Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ending the Summer with Fun

Thursday night was our first High School football game. Greenville won 21-16. Jeff sold 50/50 tickets for the athletic boosters and joined me during the second quarter. It was good game and the band was pretty good too. Matthew didn't march because freshmen don't march. There was a nice presentation of an American Flag to our school for use at the stadium. It was given to us from a Navy family after an alumni passed away. I wasn't able to sing the National Anthem this week. I was offended by the fans next to us, as they decided to pop open their coke during the song. "Excuse me, you need to show some respect folks!". That's what I wanted to say.

Friday I worked and had a nice day with Hailey. We are working on voice training with a trach by using a one way valve. So when she breathes out, you can hear her voice. She started laughing out loud. Oh it was so cute!

After work we left for Benton Harbor, MI. It is on the way to our destination of Chicago! We took Mary's friend, Greg with us too. His girlfriend lives there and was meeting us at the museum. Anyway it was a nice hotel with good swimming. This morning we left for Chicago and spent the day at the Museum of Science and Industry. We had a nice time. I always love watching the chicks hatch, the U505 Sub and we also received a little presentation of the dissection of a cow's eye. Check our family photo album for the latest pictures.

On our way home, we were able to stop and see Sarah for a few minutes. I dropped off some new clothes she needed for athletic training and we bought her a skeleton poster at the museum for her room. She is taking anatomy this semester. It was nice to see her and hug her again. She is doing fine. Worked at a cross country meeting this morning, riding in a golf cart behind the last runner. I guess she and several other AT students had a coloring party this afternoon. This is homework. I colored for anatomy class in the same titled book while in nursing school more than 25 years ago. Her book is updated of course. In her spare time she uploaded the video of Matt at the bowling alley. Check it out..

Now we are home, and I really should have gone to bed for church tomorrow, but I wanted to update everything tonight while it was fresh in my mind. I am doing kid's church during the sermon. Last one of the summer. Next week is Rally Day. Matthew marches in a parade on Monday morning in a nearby town for their Labor Day festival. The only other news would be VP picks and Weather. I won't talk politics on this site. If you'd like to talk to have my number. As for the hurricanes, well Jeff predicted that this would be a busy season. What a weatherman! To all of our family and friends in FL and gulf coast, be safe. If you need to get away, come see us in Greenville!

Oyasuminasai! (Goodnight)


Wednesday, August 27, 2008


The health department called this morning and reported that our "villian" bat was negative for rabies. Hooray! I also learned that eventhough the bat was motionless in our refrigerator after 12 hours, he wasn't dead. He went into hibernation. So had he warmed up enough he would become "alive" again. Yikes. The heath nurse was smart to have it euthanized by animal control before opening the container. I also learned that if we catch the bat and secure it alive, we don't have to put it in the fridge. Just keep him in the garage. Only if we kill it or it dies do we need to keep him cold, not frozen. This is something I never thought I would become an expert about.

I check Sarah's Facebook everyday and she is doing well. Had another good day of classes. She is also in the picture of the Hope College Athletic Training Students for 2008-09 on the following link. She looks great in her uniform. No word yet if she got the biology department job. She is working at a cross country meet on Saturday. They get them right to work, which is great!

Matthew had a soccer game this afternoon in Muskegon. Neither Jeff or I could attend. I hope they had a better game. Mary went to her friends house to swim this afternoon. Now she'd like to spend time with another friend. School starts in one week. We met the teachers yesterday. Seems like it should be a good year. Matt and Mary are both taking physics.. same material presented differently. They could do homework together. Hmmmm. Besides physics, Mary has Village Green Singers, Orchestra, AP Language, US contemporary History, and Statistics and Trigonometry. Matthew has Concert Choir, JV Band, Honors English, Geography, and Algebra. Matt spends time after school with soccer and Mary will have auditions for "Guys and Dolls" the second week of school. She can hardly wait.

Work is going well for me. I am working 3 days a week, 8 hour days which isn't bad at all. I am also gearing up for another musical season at church as well as planning for Sunday School. Jeff completed his paper for Air War College and has a few other assignments left. Both of us are going to Mackinac Island in a few weeks for a pastors and their wives retreat. We are looking forward to it. Still working out arrangements for the teens at home.

