Monday, March 30, 2009

Hooray Hooray!

Rachel and family are going home tomorrow! Leave Tuesday, but arrive Germany on Wednesday. Her blood counts are so much better! Thanks for all of your prayers! It will be wonderful for the whole family to be back together, just in time for spring break.

Today was a very nice sunny day. It is always nice to see the sunshine. Temperatures were near 5o. I only had to wear a sweater in the afternoon. Going to school, was different. It was 25 degrees and I had on my winter coat. That is Michigan in the spring!

Mary has her ticket to the prom now, so we can for sure make a decision on the dress. The more I think about it, the more I lean toward purchasing one she likes so there are no troubles the day of the event. I finally downloaded the pictures I took of the dress at the store on Friday. I think she looks gorgeous!

Matthew is #9 on the freshman baseball team and ha practice everyday after school. His first game is after spring break and the last one is before Mary's birthday. He is doing well at keeping up with all his work and activities.

The collage concert is tomorrow. I am selling tickets, which is a very fun job! Jeff will arrive early with me and get good seats. It should be a great night of music at the high school.

Jeff attended the church softball meeting for me tonight. Many rules were changed for the better. There were a few, I didn't like, but it is just a game right? Kids choir was great as usual. Those little girls really like singing. I thought that Chime Team might have met its demise, but my friend Annette agreed to jump in and finish up the year with us. That was a Godsend! We only have two more days to play. Then we are done until Fall.

Jeff worked on a potential summer vacation. We are planning a trip to the plains. St. Louis, Norman OK and the University of Oklahoma, Dallas and Houston, then back home through Branson, MO. Nothing is set in stone, but we will probably make this journey in mid July. Jeff has military duty late July/early Aug and Mary will be going on a short one week mission trip to Bethesda Lutheran Home to help with camp. I think that would be a great week. I would go too, but they already had enough chaperones.

That is all the news for now. Need to get a few more things done before I head off to bed.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

WIll March Go Out Like a Lion?

There is just 3 more days of March and there is the real possibility of snow in the next 24 hours. It is always a Sunday when the orchestra plays. Jeff doesn't think the weather will be bad until tomorrow afternoon. Whew!

Saturday was a good day. Mary and I went to State Solo and Ensemble where she received a "1" rating and a score of 89. She played Arioso by Bach, played several major and minor scales and then did sightreading. I was the accompianist. Glad they didn't rate me...I got a little lost near the beginning and then toward the end. I didn't play the wrong notes, just no notes! I found this picture of string players of the GHS orchestra that played at district and again today at State. Brandon was Mary's accompianist that day. After the solo, Mary and I went shopping for the prom dress. Still found nothing. We also went to Joann Fabrics and found a pattern. The material would be half the cost of making the dress. So, now she must decide what she likes better the dress at the bridal store we found on Friday, or make the dress from the pattern? Decision will be made by Tuesday. We attended at farewell party for a friend going off to Marine Basic Training in 1 week. It was a nice time. Once we were home, I watched the end of the Pitt vs Villanova game. What an exciting ending with Villanova winning in the last 5 seconds! I got some laundry done, and then made a softball sign up poster for our church team, and prepared a box for our sunday school's sock drive this week and next. They will be given to the local mens homeless shelter.

Tomorrow is church, basketball and bowling. Orchestra is playing "You are my all in all". I am hoping that MSU and OU both win their games. I hope we win our points in bowling too. I really should Wii bowl beforehand, it tends to help me keep my arm straight when I bowl in the evening.

Last we heard, Rachel is out of the hospital and receiving her meds at the hotel they are staying at, and going in for lab work as an outpatient. Bob was going to try to get back to Germany today. Hopefully Rachel and Liz can go back this week. We haven't heard if the latest treatment is working. My rule of thumb is no news is good news. Thanks again for your prayers.

Looking ahead at this week...We have a few doctor appointments, baseball practice, play practice, working wed and friday, choirs, chimes and orchestra and the biggie.. The annual Collage Concert at the High School. We will attend Tuesday's performance. I am supposed to sell tickets too. It won't be too long and Easter will be here. Time really flies.

That is all for tonight. I am getting tired..


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quick Update

First of all thanks for all of your prayers. Rachel bone marrow biopsy went well, confirmed diagnosis by eliminating others, of idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, where the platelets are being detroyed by her own immune system. She was started on new therapy tonight and we pray for a higher platelet count in the AM.

