Saturday, January 31, 2009


Today was solo and ensemble festival. We left home at 6:50 this morning to pick up Brandon, who accompanied her on the piano. Mary was to play at 8:48am. I thought it would take over an hour to get there. Brandon took us another way and we got there in 40 minutes! So we waited for nearly an hour before she played. Finally it was her turn, and she played her solo, Arioso by Bach. The judge loved her tone throughout the song. She also gave some constructive criticism and then we waited for the score...It was a "1"! Whew. Now she knows what to do to improve for state festival at Central Michigan on March 21, Jeff's birthday. Afterward, we stayed and listened to other Greenville High School students play their solos and a duet. They too received superior ratings. I took Mary and Brandon to lunch and the other Greenville families met us there. It was a fun time to spend with parents and students together. We got home around 1:30pm.

I was pretty tired, so I took a nap while Jeff and the kids went swimming at the local community college. They had a fun time and I got good rest. The rest of the evening has clearing out papers, paying bills and updating calendars and blogs! I still need to do a load of laundry and try to communicate with Sarah. She is at some sporting events tonight, so it will either be late or tomorrow.

Sarah did email me a link with a video about the use of the Wii system in the AT Clinic at Hope College. Kirk Brummels, the AT Director at Hope did a study last fall about it effect with exercise. I think Sarah participated in the balance portion. She currently is nursing a bad knee and elbow. Possible tricep tendon irritation. She will rest it before softball tryouts on Monday.

Tomorrow is church and of course the superbowl. It will be my first week back to bowling. I hope that I can bowl all three games. I will have to wait and see how I feel. I still tend to get sore during the day, depending on my activities. Still take Ibuprofen on a daily basis.

That is all for now..


Here is the link for the video piece about Hope College AT Department using the Wii for therapy. Once you get to the link, you MUST
  1. Type in video games in the search bar under the current video.
  2. Click on the video segment "video games and physical therapy"
  3. Good Luck!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Update #2

Well, the meeting is over. It was just a lot of paperwork. Their charting is good, but as always it will take some getting used to. I am guessing that things will continue at the regular routine with a new employer. We will see after the first week of work. I should start on Wednesday. Maxim Health gave all the nurses a new lunch box. That made me glad, since I really need a new one! It is blue too, my favorite!

Now that I am back to doing everyday regular work, I guess I should be working at the laundry. No more excuses..hahaha! Still haven't decided on dinner. Pizza sounds good.

I think that is all the news for the day. Will post Mary's solo results tomorrow afternoon!


Update #1

Doctor's visit went well. Healing well, just a little slower than most. I can go back to work, bowl and really do whatever I want. Mostly she said to listen to your will be your guide..if the activity causes soreness, pull back a little. She is a wonderful doctor. I go back in 3 more months.

I am almost ready to leave for the meeting for work. After having a lot of negative feelings, I realize that maybe having fewer hours at first will be best for me. There is a reason for everything and this might be God's way for me to heal more while working a little less. I feel much better about everything.

Went to lunch with Jeff at Subway. I really like their roasted chicken sub. It is very tender. Not sure what to do for dinner yet, but I will take one step at a time.

Better get going! More Later.


Flurries of Information

We had light but steady snow all day yesterday and received 1.5" total in the past 24 hours. Looks like some more of the same for part of the day. Sure beats the weather 6 weeks ago when we got dumped on with 8" of wet snow. That was the day of my surgery. We got several more inches the next night and Sunday just after I got home.

So it has been 6 weeks, and I will visit my doctor this morning. I am supposed to be ready to go back to work and to bowl too! I have kept a list of questions and concerns for the past few weeks that I will share with her. I'll be sure to post how my appointment went.

This afternoon the circus surrounding my job continues. Most of the nurses will meet at my client's house then go to Applebee's for a 2+ hour meeting. I have no idea what we are in for. I hope that they use the time wisely by showing us their time slips and charting procedures. My client's mom called me last night as expected, my hours are in jeopardy. Equal hours for everyone. Take from the "tenured" nurses and give to the new. She calls herself and conservative! Seniority/loyalty means nothing! I will see what the schedule looks like before I get too angry.

