,office and preschool staff. I better find something to bring! It's a potluck!
  • Shopping with Jeff for bathroom tile, a new vanity and possibly a toilet.
  • Prep for Sunday School and Kids' Church for the next few weeks.
  • Going to the store with Matthew to get dressy clothes for senior pictures and the homecoming dance this weekend.
  • Bills and quick book work.  Yike!
  • Picking music for Orchestra
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Laundry should get started. 
  • Get Mom's football picks.
  • Upload pictures of the construction.  Take a look on the Wilhelm Family Photos.
That is probably all I can attempt.   But there are many more things to do!  Reschedule appointments I missed when I was feeling pretty sick, banking and post office, and completing requirements for work. 

So without further ado, I had better get started!


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Fun Fun~Not So Much Fun

Let's start with the fun!

We headed to Holland just after 1 pm Monday to have lunch with Sarah and deliver her persents.   We took our little buddy, Jack with us. We had a lot of fun!  Haven't had such little ones at the table with us for a long time.  It iis cute to watch them play with simple things like coasters and napkins. Sarah was happy to have him with us. All the adults had burgers at Red Robin, while Jack like the french fries the most.
After lunch we went back to Sarah's place and opened presents. She was very happy with them.  She got an official ACLS Division Champions TShirt, just like the ones the Tigers wear.  We gave her a new memory foam pillow, and hope it helps relieve her morning neck pain and headaches. Time always flies when you are having fun, and before we knew it we were on the way home again. 
Sarah had a very happy birthday in 2011!  We are so proud of her and love her very much.

Chime team went pretty well for the first week of playing.  We want to be ready to play for church in about three weeks.  It's possible!

Now the not so fun:

Pipe repair of our upstairs bathroom is NOT fun.  Everything had to come out.  They have torn out the old yellow tile floor and exposed the pipes..Today they told us that no one should walk in the bathroom or they will land in the dining room below.  Tomorrow the plumbers will come and start putting in new pipes.  So will have to go and pick out new bathroom tile and perhaps a new vanity..The worse things are no more showers for a week, and the price tag at the end of the project.

My car's tire loses air every few weeks, Matthew was nice enough to go fill it up.  Wonder what it will look like in the morning. Also, Matthew took down the sunflowers. They were dying.  Still kind of sad.

Haven't felt too well today..Had to skip watching my little buddy and Sammy's grooming will have be another day.  Hoping tomorrow will be a better one! Was able to cook dinner, write some announcements for Sunday School and even blog!  Laundry is on hold and will have to look at the bills before heading to bed.  Maybe I will take a few pictures of our broken up bathroom.

That is all for now...


Monday, September 26, 2011

What a Weekend!

I had a very busy day at work, but all in all a good one too.  When I got home, Matthew was asleep.  He works hard and has long hours, sometimes by his own choosing.  Jeff was still at work and I decided it was time to relax. 

The Michigan Men's Glee Club was invited to sing the National Anthem at the Tiger's Game Friday night, so I tuned in early and hope that they would cover the event.  I was wrong, I guess they think that most people want to listen to people talking.  Mary texted me after they were done singing, and to my disappointment, never heard them sing.  I was watching a commercial! Boo Hiss!  Mary said she recorded it, but I haven't seen it yet. We had planned to go to the GHS football game, but decided to go our for pizza with Matt before he left for the Village Green Retreat weekend.

Saturday morning came early, and Matthew was off for a weekend of learning choreography.  He was looking forward to the weekend.  Jeff signed up to ride in a 30 mile bike race, so I drove him over to the starting location and took a video of the start.  Be sure to scroll down below this entry and watch it!

I bought a ticket for the "A Grand Night for Singing" concert at the University of Michigan. So I spent the morning getting some things done for church and sunday school in between checking in on the race. I was on my way by 1:30 pm, and listened to the umich football game most of the way. We won and remain undefeated! I was in Ann Arbor by 4 pm and Mary, Brandon and I enjoyed a delicious sandwich at Potbelly's. Nice to try a new place!  I took a little nap in Mary's room when she left for her call time.  Both Mary and Brandon were singing the concert as part of the Glee Clubs. I found my way to Hill Auditorium and took my seat.   The concert was very good and I was so glad that I went.  The Glee Clubs did a great job, especially since they had only met 4 times since the beginning of school before the concert.  Awesome!   Besides the Glee Clubs, there were solos, opera, music theatre, mixed choir, chamber choir and the Orpheus Singers that sang with a String Chamber Ensemble with Harpsicord.  The finale was fabulous, with the professors singing along with the students.  It was a wonderful night!  I got home late, around 1 am without incident.  The concert and time spent with my wolverines was well worth the trip!

