Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back Home, New Addition

I enjoyed a delicious lunch with my friend, Vicky who is like an Aunt to me.  We had some serious and some fun discussion.  It was a good time.  Left Dearborn about 2:30 pm and stopped about an hour from home for a stretch and a break.  Back home around 5:45pm. It was a long drive, but at least the weather was nicer today.

When I drove up in the driveway our newest car was sitting in the driveway.  Jeff and Matt had the Kia inspected and it passed the test and is now our car.   Sarah is pretty excited, as she will be the lucky one to drive it.  She is more than happy to pass the van down to Matthew.  He isn't as excited about the arrangement.  The car seems really nice, needs a good vacuuming, but Matthew is more than willing to give a good detailing.

Tonight was the meeting for the school musical.  It was a good informative meeting especially for the first time parents of theatre.  Matthew is anxious to get building on the set tomorrow.  I guess it is going to be big...von Trapps house and even a mountain!  As soon as we get plates for the new car and have 3 cars at home, Matthew can drive to school and my job as taxi will be over (for the most part).  All part of growing up!  I have plenty of other jobs to deal with.

I work all day Wednesday and probably work on Saturday too. Choir meets tomorrow and Thursday will be catch up day.  No school on Friday hurray!  Matthew will work on the set in the afternoon and I have a doctor's appointment.  We might go to a Zeeland High School football game Friday night to watch Sarah in action as the student AT. Matthew has Show Choir camp this weekend to learn this fall's choreography.  It should be a good time for him.

Guess that is all. We keep plugging away at whatever life has in store for us.



Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Update from Ann Arbor

Mary arrived home yesterday afternoon just in time to help me with making chicken crescents for dinner. We did that a lot when she lived at home.  They were delicious and we had a lot of fun and interesting conversation.  She collected things to take back with her and then we all  went shopping together at Wal Mart.  Stocked her up with food and snacks and a new fleece blanket to keep her warm at night.  Before we knew it, Brandon was back from his meeting and we were off for Ann Arbor.  Brandon did a lot of reading and Mary and I chatted while she drove the 2 hour trip.  Once we got back to her room, she unpacked and then we had a late night snack, pizza from the cafeteria right down the hall from her room. It was pretty good, even had a wheat crust.  Mary let me sleep on her bed and she slept on the recliner.  Her report is that is wasn't too bad and my report is that it gets cold in her room at night.  Mary is off to class now for the rest of the day and I will be leaving to see a friend in Dearborn.

Jeff and Matthew went to see another car yesterday.  This time it was a Kia.  They liked it very much and will have it checked out by our mechanic today. I guess this was the best of the cars we have seen. Matthew loves to look at cars and would love to get the "new" one but is resigned that he will inherit the van and Sarah will get the drive the next car in Holland, whenever that day comes.

I got a lot done yesterday, over half of the laundry washed dried and folded! I also worked on a few job applications.  There sure is a lot to consider.  I really want to be challenged again, using all of my nursing skills, and I am pretty frustrated and exhausted with my nursing company. They are so petty with the paperwork that I am paranoid after sending it in. On the other hand, taking a full time job in the hospital will mean that I would have to resign from a lot of my church work and miss evening fucntions at school and work on holidays.  This is a huge decision and I don't want to make it in haste but can't wait around when a great opportunity is available.

Soon I will be leaving to see a friend in Dearborn.  We will have lunch together before I head back to Greenville this afternoon.  There is a theatre meeting for cast, crew and parents tonight at 7pm.  I hope to finish up the laundry and work on the computer as well.  Work tomorrow.

That is all for now...have a great day!


PS: Jeff and Leslie are in the lead of our Footbal Frenzy!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good End to a Great Weekend!

Bowling went well for me again tonight!  My first game started out slow, but in the end, I bowled over 100 which is always my goal. However, things got better and I bowled a 167 and then a 123, both over average.  Jeff bowled a 213 on the first game, then a 168 and a 160, so he did well too. Of course the evening ended at McDonald's with our team for fellowship!

