Monday, April 22, 2013


Brandon Cory is UCLA bound for Law School! Pretty Awesome! It's Michigan Law School's Loss. Mary and Brandon are finishing up their semester this week.  Brandon graduates on May second!  Planning on being there!  Go Blue! Go Brandon!

Sarah is doing great.  Baseball season..our favorite. Too bad the Tigers have had some really bad days.  She will be giving her proposal about her thesis.  Great Job honey!

Mary is finishing her junior year, and will be continuing her student teaching before graduating next year.  She will also be the President of the Women's Glee Club!

Matt is busy during is last few weeks of his first year of college.  He is going to live and work in Norman.  Jeff will be taking a car to him in a few weeks..

Have a happy day!


Monday, April 15, 2013

Fun Weekend

 We had a wonderful weekend!  Even with the rain and snow. There was a splattering of sunshine too!

Friday we enjoyed the Annual Collage Concert at Greenville  High School.  We are so fortunate to have such a wonderful fine arts program here.  All three of our kids profited from their participation and education.

Brandon's last Men's Glee Club Concert was one of the best ever!  So glad I was able to attend.  We were able visit with Brandon's family too.

Sunday worship and bible study started our day our right and we supported the Blue Star Moms by having dinner at Big Boy.  Meijer isn't to crowded at 2100, so we all went grocery shopping since we ate most of what was in our fridge.

Eye exam and Lab Day today. Check my CaringBridge for my medical update. 

Now were off for some pizza.  Mmm. 


Saturday, April 13, 2013

It's OUR Anniversary

 Today marks our 28th Wedding Anniversary.  I feel good and we are going to Ann Arbor for a concert.  I am looking forward to it.  


10,000 reasons (click here)
 I love this song.  Remember hearing it first at the Pastors Conference just before my diagnosis of cancer.  I listened to this every morning of chemo.  Maybe I should start doing that now.  Enjoy!

Thursday, April 11, 2013


The past  few days have been very rainy. Good for the grass and trees, but I prefer staying dry. 

Had an appointment in Grand Rapids yesterday morning that went well, and then my mom and I worked in the kitchen. I think we accomplished a lot. Jeff has started the laundry and we will be the folders.

Mary presents her first lesson plan today for her college class.  I guess it is her "final".  A few more weeks and Mary will finish her junior year and Brandon will graduate!  Law school ahead. They will be travelling to Europe this summer for a few weeks.  Sounds like fun!

Sarah and Matthew are fine....nothing new. 

Mom and I work on little projects in the house.  We will work on laundry with Jeff as the leader of the team.   Mom is going to dust and I will rest, I guess.

Friday we will attend the collage concert at GHS and Saturday we hope to attend the UM Men's Glee Club.  Brandon's last concert.  It didn't seem so long ago I went to his first one!

That's all for now....have a good week!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Time for Blogger Again

I don't have as much medical news to journal on CaringBridge, so I am going to try to update my blog on family events more frequently now. I try to keep family news here, and cancer news on the "bridge".  This picture was taken on my new birthday 2/22/13, the day of my transplant.

 I am feel pretty good and really glad to have mom here helping out.  Jeff has been balancing so much since the beginning of my fight with cancer. He loves me, takes good care of me, our house and his work at church. I hope to get back to work this summer.  Our congregation has been so wonderful to the whole family.

Sarah continues to love her job as athletic trainer at Summerfield High  School.  The good thing is that they love her too!  Working steadily on her thesis.  She will be presenting her proposal of her thesis next month. She will be staying in Toledo this summer and her sister Mary will be staying in Ann Arbor most of the summer.

Mary is busy all the time.  She was elected President of the Women's Glee Club next year! That was one of her goals as  a  freshman.  Keeping up with her teaching class, student teaching and continues to help at an elementary school each week.  Brandon graduates with his Bachelor's degree next month and will most likely attend Law School at UCLA in the fall.  Mary has one more year of student teaching and some history classes as she is minoring in History.  She will be taking her   English Teacher test on Saturday for the state, not for a grade. 

Matthew has a dorm room to himself now. His room mate moved in with another friend in  the dorm.  Matt likes this arrangement to he has more  room!  Classes are going pretty well and he has been also working on scholarships and acquiring a car for this summer and beyond.  He will be working in Norman this summer and has
rented an apartment with 3 of his buddies. My boy is growing up!  He sure has had lots of experiences.  Unfortunately, his bike was never recovered.

All three have been so supportive to me and do things to cheer me up.  I love them so much and I know they love me. Last report on Sammy, he is doing well and made himself at home.   I am glad he made the adjustment well.

Other than that all is well. Hope your world is terrific.  

Love you all!