Sunday School and Church went very well.  It was preschool Sunday and the music was good, children's church was a success and Jeff had a really really good sermon.  Jeff and I had lunch together and then pre-bowled after a short afternoon nap, since we had a church meeting in the evening.  We bowled well, both averages went up again.  I bowled over average all three game and now have an average of 125! Jeff had a 200 game today!   We found out later that we won three points and are tied for first place! Yay!

Matthew arrive home tired and with a little cold.  He said it was a good weekend, and that the dances are good.  Guess his feet hurt too.   We all watched a movie to end our Sunday evening and all of us are ready for sleep. The guys have already gone to bed.

Tomorrow will be a fun day too.  My little buddy will be coming later in the morning, but in time to go to Holland with us to celebrate Sarah's birthday.. We will have lunch and deliver her presents.  I will be so nice to see her.  I miss my kids when they aren't home.  What will I do as an empty nester??  It is just a year away.

Well, I am very tired.. I am off to bed.



Jeff rode in a 30 mile bike race, LeTour DeDonut. The catch? You stop twice and eat a donut! The race was put on by Klackle Orchards and it is a well attended event. In addition to Jeff riding, two other MCLC members, Gary and Paul, rode too. It was a beautiful day and everyone had a good time! By the way, Klackles has delicious donuts!

Friday, September 23, 2011


A wonderful day in history. September 23, 1989 at Yokota Air Base, Japan.  Sarah Elisabeth was born at 6:34 pm.  My first day as a mommy.  It has been a wonderful 22 years watching her (and her siblings) grow up and chase dreams.  Now she is in her last year at Hope College, and on the brink of becoming an Athletic Trainer. She has done a remarkable job!

I guess she has some plans with friends for tomorrow evening and has to work a soccer game on Saturday.  Her buddies from Klaaren Cottage from last year, will be celebrating with her on Sunday.  So, Jeff and I will go have a birthday lunch with her on Monday.  I can't wait to see her and give her some presents and a hug!

So here's to you baby girl, have a wonderful day and a very special year. Lots of excitement ahead!

Lots of  Love,

Sarah's Mom and Dad!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Week in Review

Well, life and it's activities have kept me so busy that my ability to blog regularly has been challenged. I hope that this will change over the next month or so.  I miss blogging!

For now, I will post the highlights of the past week:

Friday: Had another successful day at work and then supported the Lion's Club Spaghetti dinner in town.  Matthew had McDonald's instead..he doesn't like spaghetti too much.  Matthew also received acceptance to Western Michigan University. Hooray!  The three of us drove to Holland and enjoyed a Hope Men's Soccer game. The weather was beautiful and the Flying Dutchman won!  Didn't have much time with Sarah, but we knew that she was working.  We got home to watch the Tigers clinch the Central Division of the American League.  SO EXCITED! 

Saturday: Matthew had a car wash for Village Green!   All three cars at home got cleaned!  I got some errands done and came home to watch Michigan Football.  But when I checked the mail, there was a beautiful mailing from University of Oklahoma!  I dropped everything and drove back to the car wash so Matthew could open it. He gave us all the thumbs up!  Matthew has been accepted to OU! We are all very happy! His friends at the car wash were giving high five's and even a chest bump!  Now the work toward admission into the theatre program  begins. Ok, now back to football.  Michigan and Florida won, as did Oklahoma, but not without a lot of nail biting.  Florida State (BOOOO!) really gave OU a challenge. We don't need anymore games like that one.

Sunday: Good Sunday School and Church Service.  Our Sunday School Attendance went up and I think things are going well enough so that the kids and adults should want to return.  Bowling started up Sunday night and although my first two games weren't very good, my last was awesome! Bowled a 178, all marks for the first five frames and good counts the last five.   My average jumped up 10!