Saturday was a good day too.  Our Division I teams won their games.  Michigan and Florida won with a bigger point spread, but Oklahoma won by only 2!  We will have to see who will be in the lead this weekend.  Won't know until tomorrow. 

We also spent time with Sarah for her birthday.  Steak dinner is what was planned so we picked up Sarah and drove to Logan's.  The wait time was 30 minutes, so we called a close by restaurant, O'Charley's to see how long of a wait they had...immediate seating! So off we went to O'Charley's and we had a delicious meal there. Sarah had a Skye Strawberry Lemonade, I had a Strawberry Daiquiri, and Jeff had a beer. Matthew was the designated driver! The food was really good, we had steak, ribs, chicken fingers and a burger. There were delicious rolls and a big salad to start out with. Service good and Sarah was happy it wasn't freezing like many restaurants. After dinner we sent shopping at Wal Mart before heading back to Sarah's house.  I brought her brownies, but she was tired and full from dinner so we left her some and took the rest home.

Tomorrow Mary will come home for just a few hours with her friend and then I will take them back to campus late tomorrow night.  I will see just how comfortable her loveseat recliner is to sleep on!  Tuesday I will drive into Dearborn and have lunch with a friend I had planned to see earlier in the month. Will be back Tuesday evening to attend the cast, crew and parent meeting for the high school play. Back to work on Wednesday!  I will be glad to spend some time with my Mary, here at home and at her dorm.

My feet have been hurting a little more lately, but certainly not as bad as before.  So I have decided to put my old inserts back into my shoes (my therapist said I didn't need them anymore).  I think it helped some. Will continue to do my exercises as usual. I see the doctor again on the 16th of October.

Guess that is all for now...still need to get to the laundry and other chores.  Think it might have to wait for Monday at this time of the day! Have a great week ahead!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

Excitement in the Air

  • Matthew passed his driver's road test and is now an official licensed driver. He really wants to have a car to drive as soon as possible, but has been picky too.  He doesn't want to drive the van should Sarah get a "new" old car.  
  • Yes we are looking for another vehicle!  So far we found one that looked really nice, but had more problems than the owner knew about. The cars at Ford were a little steep for the condition they are in. We are not in a hurry, so we can get just the right one.
  • Football!  Greenville High School won again last night against Northview.  Next week will be the big test.  We play against East Grand Rapids!  Michigan is winning big against Bowling Green in the Big House!  Mary sent me a few pictures and I posted the new one of her and Brandon in the Links Column to the right.  I would really like to go watch a game, just don't know when. Sooners and Gators play later this afternoon, so I will be hoping for their wins as well. 
  • We are going to Holland this afternoon to have dinner with Sarah and celebrate her 21st birthday.  I made some brownies to take with us! I hope they taste good! It will be nice to see her again. Sarah had a great birthday with her friends.  Some took her out at the stroke of midnight for refreshments and then dinner at Applebee's with another group of friends.  Glad she has great friends and fun times. Sarah is doing well in her studies too.
  • Mary reports that things are going well at U of M and she was recently in a student made film where she landed the lead role!  Early bird gets the worm!  She loves being the the Women's Glee Club and will be singing in her first concert on October 3rd at 4 pm at the Hill Auditorium on Campus.  It is free!  Wish we could go, but we have previous afternoon commitment and bowling in the evening. The Women's Glee Club, Men's Glee Club, Chamber Choir, University Choir, Orpheus Singers, Early Music Ensemble, and soloists in opera and musical theatre will  be singing for this first-ever vocal extravaganza. How exciting!
  • Matthew will be working as part of the scenic crew for the GHS fall musical "Sound of Music". He really likes to build and work on stage.  He has also shown an interest in cooking.  Maybe he could be the next Top Chef!  Problem is, he wants to be a Gator and I don't know if they have a culinary school there.  Otherwise, he still has interest in Pediatric Occupational Therapy or Teaching!
Better get going.  Have to clean the kitchen, take a shower before we leave for Holland in one hour!  Good thing I have already prepared for Sunday School, practiced the hymns for tomorrow and getting this blog out!  Matthew made me a chicken wrap for lunch..Mmm Mmm! Later I still need to start the laundry and work on the balancing our accounts on the computer.  Mary comes home Monday for a few hours and then I will take her back Monday night!  It will be nice to see her again! 


