Thursday, February 26, 2009

Thursday is Better than Wednesday

I woke up Wednesday morning with the flu...Yuck. I knew I was probably going to sick, since my patient's family was all sick on Monday. I was sick less than 12 hours, but slept most of the day. I feel much better today and will go back to work tomorrow.

Our dinner Tuesday night was very good and we had a nice time. Poor Matthew had a lot of homework left when we went to dinner and had a stressful time getting done when we got home. I guess we shouldn't do dinner parties during the week anymore.

Of course I missed Ash Wednesday service. I was supposed to play the clavinova, but thanks to Annette who stepped in for me last minute. Quilting was pretty much a mind game for me today. I had to rethink my quilt colors and patterns. It just didn't look right. I think I know what to change. I also redid the lunch schedule. We have "potluck" meals each week. Only 3 people bring the meal at a main dish, one side dish and one dessert. We have a lot of fun. It is extra fun now that the office and preschool director eat with us.

Matthew is at the basketball game. Mary and Brandon are singing around the piano. Jeff is going to bring home pizza for dinner before orchestra tonight. Auditions for collage concert were today and I don't know when the results will be posted.

Well, better get going. Have a good one.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tidbits on Shrove Tuesday

  • I posted more pictures of the Fantasia dance. Sarah had a very nice time and spent the night at her girlfriends parent's home. School is going well and she now has a roommate for next year. It is in a different dorm, but she is happy the the young lady is a sweetie from Texas.
  • Matthew wants to buy a paintball gun from a friend at church. I am not completely happy with this whole situation. I know other people enjoy it, but I hate for Matt to spend a lot of his money on something and then forget about it later. Plus you have to keep buying "ammunition" and CO2 to power the gun. We are still discussing this subject. Baseball continues early in the morning. Tryouts are next week. I will be glad when the practice moves to after school.
  • Mary is gearing up for collage concert. She is trying out with several groups. A duet with Brandon, cello with a singer, plus she is singing with the Village Green and playing with the Orchestra. Matt will play with the band. We continue to visit colleges this Saturday morning at Conerstone University in Grand Rapids, a Christian College.
  • I worked 8 hours yesterday in a house filled with sick people. I hope that I stay healthy. I work 6 hours tomorrow, 8 on Friday and 4 on Saturday. All my applications have been rejected at the hospitals. I called to discuss what it is that causes my rejections. No call back from the person that I was referred too. I don't want to be like Jonah, but I am really burning out with the home care. Thought about a new career field, but there really isn't any jobs for anyone. I am trying to work on contentment.
  • Jeff is gearing up for lent. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and I am playing for the service. We will be having soup suppers each Wednesday as well. Jeff is leaving on Monday for the Hurricane conference in St Petersburg on Sunday. He offered to take me along, which I kind of wish Iwas now, but know I shouldn't be too far away from the kids for a week. Florida would have been nice. Knowing me though, I would be worrying about the kids safety and missed their choir concert.
  • Guess that is all. Will do some laundry today and type up my Sunday School report that I wrote yesterday. Tonight we go to dinner at a member's home. They are very nice people.

Don't forget to eat your Pancakes! I did this morning!


Monday, February 23, 2009

Early Monday Morning!

We won three in bowling tonight! Yay! We aren't near last place now. We were fifth place before tonight out of eight teams. Jeff bowled well and I had one good game of 146. Jeff pre-bowled for next week, since he will be travelling.

Posted pictures on our Family Photo Album. See pictures from the weekend, Matt's birthday, Sarah and her friends before the dance and a whole album of this year's one act play, story theatre. Enjoy!

Matthew played paintball with friends from church and really had fun. Now he wants some equipment. What will it be next? He already "needs" a new bat and cleats.

I work tomorrow and have kids choir and chimes in the evening.

Until there is more excitement or news..Goodnight!


Saturday, February 21, 2009

"S" is for........ Saturday!