Monday: Started having my little buddy back.  He is so cute and would love to play with my ipod and phone rather than his trucks.    Had to fight off a migraine before junior choir and chime team.  I am playing for kids choir and I am happy to say that Chimes is all planned for the next year! Just found out that there will be another "Bell Concert' with all the area church's bell/chime teams.

Tuesday: Book work day.  More typing and organizing for activities at church.  Even made some posters!  It  doesn't seem like a lot, but time keeps passing by and I don't get to everything I want to, like Quicken. I am going to be sorry!  Our pipe situation continues.  Upstairs bathroom drains area so slow, so we got a team of a contractor and plumber to take a look.  Can you say remodel? The floor will have to come up and new pipes put in for the sink, toilet and shower.  We will need a new floor, maybe a heated one(?), vanity and toilet. Yellow tile will stay on the walls.  It is in good condition.  Jeff has also given me the ok to investigate getting the dining room redone.  I hate the wall paper and who ever painted the nice hardwood molding and doors should get a lesson in decorating.  I want the wood stripped and refurbished.  Just getting a quote. Wonder what the price will be??? I am a little worried.

Wednesday: Working, singing and trying to stay ahead of the game.

Thursday: The list I made last night, has a huge dent in it!  Still have things to do before Sunday, but hey I have a few days left to accomplish it. Yeah right. Laundry will be done tonight!  I even made supper twice this week!

What is ahead??
  • Sarah's Birthday!
  • Watch the Tiger's game tomorrow night. The University of Michigan Men's Glee Club will be singing the National Anthem!  Once the game is on it's way, I may walk over to the GHS football game.  We are playing a tough team from Grand Rapids, so I think I know what the outcome will be. 
  • Jeff is going to ride in a bike ride on Saturday.  I hope that he has fun and that he doesn't get hurt.  
  • I am planning on heading to Ann Arbor for the concert "A Grand Night for Singing"  Mary and Brandon will be singing.  Mary needs some boots, shoes and coats.  
  • Matthew will be in Holland with Village Green, learning the choreography for their Fall Show.  He is looking forward to it.
Life is busy...I just take it one step at a time!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Yes! I'm a Proud Mom

I am always a proud mom.  Sometimes, though, I have to brag or I might just burst!

Mary was announced as a scholarship winner at last spring's Women's Glee Club concert. All summer she tried to find out how much the scholarship was worth so she could plan her finances. No one knew the answer.  Not the Glee Club Board, Glee Club Director or anyone in the financial aid that would have received the funds.  In fact  The scholarship was not received in time for the bill payment deadline.  She finally spoke with someone in the Music Department who had all the answers.  Her Scholarship is The Quinn Scholarship~ $4000.00!  Much more than we expected.  She will get to meet the donors at a dinner where she will be served filet mignon!  Wow, how cool is that?

Matthew has had a few great shots in the arm~
  • He was announced as the Vice President of Village Green this year. (The VP of VG!)
  • He is the PSM (production stage manager) for the GHS fall musical, Grease.   
  • Received a letter from Central Michigan University, accepting him as a student there next fall.  While this is NOT his first choice school, it is nice to get acceptance letters.  We hope to get those same kind of letters from University of Oklahoma and Western Michigan University.  He has been working hard keeping in touch with OU and WMU making sure he is completing everything  required for admission.

Sarah is keeping up with a busy schedule her senior year of college.  She has grown into a wonderful  young Christian woman.  Just talked with her and she has been cleared and will observe a surgery tomorrow!  I wish I could go too!  She is a little nervous that she might feel a little faint.   Say some prayers!  We are planning to back to Holland on Friday and watch a Men's Soccer game.  She is a trainer for that sport and will be working.  Hope has  a good soccer team, so it should be a fun evening. Wonder if I should wear a sweatshirt?  The temperatures have cooled off here.  Possible frost tonight and highs in the 60's.  Aaaaaah~just how I like it!

Better get some other things done...

Gracie, mom of Sarah, Mary and Matthew.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Time Really Flies!