The side by side concert was spectacular. I was very proud of Mary. Work was fine. Looks like I will be getting more hours this month, as several nurses need a lot of days off. No more early morning baseball! Hooray! That was getting old. Mary tried on her red dress from 2 years ago, and it doesn't fit. Looks like we'd better get shopping or sewing!

Thanks again for your prayers. Keep them going, we know how powerful they are!


PS: Link to youtube "video" of our v=church's mission trip last summer

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Prayer Warriors Needed

Our niece Rachel needs prayers, as do her parents and sister. Rachel was flown from Germany back to the US with her parents to Walter Reed hospital for her blood disorder. The trip was good without any problems. Liz says Rachel is doing well and they are settled in her room. Bob will be staying at a hotel nearby with shuttle service. Tomorrow Rachel will have a bone marrow biopsy. I can't imagine how Liz and Bob feel, and pray for them in this ordeal too.

As for us in Greenville, the weather is colder and we expect rain for the next several days. Blah! I hate that kind of weather. My inservice today wasn't what I expected, still it was nice to be in an enviornment with other nursing professionals. Baseball continues for Matthew and Mary will be playing in the Side By Side concert with the Grand Rapids Symphony tomorrow. I am excited about that. I work tomorrow and Friday, both 8 hour shifts. That isn't too bad. Went shopping at walmart and got a new light green wallet. I love it. I think it is fun to organize a new wallet with pictures and stuff. It is big enough for me to use just by itself when going to the store or putting it in my nursing bag, but small enough to fit in my purse. Yay! Matt got a new backpack, he is hauling lots of books home each day and needed one that won't stress his back so much.

That is all for now... will try to keep things updated as much as I can.

"Pray without ceasing" 1 Thessalonians 5:17


Monday, March 23, 2009

It's Late but I Will Post a Few Thoughts

Our Sunday was actions packed. Church went very well today. Mary's cello solo was very nice. Most people were very intent on listening to her play. I was very proud of her. Next she plays for the judge on Saturday. The teacher's meeting was good, had some interuptions, but we got through the agenda pretty well. After church all of us had lunch together at the Halfway Restaurant. I love their breakfast!

Then the family split into their own activities. Mary went to Brandon's house to study for AP Literature Class's Book Talk. Matthew went paintballing and Sarah went to a friends birthday celebration. Jeff took a nap and I started laundry again, especially so Sarah started out a new week with all clean clothes. I fell asleep on the couch watching March Madness while waiting for the washer to finish. Eventually I got it all done!

Matthew Jeff and I went to church for family fun night. Unfortunately there were only a few families. We still had a nice time and then headed off to bowling. We took 1 point and lost 3. Lost total pins by 6! I had a couple of really bad open frames. We have our work cut out for next week. I'd like to move up out of 3rd place. We did get some very sad news. One of the bowlers from one of our favorite teams passed away on Friday. She was a very nice lady and was happy all the time no matter the score or circumstance. She will be missed and we pray for her husband who grieves.

Before it got too too late we celebrated Jeff's birthday one more time with the birthday cake I made yesterday. It was delicious. I posted a few pics here, and there are more on the photo album.

We take Sarah back to college tomorrow. She will be finished with one year on May 1st! Can you believe it? Matt has baseball early morning and afternoon all week. Mary will be busy with the play. She will also be playing in the Grand Rapids Symphony Side By Side concert this week. The GR Symphony comes to Greenville they play together. I am looking forward to hearing attending that event.

I work 21 hours this week! WOW! Tuesday I am going to home ventilator training. My patient does not need a vent, but I would like to brush up on the home vent for my own knowledge. I put in my hours for next month and included night hours, since that seems to be the shift she wants. No news from any of the hospitals. Still waiting, I am patient.

That is all for now...I better get a little sleep!


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeff!

We woke up to snow on Jeff's birthday. It covered the grass and some of the sidewalks. By lunch time it was all gone. I guess that is the best kind in the spring! Jeff is greatful for all the greetings sent be family and friends. We went to the Winter Inn for lunch and had some delicious burgers.

Last night's Bulkoogi Fest was great. Sarah and I made more than 90 Yakimondue after I got home from work. Everyone enjoyed the food, many had a second helping. Sarah has enough leftovers to take back to college, and that makes her happy! Mary and her friends worked on learning shorthand and then sang some barbershop. Sarah and her friends played a game of Deal or No Deal, then watched some movies. All in all it was a good night.