Saturday had the promise of being a very busy day. Winterfest music festival at the High School started at 0800. I was there to hear Mary play in the HS Orchestra and really loved it, especially the William Tell Overture. I had plans to bring Matthew back in the afternoon for the JV Band portion and the Greenville Danish Band musical presentation. Mary was going on a Village Green trip to the Show Choir Showcase. Guess what we saw after the AM orchestra? SNOW...SNOW....and more SNOW!

When we got home, Jeff called to invite me to the "Walk for Warmth" event that started at our church. It is a fund raiser for community to help those who can't pay to heat their house. Many people walked around a nearby lake in the blowing snow and cold temperatures. I stayed inside and chatted with people and then enjoyed lunch together with all who walked and helped. There was a soup cookoff so to speak. There was some really good soup and I don't really like soup. Before lunch was over, the rest of the days activities were cancelled. No band, no show choir and no small group bible study at our house for Shrove Saturday. It was a little bit sad.

So, I got the laundry done, Jeff took a nap and then had the energy to go and use the snow blower to clear paths on the sidewalks and driveways. We do our neighbor's too. One lady is elderly and the others help with our gardening in the summer. I played a game with Matthew, who by the way, has been having a fever for the past 24 hours. He is ok now that the Ibuprofen is working. No other symptoms. Mary's friend Gia came over and they baked a cookie cake. Later on some other friends came over to eat it. Now they are having fun watching a DVD and just talking and laughing. Matthew is playing star wars on the Wii and I am of course blogging away, one of my favorite things to do!

Sarah is on her way to the Winter Fantasia dance. She is wearing her favorite prom dress. The yellow one. I have been informed that she has already taken many pictures and I will share them when I get them! The dance is being held at Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids. I hope that she has lots of fun and stays warm!

I hope that all my instrumentalists will be able to make it to church tomorrow. The orchestra is playing 2 hymns and an anthem, He is Exalted for Transfiguration. I might build a tent during Sunday School opening.

Guess that is all! The snow continues to fall adding to the 3.5 inches that are already covering the ground. I shouldn't be surprised, it is still February! I will post any worthy bowling scores tomorrow night.


~Silly Gracie

Friday, February 20, 2009

Facts for Friday

  1. FAFSA is filed. We stayed up and got the fafsa filed late Tuesday night. To our amazement, the Dept of Education thinks we can contribute more this year than last! With the financial state of America, do they actually think paying for college is easier? Now we wait to see what Hope College offers in a financial aid package. Can you say the word "loans"? Wait! Maybe President Obama can add it to his stimulus package. He's helping everyone else, car makers, banks, frisbee golf courses and dog parks. Certainly an extra $10,000 is nothing!

  2. Work is...fine I guess. I worked only 3 hours on Wednesday because I started running a little fever ~1oo degrees. Recovered quickly the next day worked Thursday. Thanks to a friend who changed shifts with me to feel better! I have sent out about 8 applications for hospital jobs. All have been rejected. Sure would like to know why I am so "undesireable". Jeff says keeps trying! I feel so defeated. Either: I have too many years experience (25) to hire on at that wage, Spectrum blacklisted me because I called them on the carpet when I was mistreated at the local hospital here in Greenville, or once out of the hospital for more than 2 years..too bad, no hospital for you! I'd sure like to know where all the new nurses are going to get jobs when they get out of school. There is a nursing shortage! Right.

  3. Music rocks! Mary and Matthew both play in the annual Winterfest at Greenville High School on Saturday. Then Mary travels with The Village Green for a showcase concert in Chelsea, MI. We cannot attend. I am sure it will be very nice. Our orchestra plays on Sunday if the weather permits. We should sound nice too. Greenville is having an Earth Day "celebration" and our church choirs have been invited to sing and play during the event. Hmmm. What could our chime team play? I am always thinking.

  4. Matthew marks a record at Greenville High School! Matthew has enjoyed being part of the crew for the plays and shows at greenville high school. After studying and practicing using the equipment, Matthew took and passed the Full Crew test on Thursday and can now be paid to work at the shows that play at our performing arts center. We are so proud of him! Mary made him a cake! He is the only freshman to ever pass the test, maybe even take the test. Congratulations Matthew! He was so happy and proud when I picked him up, as he should be. He continues to work out with the baseball team and hope to make the team early next month.