On a happier note, Mary bought a guitar last night. We spent an hour at this man's house listening to stories and then he gave her a lesson so to speak. I guess I was a little impressed that he wanted to know how much she play the guitar if she bought it. He could have just taken the money and said goodbye and good luck. Turns out he does some recording and invited us to bring Mary over to record her music, mainly to critique herself. While I am cautious, he knows and works with several decent people we know in town.

Matthew's baseball practices continue. He was supposed to go to pitching practice yesterday at 6 am. I just couldn't wake him up, so I let him sleep. Has has had some long hours and I don't want him to get sick.

Tomorrow will be an early morning, Mary has solo and ensemble before 9 am. It is held at a school over 1 hour away. Probably have to leave by 7am.

Guess that is all for now. I'll try to update later.


Thanks to a friend who sent this to me:

NUMBER 5: They told me at the Blood Bank this might happen.
NUMBER 4: 'This is just a 15 minute power nap they raved about in the time-management course you sent me to.
NUMBER 3 : 'Whew! Guess I left the top off the White-out. You probably got here just in time!NUMBER 2: Did you ever notice sound coming out of these keyboards when you put your ear down real close?
Number 1 And MY all time Favorite: Best thing to say if you get caught sleeping at your desk: (Raising your head slowly) ' Jesus' name, Amen'

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Prayers Please

Good Morning! Just a few things for prayers.
  • Things are a little hectic at college and Sarah could use a few extra prayers during this busy time. FAFSA is due, papers to write, clinics to work and the decision about the softball team.
  • I am fighting a cold. I go to the surgeon/doctor tomorrow for my 6 week check. Hopefully all my restrictions will be lifted! Still have episodes of soreness and discomfort.
  • My employment search keeps hitting walls, and doors close. I was going to go to a job fair this afternoon, but I heard on the TV they are going to "lay off" doctors and nurses! The other jobs I applied for haven't responded. Each day without a call, less likely I will be interviewed.
  • Home health job changes companies Monday. I've jumped through most of their hoops and will finalize the rest of their requirements tomorrow at a meeting here in Greenville. At least I don't have to drive back to Lansing. I love my little patient, but I really think it is time to move on. Perhaps God still needs me there.
  • Mary has solo and ensemble on Saturday morning. She plays her cello at 8:49 am!

Thank you to all for your support and encouragement and prayers that get us through each day!


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Takes Me Back

I just love this picture of Sarah. She has it on her social website, facebook. It brings back many wonderful memories from our time living in Japan. Sarah just called and reported that she just took a psychology test she forgot about. Yikes. She wasn't hysterical or anything, just felt bad that she didn't study. She said she didn't epic fail. That is good.

Matthew's baseball camp was good. I had a hard time finding the place last night and then had to park in a parking garage. By the time we got all parked, I forgot to take my paper work to stay busy for 2 hours. The bleachers were just sooo comfortable. His HS coach was there and said Matt could get a ride with the team next time. That would save a lot of gas for us!

Mary played a gig last night and she said it was more of a paid practice. I guess they played in the reception area and not many people stood around to listen. Now Mary wants to buy a new full size guitar she found in the paper. Her other acoustic guitar is a 3/4 size with nylon strings. She says she has the money. We'll see!

I am trying to get the flannel pants done, but it is slow going. There are other things that happen and take time, what a news flash! I am sure that happens to all of us. I am going to be good and not haul laundry either until the official release from the doctor.

Well, lets see if I can get some things accomplished!


Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Okay, Okay Okay!

I know it has been a long time since my last entry. The days are so busy and long that I don't have any creative thinking going on for an interesting story to tell. I think I am ready today!

Let's start with the One Act Competition! Greenville High School took first place of seven. This is much like solo and ensemble where ratings are given. GHS had straight one ratings. We will go to regionals the first weekend in February. Other good news was that the entire cast received a superior for their acting! Mary was really good as the fisherman's wife. Now the director will be making some small changes to make the show even better. We will see what happens next weekend. I spent all day at the school supervising and working at the concessions stand. All in all, everything went well. We did have one fire alarm go off, evidently a little boy opened a door he shouldn't. There was another event going on at the high school that day. There was a minimal halt in activity, but things were cleared up quick and everything stayed on schedule.

Bowling was ok on Sunday. Jeff bowled another 50o series and our team took 1 game. We were tied after 2 games and then lost the third and total points. I should be bowling next week. Hope that I can contribute to some wins!