I don't know how many times I sit down to write an entry to this blog, and I get side tracked or just too tired to think.  I felt like this tonight, but I am determined to give a summary of the past week.

Wednesday:  A good day back to work. Confirmation began for Jeff and I was at home planning for the weekend ahead.

Thursday: I spent most of the day at church preparing for Sunday School. Rally Day is coming!  First we had a Pandamania evaluation meeting and even started planning for next summer!  I probably spent about four hours cleaning out the craft cabinet. I found lots of old unusable things that had to be discarded.  Then it needed organizing. I wanted to make it easy for the teachers to find things, with the most used items plainly visible.  As I was moving some coloring books around I found an old record. I thought whoa!  It was certainly a 78, that was very heavy and thicker than other records I remember as a kid.  Turned out to be a record from the early 1900's of a male quartet. This was unbelievable!  I brought it home and played it on Mary's record player and it was simply amazing to hear the voices of men that were singing before my dad was born!  I felt like I had found a treasure!  I shared the news with Mary and Brandon and they were pretty excited too!  How on earth did it find it's way into a craft cabinet?

Friday: Another good day at work.  Jeff and I were scheduled to work at the concessions tent for the Senior Mystery Trip, selling burgers brats and fries.  I had fun and we had good business.  Matthew worked too slicing potatoes.  Eventually, they excused Matthew and said you have worked enough!  He shouldn't need to work at anymore events, he got them all done this summer!  Way to go Matt! GHS played Holland High School and I saw a man with Hope Clothes and hat on, so I said Go Hope!   Turned out to be Sarah's badminton teacher and football coach! We had a nice little conversation.

Saturday: We all got up early. Matthew took the ACT and had to be there by 0800.  Jeff drove him there which eased his mind.  He did the best he could and is anxious to see how he scored.  We picked him up at 1215 and then headed to Hope College for their Football game. It was pretty hot and Matthew and I couldn't sit out in the sun for very long.  We were able to find some shade and stayed through the third quarter.  Hope won! Go Dutch!   Stopped by to see Sarah and deliver her mail.  She had lots of homework to do.  I was glad we were home in time to watch some college football, namely, the Michigan game!  It was a crazy game! We didn't look we could win, but I kept the hope and as the game neared the end, the wolverines got better!  Was there time??  Denard Robinson got things moving...we were ahead with a few minutes left, then Notre Dame scored and took the lead by three points, with 30 seconds to go!   Amazingly, the wolverines moved the ball down the gridiron and all we needed was to make a field goal with 8 seconds to go into overtime.  That isn't what happened.  Denard threw a pass into the end zone for a touchdown with only seconds left! We won! Magnificent! A great end to the day!   All my teams won- Tigers, Hope, Florida and Michigan.

Sunday: Rally Day was a success!  We had 46 in Sunday School/Bible Study and the church service was great...the music was nice and Jeff preached a good sermon.  I presented the third graders with their Bibles and that was that!  Later in the afternoon, I got a letter from Mary about her experiences from Saturday before and at the game. She and Brandon enjoyed a walk through the Arboretum in the afternoon.  Then Mary saved a life.  She found a very sick freshman girl in the bathroom, got help and stayed with her until the paramedics arrived.  I am so proud of her, and I told her that God was proud of her too!  Her letters are always so well written and her personality always shines through. She added the top ten reasons why last night's  was the greatest game in Michigan history:

"10. Full moon/beautiful sunset
9. No rain!
8. No terror attacks (apparently there were rumors of non-credible threats)
7. There was a beautiful patriotic tribute at the beginning.
6. Desmond Howard was honored and made a moving acceptance speech.
5. Two parachute drops at halftime
4. We had polite and fun seat-mates (no drunk people!)
3. New attendance record for the NCAA!
2. First night game ever.
1. WE WON!"

Senior Youth Group met at church and we decided on what activities to do over the next few months.  Our bowling league started Sunday night and we took on a name from the past and will be "Alpha and Omega" again this year.  We took only one point, but each of us had a good game.