Thursday, September 23, 2010


Twenty one years ago a beautiful little girl was born.  I can remember it like it was yesterday, a day that I became a mommy.  It was a beautiful fall Saturday morning while living at Yokota Air Base in Japan when I wondered if was going to be the day.  After a couple errands and a walk to the dry cleaners, we realized that it was our baby's birthday!  Eight hours later at 6:34 pm Sarah Elisabeth was born!   Now, Sarah is a beautiful young woman, a junior at Hope College learning to be an Athletic Trainer.  We are so proud of all of her accomplishments,  happy smile, her love of sports (especially baseball), her willingness to listen and help her friends and family.  I can't wait to see her and celebrate with her on Saturday!  Happy Birthday sweetie!

I had a good day at work and then a pretty good choir rehearsal.  Tomorrow Matthew will be taking his road test.  He is pretty nervous, sat and read the whole book about what to expect.  I watched as he practiced parallel parking, backing into a parking space and stopping at a pre-determined line in the church parking lot.  He did pretty well.  He does well on the road, so I am confident that he will do great. Jeff will be taking him because I am afraid I might talk too much.  Mary texted me this morning and said she was on ESPN U!  I don't get that channel, so I didn't see it, but was glad to share in the excitement through our phones! I have a great family!  Thank you Lord! 


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Seasons of Change

The leaves are changing, red, yellow and brown.  The temperatures are fluctuating much cooler the past few weeks, but today we had a little Indian summer, with temps in the 80's.  We are now under a thunderstorm watch till 0100.  We will see how severe they are when they arrive.  Sammy is getting anxious, so they can't be too far away.

I continue to try and keep up with my list of things to do!  Still have to go through the stuff I stored in the "boot room" when we fixed our bedroom, and file papers that stacked up over the last 3-4 months. Whew! My work schedule is 3 days this week, then I am going to only work 2 days a week to try and keep up with house duties and church duties.  There sure is plenty to do! 

Matthew is adjusting to school well. He is no longer working after school and looks forward to working at the high school with the scenic crew for the GHS production of "The Sound of Music".  Mostly, Matthew  can't wait for Thursday to arrive. HE IS FINALLY TAKING HIS ROAD TEST.  Sure hope that the darned parallel parking works out.  That always seems to be the hardest thing to do!

Jeff is keeping busy at church with meetings and preparing services.  He just had a wedding last weekend and was it a lot of fun!  He has another trip to Shaw AFB in October.  He has enjoyed jogging in the afternoon while the weather allows. We are planning some more home improvements in the future.  At least they are planned, not forced upon us!

All is well at the University of  Michigan.  Mary is happy and keeping up with her activities:  classes, working at the graduate and medical libraries, and singing with the University of Michigan Women's Glee Club.  They walked around the Big House and sang Michigan Songs to the tailgaters last Saturday and even met up with the Men's Glee Club and sang all together.  That would have been great to hear!  Her first concert is coming up in November.

Sarah will be 21 years old in just 33 hours!  I can't believe it, my baby is an adult!  She is very excited and will be going out with her friends.  I don't think she will drink too much...or at least I hope she doesn't, it is a school night!  We will be going to Holland on Saturday to watch the big "Pull", a tug of war between the freshman and sophomore class. With Sarah as a Junior she should be rooting for the EVEN year team, but most of her friends are ODD year members.  Matthew wants to watch the pull more than anyone, and then we will take Sarah out for dinner. I can't wait. She already has her birthday present, a printer for her computer.  She is an awesome person and we are so proud of her! (We are proud of all of our kids!)