Today was the day the girls could get their new phones. Mary didn't like the ones at the store we first went to, and Sarah got a purple phone like mine. Then we went to radio shack to see if they had a better deal. Well, they sure did, so we went back to the first store, returned that phone, then back to radio shack. They had a deal on the phone Mary liked and even matched the cheaper online price. Sarah was going to get the purple phone, then decided Mary's choice was preferable. Both girls got the same phone only in different colors. When it came time to sign for the contract, they wouldn't let me, because it is in Jeff's name. So we had to call daddy and ask him to come over and sign, which he did. Thanks! What an ordeal!

Family portraits were at 12:30, just 60 minutes from the time we got home from phone shopping. We made it there all looking fine and spent nearly 90 minutes taking and picking out pictures. They really did turn out nice. Sarah wasn't particularly happy with her personal pose, so I took a few pictures with her new dress on and her hair up. She had it down in the portraits. I think she is beautiful any way she wears it. Our order will arrive in about two weeks. I hope they look as good on Kodak paper, as they did on the computer screen.

We attended a surprise b-day party in the afternoon. Then rushed home to host our small group bible study. I served mini ham sandwiches. The other people in our group provided fritos, deviled eggs, fruit and cheese and pineapple dessert. I guess we will eat the Birthday cake I made for Jeff tomorrow.

Mary will play her cello solo during the offering tomorrow, and the choir is singing God So Loved the World. I get to sing this time! Yay! I will be having a Sunday School teachers meeting after church. Hope to keep it as short as possible. I can't believe we are in the spring quarter already! Sarah is going to a b-day party tomorrow afternoon, so we will take her back to Hope on Monday.

I guess that is all.

Blessings to all!


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Dan!

Today is my brother's birthday. I called him early this morning and we had a nice talk on the phone while he was driving Eric to school and then the office of motor vehicles. He needs to get his new car tags. It seems we like to wait for the expiration date before we renew them. Probably because it is so darn expensive to renew, hold on to your money as long as you can!

I took Sammy over to our vet's office to get groomed this morning. The receptionist told me the groomer had an accident with the post the dog is secured on. I guess it hit her in the head and now she is sick to her stomach. That doesn't sound good, and I told them she needs to go to the ER today! Sammy will go next Thursday instead for his bath and haircut.

The chores here are getting done pretty well, eventhough I am doing most of them by myself. That can be so frustrating! I have 3 more loads before Sarah goes back to college on Monday morning. Kitchen is pretty clean, and the house is picked up. Lots of dog hair is visible again, so Matthew will have to get the vac out later today.

Quilting is today as well. I am bringing angel food cake for the dessert of our Lunch group. I have strawberries and whip cream to put on top. My quilt is looking a little better these days, and I will try to get a few more squares done today. I won't be able to stay very long, as the "batman" is coming after lunch. It would be good for Jeff or me to be here for that.

Tomorrow is the bulkoogi fest. That means I have to make it today. I have the meat thawing and I will marinate it starting this afternoon. That should be plenty of time to absorb that wonderful flavor. I only work until 2 tomorrow, so that should be enough time to make yakimondue. What I won't do for my kids.

Sarah is spending her spring break visiting her favorite teachers, talking with friends, watching TV and sleeping. That is what most college kids need after working hard on classes. Rest and recreation. I also discovered some papers on the printer that deals maybe with class selection for the fall. She has looked for a few summer jobs here in Greenville but they are not too promising.

Mary finally got her playing time for state solo and ensemble. She plays at 10:39 am in Okemos, just east of Lansing. Her visit time at Western Michigan University is at 1pm. The question is, can we make it from Okemos to Kalamazoo in 90 minutes? She is busy with the middle school play in the afternoons. She found a nice dress style online. Now we need to find a similar pattern. My buddy Norma said that the dress is "doable". I am so glad she is willing to help us.

Matthew is at baseball practice most of the time. Morning practices at 0600 and practice after school till 6 pm. They do have built in study time, at least that is what I understand. He is anxious to use his paintball gun. Last week's event was cancelled. He is keeping it all together pretty well for a high school freshman.

I am still waiting to hear from the hospital. At least I didn't receive a reject letter already, I'm making progress huh? I work 6 hours tomorrow and then Monday Wednesday and Friday next week about 4- 6 hours each day. Maybe God knows that is all I can handle right now. My musical groups are doing well. I am going to finish up there year by early May. Things get so busy! The orchestra might go a little longer, because they are pretty good and we don't need to practice every week to stay up on our songs.

Lastly, please pray for our neice, Rachel. She is in the hospital in Germany with a bleeding disorder. Jeff talked to his sister Liz this morning (afternoon there) and checked in with how things are going. I guess everyone doing as well as can be expected. I know the more prayers for her, the better off everyone is! Thanks a lot!