Monday: Was repair day. Jeff and I cleaned out the dryer vent system and changed the duct work.  The dryer hadn't been drying the clothes too  well, so we figured we had to clean out the lint, before a fire started. It was successful and after some frustration with the taping of the seams, all systems are go, and we are ready to do laundry.  Jeff and Matt worked on the upstairs sink drain. It was leaking.  With our house being so old, we are careful about how much we do with the pipes.  Luckily, we have the water draining and not leaking so we can use that sink again.

Mary surprised us and came home for an overnight.  Brandon had a meeting in town and Mary rode along. It was so nice to have dinner together and then just chat through the evening..We grilled steaks and later ended the night with brownies a la mode!

Tuesday:  I had my little buddy to babysit today.  We had a nice day and a lot of fun!   I got all the laundry done and even cooked dinner!  The kitchen is clean too!  Wow another day of accomplishments. Watched another great Tiger game too!  They are on fire!

It is Wednesday now, and I need to be up in six hours.  That means I have to go to bed....We are having cooler temperatures tomorrow.. highs in the 60's!  Welcome Fall!!! I have had enough hot weather. 

Need some sleep!


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Matthew Starts His Senior Year!

Today made it official.  Matthew is a senior in high school.  He had a good day and accomplished everything he needed to do with the guidance office for college applications, with the theatre department concerning the upcoming events and a new class offered, technical theatre.  Matt will start that class next week as a 7th hour. He formed a barbershop group with his buddies in Village Green to practice and hopefully sing in the future.  It will be great and he is excited about it.   He is pretty happy with all of his classes, after all it IS school and he'd rather just stay home, like most teenagers.  I know he will have a successful year!

I got a lot done on my blog, emails and shutterfly.  All my pictures are posted in the Wilhelm family photos.  Videos are up on you tube. Went to the end of the season softball coaches meeting tonight. Interesting.  Lots to consider before the 2012 season.

Talked with my mom.  She is hanging in there, trying to heal more each day.  She can still use your prayers!

Back to work tomorrow!

Good night!  I have finally caught up on the Blog!!!! Hooray!


(Keep scrolling and read the next two entries! I had lots to say, so I broke it into three stories!)

Now the Rest of the Story

Labor Day was a day we could sleep in.  We met Sarah for lunch after dropping off the truck, and then stopping by Jim and Vicky's to drop off their ratchets and a few things Brandon sent back home. We had a nice visit.

The weather was gorgeous and Sarah was glad to have us!  We had lunch at Brann's Steakhouse where we had a not so good waitress but pretty good food.  Poor Sarah, her steak got over cooked  and when she sent it back our server had them cook it more! Luckily, another waitress stepped in and took good care of the situation. Within a minute she had a new steak, cooked medium and our table was cleared and drinks refilled.We stayed and visited with Sarah for a while, laughing and just talking. Matthew and Sarah had a tickle fight.  Well, Sarah tickled Matthew, Sarah isn't really ticklish. Took lots of nice pictures together before we left. She had lots of reading and homework to do.

We got home, had some ice cream and watched a movie. Summer is over.

(keep reading....the move in weekend novel is next!)


Mary surprised me with a picture of her dorm room all set up! Thanks to Brandon for taking a great picture. Her room looks great!

All Moved In and Ready for School!

Friday morning came earlier than we wanted it to since we were up late packing the borrowed pick up truck.  It turned out that we needed to take two vehicles to move all of Mary's stuff safely and comfortably.  We got some help from the Cory's with securing a tarp over Mary's stuff in case it rained on the way.  Glad we had the truck in the garage Thursday night since it did rain. Three of Four cars traveling to Ann Arbor were on the road before 0900.  Brandon and Mary in his car, Jeff and Matt in the truck and I drove the Prius. Jim and Vicky would follow soon after. 

Move in went very smoothly.  We had move in helpers right away with rolling bins the use of freight elevators. Both Mary and Brandon were both moved in by noon.  At least all of their things were in their rooms.  All of us had lunch together at China Gate before Jim Vicky and Sam had to get back to Greenville. Then we got to work. Did some unpacking and put Mary's futon back together. I forgot to mention that we had another HEAT WAVE. The dorm rooms were very hot and had very little breeze.  It was time to cool off.