Finally this week at a glance
  • Grace works Wednesday and Friday days.
  • Choir on Wednesday
  • Sarah's 21st birthday on Thursday
  • Matthew takes his Driver's Test
  • Friday is GHS Homecoming Football game with parade.  There is also a Pastor's get together that evening.
  • Of course, Saturday is Football day...Jeff kept the lead in our College Picks pool. Will he continue to choose the winning teams? Leslie had a great week too!
  • Saturday we go to Holland as mentioned above, Matthew has chosen to skip the Homecoming Dance.
  • Sunday is church, I think I am playing the clavinova, and another great hour with my awesome Sunday School class. 
Luckily there was a change to my bowling season this past week.  I bowled a 170, 134 and 128 or something like that.  Anyway my average is back to where it belongs!  Jeff did fine too, and brought his average down a little which is good. Hard to bowl over average when it gets too high! Our team took 2 points!

Well, the storms are almost here.  Thunder is audible in a distance.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Getting Into a Routine

Jeff's plane arrived earlier than planned.  After numerous changes to the arrival time, I got on the road twenty minutes later than I wanted.  Still we got to the airport in good time and Jeff only had to wait for us about 15 minutes.  We enjoyed watching football and eating pizza at Ucello's on the way home from the airport.  The food was good and we ended up with some free food, since the breadsticks came out late and Matthew pizza was made wrong.  They made good on everything and we will go back and eat there again.  Did some cleaning when we got home and then prepared for a busy Sunday.

Rally Day Sunday was a successful one. I really love my new class, 3-5th grades, and we had a good lesson. I played  for church and was content with my performance.  Played patriotic songs during the offering in memory of 9/11.  There were  people in the congvregation singing along with the songs.  After church was a hot dog lunch and games. I ran BINGO and it is not as easy as you might think.  Everyone had a good time and I think everyone got a prize that played. We were all tired when we got home. Watched our netflix movie, Avatar. I was so impressed that I fell asleep! LOL.  Matthew and Jeff said it was pretty good. 

Bowling season started Sunday evening.  We have a new name~Joker's Wild.  Jeff had a great first week starting off with a 223!  I looked like a brand new bowler out there, never reaching 100 the whole evening.  What the heck??  Hope next week is better.  At least I will increase our handicap!

Monday I worked 8 hours at Hailey's. She is getting so big and is so cute.  We had a nice day together.  After I got home, I made a simple dinner and then was off to kids choir and chime team.  Both were quite successful.  I have some new ideas for the kids and the chimes have started off with great sight reading! Looking forward to a great year!

I had so much planned for today.  I got the laundry downstairs with Jeff's help, and spent many hours sorting through music.  At least it is all organized now, it had to be done. Now  I am going to pay some bills and get to the store before picking up Matthew.  Hope  I can get a lot accomplished tonight!  Work tomorrow.  Then continue working on my list of things to do.

Guess that is all for now...


Saturday, September 11, 2010

We Remember

Today we remember the horrible attack on America by terrorists.  I was in the library at Lowry Elementary School volunteering, when a mother came in and told us what happened.  Unlike other parents, I left my kids in school and then went home and watched the news coverage the rest of the day.  So let's thank all those who are willing to serve to keep our freedom!  I know I am thankful for my Lt Colonel who comes home today!

Football will be on my schedule of events today.  Oklahoma on ABC and University of Michigan on NBC both at 3:30 pm!  Will have to leave during the game to go pick up Jeff. That's ok!  I can't wait to have him home. I suppose I can work in my room with the games playing.  Will need to practice the piano and get ready for Rally Day too!  Got some of that done already.

No news from Holland lately.  She is doing fine and working hard with classes and clinicals.  I looked up football scores and her high school team, Zeeland West, won their football game last night.  I hope that she didn't have too many injuries.  Greenville High School won their third game in a row and is undefeated this season.

Better get going!


Friday, September 10, 2010

Extra! Extra!

Great News from Mary in Ann Arbor~She is now an official member of the University of Michigan Women's Glee Club. See is so excited and very happy!  Her range is similar to mine, a second alto. I assume that they will put her in that section,they would be crazy not to. There is a link the their website under Look and See!  Yesterday Mary secured a job at the Graduate Library the campus Diag.  For now, she will just work 2 hours on Monday and Friday and waiting to hear about the job in the theatre department that she interviewed last week for. Things are great at the U of M!