Yesterday we spent the day at Michigan State University. Mary met with the Admissions director for the schoool of music. He gave us a lot of good honest information. She liked MSU very much, giving it at rating of 4 out of 5 stars! She made a comparison sheet for the colleges she visits. She has to decide what she wants to do. She knows she wants to teach, but not sure if she should teach english, music or theater. The director told us that if she wants to do music education, you still need to audition as a performer. So she would need to take private lessons in either voice or cello (again). Minoring in music/theater may be less stressful and also help post graduation employment as an english teacher with a minor in music/theater. Lots to think about. Our next scheduled visit is Roosevelt University in Chicago on Valentine's Day. This will depend however, on how far the one act team will go. State competition is on Valentine's Day too. The college visit would have to be rescheduled.

Matthew has his first Baseball camp at Grand Rapids Comm College tonight. I am not sure what I am going to do for 2.5 hours! I don't even know where I can wait! Makes me a little nervous, but I am glad that Matthew will have this opportunity to advance his baseball skills.

Sarah is doing well at college. She is getting over a cold, but otherwise things are good. Softball tryouts are just over a week away! I am sure she is nervous. I am proud of her and the commitment she has shown to the program. Sarah has mid winter break the first weekend in February. It is always nice having her home.

I am feeling good and will see my doctor/surgeon on Friday. She should give me clearance to go back to work and lift all my restrictions. I am still on the job hunt. The new nursing agency has been driving me crazy with massive paperwork, TB tests, skills tests etc to get the nurses hired. It makes me weary too. Still not sure when this agency will take over. Thursday I am going to a job fair at a GR hospital. There are not too many jobs available, but they like to meet nurses for any future openings. Otherwise, I am going to get some sewing done, quilt, and enjoy my last week off. It has been nice, but I need to get back to making some extra money and getting back into a normal routine.

Until next time,


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Latest Headlines - UPDATED AGAIN!

Tidbits for Thursday are as follows:

  1. I applied for four jobs yesterday and already received one rejection. Three remain hopefuls.
  2. Our family now owns a Wii system! We are anxious to try it out. Thanks to all for the Christmas money!
  3. I made the second batch of applesauce and it is better than the first! I will take it to quilting. Not sure if I will sew, lots to do at home. Mary invited the cast over for dinner!
  4. Tonight is the first perfomance of the One Act "Story Theater" at 7:30 pm. Be there at 7 to watch the spike and listen to rehearsal.
  5. Sad to hear that our new president has already signed the executive order to allow US funding of abortions overseas. What the heck! I guess embryonic stem cell research will be funded with our money too. What is next?
  6. Make that two rejections and two hopefuls. I am a little discouraged. It is obvious to me that they won't consider me without any OR experience. How will I get in anywhere?
  7. The One Act Play was good. I really loved Mary as the fisherman's wife. Actually that whole part of the story was the great. Wish you could have been here.
  8. We all had fun playing the Wii. I think Matt is probably the most skilled. I still have fun.!

That is it for now. If I think of other tidbits I will continue to add here. Have a good Donnerstag!


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New President

Well, we have a new president. I thought that the activities were pretty nice, and enjoyed most of the bands in the long parade. A few things did make me wonder. We keep getting told that our planet is warming, but we are enduring below zero temperatures with lots of snow on the ground. During the very long benediction, the preacher said that we will protect the lowliest and poor. Shouldn't unborn children be protected? The president has already said he will sign the "Freedom of Choice" act, legalizing abortions across the nation at all stages of pregnancy and with public funds. That is not protection. The final straw was the comment of color:"The Black will not be asked to get back, brown can stick around, The yellow will be mellow, the red man will get ahead man and the white will embrace what is right." That is a very racial statement. I couldn't believe it. If that was said by anyone else, I think it would be all over the news. Oh, I loved the quartet with Itzak Perlman, YoYo Ma and the other musicians. The weather was nice and the girls are very cute. I pray that all will go well with our new leaders, and that our country will remain a land under the TRUE GOD and continue to be the land of the free.

Okie Dokie...Now Sunday night was great. Jeff was on fire at the bowling alley. We won 3 points this week. Yay! Jeff bowled a 204 for a high game and a series of 549! Great Job Jeff! I have one more week of bowling "blind" and consistent. Hahahaha. Sunday was also the night of the youth's progressive dinner. Mary was the voice of God. The story was about the exodus. There was a tie in to Christmas, but I can't remember it right now. The first part was outside at the camp and was it cold! Mary brought along a friend and we all had nice time. The first stop we had venison wraps. It had a few pieces and it tasted like beef. Second stop was Chicken on skewers, carrots, sticky rice and matza crackers with honey (Manna). we also played the dradle game. Last stop was dessert, mmmmmm, and the making of a personal Christmas ornament.

