Monday, September 29, 2008

Home Again.

Jeff and I drove to Detroit today to attend Aunt Gert's funeral. We had quite a scare on the way. A deer ran in front of an oncoming truck and then slid across the front of our car. No damage and we are safe. The deer wasn't as lucky. The funeral service was very nice. David was a pall bearer. We were able to visit the graves of my Uncle Art, along with Grandpa and Grandma Heumann's after the committal. Family and friends gathered for lunch at Gert's favorite seafood restuarant, Moe's on the Ten. Jeff had whitefish and I had lemon chicken. It was delicious. It was really nice to see cousins and family friends again. We were able to chat with cousins and remember stories from our childhood. Some stories were new! I didn't know that my dad took flying lessons, and Big Dave got a ride in the plane with Dad's instructor. My brother told the story of Grandpa Heumann helping the Wright Brothers with their plane for take off. That is a cool story that I had forgotten. One common remark from my cousins was how much they enjoyed growing up with Aunt Gloria's visits. They said they always had so much fun. Cousin John is going to plan a Family Reunion for next year. Sounds like fun to me! Let's plan on it. Here are some pictures of the family.

It turned into a rainy day. It is supposed to be rainy and cool this week. Fall is really here. Matthew had soccer practice and Mary is at evening rehearsal of Guys and Dolls. She likes her new part and reads lines for those who can't be there. Chime team was a little chaotic tonight. I think I might have to rethink the parts. Some are a little too hard.

Well, I am going to work on laundry, music for church and plan menus for the week. It doesn't look much like golf weather for tomorrow. Too bad. I enjoy golfing with my friend, Norma.

Until the next entry,

Peace Be With YOU!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Good Games for Grace

Just wanted to post my best night of bowling in a LONG time! I had a series of 400! I bowled a 148, 113 and 139. I am pretty happy. We took 2 games which keeps us at least tied for first place! Hooray!!

Jeff and I will be driving to Detroit in the AM for my Aunt Gert's funeral. My brother Dave will be meeting us there. We will see family members for the first time in years. Will they recognize us? Will we recognize them??

Church went well today as well. The orchestra did particularly well. I was proud of them. The new projection system has been well received. I like it a lot, it helps me remember the sermon more.

Well, going to fold laundry and mapquest tomorrow's journey.


A Fun-Filled Day

We got Matthew off to soccer, and Mary to drama practice. Orchestra practice went well this morning. We should be ready for tomorrow. Then we were off to pick up Matt 1 hour away, they won their game 2-1! Then we drove to Holland another 1.5 hours away. Once we got there, we spent time with Sarah at her dorm. She opened her goodie box and then shared her birthday cake that was delivered to her room on Sept 23 by a ladies church group who bakes cakes for students birthdays. It ws delicious.

Sarah had things to do and places to go, so we got on a shuttle bus and went to watch "The Pull". It is intense tug of war between freshman and sophomore classes. Fresh=Even Year, and Soph=Odd. The longest pull lasted over 3 hours. Today's pull lasted just over an hour. Sarah's roommate was part of the event, she worked in pit 17 as a moraler. You can read more about this tradition at Hope's Website.

We had some free time after that and did a little shoe shopping and had a snack at Arby's. Mary and Mom got some shoes and Matt got a ball from the sports store. The next event was the football game. It was really neat to watch Sarah at the game with the other Athletic Trainers. She mainly had water duty, which is important for the player's hydration. The weather got cold and so did we. We hung in there till the end though. The final score was Wheaton College 47-Hope 7. Wheaton had some really good runners and an excellent quarterback.

Sarah has been wanting fastfood, so she chose to go to Steak n Shake after the game. We had good food and fun times. It sure was good to see her and hug her again. She and two friends will be coming home in a few weeks, just in time for GHS homecoming. Sarah has been invited to be on the field with her mentor from last year, Mr Day. She's looking forward to it, so am I.

Tomorrow is going to come soon. Sunday School and Church. Orchestra plays and choir sings. Mary has a solo part. I am doing BP's after church. Jeff and I will lead chapel at the local long term care units in Greenville. Of course there is bowling at 7pm.

Lastly, my Aunt Gert died yesterday morning. She was a wonderful person and lived a long life on this earth. Jeff and I intend to attend the funeral on Monday morning in Detroit.