  5. Small Group meets here tomorrow. Our small group bible study meets here tomorrow evening. We usually have a light meal together. I have decided since it is so close to Ash Wednesday, that we will celebrate Shrove Tuesday early and have pancakes! I love the idea and hope the rest of the group enjoys the food! I will have to compile a note about shrove tuesday so I don't have to explain it. Tonight Jeff and I are going to anothe pastor's home for dinner. Mary has a birthday party, and poor Matt will be home alone.

  6. Snow in the future! Of course, it is only February, we have potential snow for another few months. Come visit and we will go sledding! Jeff tells me that the snow that was supposed to stay south of us in now heading for Holland, Grand Rapids, Greenville to Alma! Possibly another 4 inches. Luckily, during our January thaw in February, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus made it safely inside!

  7. Taking its Toll! The bitter cold and wind in Holland and West Michigan has taken its toll on Sarah's fingers. Yesterday she experienced a lot of pain during one of her attacks. She was wearing gloves too. I told her she needs some heavy duty warm ones and to make sure she wears layers and a hat of some sort. She does for the most part, but walking around campus is really cold. Unfortunately, she has a few little ulcers forming on 3 of her fingers. They are not bad ones, and just need to keep them warm and give them time to recover. She hasn't had those for quite some time now. If they worsen, I can give the doctors a call for advice. For now please include her in your prayers, I know you already do!

Well, that is all.. Lots of information in one day! Have a great weekend!


My Awesome Son!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Fun Day

We had a very nice Monday at Hope College. Mary liked the visitation day very much. They sure do a great job. You don't have to audition to get into the music education program, just for music scholarships. That is a plus. The theater people are very nice too. She definitely has a lot to think about, and make some decisions. We also spent some time with Sarah. We went out to dinner, took her shopping and got her a few goldfish. Time really goes by fast when you visit someone special. Now she can't find the fish food, so I am going to send her what we have at home. On the way home we stopped and looked at a few previously owned Toyoto Minivans. They sure are nice. The windstar we have has almost 150,000 miles and will probably need to be replaced this year.

Today I have done a few loads of laundry, accomplished some errands and went to worhsip committee meetings. Still have laundry and errands and also want to finish up the FAFSA form and submit for the year 2009-2010! That will be a big relief too. Mary has choreography today and tomorrow from 4-10pm. We are supposed to get some snow the next couple of days. Wonder if we will end up with a snow day. I work tomorrow 5a-5p, so the snow day will be tomorrow, since they usually happen on my work days. All of my applications have been rejected and there are few jobs for me to apply for. I still feel like I need to do something new, but am still very discouraged about the whole thing.

Guess that is all.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Pretty Good Day!

Church and Sunday School went well. Attendance was down a little due to a long holiday weekend. Still we had over 50 for sunday school. The chimes played "Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow" the best ever! I was so proud of them. I also served my last time on the sunday morning fellowship. That is a big load off of my shoulders. We had lunch together and then took Mary to Brandon's house to work on a project. The afternoon was nap time for us, then Jeff had an elders meeting. I got to bowling at 7 and Norma was there waiting for me. The other team pre bowled so they wouldn't miss the NASCAR race. Jeff and Randy were a little late due to the meeting, but it didn't matter since it was just us bowling. It was a good thing we waited. Jeff bowled a 233 the first game, 184 and 171. Wow what a night! I bowled well my 2 and 3rd games.. 137 and a 123. Our team took 3 points tonight. That should help move us up a little bit.

Tomorrow we are taking Mary to Hope College. We plan to attend chapel and a class with Sarah, Lunch with the theater people, tours and student panel for questions and answers. Afterward, we will take Sarah for McDonalds, shop for a few grocery items and she wants to get more goldfish at the pet store. We should be home by evening. We are taking Sarah one of her prom dresses for a dance coming up at college.