Better get going.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Awake after Hibernation

Top O the Morning to You! It is a nice sunny morning in Greenville MI. Did you know that there is an Irishman in the Bible? His name is Nick O'demus!

Well the bats are back again! I heard them around 0100 in the walls. I don't think we are ever going to be rid of them. They just love our house too much. Better call the bat man and get our money back!

Today I am going to worship committee meeting at 1100, and then the office/preschool staff/worship committtee and Sarah are going to lunch for an early celebration for Jeff's birthday! That is always fun. Then I get to come home and do laundry all day. Sarah is going to visit her teachers at the high school in the afternoon. Mary is at play rehearsal and Matt is at baseball. Whew!

I learned something new this morning! Mary is teaching herself Shorthand! She loves taking notes and wants to be able to increase the amound she takes faster. Hats off to Mary and her self-motivation to learn new things.
The rest of the week:

I work just 10 hours this week, 4 tomorrow and 6 on Friday! That is ok though, nice to have time with Sarah while she is on spring break. We went shopping for "professional" clothes yesterday. I guess she needs them for some AT events. We are also hosting a Bulkoogi Fest on Friday with Yakimondue! I need those few hours to make the dinner on Friday. I couple of the girls friends will be joining us.

Saturday is Jeff's actual birthday. We are having our family portraits taken at 1230. Then I think we will go our to eat as a family wherever he wants. Small group meets at our house that night so I will be serving ham sandos and B-day cake.

Oh church on Wednesday and Quilting on Thursday, my brother's B-day. I am taking a B-day dessert for our Thursday lunch event too! Orchestra plays on Wednesday "You Are My All in All" and Kids Choir sings on Wednesday "Shalom, My Friends".

Mary is going to play her cello in church on Sunday. Sarah is going to a birthday party and we get to bowl the first place team. No new news on the prom dress situation. Mary needs to take a look at patterns and material.

Have a Fun Day!
The BIG Leprechaun, no it's me, Grace!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Yo-Yo Ma

Today was kind of like a yo-yo. We were glad that we didn't have to be anywhere early, so we got to sleep in. I made pancakes for breakfast and then we went swimming at the local community college. It was a lot of fun. I dove off the board a few times and forgot how much fun it is. The water was super chlorinated and Mary and my eyes have hurt the rest of the day.

We left for Holland around 4:45pm and picked Sarah up and then went to the mall. First we had dinner at Famous Dave's. Jeff liked his food, by chopped pork was ok. I am still tasting it from time to time. Sonny's is better I think. Then it was off to look for dresses. We didn't have a lot of time, but looked at Younkers, Macys, Sears and Penneys. Nothing really hit her fancy. She would like to wear emerald green. Most of the dresses we saw were pastels or neon dresses, just what she didn't want. Very little green. We are going to look at the bridal dress shop in town and maybe the consignment shop in Rockford. Norma? Would you like to make a prom dress for us? We have a little time. Prom is at the end of April. Jeff found some pants shirts and ties. Needless to say Mary was disappointed.

We are all home now and winding down. Mary is sleeping, Sarah is on her computer and phone, Jeff is on his computer, Matthew is cleaning his mask for paintball tomorrow. We need to get some paintballs. I am remembering that there is chime team, Sunday School, Playing for the adult choir and my music is missing, and bowling tomorrow night. I suppose the kids will have their own activities.

That is all for now. It is nice for the whole family to be home.

PS.. Just checked the paper. Our bowling team, Guys and Dolls, is in 2nd place! Hope we do well tomorrow.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good News at the End of the Day!

It is just past midnight and do I have good news! Matthew is on the freshman baseball team! Hooray. He is very happy. I had to order baseball attire already, I suppose he will need some other things as the season gets started.

Our Van is back on the road. I started it up this afternoon and it sounds really good. Matt really wants a new car and I think was a little disappointed that the van sounds so good. I am glad that we don't have to have a car payment!

My quilt is looking better. Figured out how I am going to make it now and just have to keep sewing it together. The lunch today was delicious. Next week I am the dessert lady and will bring birthday cake for Jeff's birthday (a few day early).

Testing for HS Juniors is over! She did long hand math with this test too. No calculator again. She thinks she did pretty well, and will be proud if her scores come back high in Math without the use of batteries, only brain power! Guess we will have to wait and see.

I continue to change my hours at work to suit her needs. I don't mind really until I can't oblige her and then get a guilt trip. The good news is that I didn't get a reject letter today! Yay!