That is all for now. Have a great day! Those of you in FL, hope Gustav steers clear of you!



Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tired at the End of a Fun Weekend

Today was the completion of Sarah's Orientation to Hope College. It culminated with an Opening Convacation that was just wonderful! The music was great, the message was good and it was a proud moment to see Sarah walk in with 880 other members of the class of 2012. The text used in the convocation was the same Jeff used at Sarah's Baccalaureate. It is so nice to hear the name of Jesus in such a large setting! Praise the Lord. I really have no worries right now. She is happy and surrounded by awesome people who will become part of her Hope family. I am so proud and excited for her.

I was browsing the Hope College Website and found photo albums from the weekend. Jeff and I made it into one picture at the Trolley Stop. Jeff has yellow on and I have green. Can you find us??

No further bat sightings today...thank God! I am really tired of those little beasts. Jeff takes the captured bat to the health department tomorrow. For now he is in the refridgerator dead in a plastic container.

I finally got my newsletter stuff done with Mary's help. The Olympics are over and now I can get to bed at a reasonable hour.

Better hit the sack...I am exhausted.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

A firsthand account from Mary

"WHOA." My father says from the office to my left. I look towards him as a small winged creature flies stright for my face. I duck quickly out of the way, as I hear my mom scream from the kitchen, "There's a bat in the house!" I turned in time to see her flailing the kitchen towel and high-tailing it into the den. The door is tightly shut in 3 seconds flat.

As if it were lost, or possibly performing in a circus, it circles the room several times before taking the third exit of the roundabout, right upstairs. Matthew, having just finished pouting, opens his bedroom door to be greeted by the aforementioned creature. His door is shut in a little less than 5 seconds.

I crawl through the hallway, looking for this villian that has terrorized our home in a matter of minutes. With my body low to the ground, I see that he's moved on to Sarah's now-vacant bedroom, beginning his circus act all over again. "He's in Sarah's room," I say in little more than a stage whisper. "SHUT THE DOOR." Really? Shut it? Yes, Mary. Do as your told. Cowardly, I run to the room and shut the door, in a time that I am way too frightened to remember.

Dad is armed with gardening gloves, a blanket, and a towel. He marches up the stairs, getting briefed on the situation as he approaches the scene. He cracks Sarah's door and flips on the light. The bat continues his antics, as expected. I watch from the hallway as if I were front row at a Bat-minton contest.

"Wilhelm raises his palm, and... ooh, ouch. That had to hurt Vermin; a slap right across the abdomen, and into the blinds. Wilhelm has got the blanket up now, and it looks as though Vermin is... yes... he's flying into the blanket! We've got quite a volley going on here folks! Wilhelm takes a swing, and Vermin is coming right back for more. This has got to end soon, I just don't think Vermin can hold up with this kind of offense from Wilhelm. But WAIT A MINUTE. THERE GOES VARMIN! HE'S MADE A RUN FOR IT... and YES!! WE CAN CONFIRM THAT VERMIN HAS WON THE CONTEST AND HE IS NOW OUT OF THE PLAYING AREA!"

The troops race downstairs to catch the pest. Now in the living room again, General Jeff swats at the bat with his blue blanket. After only a few blows, the enemy is taken down. Brigadier General Mary unrolls a white trash bag from the arsenal and assists the General in transfering the POW. As suddenly as he appeared, he is out of captivity and back to the living room. After a few choice words and a blast to the chess board, we're fighting at the front line once again, this time with more vindication than ever. The engagment doesn't last long, and he is soon in captivity again. General Jeff, handling the subject, feels a sharp pinch through his glove and works to get the enemy secured. Once in the bag, he is put into a Meijer Ice Cream bucket handed up through the ranks, and stored safely in the company refrigerator.