As for now, Jeff and I are going to try and finish up the FAFSA forms forms for 2009-2010. Next year we will have to do this for 2 of our kids. They are growing up too fast. Two in college just isn't right.

That is all for now...Have a Happy President's Day!


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Still Snowing...

Well, it is still snowing and it definitely looks very white outside. Jeff did take care of the snow already. Matthew got his chores done and I am half done with Matt's pants. My house smells like a bakery, since I am baking for fellowship. So far, brownies, cookies, breakfast bread and finally yet to come, birthday cake.
Jeff wants to go out for Valentine dinner. We will take the kids if they want to go. No fun sitting at home alone. I am listening to the Gator basketball game. We are down by 2. Seconds left.....and......darn...Gators lose by two. Bulldogs got their first win. Boo!

High School site has posted pictures of the One Act. I went ahead and posted them here. They should have been at state competition today.

You can see more pictures if you click on greenville high school arts to the left, then click theater, then archive, then photos.. Whew! Good Luck.


Happy Valentine's Day (aka: Single Awareness Day)

Happy Valentines's Day! We woke up to snow this morning! Total of about 3.5". Winter isn't over yet Toto! We spent this morning watching family videos, I baked some valentine cookies and now Matt is playing his new Wii game. Mary is sleeping and I am debating what to bring for fellowship tomorrow. This will be my last Sunday doing that. I have too many other things going on Sunday's to worry about serving snacks afterward. I should probably sew Matt's pajama pants and get them all done! Still battling a cold too. I just hate not being able to breathe very well. That is all the news for today.. Enjoy family and friends.


Friday, February 13, 2009


Matthew's 15th birthday was a fun one. After school we watched his growing up video. Lots of fun memories of all the kids and family. Then Mary went to the opera with her friend Brandon and Mom and Dad took Matt to Craigs Cruisers. It is a place with pizza, games, go karts and laser tag. We had a lot of fun and the food is good. Matt really liked the go karts and we all played the video game version of "Deal or No Deal". We even got to see part of a Red Wings game while we ate.

We all arrived home after 11pm and then he opened his presents. He liked them all. The Wii is on and Star Wars is in play. I will go watch soon. Mary said the opera was good. This one was more of a comedy than the last one she saw where every one was killed.

Earlier in the day, I finished up Jeff's pajama pants, cleaned up the kitchen, picked up the stuff from Sammy in the backyard. Boy that is a bad job after tons of snow melts. Yuck! Sarah called to wish Matt a happy birthday and was going to meet with someone who needs a roommate next year. She may move away from her beautiful air conditioned dorm. That is her decision, not mine....can you believe that she will be twenty this year! Ugh!

Guess that is about it..It was great to have a fun day!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Change in Plans

Well, after a family discussion at the dinner table, we decided that a trip to Chicago tomorrow wasn't the best idea. We were going to visit Roosevelt University, right in downtown Chicago. Mary thought it would be nice to visit, but also realized that it is probably way too expensive to attend there and isn't really in the top 3 or 4 school of choice.

So we will try to do something else fun for Matthew's birthday and Mary would like to go to the Opera in Grand Rapids. I guess I will have to let you know what happens. For now we know that we will be saving some dollars and time.

Heard from Sarah too. Some upperclassmen friend has asked her to share an apartment with 3 other girls in an on-campus apartment. Hmm.

Lots of information in one day to consider! That is all...till....tomorrow?


A Sad Update

Well, I have been rejected once again by the Spectrum Health Systems. I have applied to probably 6 jobs and all of them say, pursuing other candidates. The sad thing is that they send that note to me and then post the same exact job the next day. I feel like am just not wanted and wonder if working home health so long will keep me from working the in the hospital. Although I try not to, I blame the hospital here in town for part of the situation. Being displaced by someone with less experience and seniority really.....well....stinks. I know that all things happen for a reason, but I'd really like a change in my career setting. I am tired of being a puppet. My brain wants a challenge! Guess I will just keep on going the best I can. This is not what I dreamed of for my nursing career. For now I will focus on the good, schedule flexibility and location.