Sarah had a fantastic day at the conference. She sounds very happy. Last word is to pick her up late afternoon or early evening on Saturday.

So SMile everyone! Good things are happening!


Just Before Quilting

Well our van is still in the auto clinic. There is a bad belt that was loose and they are waiting for the part. We should have it this afternoon. The good news is that is isn't a huge cost to us. It would certainly be nice to get a new 7 passenger vehicle, but with the vanand our car paid off, it is smart to wait until we really need it.

I got a call around 5 pm letting me know that I was cancelled for the night shift. My client's mom got cancelled from work, so there was no need for me to be there all night. I am picking up two five hours shifts instead, this Friday and a couple Mondays from now. No word from my job applications. We shall see.

Matthew had his last day of tryouts and today is "cut day". Since there is only 12 freshman trying out, they will probably all make the team. If they decide not to have a freshman team, then things could get worrisome. Matt would have to make the JV team as a freshman. Even so, there are rumors that the fr. coach plays the "popular" kids. Oh no! Not that again! Hopefully that is just a rumor. Matt gets grumpy when he sits the bench.

Mary has been doing ok with her testing. Yesterday's test was going along well, even with a dead calculator until she got to question 32. Then there was some educated guessing going on. Today I brought up batteries or offered a desk calculator for the last test. She forgot to take either. I am not sure when we will find out the test results.

Auditions for the Middle school play have been interesting. Matthew Mary and Brandon all have input to who gets cast. Evidently the adult director, who was the Guys and Dolls director, is showing some favoritism again. It is not sitting well with the student stage managers/director. This time the rules are different, opposite of what she told Mary when she didn't get the role she deserved.

Sarah made it to Ft. Wayne safe and sound. She will return on Saturday and then I will pick her up for spring break. I guess she a Jimmy John's sandwich for the first time, and she said it was strange. I have never had one, so I am not sure what was wrong with it. Oh by the way, she got all of her work done and handed in! Yay Sarah!

Our quilter's lunch has become quite the event. We have 7 people in the cooking rotation. I am side dish today. The main course is lasagna. I am going to get fixings for salad and some rolls. Hopefully I can get back on track with my ugly "duck" quilt pattern and make it into a beautiful swan masterpiece! Hahahah! Yeah, right.

That is all on this Thursday morning. Orchestra tonight and then 5 hours of work in the morning.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Clunkity Clunk

Our van has been experiencing some bad noises. So this morning we took it in to the auto clinic. No word yet as to the problem this time. I don't work until tonight after church, so it can stay there really all day and night. Jeff could take me to work and pick me up in the morning if need be.

The temperatures are dropoping from 50's last night now in the 20's. We also have some snow flurries. It won't be long though and we won't see that stuff again until the fall.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Today Was Productive!

I am really happy that I got so much done today! I got a haircut that I like very much, bought tickets for the Flat River Big Band Concert that will be in 3 weeks, and got the grocery shopping done all before lunch! The last load of laundry is done and I applied for another pediatric job at the hospital in Grand Rapids. It seems I am still be considered for a position I was "not selected" for afterall. We will see what happens. Jeff had a circuit meeting today and another meeting tonight. We were lucky enough to eat dinner together! Garlic Chicken and Veggies.

Sarah is working around the clock now to catch up on paper writing and test taking before her spring break. It is a little more stressful for her though, because she is going to Ft. Wayne for the Athletic Training conference. So all her work has to be done. Please pray for her, as she is feeling the stress. I advised her to stay off the internet, don't talk to friends and get her work done. I haven't seen her online, so I hope she is working hard to get everything done. I will pick her up on Saturday and she will be home for just over a week and to celebrate Jeff's birthday. We will be having our family portraits taken. I hope they turn out well.

Mary is taking standardized testing through Thursday. Today was the ACT. She said it went ok, except that she didn't check the batteries in her calculator, and when it came time to do math, the calculator didn't work. She didn't seem too upset about it and still thinks she did ok. She had a good workshop experience with her quartet group. They never competed though with the approval of their teacher. That is ok with me, it got them home before dark. Now Mary is working as Assit. Stage manager for the Middle School play. Today she helped with auditions as did Matthew too. The play is in May and they are doing Charlotte's Web.

Matthew had baseball tryouts at 4:30pm today. He left auditions early to go to tryouts and said he did pretty good. He has tryouts again tomorrow right after school. He will know on Thursday of the team results. There are only 11-12 freshman trying out for the freshman team, will the have a team with a 3 man reserve?