Another Busy, Humid Day at HOPE

We had another nice day at Hope College. Matthew and Mary spent the day with kids their own age and had a fun time. They played games, billiards, box lunch and ice cream and swimming. Jeff and I took a trolley ride and saw the town of Holland. Then attended two meetings with teachers with Sarah and a information session about your Hope College Athlete. We did get out to Meijer to get something for Sarah. The day finished up with a huge picnic in the "pine grove" on campus. The events were just about finished when the rain started. It was needed though with the hot humid weather. Tomorrow we will go back one more time for the opening convocation for the school year 2008-09. Sarah's class will march in together. I will cry for sure. Her class has 880 students and the total population is 3300. This picture has Sarah's roommate, Katie in the pink top and her sister, Kelli in the middle.

I have let a lot of other things go that need to get done. I need to write for the newsletter. I play one song for church tomorrow and it needs more practice. My group is fellowship snack day too, Mary and I are going to bake tonight. Luckily my other team member and volunteer are helping with food too. There is a Sunday School meeting Monday after I work for 8 hours. I need to get the really organized quick. Oh, I forgot I have a meeting tomorrow night about rally day. Whew! I am doing too much, but don't know what to let go of. Oh there is always laundry!

Jeff is catching up too. He has a paper to write, service tomorrow and some painting on the front of the house that needs to get finished. One more week of vacation and the school starts after Labor Day. Soccer practice, Parade to march in on Labor Day. High school open house and freshman orientation. Will we make it through? Of course we always do. Just keep plugging along.
Better get to work. Have a nice one!

Sarah's Moved In!

We had a little bit of a late start, packing all of her stuff in our van was an art. Jeff did a great job. We arrived at her dorm around 12:30 pm. Everyone is so nice and helpful. The softball coach left her a cookie with a welcome note on softball paper. RA's and orientation groups decorated their room door. The athletic training department sent her some violets to welcome her. You can see them on her desk. Her roommate is very nice as is her family. We helped her get set up a little then went and did our own orientation mapped out for families. We ate lunch on campus, walked through a few building and then attended a fun show tonight with a concert, dessert, door prizes (I didn't win), and skits about students in their first year of college. Sarah get her room in order, got her books ($$$) and ID. Tonight she went to a pizza party, orientation meeting, dorm meeting and orientation extravaganza. I have added some pics here, and more on our family photo album. Some Sarah took and posted for me.

Matthew had a soccer game just ten minutes away from Hope at 5 pm. The field was hard to find, but we finally found it eventhough you know who lost the map:( The weather was hot and humid and Matt played a good part of the game. Greenville lost 4-1. They play again next week. Duh!

Tomorrow we go back to Hope for more family orientation. Mary and Matt will go with other high school siblings and do activities like swimming, bowling and going to the ice cream store. We have parent info groups, trolley ride through downtown Holland, and meetings with the Athletic Training program and Seminar with Sarah and her instructors. The day ends with a picnic in the pine grove.

I "talked" with Sarah tonight on the internet and she is happy and doing well. I am very pleased with Hope college and feel like I don't need to worry about her. Praise the Lord!

Better get some sleep.


Friday, August 22, 2008

Sarah Moves to College

Well the day is finally here. Sarah will move to Hope College later this morning. Arrival time is 10 am. We plan on leaving at 0930 and arrive at 1030 or just after. She is pretty much packed up with just a few last minute things to throw in the morning. I am pretty excited for her, and it should be fun to get her to her new place. Once it is time to leave her there, I am sure I will be sad. The picture is of her dorm, Cook Hall.

Matthew played in a scrimmage this afternoon and they lost, but he did play a lot. The JV coach believes in everyone playing. Yea!! He plays in a game tomorrow afternoon near Holland, MI. It seems convienient at first, but they want him to ride the bus with everyone else. The bus leaves at 2:45 pm and we will already be in Holland at Hope College. We are hoping that they will let us meet them at the HS where they will play.

Saturday is family orientation with activities for all. That should be lots of fun and informative too. We will be attending a meeting with Sarah for incoming Athletic Trainer students. We will eat in the cafeteria and attend sessions for parents. I guess we will meet her academic advisor as well.

Mary wanted to go school clothes shopping today, but I told we would have to go next week when things were less hectic (is that possible?) She is a great sport and rolls with the "punches" pretty well. Her friend came over and spent time looking at music on the computer. They would like to play another duet.