Better get to bed. Love to all,

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts and Events

Thought I would post this picture of our Grace Place Retreat Group. We had lots of fun and made some new friends, and reminisced with friends from the past.

I had a good day at work yesterday. I stayed late so mom could stay at her job for a little longer. Time was passing, and I did get a little concerned since children's choir was less than an hour away. Then a few phone calls came with "sorry we won't be there tonight", and I was only left with one singer. So we cancelled. whew. I am still having trouble picking music for the little people. Don't know why I have this block. Hope it leaves me soon. Today is quilting, if I ever get there, and a piano lessons in the afternoon. I work tomorrow and then the big busy weekend. I realized that I still need to shop with Mary for a homecoming dress. Maybe we can go after piano lesson??Hmmm the wheels in my head are turning.

Mary has been happy. She found out yesterday that she will have a solo in the play, "Guys and Dolls". They also posted the One Act play for the winter, and her favorite director is directing. Yay! Mary had a great time at her show choir retreat and now has a dvd of the dances so she can practice at home. Lots of excitment is in store for the fall. She and her friends are contemplating solos and duets to sing at the concert next month.

Matthew is ordering his class ring today. It was a long process. The rings he really liked were >$200! After some discussion and further investigaton of the ordering book, he found the right one, ~$150. Still a lot of money, but he is going to help fund this purchase. He has another game today after school at Grand Rapids Christian. He likes playing on the team, but of course the "star players" like to criticize and correct things they don't like. I always remind him to listen to what the coach says..he is the one in charge. All in all, he likes high school and is doing well.

If the weekend wasn't so busy, I would go see the movie "fireproof" it is a movie with a Christian Message. We will see it, just don't know when. Last movie I saw was Batman. This will be a welcome change. Batman was good, but very dark. This movie should light the way!

Well off to quilting. Have a great day!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Sarah!

We called the birthday girl at 0700 and sang happy birthday. She soundedtired, but very happy to hear from us. Later today I spoke with her briefly, and she is having a good day and has received many good wishes. She is very thankful. I sent her a box of goodies yesterday and she was glad to receive it today! I like how efficient our mail is in Greenville. They are spoiling us.

Backing up a little, we won four points in bowling on Sunday. That should help us stay in 3rd place. Who knows, maybe we will move up! I have been busy trying to catch up on the little things and church things that got tabled when we went to Mackinac. I am just about up to date. whew! Chimes went well last night. We have a fun and determined team. I am down to one load of laundry to fold and preparing for children's choir that takes place tomorrow.

This week is busy in its own. Matt has 2 soccer games. Mary has play practice. by the way, she was promoted to a "better" role in the musical. It was a male part, but he quit, so they changed it to a female role and gave it to Mary. It has more lines and stage time. There is a home football game on Friday. I work tomorrow and Friday and quilt and give piano lessons on Thursday.

Saturday will have it's challenges as well. Matt has a soccer game in Big Rapids (1 hour away), there is orchestra practice at church on Sat 1000. Sarah has a softball game and picnic starting at 11 am. Then there is the annual tug of war at Hope at 3pm and a home football game that Sarah is working at that evening at 7 pm. We wanted to take her for dinner, but it looks like it will be late night McDonalds instead. That made her happy, because she hasn't had McD's for a long time. So it looks like our schedule will look something like this:
  • Matt to soccer game by HS bus.
  • Orchestra Practice 10am at MCLC
  • Pick up Matt at Soccer game in Big Rapids ASAP
  • Drive to Holland for end of picnic and tug of war (The Pull) start time 3pm
  • Kill time before the football game, which starts at 7 and then treat Sarah to McDonalds before returning home.
  • Church the next morning!

I guess busy is definitely in our vocabulary. Like I said previously, we'll just keep plugging along. That is all the news. Don't forget to check out the Family Photos. I just added a few more.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

We Are Home

Jeff and I arrived home this afternoon. The retreat was very good and we met a lot of nice people along the way. Yesterday we spent the afternoon walking around the island. We spent time in several cemetaries and saw the governor's summer mansion. There was a beautiful golf course too. We bought a few souveniers and fudge of course. Last night we took the horse and buggy taxi to the Little Stone Church by the Grand Hotel. We were to have a communion service there and then ride back to our resort by horse taxi again. Unfortunately, after the parson left the church open for us, a caretaker noted it was open and locked everything up. We couldn't get in. So we all walked back to the resort, a good long walk, back to the resort. We had our service this morning in our conference room which worked out ok. I was really looking forward to the church though. We were back on the ferry at noon and drove home 3.5hours. It is nice to be home. Take a look at the size of the pumpkin on the trailer I saw at a gas station! Here are a few pictures of our time there...check out the family photo album for more!