Tomorrow I will be working nights. So I will sleep in the afternoon, go to church and stay for a few minutes of choir afterward, rest one more hour then go to work. Sounds brutal, but it isn't that bad.

That is all...Hope tomorrow was a good as today!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Out of My Tree!

I bowled out of my tree tonight! At first I thought I was going to have an extremely bad game. Open frames and low pin counts. After the 5 or 6th frame I got a few spares and then had 4 strikes in a row at the end of the game! I was so happy, and so was the rest of my team. My first game was a 158, then the second game was almost my best ever a 164 followed by a 153. I did bowl my best ever series of 475! Considering my average was a 117, it was the best night of bowling for me ever.. Yay! Jeff had a nice game of 182 in the second game. Our last game was strong. All four of us bowled within 15 pins of each other. Our team took 3 points and moved into second place.

The weather here has been rainy and chilly. Virtually all the snow has melted. We found the bat Jeff killed and threw into the snow bank back in December. It is really yucky, but I am glad to know it is dead not wasn't hibernating. So far we haven't heard anymore bats since the weather got warmer. Last ones we heard were just after Christmas. Maybe they are all gone, but I am not going to hold my breath.

That is all for tonight.


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hail to the Victors!

We left on time for Ann Arbor with Brandon and his dad. It was an enjoyable trip down to U of M. Brandon went to his appointments and we walked through town a little and had some good pizza at a nearby pizza place. Jeff met us at 1 pm for the prospective student meeting and campus tour. Parking was frustrating for everyone. At first Mary was a little overwhelmed by the size of the central campus, but after all was said and done, Michigan is still a top contender for her college choice, along with Hope College and Michigan State. A favorite place on U of M was the Law quad. It reminds me a lot of Concordia Seminary, St. Louis. Next college visit is Western Michigan on March 28th.

After we arrived back in Greenville, we stopped at church for a "Captive Free" concert at our church's lock-in event. It was ok, I had a hard time understanding the words. Matthew stayed till midnight then came home for good rest. We had another early morning on Saturday.

Matthew and Mary were on the school bus with the Greenville Choirs headed for choir festival about 30 minutes away by 0730. Jeff and I left an hour later and listened to both choirs, their critique and sight reading. Both choirs received a rating of '1', but the concert choir also had the title of superior. I guess the rating systems have changed and you can have a '1', but not superior. I guess Village Green missed superior by 1 point. The sight reading was a little more difficult.

Everyone was tired this afternoon and took naps to catch up on sleep. Later, I worked on Sunday School attendance certificates, Jeff worked in his office, Matt watched TV and played the Wii, and Mary went to a play by our community players "Suessical the Musical". She said it was very good. Now I am getting the laundry finished before the next round of laundry for next week. It never ends.

Looking ahead makes me tired just thinking about it. Tomorrow is Preschool Sunday and the praise team is singing. Bowling in the evening. Monday I work 6 hour days, kids and chimes in the evening. Mary will be in Lansing most of the day with her "Simply Strings" quartet for a clinics and competition. Matthew has baseball tryouts this week. Mary takes the ACT/Michigan tests Tuesday -Thursday. I work Wednesday night shift. Quilting and orchestra are on Thursday. Sarah will be going to the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Association conference in Ft. Wayne on March 11-14. Then she has spring break. I will pick her up on Saturday sometime.

That is enough for one week, don't you think? Better get to work, we have to spring forward tonight, so we will lose an hour of sleep too.

Don't miss church! Set your clocks before bed.


Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Quick Review

Today has been a good day. Matthew is better and back to school. I had a nice time with Sarah at lunch time. I took her computer keyboard replacement and a couple bags of goodies to her. Did one load of laundry. Matt Mary and I had a fun dinner at Big Boy's before their choir concert. I found out that Mary and Matthew were selected as Assistant Stage Managers for the middle school's spring play this May! Yay! We will see what happens with the baseball situation. This could cause some difficulty in extra curricular activity scheduling. The concert was good, and then Matt and I watched the last boys basketball game of the season. Sadly, they lost, again. Jeff called and his evening has mixed results. He had a nice conference and met with friends and had lunch with our niece. Tonight he was able to have dinner with my mom at Sonny's which is good, because his plane has been delayed, which is bad. Last word was that his flight was going to leave at 12:13 am. He won't be in Detroit till 3 am! Good thing a shuttle will be picking him up and taking him to his hotel. He will meet us tomorrow in Ann Arbor for the U of M visit. Now that ER is over and Mary is home from her get together with friends after the party, I am going to bed.