Jeff is trying to get his paper done for Air War College. Promotion board meets in October. He sure keeps busy with everything and does a great job at all of them. We are going on a 6 day retreat on Mackinac Island next month. It will be fun to spend time together. We will find some families to help out with our teenagers. Where has time gone?? Weren't my kids little just yesterday??

No further bats noted since the house was "treated" for bats. There is netting and one way doors where the bats like to get in. No signs of them getting into the basement either. I hope we don't have to deal with them for a while.

I guess that is all the new information that I have...Next time I write, Sarah will officially be moved out. :( We will all miss her.



Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time to Catch Up

Before I forget...look to the right column and see the youtube section. There are videos of Jeff's band (Danish Band) and the GHS band with Matthew. I asked Sarah to load the bowling video too. Check back if it is not will be eventually.

We had a really nice weekend. Beautifiul weather, fun parades, music and relaxation. As for the rest of this week, it will be a rat race. Sarah moves in 4 days!

Sunday was church of course. Good attendance and a really good sermon. We had lunch together then Sarah went with a group of her high school friends to Newago, MI for tubing down a river. She had a great time. Then they went to her friends house to play capture the flag and watch movies. She got home around midnight. Unfortunately, when she went to get money of the atm machine at her bank, it ate her card. They returned it today and she is all set for future use while at college. While she was having her fun, we took Matthew to get soccer shoes and shin guards. His first game is Tuesday, tomorrow! He got his uniform today.. #21 just what he wanted. Mary and I went to the community play and talent show on Sunday. We had fun, the show was silly and left the talent show in disbelief. It is a long story, but let's say the first place winners, evidently win every year. I couldn't even hear them sing and they won. Oh well.

The Olympics are still a big part of our entertainment. I'll admit I like the swimming, diving and gymnastics more than the running section. I do like the pole vault and jumping and stuff. Sarah watches it every waking moment available. Evidently they are going to talk about the Olympics in her freshman seminar class.

Mary is singing all the time. She wants to sing a solo at the fall HS concert and is trying to choose a song. She continues to go "sunsetting" as many nights as possible and takes pictures of the sunsets in Greenville. I will post the whole collection at the end of the summer.

Work has been good. My patient is doing well and is a lot of fun to play with. She loves to pull up to me and hug and snuggle with me. That is big payment in itself.

I failed to mention last week, instead of having surgery, Jeff took me golfing. I did fair. I still love my 3 and 4 wood more than any other club. Mary came along and walked the course with us and posed as my caddy. She did a great job and learned my favorite clubs. Sure wish I could putt with a wood too. hahaha. Matt came along and golfed for the first time. He liked I think. He had some nice shots. It takes time to learn to swing a golf club after a baseball bat. It will come if he keeps trying and practicing.

I have posted picture of this year's Danish Parade on the Family Photo Album.

Tomorrow I have the day off to help Sarah pack and get some other things done. The "bat man" is coming to start the eviction process. I hope to get my hair cut before the weekend. It might be wishful thinking. I made bulkoogi tonight so it will be ready to eat tomorrow. Sarah wanted that before she goes off to college. I am going to make yakimondue too. They are our favorite Korean foods/meals.

That is all.

PS Now that Sarah knows how to access the family blog, I have invited her to update on this page too.. It would be a great way to keep up with Sarah at Hope College!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Day of the Grand Dansk Parade

Matthew will be marching this morning for the first time with the high school. He says it is more fun with the HS band than in the MS bands the past two years. I posted his picture. Jeff will be marching again this morning as well. It is a nice summer morning clear blue skies with highs expected around 83. I have our chairs in place and am anxious to watch another parade. Remember you can click on the picture to see a larger image!

We had a nice time last night downtown. We had dinner, which was hard to find since the food vendors were running out of food or closing. Then we enjoyed the Big Band concert. We were home in time to watch Michael Phelps win his 7th gold medal. That was really awesome...a nail biter to say the least. I really didn't think he was going to win. I am happy for him and so is Mark Spitz.