That is all...I know I told everyone to I am going to take my own advice!


Thursday News

I had a pretty good day at work, kept pretty busy and boy how she is growing and doing new things all the time! I think if she stays healthy she will be a walker! Yay! I am off until next Wednesday.

Last night was the Village Green Variety Show. It was fabulous! The best show yet! Mary performed with the show choir and then sang "Mrs. Robinson" (Simon and Garfunkel) as a duet with her friend Gia. They blended so well and it was just a wonderful performance. Mary also sang a solo, "A Fine Fine Line" with her friend Brandon accompanying. It was very very good also. She has a very strong confident voice. Brandon played four songs extremely well last night for several different groups. He also sang "King of the Road" as only he could. He has such wonderful stage prescence. Really most everyone sang and performed well. Can you tell I liked it?
Tomorrow is Matthew's 15th birthday! I can't believe it! Course my oldest will turn 20 this fall. Yikes, I must be getting old. Anyway I have his gifts, just need to wrap them. He is practicing baseball every chance he gets and is also working toward becoming part of the full stage crew. He will get paid to work shows, should he pass the test. He is staying after school today for a study session. After school on Friday we are heading for Chicago! Staying overnight and then visiting Roosevelt University right in downtown. It will be a fun few days. Wonder where Matt will want to eat dinner on his birthday. You might ask if we will visit Concordia too. Yes but not till April on Spring Break. Monday we are going to Hope College for Mary to meet with the Fine Arts people there too. I am sure that we will get to visit with Sarah as well. She forgot a few things that she wants us to bring.

Well, my tater tot casserole is almost finished and I need to get to quilting. I am always late! Better late than never. Still working on my last pairs of pajama pants. I guess all things will eventually get done. Just need to stick to your priorities.

Have a good day and Smile!


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We Had Fun!

We had lots of fun with Sarah this weekend (+ a few days). She got to see the One Act play which she thoroughly enjoyed, spent time with some her high school friends, and "worked" at a GHS basketball game with Mr. Day, her inspiration! We also enjoyed eating out together as well as a yummy Korean meal and then celebrating Matthew's birthday a few days early together. He wanted cheesecake instead of the traditional birthday cake. Sarah is officially on the Wii, and is quite good! We have many of the kid's friends characters on our Wii too. It has become a tradition.

I am on my second week of work and doing well. No problems at work to cause me much discomfort. Matt continues to play baseball most mornings at 0600. Mary has been getting ready for the Village Green Variety Show tomorrow night. She is singing a solo, a duet and then will perform with the show choir too.

Tonight I am taking Sarah back to school and then hope to get back safe and sound after driving home alone. You just might get a call if I am tired! Jeff is at a council meeting tonight. Matt will be back from camp around 10 pm.

Friday we are heading to Chicago for an overnight. Mary will attend the junior day at Roosevelt University. We are looking forward to this little excursion. Sarah has made plans to attend an Athletic Training symposium a few days during her spring break in March. Jeff will be at a hurricane conference in St Pete the first week of March. In April we will be going to wisconsin to visit family and colleges, namely Concordia Chicago and Lawrence in Appleton.

Guess that is all for now.. Need to get to Holland!


Sunday, February 8, 2009


That word should say it all. Life goes on though doesn't it. Everyone has their disappointments. I have been disappointed by the lack of hospital jobs to apply for and for those I have been rejected. Matt has had disappointing days at baseball camp where he'd like to have played better. Sarah played the best ball of her life during tryouts, and will be the best softball fan of the season. Mary and Matthew's One Act Theater team gave an excellent performance of Story Theatre this morning and came home with a division II rating, missing a I rating by ONE point. The judges weren't on their game. I know I am biased, but just believe me, it is too lengthy to explain on this blog.