The kids did great. Mary is on her trip with the show choir until tomorrow around 5 pm. She had everything ready to go last night. I hope she is having a great time and learning a lot. (She will!) Matthew was glad to see us and he cut the grass really nice this afternoon. It is good to be back with our kids. Sarah is fine and busy at college. We hope to get down to see her next weekend and take her for a wanted McDonald's quarter pounder. She turns 19 on Tuesday, her first birthday on her own. Is it harder for her or for me???

Tomorrow we have a pastor from Grand Rapids, Pastor Masih, to preach and teach about spreading God's word to the unbelievers, namely muslims. He came last year and was awesome. We look forward to another inspiring message. Of course we bowl tomorrow. It is a bye week for us. We have to bowl our best, at least our average.

Guess that is all. Have a wonderful Sunday.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Two days!

Well it is Thursday night and we have Friday and Sat morning left at the pastor's retreat. Overall it has been good. We have really enjoyed being on Mackinac Island. Yesterday we played tennis and today we played on a putting course. Jeff and I tied on the first round of 18 holes and Jeff won by one on the second. I used one of their cool left handed putters. It was great. It has been nice getting to know some other pastor and wives in our district. It would be nice to keep in touch with them.

We heard from Matthew by text tonight. They won their first soccer game! He is very happy. I haven't heard from Mary yet today, but she was in a really good mood yesterday. She is looking forward to the VG retreat this weekend where she and the rest of the group will learn the choreography for this fall's show. She also was fitted for her costume. It is going to be gold this year!

Time for me to go back to our room. Next update..on the weekend. Hopefully with pictures!


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It is a Small World and We are Bat Magnets

Jeff and I are enjoying Mackinac Island. This afternoon we spent our free time riding a bicycle built for two around the island. My legs are aching but it was worth it. That was something I wanted to do for a long time. Our bike was yellow. I will post pictures when I get home. We stopped on Main Street for ice cream and of course had to bring fudge home. So we shopped around until we found the fudge "flavors" we wanted. The pastors and wives marriage retreat is going well. There are 3 speakers and I have a connection with all three. First there is John Eckrich, MD who looked so familiar to me. After some discussion, I recognized him as his father, who was the chief of staff at Lutheran Hospital when I was at nursing school. Then there is Rev Dr Bryan Salminan, who I remember playing basketball at the seminary also when I was a nursing student. He was also one of Jeff's professors while we were at the sem. Finally, are Dave and Kathy Ludwig. He was vicar at Evergreen when I was born and he and his wife watched my brothers for my parents. They have been good friends ever since. It was nice to spend some time together tonight and catch up on our families. You might know Dave Ludwig as author of the Spirit of We, Renewing the Family Spirit and now Parenting Class Changing the me into we. We also met another clergy couple with two of their kids at Hope College. They only have wonderful things to say about the college as well. Evidently, DaveL's brother, Tom, is a psychology professor there and is a renowed psychologist receiving the "pulitzer prize" of psychology. I will have to tell Sarah about him. Tomorrow is more lectures that are really interesting, exercise a cooking class and more free time. The food is really good. I have a delicious pork chop tonight. The chocolate cake was really yummy. I didn't like the green goddess dressing at lunch though, it was really spicy. Cell phone and wireless internet reception is patchy at best. So while Jeff was getting the computer going in the larger living area of the lodge, guess what was flying around? You guessed it, a bat! Another pastor was here also, and was able to capture it and release it into the cool evening air. We just can't get away from bats.

Mary and Matthew are fine at home. We check in a few times each day. Mary is cooking and keeping up with her play and cello. She is 2nd chair cello again. Matt's team lost again with a score of 7-1. He had a chair test today too for band, but I don't know the results. When I talked to Sarah last, things were going well at school and continues to be very happy there. I guess she loves the chapel time during the week, and doesn't miss the Gathering service on campus on Sunday evenings. That is good to hear!