Mary made some special cookies in honor of Sarah. Aren't they nice..Delicious too! Sarah leaves on Friday. Reality is starting to set in. We are excited and then just a little sad. GO DUTCH!

Well, there may be an update later today, or tomorrow. I am off for a fun filled day!


PS Here is Matthew's newly painted room. There are more pictures on the family photo site.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Let the Festival Begin!

The Danish Festival has begun! Main street is closed and vendors are selling their crafts, food and goods. There are many activities going on all weekend. Our church preschool will be in tonight's fairy tale parade, starting in just 30 minutes. I may walk with them this year. Jeff will be marching with the Danish Band and then will go to the stage downtown for another concert. It is the same as the one I went to last night, but I will still go for a little while. There will be a fireman's parade tonight with sirens and lights then silent to remember the fallen fireman. Some of the rigs have bagpipes playing with the players in kilts and all. Tomorrow is the big Grand Dansk Parade. Jeff marches again and Matthew will be marching with the high school band for the first time. I am looking forward to it.

We are not having a picnic this year. I was supposed to have surgery last Monday, so I planned nothing. That is ok though. Nice to have a year off. I did see my primary doctor this am and he was very nice and undestanding about my wanting a second opinion. He will refer me to another doctor in Grand Rapids. Jeff is going to see a neurologist in a few weeks for his L arm. It has been weak, numb with tingling. I hope he can get treated for this and recover quickly.

I took Sarah and Matthew bowling yesterday. The approach was terrible. My shoes wouldn't slide. I fell once. The bowling alley man said I was probably dragging my feet. Not! Matt also took a spill. He lost his balance after throwing his first ball and while avoiding the gutter, stepped onto the next lane and slipped...boom right down on his behind. We all laughed after we knew he was alright. It is posted on Sarah's facebook if you can get to that. I will try to have it posted here soon, if possible. Sarah had her camera on video and recorded the whole incident.

Sarah leaves for college next Friday. She is trying to get organized,but I think she gets overwhelmed. Matt's soccer team is going to take up a lot of time this fall. He has a game in Holland the day we move Sarah in! Can you beat that??

We have all loved the Olympics so far. I just love watching the swimming. Hope that Michael can get all 8 gold medals. But feel sorry at the same time for the other great USA swimmers that are competing in his shadow.

Well, I had better get going. I am off to the festival. So long!


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

How Things Work Out

Well, plans change at the change of a hat. It changed for me at 0730 yesterday morning. The hospital called me to inform me that my surgeon did not make it home from his Rome vacation. He was still in Cincinatti. My surgery will have to be rescheduled. Later when the office called, they wanted to reschedule for tomorrow. I told them I would have to rethink this whole situation, since I was already rescheduled once before. This would entail another round of bloodwork and changing around family commitments. Something from within said, wait this isn't right. Jeff didn't have a good feeling about the whole situation either. God may have used these circumstances to keep me from making a mistake. So, this Friday I see my regular doctor for a referral of another doctor. I'd like a second opinion. Needless to say, I am back to work and usual activities. With Danish Festival this weekend, taking Sarah to college next weekend and high school oriention the following weekend, this is not the time to have surgery anyway.

Matthew has been trying out for the school soccer team. He said today went much better than yesterday. Practices are all week, with team selection this weekend. He will miss out on some try out time tomorrow and Thursday since he has marching band rehearsal for the parade on Saturday. Jeff will be marching in the parade on Saturday as well.

Sarah is getting ready for college slowly. She is really enjoying watching the olympics. Evidently she is supposed to watch as much of the games as possible for her upcoming seminar class. Easy homework for her. She washed her new sheets and towels so they are ready for use in a week! Sniff Sniff, I am going to miss her! Anyway, Sarah went to get her sheets out of the dryer late last night and discovered another bat flying in the basement. She didn't mess with it, just ran upstairs and closed the door. We don't want them in the living area. Stay in the basement you Varmints! We hope the "batman" comes soon to get rid of the creatures.