Matthew has had a busy first week of school. His classes are keeping his nights busy with homework, and he has been working after school all week. It has been really stressful and he really wants to be part of the tech crew for the fall high school musical, winter one acts and spring baseball. So he is going to stop working for now and   maybe he can find a weekend job or a few evenings a week. First he needs to get into a routine with his classes. It will be a pretty challenging year, but I know he is up for the task! Matthew got a 100%  on his vocabulary quiz today! I didn't know most of the words!  Has been a great help today getting the house cleaned up.

I had a nice day at work, took my patient on a walk this afternoon.  She loved it.  It is so amazing to see all the progress she has made over the past month.  Her "cute~ness"  will never fade.  She was laughing so hard that you can only join in and laugh with her!

Jeff comes home tomorrow!  It will be so nice to have him home for awhile. Can't wait for him to see our "new" room and the new pipes in the basement too.

That is all for now.  GO BLUE  beat Notre Dame!


Thursday, September 9, 2010

Keep on Swimming, Keep on Swimming

That is what Dory said in "Finding Nemo" when the dad was ready to give up.  I have such good intentions of getting things done, then the clock ticks away and I don't reach my goals.  So, I have to just keep going a step at a time and be glad when things get done.  Can say that it doesn't help that I have been a little "blue" lately too.  Sure can't wait to have Jeff home again!

Looks like the tree people came by because all the big tree limb and branches are gone.  Nothing was trimmed though, looks just the same.  Don't know if that means they won't trim it, or if they will send someone to trim it later.  I like the shade of the tree, but don't want it in my house with the next big storm.

Sounds like classes are moving along for all three kids.  Sarah is busy with her art class, drawing new things each week.   Her tricycle is done and looks great, and now has to draw something outside on campus.   She is busy with her Athletic Training classes and clinicals too, of course.  Mary met the University President, Mary Sue, yesterday and had her picture taken with her.  She isn't a big fan of her poetry class, but needs it if she wants to major in English. I know that Glee Club meetings and auditions are coming up. Matthew has a pretty rigorous schedule and is putting his nose to the grindstone each day after work.  He had to know how to say his name in Spanish for class today. 

Work was a long one yesterday, we had a lot to do in Grand Rapids. I was pretty tired when I got home at 7 pm and stayed home with Matthew and had a simple dinner.  It was nice to unwind.  Work again tomorrow.

Still need to plan for kids choir, chimes and Sunday School.  Rally Day is Sunday and I am doing BINGO.  I am teaching 3-5th grade this year.  I am playing for church too.  Can you say BUSY?? What was I thinking?? Working on Monday too. I am pretty crazy for having so much on my plate.

Well, I had better go and get to work!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Good First Day!

Tuesday was a much better day than Labor day.  The weather was better, blue sky, nice temps and a pretty impressive wind.  Our trellises blew over twice, so I decided to let them rest until the wind is over. It is still pretty windy and I think it is supposed to continue tomorrow.  Sure hope that tree doesn't come down on the house.

Matthew had a nice first day of 11th grade.  He likes all his classes and got his homework done in a timely fashion.  I stopped at K Mart after I picked him up from work to get him some folders, as the "other" stores sold out of the good ones.  Tomorrow Matthew will ride his bike to school since I will be working when he needs to get to work. He is pretty excited about it and got his bike all ready.  I bought him a new helmet and bike lock yesterday.  Hopefully the tires will hold their air.  We have a back-up plan in place.Matthew talked to administration about co-op with his job at the childcare center. That would be great! He is hoping to work a full crew gig at the high school this Friday night for an ABBA GOLD concert.

While Matthew was at school, I got some of my chores done at home. The laundry is done, some furniture moved in the house, dishes done and I got the tire fixed on the Prius.  While Matthew was working on his bike, I offered to mow the lawn.  It looks pretty good for my second time. I called public works earlier in the day to have them take care of that tree, so I hope that happens soon.

Sarah called today and was busy with doing athlete physicals this afternoon.  She finished her drawing of the tricycle and texted my a picture.  It looks great!  I don't really know her schedule for this semester yet, but she sure has it all together.