Well, it is getting late. We need to be up by 0630, so I'd better get off to bed. Have a Happy Wednesday.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Soggy Soggy Saturday

Matthew played his soccer game in the rain. It rained all day and now all night. But I shouldn't complain, because we didn't get hit by Ike. Matthew said he played the best ever, and that the team scored a goal. Still they lost 4-1. At least there is some improvement. Hang in there guys!

Mary and I worked on this month's calendar. It would be easy to lost track of all the events if we didn't plot them out on our big white board calendar. Later, we went shopping at Wal-Mart for some needed food items and things for Sarah's care package.

I finally finished the laundry and will need to work on it again tomorrow. I am ready for Sunday School tomorrow and enjoyed a spagetti supper at our church for Habitat for Humanity. With the rainy weather, we didn't have a very large turn out. It was really good spagetti though.

Sarah worked at soccer game today and she informed me that she was soaked, but had a really good time anyway. She really likes college and all the excitement that goes with it. She posted a picture of her ankle that she wrapped for practice. Pretty impressive!

It is getting late and I really need to get a few more things done before I fall asleep. Have a great SonDay!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Quick Update

Well the beautiful blue sky, perfect temperature of yesterday has turned into a cloudy, muggy and now rainy morning. I got the kids to school while it was just sprinkling thank goodness. I am supposed to work the concession stand at the football game tonight for the band boosters. I wonder if they will play if rains all day? We play a team that we never beat tonight so I though it would be a good night to volunteer my time.

Mary did not get a lead role in the play Guys and Dolls. She obviously was very disappointed, but can accept it more since her senior friends are playing those parts. Still she would like to have read for both leaed parts and they only had her read for one of the lead roles. Instead she is Agatha, a member of the mission band. Politics continue to play itself out in the high school extra curricular activities. Enough said. She begins after school practice today and is determined to be her best at whatever she does.

Matthew's team lost again yesterday. They keep playing and trying to improve their game. I hope that I can see another goal before the season is over. I am not a big soccer fan, so I can't really say anything about strategy and technique like Jeff can. I go to have fun and support Matt. Some parents really get out of hand. I don't sit near them anymore because they drive me crazy. Matthew got a cell phone yesterday. His schedule and pick up times are so different, we thought it was time for him to have a phone to call and keep us informed. Mom is glad that she can reach all of her kids, and husband, easily by phone now.

Orchestra had 3 people, just as I had expected. We decided that we could just become a brass ensemble, since that is our mainstay/core people. Maybe I can get Matt to play after soccer.??? I started back at quilting yesterday and began a new project. I am going to make a runner to lay on top of the clavinova. The plastic cover is such a pain because it covers the whole instrument. My runner will cover the keys and the control panel. I think it will be nice.

Our van is ok. There aren't any new real problems. Evidently the computer thinks there is a vacuum problem, but Ford assures "us" that it is perfectly fine. So we are going to eventually have the computer reprogrammed so the engine light doesn't go on for every little problem.

Well, I am off to work this morning. Should be a nice day. Hope yours is a great one!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Check Your Engines!

Our check engine light in our van has been on lately more than off. Just last week we had it in for repair, just a hose! Yay! Tuesday morning the light goes on again..this time it is more costly. Whew that should do it! This morning after dropping the kids off for school the light comes on again! Yikes!!! We are taking it in after lunch, and see how much damage there is this time. We should have regular appointments made for this crazy van.

Mary's auditions earned her a place in the call backs this afternoon. She really wants a lead role. I told her do your best and sing with diction. That is pretty hard when you are just auditioning. Mary has lots of established respect in the GHS theater program. She should find out tonight if they offer her one of the 2 lead female roles.

Matthew has another soccer game tonight. It is a home game. I hope to remember to bring a camera this time. I need a picture of him in his uniform. Be on the lookout for one. Speaking of pictures, the kids just had school pictures yesterday and today. I will be anxious to see how they turn out. Sarah is fine at school, but very busy! Keep up the good work sweetie! She has been ordering some AT clothes and rain gear and I finally got her some needed softball equipment. As soon as they arrive in the mail I can send them, some more goodies and birthday presents.

My job is good. I am supposed to go quilt today. We are having a potluck lunch, so I have brownies in the oven. Choirs have started and I am struggling with choosing kids music and have to rework the chime team. Orchestra is tonight. We will see how many come. Jeff continues to keep up with all his responsibilities. We are looking forward to our week together on Mackinac Island with other pastors and their wives. By the way, my golf game improved a little this week. My friend and I plan to continue to golf as long as the weather allows. We will see how my game is by Halloween.