Thank goodness our family knows that 'all things work for good to those who love God.' Sarah sees that it might be for the best. No more early early mornings, more time for Athletic Training and school and time to heal her sore joints. Matt keeps working toward being a better player, I keep searching for new employment knowing God has just the right one at the right time. The theatre event is too recent and feelings of sadness prevail, but after a good night of sleep we all should feel better.

The other day, I was thinking and praying early in the morning. Thanking God for helping me through a tough month and asking for continued strength. Then I remembered the Footprints in the Sand poem and thought, Jesus should be getting tired of carrying me by now! As I looked out the window and saw the wintry scene, I thought my poem should be Footprints in the Snow! Either way He is with me and will never forsake me. What a wonderful feeling! Today was a warmer sunny day. Lots of snow has melted and the bone chilling temps were gone. There was even a little bird outside on our tree! Spring will be here before we know it....Well, I can dream!

Tomorrow is church and bowling in the evening. I did real well on Wii bowling tonight and hope that I can get that score for real! I like the golf game too. Baseball is pretty hard and I am not good at tennis either. Still we have a lot of fun playing.

I made bulkoogi tonight so we can cook it tomorrow for dinner. I hope I didn't put too much garlic in. Is that possible?? Hahahaha.

Sarah goes back to school on Tuesday. We will need to work on the FAFSA forms before then. We are also going to celebrate Matt's birthday while Sarah is home. Mary is in the Village Green Variety Show on Wednesday and Matt will be working on the lights with the stage crew. Friday after school we will travel to Chicago to visit Roosevelt University. We are excited about staying at the Hilton Hotel downtown. Thanks Michael!

Boy am I tired! It has been a long day. Have a great one!


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Middle of the Week

I had a pretty good first day back to work. I think I mastered the new charting system and even had to call in a few errors. The six hours went by quickly. Now that she is using all of her hours each week, no of us can work late/overtime. That means mom has to be home on time! By the end of the day, I can say I am a little sore. I didn't lift my patient but a few times, and I think it might have been from sitting on the floor charting.

Sarah called me between her classes. Softball tryouts are going well. She said she is playing the best softball of her life! Thanks for your prayers. Whether she makes the team or not, she knows that she did her best! We will know tomorrow. I guess her elbow hurt pretty bad at first, but felt better as time went on. She made the throw to 2nd base too! Her trip to Calvin College with the AT program was successful. She learned about kinesiology tape and one of the Senior Hope students presented a case study. Sarah is very happy.

Just a few more days until the regional competition. Mary thinks they could go to state, but worries that one of the high schools will sabotage their chance. Evidently, they have a reputation to get what they want and sabotage others to get there. I guess we could use some prayers there too. If "we" don't go to state we will be going to Chicago to visit Roosevelt University. My Godson works at a Hilton hotel and got us a room right downtown on Grand for a really good price. Either way will be an exciting time. Matthew will be travelling on his birthday. I can't believe that he is going to be 15 next Friday the 13th!

Jeff enjoyed the conference and is back in Greenville. I just haven't seen him yet. Hope his pajama pants fit!

I can't let this day go by without remembering my wonderful Dad. Today is the anniversary of his ordination. I think of my dad all the time, but today was his special day!

I guess Groundhogs day went by already. Did he see his shadow?? Hmmm, I will have to look that one up. Six more weeks of the winter we have had is depressing. Mary and Joseph remain buried in the snow up to their shoulders.

Well, better go make some quick dinner. There is choir tonight till nearly 9 pm. I have to work again tomorrow at 0500! Thank goodness it is a short 3 hour shift.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Just Before Bed

Well, it was my last day of medical leave. I go back to work tomorrow. It should be ok, as it is only for 6 hours. It will be good for me to get back on a more normal schedule.

I sewed another pair of flannel pants this morning. Now I just need to make Matthew's. I think Jeff's turned out pretty nice. After an afternoon nap, I went grocery shopping and then took Matt to GR for Baseball Camp. It sure makes for a long day. We got home at 10:30 pm, since we stopped for a drive thru dinner and picked Mary at her friends house. Now Matt is finishing up his homework. I will be taking him to the high school for baseball in 7 hours!