Say Goodnight Gracie!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ring Around the Rosey!

Well, I thought on Tuesday that everything was getting back to normal. Matthew was feeling better, and ate some "normal" food and got his homework done. I did laundry, caught up a lot on music preparation for chimes and also sunday school admin stuff. I also got the grocery shopping done. Yay! I baked a cake and two batches of brownies for soup supper on Wednesday. I was ready for whatever happened.....

Then this morning, it happened. Matthew had a reoccurance of the flu symptoms.. Poor guy, he was already to go to school. He was supposed to play in the JV Band at the band festival and work in the theater tonight. Disappointments. I had to make some arrangements before I went to work all day. I got home around 430 and cut the brownies and cake and took them to church for soup supper, picked up Mary from her friends house and then back to church for lenten service and choir practices.

As for now, Matthew is doing pretty well. Feels a little yucky. I hope he feels well enough to go to school tomorrow. He is quite the trooper, got all his homework done, including a paper about paintball. Mary is healthy so far, still cold all the time.. Thyroid tests are normal. She wears lots of layers. We are anxiously waiting for the bitter cold temps to stay away until the fall.

Tomorrow, I am going to Holland. Sarah's computer lost the 'n' key, and Dell sent her a new keyboard to install to her laptop. They had to send it to me overnight, no PO box deliveries. So I am going over there tomorrow to deliver the keyboard along with snacks, a voter's card and lunch off campus! She is looking forward to some fast food. Can't dilly dally too much, she has class at 2. Then tomorrow night is a choir concert.

Friday Brandon, his dad and the 3 of us are driving together to Ann Arbor to visit Uof M. Jeff will be meeting us there for the tour. Brandon will be attending there in the fall and made some appointments. It should make for a nice day. Friday night is a lock in at church, but Mary and Matt have to be at school at 0715 on Saturday for choir festival. The bus brings them back at one in the afternoon. I am thinking I might drive to the festival and have a listen.

I guess I am pretty busy. Still looking for a hospital job without success, in the meantime working on contentment and patience. Feeling pretty good these days and am smiling more and more. It helps when the sun shines!

Glad to have Jeff back at the end of the week. Better get to bed.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Loads of Information

Oh Boy! It has been a while. I will try to post all important and humerous information.

Friday: I worked all day on Friday. Job was easy, but the drama continues. Looks like I have less hours this month than last. Evidently, one nurse quit her other job to work full time hours for my patient and so she is getting quite a few hours since "She is so flexible". Even my 8 hours days have been cut back to 4-6 hours to give evening nurses 4 to 8 hours in the afternoon. I asked her about it and her response is that she just wanted to give them a few extra hours. After all the years I have worked there and helped out, she can only say "they will work the hours I need" or "I am trying to find you some more hours". Offered to pick up an open Tuesday, and she gave that to the other nurse hoping I could pick up Thursday. Sorry no. Talked to her about that too, and she didn't want me to work that day. That is fine, but I am not going to bend over backwards anymore. Help me be strong! Most seniority and least appreciated. After work, we had some dinner and then went to Mary's orchestra festival. They played the same 3 songs as they did for the Winterfest festival a few Saturdays ago. They did well and received straight 1's!

Saturday: Mary and I got up early to attend the Golden Eagle Day at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids. The people were very friendly and pretty organized. Jeff and Matt were scheduled to go, but stayed home to rest and get other things done. Well, this college had name tags on lanyards for everyone. Mine read, Grace Wilhelm, Mother of Mary Wilhelm. Matthew's was Matthew Wilhelm, brother of Mary Wilhelm, Jeff Wilhelm father of Mary Wilhelm. Almost sounded like we were living in Bible times. They served breakfast and then had the little welcome video and talk. Then was the campus tour in the cold windy outdoors. Get some Hot Chocolate before you leave, only the hot chocolate was all gone when I went to get some. The tour leader wasn't so good. Took us to a building and it was locked, "Guess we won't be seeing this one". Got to the Library. "Here is the library, I would take you in, but when I go into places that are quiet, I just want to scream and make noise, so I can't take inside." What?? Get tour guides that will show you the actual library. She mentioned an upstairs room for teacher planning. Mary would have loved that...sorrry can't go in. How dumb is that? I asked her why she chose Cornerstone, and she said "I have no idea how I ended up here, but it is a great place." Food was fair. No strings as part of the music program. However, the music teacher/director was knowledgeable about Michigan requirements and laws so we know more about how what Mary's options are. We left early. Needless to say, she won't be going to cornerstone.