Better run. Have a nice Thursday..I was born on a Thursday and you know what they say? Thursday's child has far to go! Do I ever!

Gloria's Thursday Girl

Just an interesting fact...Our heat turned on last night. The nights are getting cold.

Monday, September 8, 2008

More Information

Last night was our first night of bowling. Although we didn't bowl our very best, we still took 3 games. We also set our average for the fall season. I bowled a great first game, 131. The second and third games were the same old story. 114 and 93 with a final average of 114. That is fine with me. Don't want too high of an average. Jeff bowled pretty well and has an average of 142. Our partners are the anchors and I can't remember their scores offhand. We did change our team name to "Guys and Dolls" in honor of this year's High School musical.

Mary has auditions for the musical tomorrow. Please keep her in your prayers. She has been so excited about this all summer that getting a certain part is very important. Unfortunately, seniors usually get the lead role, but I told her do your best! She has a lot of respect as a thespian at school and you never know what will happen. Be ready for anything.

Matthew has an away soccer game tomorrow. They practiced in the rain this afternoon. I hope they all stay healthy. He is liking high school and likes to get there early to socialize. He is begging us for a cell phone. We are just about ready to get one. With all the activities, it is easy to find our children if they have a phone, plus if they need us for some reason, we can be reached even if it is by text.

Tonight was first night of chime team. I had only two returning members plus myself. I had two new people. So we have a team of 5. We can do it, just takes a little more preparation on my part, and I am fine with that. Wednesday we have kids choir, adult choir and praise team all in a row. Then Thursday is our first orchestra. I think we will have the same people.

Supposed to golf in the morning. It is going to be cold and wet. We will see if golf with have a weather-friendly day. I have all kinds of things to accomplish tomorrow. Hope I can get it all done. I will just get one thing at a time done starting with the most "important".

Just got done chatting with Sarah. All is well at Hope College. She had her first day of work at the biology office. She said it was really long and tedious. But it is a job.

That is all....Have a great Tuesday!


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Another Sunday School Year Begins!

We had a very busy, but good Sunday. Rally Day was a success. There were very few at opening, at the beginning, but we ended up with 40 in Sunday School..60 including adult class. The service was nice and I played pretty decent. Mary sang "Eye of the Sparrow" during the offering. Taco Bar lunch was well received and we had just the right amount of food. We played a few games and then cleaned up. After we got home I took a nap.

Bowling season starts in 15 minutes! I hope I don't bowl my very best or the team will be sunk. Still I hope to get at least a 105 each game. I'll let you know how it turns out.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Day of Remembrance

It's a birthday for a couple family members. Happy 3rd birthday to Zachary Hammons and a happy baptism birthday for Eric Heumann. You are never too old to remember the day you become God's child! Praise the Lord!

It is a day to remember the best dad anyone could have. A wonderful role model, a gifted preacher and loving husband. It has been 2 years since my dad went to heaven. I still miss him. He will not be forgotten. Our love will never fade.

It's Been A Few Days

The first week of school is complete and it was a good one. Mary had to change a class the second day of school due to conflict. So she dropped her math class to stay in orchestra and will take PreCalculus next year as a senior. Instead, she will have two english classes, AP Literature and AP Language. English is her forte, so I don't think it will be too much for her. She continues to lean toward education, either in Music or English at the secondary level. She plans to major in one and minor in the other. An English major is probably more marketable, but she really has a gift and passion for music. Matthew has had a good week. He likes high school and continues to play soccer. They lost both games this week. Jeff and I worked in the concession stand during the varsity game and business was pretty slow. I am scheduled to work in the band boosters concession this coming week at the football game. It is good to get those requirements done early.

My golf game was about as expected. Some good holes and some bad. I even picked up my ball on one hole, because I just couldn't hit it. My friend Norma and I had a nice time and had lunch together. We plan on golfing again soon. I worked 16 hours in the last 2 days. My little client's mom had a baby boy yesterday and I worked nights while mom stayed in the hospital. Mom and baby are doing well. I spent my other days soing laundry, planning rally day and music for the fall, and surfing the net for some needed clothes items for Sarah. I finally placed the order tonight. The Athletic Training program is ordering "hope" clothes for the year. Things like AT (athletic training) polos, t-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts and now rain gear. She will be making her final decisions this weekend. I have also been doing some crafting. I made some post it note covers with hope colors and sent them in Sarah's care package for her and her friends. Aren't they nice? I sent along a book, snacks and sliders for softball. She was happy to receive the box today, just 24 hours after I sent it. I guess there is a football game tomorrow and she is off duty. She plans to go and watch as a fan!