Saturday was a day to catch up on some chores, shop a little, bake brownies and take down the Christmas decorations! We finally got that done. The lights and the nativity are still up, but we don't turn them on. There is no way to get them down, since everything is still covered in snow or just frozen and hidden. One hour before our small group met, I decided it was time to make homemade applesauce. It turned out very well. It is already all eaten up! I have a few more apples, maybe I will make some more this week.

Yesterday I went to Lansing to sign up with the new agency. I am still not very happy about it, but until God leads me to a new position, I will continue to care for my little girl. My resume has been updated and Jeff just helped me with a cover letter for any jobs that arise in the future. There just isn't a whole lot available right now. I still have another 10 days of medical leave. I go to the doctor/surgeon on January 30th. I still experience some pain on some days and the vein used for my IV is hard like a vine in my wrist. It too, hurts when I bump or rub it. The doctor is aware of these things and I am complying with her advice.

The rest of the school week is finals. Matt has to take all 6 of them. He was pretty sick at the beginning of the year and exempting finals at our school depends on attendance. I think it is dumb, but that is how it is. Mary is taking 3, two easy music ones and AP Literature. Thursday is a performance of the one act and then they compete on Saturday at the district level. I have had a few people call and cancel or shorten their volunteer time. I guess I will be making a few more calls tomorrow. There is no school on Monday, so we will be taking Mary to MSU for a visit. We are still trying to get an appointment with the music department so she can get a feel for what they have to offer. Matthew is signed up for baseball camp starting on Tuesday for a month (every Tuesday night). He has been going to open gym for baseball the past few weeks at 0600 2-3 times a week. Tomorrow is hitting practice. Thursday is pitching. I have quilting on Thursday and am responsible for the side dish at lunch. Maybe I will take applesauce!

I guess that is it! Hope you have a great day!


Friday, January 16, 2009

My Newest Quilt Top

Well I finished my quilt top yesterday. Hurray! I think it is really cute. I managed to fix a few seams to line up the squares better. I would like to tie with red floss, but my colleauges think it might run. Maybe I could use a royal blue to add some punch?

Next week I will pick a new pattern for a single size bed. It will look very "Eastery" with the colors I have chosen. Until the next quilting time, I need to get to work on the flannel sleeping pants. They aren't hard, just hate cutting the pattern. I am using multi-size patterns so I can cut the pattern to each size. They will get done!

The weather is still very cold. We expect 2-5 inches of snow tomorrow. The man on the radio said after 10 minutes of being outside frostbite can occur without proper attire, ie coats, gloves and hats. Today is very bright and sunny with single digit temperatures.

Sarah sent me an email from her AT director yesterday. He will be going to Tokyo Japan in May to the college there that we have an exchange program with. He will be taking 4 students with him all expenses paid! Woohoo! What an opportunity! I encouraged Sarah to be considered and if they needed a mom to go along, pick me! Other news from Hope College is that concerning softball. Tryouts are just weeks away. The crazy thing is if she makes the team they practice Wed mornings at 0500 in an indoor field 20 minutes away. That means a 0400 wake up time. She loves ball enough she would do that, I think. The season should be over in time for her to go to Japan too.

Now for information on my job quest. My client is switching Nursing agencies again. I called them to set up an appointment for the paperwork. They inform me that I would spend ~3 hours doing paper work and tests. However, they will only pay me for a total of 2 hours and will only pay me minimum wage! Unbelieveable!! I am totally flabergasted! RRRRrrrrrrrr. As for the rest of my quest, there are no new jobs to apply for. I am going to a nursing fair at the end of the month. As much as I love my job and my patient, I still have to think about what is best for me and my family. I am worth more than minimum wage and low hourly pay. Whew!

I am out of words for now. After my last conversation with the nursing company I am speechless...can you imagine that?


Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's COLD!

We are experiencing single digit temperatures and expect below zero tonight and tomorrow morning. I wonder if we will quilt. I am supposed to bring the main dish for lunch. We have potlucks every week. My quilt has had a few problems coming together, so tomorrow is figuring out how to get it all worked out. Then I will start a new project.