I guess that is all the news for now. Thanks for all of your prayers.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Morning

Just thought you'd like to know:

1. The bat was untestable. We chose not to receive the rabies shot. We feel certain that we were not bitten by the bat. The health dept wanted all of us to get them, but that seemed unreasonable. We talked as a family and made a very informed decision.

2. We are all enjoying the summer Olympics. We are off to a pretty good start, especially in swimming. I like to watch Men's gymnastics too.

3. Got a lot of errands and things around the house yesterday. Matt and Sarah were painting the ceiling when the can got dumped. Yikes. Sarah thought fast and got the blanket and sheet out of the house and it cleaned up pretty well. There are a few drips on the rug, but I think I got them out too. I had my preop labs drawn and now just have to show up on Monday morning.

4. We will be off to our outdoor service in few minutes. We are taking bugers and stopping at the store to get some cookies to share. We hope to play a little ball while we are out there. This afternoon we are going bowling with Norma and Randy.

Well, that is all. I probably won't blog again until after my surgery. I am confident that all will go well. Thanks for your prayers.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh My!

Well we might not have any of those beasts, but we have had a problem with bats! Jeff killed one about a month ago and then we had one Tuesday in the late morning. I sat down by this computer and noticed something moving out of the corner of my eye. It was a bat stuck in our brass floor lamp! I called Jeff and he came home. He caught it and killed it. Now it is weird that the bat was awake and all in the day. Although he could have been stuck for awhile or he was sleeping on the ceiling and fell in. According to our "batman" he said there are lots of "teen" bats out there getting into mischief and are still learning how to fly. I didn't notice anything when I got up at 0430. Mary was up at 0530 and didn't noticed anything either. Bottom line is this. If he was flying around while we were sleeping, he could have nipped us with his small teeth and we might not have noticed. None of us have any new areas that could be bites, so we don't think there was an exposure. We are not even sure when he showed up. I took the carcass into the health department today for testing. It might be too decayed for testing we are not sure. Either way, the bat was sent to Lansing and if they can will test for rabies and have info by tomorrow afternoon. Please pray that they can test it and that it is negative. The Varmint Evictors are coming any minute to inspect our house and prevent anymore bat experiences.

Sammy got groomed this morning. I went to our vet this time because the old place was really dirty and the people didn't seem as nice. I told the new lady that I like his "arms and legs" trimmed close along with his feathery tail. So she said more like a lab dog. "Yeah I guess" I replied. Well when I picked him up, he didn't even look like my dog! Let's just say he got a dog's version of a buzz cut. Good for the summer. I like his hair better when it is fluffy to pet it. I just thought it would get thinned out and trimmed short. Oh well, hair grows back even on a dog! Poor Sammy. Mary doesn't like it, Sarah says he looks like a puppy and Matthew says pretty cool, not so much to vacuum. I suppose we will get used to it. The Vet doesn't carry Frontline anymore so now we have a new flea med. It really has a strong scent, like eucalyptus. I am anxious for it to wear off.
Matthew has wanted to paint his room for a long time. I finally gave the ok and it is already painted. I like to call it the chocolate is a nice shade of brown. We picked up his wallpaper border today and will hang it on Saturday. The border is sports equipment with a baseball glove, hockey skates, football and such.

Sarah is getting ready for college. She has been in contact with her roommate and they are planning for an awesome dorm room. We have most things she needs purchased except for things like laundry soap and school supplies. She will need to clean up her room at home too, before we leave on Aug 22. The whole family will have orientation on Saturday the 23rd. It sounds like a pretty fun time.

Tomorrow is my last day of work. I work 9a-4p. Their new house is really nice and my patient is doing well. I have gotten a lot of errands done today. I still need to go to the post office, get money for my pop cans and get my pre-op labs drawn today or tomorrow. Your prayers for sucessful surgery on Monday morning and for a quick recovery are appreciated.

I am looking forward to the Olympics that start tomorrow night!

PS You can click on the pictures to see them larger.