Jeff finished up the painting job by our front door. It was peeling and cracking. It looks really nice now. He has been keep up with the hurricane situations and keeps me informed of any daily weather concerns here too. We have a few weeks of exciting worship ahead. Rally Day is this Sunday and yours truly is the "organist". I will play the clavinova. Teachers are installed and we have a mexican lunch with small group information and games and activities. The following week is our "contemporary music" week with our new praise team. I will be singing instead of playing. That is a nice change for me. The week of the 15th is a retreat for pastors and their wife in Mackinac. We are looking forward to attending. Still need to iron out arrangements for the teens at home.

Mary auditions for the high school musical Guys and Dolls this week. She really wants the lead, but is concerned with a few seniors that are auditioning as well. Lots of times seniors get picked for those roles. We'll see what happens.

I guess that is all the news. Have a great weekend. Gotta get some sleep. I go to get my haircut revised in the morning. Too much hair hanging on the neck.


PS The picture to the side is the "new and improved" style

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

Well Mary and Matt got off to the first day of school. They were both happy. Matt says he is not nervous about his first day of high school. He also has a soccer game this afternoon. I think the kids look great. My friend from church just brought us a homegrown watermelon. They were delicious last year. I can't wait to try it. But I need to get rolling, I am going golfing this morning. I am sure there will be more later.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Sunsetting is Over..Summer is Over

Mary went for her last sunsetting excursion this evening with best friend Gia. I have included a whole new photo album of just sunsets in our family album. There are some very nice pictures. I have included a few here to peak your interest.

Everyone had a nice day and is either winding down or in bed in preparation for a new year of school. Neither Mary or Matt are looking forward to school, but alas the time has come. Matthew has a home soccer game tomorrow at 4:30 pm. Jeff and I are supposed to work in the concession stand during the varsity game at 6pm. I guess it is good to get that commitment over with early.
Waking up to a new school year tomorrow


Last Day Before School Starts :(

Happy Labor Day! It is a nice sunny day with a nice breeze. I can't believe that another year of school starts tomorrow. Mary is a junior and Matt a freshman in high school. I'm starting to feel "old". More and more I remember my mom telling me when my three small children were pushing evey one of my buttons that "these are the best years of my life". Looking back on those years, I just smile. I don't remember the weariness I felt back then. I am not complaining though. I was really worried about the teen years, but teens are pretty cool people. I am enjoying each stage of their lives. Middle school was the least favorite.

Today started off with Matthew marching in the Belding, MI labor day parade. It was quite nice and the band sounded great. The kids were sweating pretty bad marching in the sun. I was quite comfy under a tree in the shade. My friend Jackie set some chairs up for us and her mom at 5am. We had a delightful time and then ate lunch at our favorites, Cory's restaurant which is right along the parade route. Our bowling partners met us there and again we had a nice time.

Now we are home and eventhough it is quite warm, our brick house is quite cool. Jeff is going to put up a ceiling fan in our bedroom and I think he had another job to do. I am going to try an fix up the ceiling in Matt's room after some brown wall paint found it's way up there. Matthew has soccer practice and Mary is napping after waking up early to prepare to wake up earlier tomorrow. Later she plans on making some cookies and going sunsetting.

Yesterday we went to Camp Concordia in the late afternoon. Did some swimming and rode on our friends pontoon. We ate a cookout meal together in between time. Jeff and Matt watched a movie while I was experimenting with my Stampin Up stuff. I made some cute things and am learning to use the paper cutter/scorer with less mistakes.

Sarah took her first quiz and aced it 10/10! Way to go! She is doing well at college and seems to be adjusting nicely. She had 2 classes this morning.

After the kids are off to school, my friend Norma and I are going golfing. It is ladies pay $7.50 with a cart if we play by 12noon. I hope that I don't lose too many balls.

That is the latest from Greenville,

Grace, a proud mom of three wonderful teenagers