Later that afternoon, we went in search for new phone batteries. My cell phone battery was lasting less than 24 hours and Jeff's phone screen was going upside down or just plain disappeared. We really wanted to avoid signing a new 2 year contract, but that is what was the cheapest. Jeff's phone needed repair, or could just buy a new phone. If we signed a new contract, then we got two of the same phones we have now for free. So I now have a new pretty pink phone and Jeff has a navy blue one. The purple was nice, but I really like the pink. Let's just say we spent numerous hours downloading info from our old phones to the computer and then from the computer to the phones. Course, I have to set things up how I like them too. In between the phone hours, I worked from 8 pm to 2:20 am. It was nice to be back to a routine of care. Since my return to work after surgery, my patient has slept most of the day hours. Not too much to do and play when she is sleeping. She was still awake when I left at 0230. I got to bed really late, blaming the new cell phone.

Sunday: Curch and Sunday School was well attended and the kids choir sang pretty well. I need to work with them on their presentation. They forget to smile or maybe they get nervous. But they watched me through the whole song and cut off their T's and S's perfectly. We got a quick lunch at wendy's and then I took Mary out to Brandon's house. They went to the Grand Rapids Junior Symphony concert. Their friend Nick, plays viola. Jeff left for Detroit to catch a plane to Florida. He is attending a hurricane conference there.

Matthew got his paintball gun/equipment and is very happy about it. He showed m everything with a big smile and enthusiasm. I can't say I am excited, but agreed with Jeff to allow his participation.

Bowling starts at 7 pm. I got there just as they were starting. My other team members were late getting back into town from the east side of the state from a bowling tournament. I bowled the first game alone and didn't really do so well-93. Luckily with Jeff's good prebowl scores, and my partners decent blind scores, we still won the game. My second 2 games were awesome. I bowled a 138 and a 143. The last game I had 3 strikes in a row in the 9 and 10th frame! Yay! I am a turkey. Our team took all 4 points and are tied with 3 other teams with 20 points. Norma had a great last game of 172! Matthew came to the bowling alley with me and I gave him a dollar for every game we won. He played some games and bought a Milky Way. We also enjoyed a chicken finger basket together for dinner. He was such a gentleman, he cleaned and packed up my ball and shoes and then carried it to the car for me. Mary came home after dinner, and had a nice time. She worked on some projects and then went to bed. Jeff texted me from Orlando to let me know he got there safe.

Monday: Matthew woke up with a stomach ache. He went to school hoping he would feel better. When I got home from dropping them off, I realized that I locked myself out of the house! Luckily, our neighbor was home and I got a key within 30 minutes. I spent some time in the car until I was able to contact them. Jeff called and said he got to his parents late, after midnight. I am glad that he was able to spend the night there, especially after his dad had a fall while playing tennis and was hospitalized for an overnight. I guess things are going ok now. Just needs a lot of healing. Your prayers are appreciated. Jeff said his ride "home" was frustrating. PT Cruisers window controls are in the center panel under the radio and the dome light is on the end of the directional signal or some such stick. He took the SunPass, but the battery was out, so he had to pull over to put the battery in, in the dark because he was still trying to find the dome light. Long story short, He is safe and should be at the conference now. Our good friend Mark W. is an in charge person there, so he will get to meet up with him this week.

Matthew called before the end of first hour and said he was still sick and needed to come home. Since then, he has thrown up several times and feels horrible. Hope it doesn't last long. Mine was only 24 hours. Here's hoping! Luckily, baseball tryouts are next week, not this week!

Sarah left a message that the 'n' fell off her computer keyboard. So, she will be talking with Dell later today to have that replaced. She is doing well otherwise. I was asked to send more snacks. Time seems to be going by quickly now. Spring break starts next weekend. First she will be attending a Athletic Trainers conference and then I will pick her up on Saturday the 14th for a week or so. Our church is going to have a new pictorial directory and luckily, Sarah will be home to be part of our portrait! Yay! She can celebrate Dad's birthday too. WooHoo!

Looking Ahead: I have kids choir and chimes tonight. I will be baking for lenten service tomorrow, going grocery shopping and work on some laundry, of course. Wednesday I work, then Matt supposed to work crew at the high school I we have church. Thursday is quilting and a choir concert. No school on Friday, so we are going to visit Univeristy of Michigan. We were going to try and meet with the music department, but they have auditions that day. Jeff will be meeting us there, after flying back to Detroit on Thursday evening. Choir festivalis Saturday in rockford, about 20 minutes from here. Whew!

Better get cracking. Lots to do!