Sarah and the other Athletic Trainers of Hope College spent the day at Calvin College in Grand Rapids. I am not sure why they went there, but that is where they went. Her tryouts continue tomorow. It seems like Friday is far off, but she will be home before long.

Mary had an enjoyable evening at her friends house. She even ate spagetti! Right now, she is focusing on the One Act regional competition this weekend. Matt will be there too with the scene crew. I hope to attend to watch and cheer on the cast and crew.

Jeff is at a pastor's conference today and tomorrow. He said it snowed 3" up in Cadillac just this morning. It is pretty cold here today. It snowed a little bit, just enough to enjoy watching.

Matt's done with his homework and the Gators just won their 15th home court game and is in first place of the SEC. GO GATORS!

Next post?? Soon I hope.


Just A Quick Report

Heard from Sarah several times yesterday. She likes to call me when she walks to class or dinner. First day of tryouts went well. I guess it had been a long time since she threw down to 2nd base from behind the plate, but the awesome coach Wolters told her, You have a good arm Sarah, just stand up and fire it. Sarah also said that most everyone had bad throws since it has been so long since Fall season. The coach is such a sweetie. Sarah said she can crack the whip but she is kind and encouraging. At the end of each practice, she give her words of inspiration and then takes prayer requests and the team prays together. Sarah said what a difference from last year! Last night was batting practice and I guess Sarah "rocked". Said she hasn't hit so well in her life. YAY! As for her sore joints, she saw Kirk at the AT Director and he gave her an elbow sleeve and exercises. She knows how to baby the knee. Keep praying that her joints feel better (at least not worse) and that she can continue to play well. Try outs are till Thursday, not Wednesday. Still we will know if she makes the team on Thursday.

Jeff is going to the Pastor's conference very soon. He will be back tomorrow. I start work tomorrow. Matt has baseball camp tonight! Did I mention play practice?

Better go!


Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Good Sunday

Church was good this morning the kids sang nicely, just a little timid. The church was pretty full and I think they got nervous, plus they sang a verse in Japanese. A little added pressure. Of course I sang the Japanese along with them. Sunday School attendance was awesome! We had 75 in Sunday school/Bible Class. I think it is close to record. Highest of the year so far.

We went out for lunch after church and then I dropped Mary off at her friends house for a superbowl day! I took a nap and then nearly finished another pair of the flannel pants promised at Christmas. 3 down, 2 to go! They look nice, just a little big in the legs. They happen to be my pair, and I just might wear them baggy. They are just for sleeping! Matt's are next then Jeff's.

Tonight was my first night bowling after surgery. I did great! I bowled a 165-149 and 129=443 series! Woohoo! Jeff had a 182 his first game and Randy had a 209 his last game. Our team took 3 tonight against a team with a huge handicap. We lost one game by 10 pins. I hope that I can do well again next week. I am feeling pretty good after three games of bowling. Yay!

I was hoping for the Cardinals to win the superbowl. They sure played a good game. It is more exciting when the games are close than a blowout. It shows that the teams really belonged there. With football over, I will have to watch more basketball.

Sarah is ready and poised to start softball tryouts in the morning! I will be praying for a good first day and for her safety. She is a little accident prone. Try outs run through Wednesday evening, and she will know by Thursday if she made the team. Sarah comes home Friday night for mid-winter break. She will be home until the following Tuesday! I am always happy to have her home with us.

This week's events are:
  • Chimes on Monday
  • Jeff to Pastor's conference Tues & Wed.
  • Baseball camp on Tuesday in Grand Rapids, not to mention, early morning practice Monday through Thursday.

  • I go back to work Wed-Fri (17 hours)

  • One Act performance Thursday evening

  • Sarah comes home Friday

  • Regional One Act Theater Competition Saturday in Holland!

  • Small Group Bible Study Saturday night.

That will keep us busy!

I always try to update as often as possible! Have a great week!