I have several home projects too. I am making flannel sleeping pants for everyone. Sarah's is done and now I have 4 to go. The material is washed and ready to go. First I am making a volunteer list for GHS theater for the competition on Sat 1/24. I have all but about 4 slots filled. Waiting for people to call back. If they don't I will try them one more time. I won't mind filling the blanks if people don't show. I love supporting the fine arts at our school.

After thinking about my nursing career, I have decided to get my name out to the hospitals with a new and improved resume and cover letter. The resume is done and now I am working on the cover letter. I am not sure what will happen, but I know that I am trying to expand my career and earn some more money. In the end, God knows the plan and has always guided me in the right direction. There have been times where I didn't listen and got into a bind, then he mercifully bails me out. Praise the Lord! HE LOVES ME SOOOO MUCH! I love Him too!

Last September Jeff and I attended a retreat on Mackinac Island with other Lutheran pastors and had a really nice time. Today we hosted an informational meeting with lunch about Grace Place, they run the retreats. We had about 20 people and I thought that the director gave a nice talk that lasted about one hour.

I am back at home now, waiting to help out my client with faxing of papers. She is coming over here, and I won't be lifting my princess. I also want to type out my Theater Schedule, work on the cover letter and then be ready for kids choir, choir and praise team. I have plenty to keep me busy!

Guess that is all for now...Stay warm and happy!


Monday, January 12, 2009

I Need To Get Out of the Dog House!

It seems like its been so long since my last post, but it really has only been 3 days so don't be too hard on me! Hahaha! So I am getting out of the dog house and bringing you up to date on our activities.

Friday night's get together was very nice. We had a nice time with other pastors and their wives from our circuit. We got home around 9 to spend some time with Matt who was home alone, and found him sleeping on the new couch with a movie on. He was tired. So Jeff and I watched "mama mia" and thought it was ok. Good to watch one time. Mary was spending the night at a friends house where they also worked on a school project.

Saturday was getting laundry started, thanks you notes done and shopping for some groceries. Both Mary and Matthew are enjoying the TV and futon downstairs. Mary does homework and waits for the laundry and Matt likes to watch TV and widdle on wood he brought home from the scene shop. It is nice to have another liveable area. I think it will be nicer when it is not sooo cold down there, but cool in the summer.

Sunday service was nice. The praise team sang well. The new church council was installed. We had taco bell for lunch then kept up on the laundry and then began the college visitation schedule for Mary. Wow! It can't be time for that yet! Another year from now she will be making her final choices for college. Whew, we just did that with Sarah. Mary has several colleges on her list. See if you know what they are: MSU, Roosevelt University, Hope, Cornerstone, UM, WMU, Concordia Chicago, CMU. We still need to make arrangements for OU and Lawrence University in Wisconsin. She still plans to major in music/theater with a possible minor in English. She is also getting a little nervous, because she is not sure she is good enough to get into College of Music. I said you'll never know unless you try! Mary auditions tomorrow for a string program in Grand Rapids for coaching students who want to major in music. I think it is a great opportunity. I hope things go well.

Sarah is doing fine. She told me last night that she played softball and caught well and hit well too! Hurray. She catches every Mon and Wed morning at 0630! Her classes are Statistics, Pyschology, PE, English and AT practicum.

Bowling was better last night. We split and took 2 games. I have to sit out for two more weeks and then I hope to bowl better than my blind average.

I am rehashing all of my options as a nurse. I just found out that my client is switching to another company. I will have to apply there too. Their pay is even less than I make now. When I talked to them about it, they said they would offer me the pay I make now if the family really likes me and wants me to keep working with them. I am a little frustrated because I know I could make more money, but then my schedule would be more restricting. However, I hate to lose a lot of my skills due to the fact that I am not using them with my one patient. As each year goes by, it will be harder and harder for me to get hired at a hospital because my recent experience will be home health. I do miss a lot of the aspects of hospital nursing and I don't want to be caught of doing home care forever.

Tonight is chimes and then a winter storm. Wind and snow and very cold temps. It will be very cold, single digits to negative zero, all week. Wonder how many "snow" days there will be.