Mary had a good first day. She had Psychology, English and History today and has a good impression.  Tomorrow she has lectures..Freshman seminar, "American Family", Psychology and History. She called me Stonight and we had a nice conversation about all sorts of things. She has met up with her Greenville friends for meals and other activities.  She is looking forward to attending the Women's Glee Club meeting later this week including and audition.

I am working tomorrow for a full day.  We will be spending most of the day in Grand Rapids at appointments.  Should be a little eaiser now that she doesn't need suctioning.  Choir starts tomorrow night too. We will see if I have enough energy to attend.  With Jeff still being gone, I like to spend time with Matthew in the evening.

Guess that is all for now.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Down to One

Just got back from taking Matthew to school.  Can't believe he is a junior already, for now I can think of him being home for two more years.  Our nest is half empty, and I don't like it. I will pick Matthew up from school and then run him to work at church. I am going to get the tire fixed after breakfast, and then hopefully get my room back to "normal".  Have some paperwork to do and I know that I will need a nap.  Staying up too late is going to have to end. Back to the grind!

Tomorrow will be different.  He has school and I have work. He plans on riding his bike since I won 't be able to pick him up to take him to work after school.  Can't wait for Jeff to get home, Matthew needs his driver's license.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Best Made Plans Lead to Disappointment

Today was supposed to be a really fun last day of summer.  I can't say that things turned out that way.
  • It was a rainy day, we even had a little thunder. All in all a gloomy Labor Day.
  • My morning TV routine was pre-empted with Jerry Lewis Telethon and the US Tennis Open.
  • I have to do laundry!
  • My new shelves that Matthew was going to put together were not the right color. Thought it was a dark brown/cherry but it looked black.  They went back to the store. Luckily Matthew was able to fix a cabinet and we can use that again and take the other new shelves he made up to my room.
  • Took Matthew to the movies and it was HORRIBLE. It was very boring with a poor plot.  Thought that a George Clooney thriller would have more action.  Don't see it.
  • Found a screw in my tire.
  • Excited about a yummy dinner at Jimmy's Pub and Grub only to find it closed when we arrived. Applebee's was open and we had a nice time.
  • My room isn't done. Clothes are put away, but still have boxes of things to unpack.
  • Had to finish cleaning Mary's room.  Lots of it was done, but hauled the trash down and closed the window.
For now, I am watching football on TV, need to fold clothes and was supposed to watch a movie with Matthew, but he is playing video games in his room. Guess this is what is will be like from now on.

The clothes are waiting, better get folding.

I miss my girls


Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Let Down

Summer let down has hit home.  First there were the trips and then Sarah goes off to Hope, then I thought I have a couple weeks left with Mary to have fun and get ready for college.  Now that is over too.  Matthew starts school on Tuesday and summer will officially be over.  It sure is weird not having any of my girls home, although I am happy that they are settled and adjusting to being on their own.  Time sure does fly by...So needless to say I am a bit sad, missing my girls and my man and overwhelmed by the work still ahead of me.
  • Laundry and cleaning the house
  • Finish moving back into my room and get rid of the furniture and stuff I don't want.
  • Plan music for my musical groups/and lessons for Sunday School
  • Work 2-3 days a week
  • Get my eyes checked, my glasses just don't work like they used to.

The rest of our time in Ann Arbor on Thursday was lots of fun.  Brandon and Mary joined us for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and shopping at the M Den.  I had lots of fun there!  Mary went on to her job interview and Matthew and I hung around in her dorm room, contemplating how we were going to rearrange it as soon as she returned.  The job interview went really well. Guess there were 55 applicants and she would be interviewing until the end of this week.  The interviewer was very impressed that Mary contacted her personally and had a resume and letter of recommendation.  Mary interviewed with another lady impromtu for another position as well.  Will let you know what happens. 