So all of us went to our hotel to enjoy the swimming pool and a/c.  Problem..our suite's air conditioning wasn't working and the pool was at least 85 degrees!  We only cooled off after getting out of the pool since the air was cooler than the water.   Jeff didn't get to try the hot pool because he was trying to get the hotel to fix the problems with the non-smoking room that reeked of smoke.  We ended up getting a different room and informed them that we would not be staying a second night. If only we could have found another hotel on short notice.  With the first UMich football game the next day, that wasn't going to happen. Needless to say it was a big disappointment.

Our pizza dinner was very good.  Cottage pizza is always a good choice.  Unfortunately, Mary had a migraine all day and she couldn't enjoy the food like we did.  She was quite the trooper and pushed through.  We all made a stop at Meijer to pick up things for their dorm rooms.  That went pretty quickly and we found everything we needed including 97 cent ponchos for the game the next day.

Back at East Quad, Mary rested on her futon, while the rest of us continued working in her room.  I was the unpacker organizer and Matthew put pictures on the wall and set up the TV and Blue Ray player.   It was shaping up pretty nice.  Mary helped as much as she could, fixing up some curtains and helping Matthew with the location for the pictures.  Jeff was hard at work looking for a new hotel room for Saturday night and made the proper reservations.  By then it was it was almost unbearable sitting in her hot room.  So Mary decided to come back to our room with us where it would be cool and hopefully more comfortable.

Our hotel journey wasn't over. When we got ready for bed, Mary's pull out bed had used sheets and Matt's pull out bed wouldn't pull out at all.  The hotel manager at night came and realized that we had a bad situation.  He did all he could to make us have a good night sleep.  We were sure glad to check out the next morning.

It's Game Day! We had hoped for temperatures to drop on Saturday, but no luck. It was very very hot. Upper 90's for game time.  Brandon, Mary, Matthew, Jeff and I all enjoyed a nice lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings before walking to the game over a mile away.   It was an experience to say the least. Lots of people walking, lots of maize and blue and lots of drinking parties along the way.  Crazy!  It was a lot more fun when we walked past as the band lined up to march.  The drum major did his inspection and they all stood still even when their friends tried to talk to them.  That made me mad. Anyway we kept walking along toward the stadium and bingo~the band caught up with us! I enjoyed listening to the drums as they marched by and I took video. Mary showed us the way to our seats and when we finally got there, we were sitting with some new best friends. Fans are pretty much sitting like sardines in the big house.  I was determined to make the best of it and the 90+ degree weather.  The pre-game show was great.  I loved seeing the band run/march out onto the field. I felt so bad for them, they had to be so much hotter than I was, and they were still performing!  Be sure to watch the video posted below this entry. I thanked God every time the breeze blew by and askefor continued breaks in the heat.  

Michigan's defense still has a lot of work to do, but we enjoyed watching the wolverines run a 95 yard run and an interception that put Michigan ahead.  Then the rain drops came. One..two...three four...I got my trusty dollar poncho out and on before the sunny downpour.  Instead of the game on the big screens, it was the weather radar.  Just as Jeff had said, the worst was still coming.  Too bad he wasn't advising the refs, because they suspended the game while the sun was shining with little threat nearby.  Soon they announced that the game would resume in about 15 minutes. It was extra warm now, with the sun and the plastic on, but I knew what was coming.  Sure enough not long after the game restarted, the thunder lightning and rain came. This time we left with many others.  They told us of place to take shelter, if needed.  Instead we began our hike back to Mary's dorm. Unfortunately, we left through a different gate and were detoured through the golf course, so that when we headed back we were heading away from campus.  Thankfully, we figured that out early enough that our walk was about 2 miles in the rain and thunder.   It could have been worse. By the time we reached Mary's dorm around 7:30p, the game had been called, the first time in Michigan Football History!  We were there!  Soaked and tired, we sat with Mary for a little while deciding our next move.  We thought it best to get to the hotel and dry off.  Mary stayed in her dorm that night, spent some time with her buddies which we were glad for...she certainly didn't need to spend every minute with us!   Our next hotel was about 30 minutes away and after another room change for odor and a loud a/c we got some needed rest.