Update! 1-Can't have labs drawn until the weekend. 2-Having the Bat Man eliminate bats with one way doors and seals. 3-Sarah is not feeling well. Has a sore throat. 4-We have church at Camp Concordia this Sunday and I am playing the keyboard, followed by a potluck picnic. That is all...for now, hahahaha.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Everyone is Home

I am glad to report that everyone is home safe and sound. They arrived around 6:30 pm and we had a nice reunion. Jeff and Sarah's group worked on the "condemned" donated trailer and made it liveable again. Cleaning mildewed windows, laying new flooring, fixing the roof, providing plumbing for the house, including a flushing toilet. Matt's group built and deck and did repair on another family's house. Many memories were made and friendships built. This morning the group spoke during church about their experiences. They did a really great skit that was humorous and touching at the same time. I wish all of you could have heard it. By now my mom, brother and sister should be back in America. I will be anxious to talk to her.

I have to work this Mon, Tues, Wed and Fri. Mostly 8 hour shifts. Then I will be off work for 4-6 weeks starting next week due to my upcoming pelvic surgery. Nothing major just some needed repair. Looks like my client might be switching nursing agencies again. I will have to decide whether to hire on at a new place and continue to work for my little girl or break loose from Home Health and pursue hospital nursing or whatever else God has in mind. So far nothing has presented itself, or I have received "sorry you weren't chosen" responses.

During my time "off", I will be organizing Sunday School for the next year, preparing for chimes, kids choir and orchestra, and helping Sarah get ready for college. I don't know how many choirs will continue until I get a handle on the interest for each of the groups. I purchased some "Stampin Up" stuff and want to make a few projects and cards too. There are lots of things to keep my busy without doing any heavy lifting.

In just 3 weeks, Sarah will be at college. Time is flying by and we are collecting things she needs to take. Her computer is very pretty and she had it operating last night. Mary has inherited the computer Sarah used last year, and Matt inherited Mary's old laptop. Jeff offered me the laptop that Sarah used, but I don't really need it, and I really don't like laptop keyboards. I am sticking to my computer in the living room.

Matt's band uniform was too big, so we have to have that altered or replaced this week. I am sure that the kids are anxious to get their high school schedule in the mail very soon. Sarah has her schedule and it looks like Thu is her long day. Classes start at 0830. That isn't too bad.

The 2 DVD players that wouldn't play are still broken. We think Mary's might be due to the high humidity lately. The other one is older, and who knows maybe that is a problem there too. Sarah's works no problems.

That is all. Have a great day!


Friday, August 1, 2008

A Good Day

I had a good day at work. Tomorrow I work again from 10a-6p. My client moved to a new place and I am looking forward to seeing it tomorrow. Even more exciting is that our family will be all back together again! Hurray! I really missed them. I actually talked to them last night while they went for ice cream. Sarah was very chipper and glad to hear her computer is waiting for her. Matt is doing fine too, had to cut the call short since it was his turn to order ice cream. Jeff call a few minutes later before they drove into the "no cell zone" of the mountains and said everything was going really well.

A very strange thing is happening to our DVD players. Nothing will play. So now I am pretty sure it is not the discs, but the player. Last night while finishing the den, we watched Guys and Dolls. With 15 minutes left it froze and wouldn't play. We put in a different disc and it said bad disc. So we went upstairs and were able to watch the rest of Guys and Dolls on Mary's 3 month old DVD player. Then put another movie in and it said bad disc and now it won't play anything either. Can a DVD ruin a player??? Was there some power problem that has damaged our DVD players? I am afraid to put any movies in any other player we have. Mary's player wouldn't play a movie she watched one hour earlier, and now the tray opens all by itself. A friend suggested to buy and use a cleaning disc. We did, and it said bad disc. If anyone has any ideas about this problem please write me! We are stumped!

Tonight Mary, her friend and I went to watch the sneak peak of this year's band parade and half time show. It was very good. I felt bad that Matt had to miss this week, but he enjoyed his week with the mission. He helped build a deck. I did get his shirt and talked with his old band teacher and Matt received all the music he needs for the season at the end of last year. He will have to learn a few steps for the parade in a few weeks. Freshman don't march in the half time show.

Last but not least, I finally took a picture of our den. Here is a before and after.

We love it and hope that the rest of the family does too! We worked hard on it.

That is all for now. More later.