I am also putting together a concessions schedule for GHS One Act Drama district competition that will take place on January 24. I have the schdule made and now just have to fill it. I hope that I get happy volunteers. It went from a 6 hour event to a 12 hour event with double the people coming, and now we are having lunch too! I need about 24 volunteers for 2 hours each. There are more than that many students participating in the play. So it SHOULD be easy. Hah!

That is all for now. Feeling better on most days and recuperating well.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Gators Win..That's OK..It Was a Great Game

The moment of truth has come and gone. The Gators are the National Champions and I will not have the family trophy in Michigan. Remember, I really love both teams, so I was really not to upset after the game. It was a well fought game and the Gators came out on top. Bradford had a really great first half and Tebow exploded with all of his versatile talent in the second half. Percy was really great too. So life goes on. I am still proud to be part Sooner/part Gator.

Today is get things done around the house day. I am working some more on music, putting clothes away a little at a time, and am going to undertake the job of writing thank you notes. We have a party to attend this evening and I have decided to take the little smokie links and maybe something sweet too. My goal for the weekend is to get the Christmas stuff down.

I guess that is about it... not too much else going on except for more snow showers. Jeff said the heavy snow is going to stay south of us.

Adios Amigos


Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good Day! Will Tomorrow Spell Victory?

I had a good day today. Did some musical planning and went to the eye doctor. I need stronger lenses. The frames will stay the same and I asked that my progressive lens will have different focal points. This past years was crazy. I hope that the new ones will be better.

All the choirs went well too. The kids sang nicely and the adult choir has some nice new music. Praise team sings on Sunday so we practiced tonight too. I think it will be very nice.. I like all of the songs.

Tomorrow is a day filled with excitement. I will quilt tomorrow and have to really work on thank you notes. But at 8 pm, all eyes will be on our TV screen. The Sooners play the Gators for the National Championship. As you can tell, the majority of our family will be rooting for the Sooners. As for the bowl picks, Dan is in the lead by one. If the Gators win, Dan wins. If the Sooners win, Grace and Sarah tie for first. Will Dan change his vote and root for the Sooners? Which of the Wilhelm's are pulling for the Gators? There is still time for strategic votes to win the trophy. I have learned that the changing of votes is a dangerous game. It is better to stick with your first choice. Stay Tuned for the results!

We had a few inches of snow fall today and it still looks very wintry here. Sarah will get more snow with the lake effect snowfall in Holland. The roads are ok and I think there will be school the rest of the week.

That is all for now.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Snow Day, No Snow Day

We woke up yesterday to the text message..Greenville Schools has a 2 hour delay. Thirty minutes later..beep beep beep...Greenville Schools closed. The back roads were just too icy for the busses. So our Christmas vacation was extended by one day. The kids were happy. They were able to ride along to the airport and give Grandma a big hug goodbye. We all had a nice time together.

I guess we should backtrack to Sunday. The church service was simply beautiful. My mother played the organ by request of the organist on duty. She was going to visit family and would like to have the Sunday off. Turned out she became ill on Saturday so it all worked out for good. I was able to play a little chime solo at the beginning. Jeff and Mary played a french horn/cello duet, the orchestra played well. Sarah sang "All is Well" during the offering. It brought many to tears, including the pastor and his family. The organ music was exceptional with many members complimenting the day's music. What a blessing! After church we stayed for a potluck lunch. My mom and I made some apple pies and I took a chicken casserole dish that my family enjoys. As soon as we got home, Sarah packed up her things and we were off to Holland. Jeff was a trooper driving while everyone else caught a 1 hour nap. Thanks buddy! We only needed one trip up to the room with everyone's help. Grandma was able to see Sarah's room and meet her roommate Katie, who then joined us for a delicious dinner at Brann's Steak Place. We drove around campus a little so Grandma could see where Sarah goes to school, then back to Greenville in time for week one of the winter bowling season. We won't talk to much about bowling, as our team didn't do very well. Lost all four. There is lots of time to get better and advance. I cannot bowl for 3 more weeks. Still on lifting restrictions. My score for the next 3 weeks will be my blind score of 105.

Now back to Monday...