Sunday we were able to drop off a care package for a Concordia Ann Arbor Student and then pick up Mary for church at University Lutheran Chapel at U of M.  It is always a great service with inspiring music.  Took Mary to TGiFriday's for lunch, it was delicious, and last minute shopping at Walgreens.  Mary's headaches were pretty persistent, so I bought her some generic excedrin.  That usually does the trick for me.  Don't want her to suffer unnecessarily. Brandon has encouraged her to see the doc on campus and get the shot for migraines.  That is probably a good idea since she really shouldn't have nsaids anymore.  Plain tylenol won't get too far with migraines.  Later, we followed Brandon in his car to his permitted parking lot and then took him home to keep him from walking two miles back to campus.  It was good bye time...I hate it. Gave my hugs and we drove away, picked up the truck and headed out of town.

We had another destination.  My little buddy, Jack, is one year old and was having a party at grandma not far from Ann Arbor.  It was nice to celebrate something fun with fun people after leaving your kid at school.  Weather was nice and fun was had by all.  Our trip going home was slow going.  There was a bad accident where a MI state trooper was struck by a east bound vehicle. I guess the car was too.  Just read the article.  Trooper in critical condition at umich and driver stable condition in Lansing. I-96 was closed in both directions for several hours.  We were able to get off and take an alternate route pretty quickly and we still arrived home before midnight.

That was a FULL weekend..We are glad to be home, safe and sound.

Be sure to watch the video below and see the U of M marching band enter the field~!  There are lots of pictures posted on Wilhelm's Family Photos!  Be sure to take a look.  Even posted last set of pics from our vacation. Enjoy!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Goodbye Summer, Hello School!

September 1st is here, and that means summer is over.  It makes me sad since I like having my kids home.  We will be taking Mary to the University of Michigan tomorrow morning, and moving her into the East Quad dorm. There is some excitement and worries too, will everything fit in the room the way she wants it too? We will find out.  First we have to pack it all in the RAV!  That has me a little worried. It is going to very hot on move in day, up to 95 degrees! I better wear some cool clothes.  We are staying the weekend and going to the first home game and our first game in the Big House on Saturday afternoon.  Won't be as hot, but could be raining! All in all, looking forward to a fun and busy weekend.

Matthew will begin his SENIOR year on Tuesday.   He did have to change a few classes, since the office messed up his schedule. He was assigned to consumer's finance and music theory.  Last week, he went into the office and now has accounting and woodworking.  His other classes are: AP Literature, Village Green, CAD I, and Spanish II.  This fall's musical is Grease.  He is hoping to be the production stage manager. Otherwise he will be on the scenic crew. There is a new after school class, technical theatre class that he will want to be a part of.  Mary helped him apply to 3 universities this week. Oklahoma, Western Michigan and Central Michigan.  Wow!

Sarah has begun her last year at Hope College. It is almost unbelieveable that she is almost done with college.  Her classes sound very challenging.   Research Methods, Senior A.T. Administration, Senior A.T. Practicum, Social Psychology, Intro to World Politics and Badminton.  She is covering Mens' Soccer and working in the Training Room at the DeVos Center.

I was back to work yesterday after a great week at Pandamania and time with my mom!  My little patient is doing well, and I will be back to regular hours next week.  Taking tomorrow off to for moving day!  I am also busy with organizing and promoting a new sunday school year.  I am optimistic and look forward to a fun year. Needless to say, I have plenty to keep my busy.   I haven't even planned a thing for chimes and orchestra.  That will have to be on next week's agenda. Today will be laundry, packing, paying a few bills and hopefully working on quicken.

Here's the latest on my  mom:  Back pain persisted yesterday and Leslie took her to her primary doctor who said she had a compression fracture of the vertebrae (L1).  Went to the ER and planned for a procedure to "fix" it.  When the ortho surgeon came by, he told her she didn't have a fracture, but probably a bulging disc. Needs pain meds and bed rest.  Continue to pray for healing.  I really hate to have her hurting so much..It sure was hard putting her on the plane home knowing she hurt so much, but I knew she wanted to be back with her stuff and in her own bed.  Glad to know my brothers are close for things she needs.

Better get to work!


PS:  Remembering my dad, he would have been 91 yesterday. Happy Birthday to Greg Wilhelm who celebrated his birthday yesterday!  Soon we will all gather for  Lori's wedding!