Then came the rearranging!  We spent a few hours trying different things and finally came up with a good set up. Her bed is lofted on a book shelf and dresser, so it isn't so high, but does conserve space.  The couch is under her window.  Desk opposite the bed and her fridge and microwave in the corner.  She is much happier. I have posted tons of pictures of her room on our photo album

Originally we were going to have dinner with a friend in Dearborn, but I found out that I was invited to the opening convocation for the class of 2014.  It was quite a walk with the masses and then the Krisler Center wasn't air conditioned!  Still the program was nice and we got to sing the Yellow and Blue and the  Victors!  We waited around for the bus to pick us up, since we were pretty tired from long day. Matt took some really cool pictures at sunset..check the photo album.

Friday we checked out of our hotel room and headed back to campus one last time. The weather had cooled off and the sky a beautiful blue!  Lunch was at my favorite Ann Arbor restaurant. Guess? Cottage Inn!  Manicotti was delicious.  Matthew enjoys the bread with olive oil! Then it was time for our goodbyes at Mary's room.  I wasn't going to cry, but I did shed some tears.  I will miss her so much. Life will be really different with just Matthew at home. I will be outnumbered 2:1.(not including the dog).

Speaking of the dog, we picked him up nice and clean and soft from the kennel.  He got groomed too. He was glad to be home and Matthew and I just relaxed at home. We were tired.  It was much cooler when we got home and I was able to turn off the AC and be plenty comfy in the house.  Hurray! It was about time. Jeff mentioned that there was heavy wind and rain that moved through while we were gone and we did have some tree damage.

Saturday morning I got my Michigan flag up for the season opener football game in Ann Arbor. Mary has season tickets and was so excited to go.  We were going to Holland too, to visit Sarah and exchange cars again. Sarah was very tired from working all morning, but we managed to go out shopping and get her birthday present, a printer for her computer.  She was happy to receive it early.  Can't believe she will be 21 in just a few weeks. Where has the time gone?  Had a light meal at Culvers and then headed home.  With football season started, we kept watch of the scores.  Florida, Michigan and Oklahoma won their games, Hope lost theirs in the last 5 minutes. I finally got some better pictures of Sarah's house and her room.  I posted them on the photo album too!

Church today was very nice, back to regular schedule, bible hour at 9 am and church at 1015.  Fellowship was an ice cream social!  Yum!  Home just afternoon and then headed to Hailey's brother's birthday party at Chuck E Cheeses. It was a fun time.  Hailey loved to go down the slide!  She is really growing up.
Matthew has done a great job, fixing a cabinet that received some damage with all the furniture moving, putting on my U Mich license plate.  Now I am contemplating if I should return the shelves I bought for my room, or use the ones I got for the den to replace the cabinet that Matthew fixed.  Need to work on the list above too.  For now we are enjoying switching between Star Wars and Sound of Music.  Both great movies!

Tomorrow? Matthew wants to do something fun, before going back to school.  Will have to think of something fun to do, and maybe finish up the summer with a dinner at Jimmy's Pub and Grub.

That is all for now...have a great Labor Day!


Thursday, September 2, 2010

All Moved in to Cooley

Life has been crazy..Life has been busy...Life is always changing....

We headed for Ann Arbor yesterday morning along with the Cory's to move Mary and Brandon to college.  I am so glad that we were able to move together as it eases the load on everyone, well, the guys still had it harder as they move the heavy stuff.  The traffic in Ann Arbor was horrible. I hope that Jeff is here the next time! Cars everywhere, no one moving, people crossing the streets in front of you and moving behind a dumpster for a fire truck! Matthew and I parked the van in the parking garage and walked over to help Brandon move to his 3rd floor room.  There were no helpers in sight, so we just hauled stuff up the stairs.  It didn't help when one of his boxes broke while he was carrying it!  Then Jim and Brandon hauled a love seat up those three flights..what a workout! Then we were off to find Mary's room, same building, E Quad, but in a different house, Cooley House.  They are all connected and you could get lost if you don't follow the signs.  There are two stairwells, one goes to the outside the other ones don't, go down the wrong one and you are in for a surprise. Mary's room is on the first floor and had a very nice view. The bathroom is in close proximity.   Since she has a single room  to herself, we decided how to put the furniture before unloading.  First of all, I had to got get the van and drive in the traffic again!  I ended up pulling up onto the  grass just yards from the front door of  the building.  It was in the shade and we even had some helpers..the move in makers and a few nice guys who offered their services. The move in makers bring a big bin on wheels so you can put your boxes and stuff in it and they will roll it up to your room.  Brandon helped them while the rest of us took some bigger stuff in. The rest of us along with the nice guys hauled in things like the cello and fridge.  Jim, Brandon and Matthew hauled the heavy love seat recliner into her room.  Boy I as sure they were glad her  room is on the first floor! Consequently, her room is pretty crowded since she wanted her bed on the floor, not up on the other furniture, or lofted.  I spent time putting her clothes away and she set up her desk.  Then we went over to Brandon's room and helped him move in to his room.  He has the same single room and kept things the same as last year.