Mom got home safe and sound back to Orlando. We requested help for her in Detroit in changing planes. She only had 30 minutes to get to the next gate. A wheelchair was ready and waiting for her, only no escort. The lady at the desk said he'd be right back. Time kept ticking away and my mom became nervous. The agent said you have plenty of time your flight is at 2:47 pm. No, my mom said, it is at 1:20pm. After the agent confirmed what my mother already knew, a young man literally ran with the wheelchair to the next gate. She made it just in time. Whew! Things are getting back to "normal". Mom says she misses being part of the family with all the activity. That won't last though, I know how busy my mom is with all her activities..Still we miss her too and look forward to when she can visit again. We welcome visits from all of our family and friends. If you are looking for snow..this is the place to be!

I drove home from the airport. It was my first "long" drive since surgery. I did fine. Matthew was very helpful around the house. He and Jeff moved some furniture downstairs in preparation for our new couch. I lifting for me! Matt helped me make dinner and picked up whatever I needed. Mary spent the day with her friend and had a nice time.

I am feeling pretty good. I still have my ups and downs, but there are more ups these days than downs. YAY! No work until February so I have no excuses to get some of the those jobs like going through papers, and planning music. I want to get some sewing done too. Reading a bood or two would be nice!

The Bowl picks are getting down to the wire! Dan and Sarah are still tied for first place. It was such an exciting game last night, where OSU almost beat Texas! That would have brought grandma tied in second place. It looks like the little game between Ball State and Tulsa might be crucial. A 1 point lead could mean taking the trophy. Of course the final factor will be the Sooner/Gator game. Where will the trophy be in 2009? We will know on Thursday.

The furniture men came around 11 this morning and delivered our new couch. Doesn't it look nice? It is a hide-a-bed too, so we have ample sleeping space for visitors. Our futon and the TV out in the 3 season porch were moved downstairs. Now we have somewhere to enjoy the cool of the basement in the summer or during bad weather, like tornadoes.

As for the rest of the day.. Nothing special. The kids have play practice and scene shop till 4:30pm. Guess I will have to think about cooking dinner. There is choir tomorrow, quilting and orchestra Thursday with football to watch and a party on Friday.

Well, that was quite the update! Have a great day!

~Gracie I love my kids!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Wow! It Has Been A While!

Happy Birthday Dad! Glad to know you had a nice day. Hope you have another year of many blessings! We all love you very much!

New Year's Day was filled with football, sewing and more football. The bowl pick contest within the Heumann family is getting quite close. Dan and Sarah are tied for first place and Leslie and I are tied for second. It looks like the Gator/Sooner game will be the deciding game. Only time will tell.

Friday we ran some errands and practiced music at church in the early afternoon. Then we went to see "Marly and Me". It was a very cute movie with a sad but touching ending. I would reccomend it for anyone to see. We have seen other movies on DVDs and TV. Some cute, some dumb and some disturbing. Still it is nice to spend time together. We all had dinner at Cory's restaurant and watched more sports. Mom was introduced to the Deal No Deal show.

Today we had orchestra practice, made apple pies and played games. Pictionary was a favorite. Jeff had a funeral in the afternoon and I played a few hymns for. It was small, but very nice. We had dinner at our local mexican place, El Rancho. The food was good tonight, even the mozzarella sticks. We didn't get to the homemade applesauce or Scrabble. There is always tomorrow.

Wait! We have a potluck after church, take Sarah back to Hope College and then our first night of bowling. Guess no applesauce, but hopefully scrabble. I won't be bowling for the next 4 weeks due to my lifting restrictions after surgery. I can't lift more than a gallon of milk until February. That will make sure everything heals up well. I am feeling better each day, but still have periods of fatigue and discomfort. Tylenol and Motrin keep things in check for me.

It has been nice to have Sarah and Grandma here over break. I am sad to think of them going back home/school. Mary and Matt are back to school on Monday. I will have to keep busy with light work during the day so the kids can carry and lift things for me at night.

Guess that is all the news. Have a wonderful SONday!


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy 2009!

We had a funfilled day. Got some sewing done, then went to church to practice some music for Sunday. Shopped at Meijer and then came home to a chicken crescent dinner that was made by Mary. It was delicious. Our friends Randy and Norma came over after 8 pm to ring in the new year with us. We played the dictionary game like balderdash only all you need is a dictionary and paper. Sarah and Grace tied with the win. Mary went to a friends for a new years party and will spend the night with them. Poor Sammy got scared when we made lots of noise with the confetti popper things. He hid by the vacuum. Well, it is time to go off to bed. Not sure what we will do later this morning. I am sure there is plenty of football to keep up with.

Good Night and Have a Blessed Year!