We did get a chance to eat a few times to keep up  with the dehydration of a hot muggy day and lots of moving and cleaning.  Had some good Chinese food right for lunch and Cottage Inn pizza for a late dinner. I love Cottage Inn~Mmm.

Of course we had to go shopping for a few needed things and some groceries.  Coax cable, extension cords and things to prepare and eat in her room like cereal, pop tarts spagetti o's and easy mac. I am sure she can't wait to use her microwave!

Today we will go over and see if she wants to rearrange her room and maybe have some lunch.  Mary has a job interview this afternoon for a position in the theatre department.  That would be awesome!  Tonight I will be going to Dearborn to visit a friend and have some dinner.  Maybe we can find time to use the pool here at the hotel!

Tomorrow we will he head back to Greenville, pick up Sammy and then go to Holland and switch back our cars.  She gets the van back and I get my Prius back.  We hope to have dinner together.

Before all this moving happened we had some fun times!
  • Mary and Brandon went trout fishing together, had fun but had to throw their fish back, none of them reached the ten inch requirement.  When they got home we enjoyed a yakimondue and rice meal. Yum.
  • Friday Mary's friend came over and they made some cookies and cream ice cream. It took a while, but in the end very delicious.  She and her friend went out to eat and shop while Matthew and I went to the first GHS football game. We won 42-7!  It was so crowded though.  I think sitting on the hill by the band is a good place. You can hear the music and have  a good view of the action. Matthew's friend made a 40 yard return run.  Hooray!  The night ended with a great game of Apples to Apples with friends.
  • Sarah came home on Saturday for several hours and we went to a going away party and a birthday party. Both were very nice.  Of course the original car switch took place and I waved goodbye to my Prius for a week.  It is always nice to have Sarah home. Mary worked her last shift at McDonalds.
  • Sunday service went well, I had a few mix-ups but recovered pretty well.  It really doesn't help when you start playing a song on the wrong keys!  Sunday evening Brandon, Mary and I went to see the piano that our church was giving to a good home.  It is in pretty good shape and he even tuned a few strings to make a nice barbershop scale.  I bought a tuning kit as I am thinking of changing careers. Can't find a job in nursing, so naturally I am thinking of doing something with music.  The three of us went up to the loft and played the organ and had fun singing hymns together.
  • Monday was my work day..8 hours with little Hailey.  The day was uneventful, but tiring as always. Mary spent the day with Brandon and had a fish fry dinner with his family.  Matthew and I got a pizza.
  • Tuesday we packed the van, Mary bought a desk chair and covered it, bought some things on her college list and made chicken crescents for dinner.  Matthew worked three hours on Monday and Tuesday. To make her last day a home a fun one, we played three games of CLUE, all won by Matthew, and watched TV together.  We had a lot of fun and laughs.  
Of course, I am still trying to move back into my room.  It sure is a lot of work and can be overwhelming. It is getting there and I sure hope all done by the time Jeff gets home next weekend.  He is doing fine in Miami and busy watching the hurricanes in the tropics.  For now there is no real threat, but next week according to my favorite weatherman, the weather is ominous.

That is all for now.  Took a few pictures that I can't post until I get home.  Next week Matthew starts his Junior year of high school and we will be back to a NEW routine, one with a household of three, Mom, Dad and Matt.

Life is kids are growing up....what a joyful adventure!


PS- I posted a link for 2010 Football Frenzy for all those who signed up for our football picks this season.