Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Summer Heat is Here!

Today was my first day back to golfing since my leg surgery last June.  I had a pretty "normal" round of golf. Missed my dad a lot, he always helped me be a better golfer.  Tried to remember what he would say while I was playing and I actually did a little better. I sure had fun golfing with my dad, he was the best!

It is another hot day and I think a dodged another sunburn.  We will see as the sun goes down.  I was  glad it was windy though,  it sure helped cut the heat on the golf course this morning. Of  Mary met us for lunch at Applebees and then we were ready for a rest. She worked the early shift this morning, again.  Tomorrow she works at 0700 and work at 0900.  We have interesting transportation logistics at our house.

Got some errands done and made another grocery run to Wal Mart (my favorite store). We now have milk for a few more days.  I should really buy a cow and have my own dairy! Tonight is taco tuesday at the Wilhelms.  Mary found a futon for sale in GR and wants to go look at it.  Don't know if we have the time tonight.

Last but not least, Sarah sent me a picture of  her at work with Franny, a boa constrictor that she takes care of at her animal job.  She wished I would like snakes more, but that is a HUGE wish. I can say I am ok looking at the picture and proud that my little girl can handle a large snake and still have a smile on her face.  So, for those of you who want to see Sarah and Franny, scroll down after my signature.  For those of you prefer to skip Franny, we will say good bye right here!

Happy Baptism Birthday to Mary! It's a special day!

Love Grace

Franny is below

Happy Memorial Day

We had a nice Memorial Day.

Saturday started with a pancake breakfast and then spent time with the kids. Finished the laundry and got ready for my last Sunday School lesson of the season. We will see if I will teach again in the fall. I really do like it!

Sunday we had a very nice church service and lunch at Big Boy. It was pretty good and not too slow! Always enjoy a nap in the afternoon and Mary's and my daily scrabble game continue.

Sunday evening Jeff, Grace Mary Matthew and Brandon headed to Detroit. We wish Sarah could have joined us, but she was scheduled to work and since she just had last weekend off, she really needed to work. We enjoyed some swimming at our hotel and got some rest before our Tiger game today!

We arrived at Comerica Park and Matthew took his turn at the pitching cage. He did great! Matthew pitched up to 60 miles an hour, and that was without warm-ups! Accuracy is stellar. When we got UP to our seats, I realized just how hot it was going to be. Glad we put on sunscreen! Our faces are a little red, but poor Matthew missed his knees and they are pretty red and uncomfortable. The first inning started the game off right. Two runs, including a home run by Cabrebra!

However, by the fourth inning, I wasn't feeling to well. The sun and heat were getting to me, and I chose to go down under the stands and cool off where a nice breeze blew by the concession stands. After two innings, Matthew arrived to refill a bottle with cool water for Brandon and Mary, delivered it, and we were off to buy a new Tiger's Cap. He finally decided on a nice one and we went back up to our seats together, except now there was shade. Ahhhh. I was thankful that Jeff took over the scorecard. He did an exceptional job. The score was now in the favor of the Twins and we wanted a win!

The end of the game proved to be as great as the first! Had some good hits and another home run by my favorite new tiger, Victor Martinez. Back to a tie score....Bottom of the 8th inning, our Tigers were on base again and the go ahead run scored after the 3rd base umpire had to make a judgment call whether a fan interfered with the play and whether the runner would have score or not. The call did not go without a fight with the Twin's manager, who was ejected from the game. By the 9th inning, I was ready for my Ball Park Hot Dog, something I enjoy at a ball game, and the vendor came around to sell me one. What timing! Nothing better than a good hot dog at the ball park! Matthew took video of the last play of the game, a diving catch by Don Kelly! Tigers Win! Took some pictures and then headed back to our car and home.

Hot/sunny weather~Fun times~Safe Travels = A Great Memorial Day!

Here's remembering those who gave their lives so that we can enjoy so many freedoms!


Friday, May 27, 2011

One Week Later...

It has been one week since the kids and I arrived at Shaw AFB, SC at midnight before Jeff's retirement. The beginning of a wonderful weekend. Here's the rest of the story:

Thursday:  Matthew went to school as usual. Mary and I did some last minute errands before Sarah arrived from Holland.  The ladies went shopping one last time for things we needed for the trip.  I got some sandals, to wear in the warm weather, plus I would have to untie and tie my shoes going through security at the airports. Matthew got home and we were off to the airport, had KFC drive thru for a snack on the way. By the time we parked the van and checked in at the stupid kiosk thing, checked baggage we had only a short time to get through security. I got pretty nervous since it was moving pretty slow.  Grand Rapids has a body scanner now, so all of us were scanned prior to boarding. The plane was packed, Mary and Matthew's carry on bags had to be checked at the gate.  Our layover was about an hour, which gave us time for dinner.  The flight to Charlotte was not as crowded and the flight wasn't as long as I had expected.  We did fly through some turbulence requiring everyone to have their seat belts fastened.  I had to turn in my cup and napkin at the end of the flight as I was leaving.  Next stop was Enterprise Car Rental.  They were ready for us and expedited our car rental in record time.  Loved the Toyota Corolla we drove.  It was another 2.5hours of driving before we reached the base.  Jeff was waiting for us and welcomed us to our nice new living quarters on base for the next few days. Earlier, Jeff had welcomed his parents, my mom, Dave and Leslie and Dan to the base and had a nice meal together. It was a busy day filled with travel, excitement and now sleepiness.

Friday: Morning came early, but we were all excited about the day's events, we were all getting up as planned, each one getting ready for the ceremony.  Mary was the designated stylist and did a nice job. The Officer's Club was just a block away, so we walked over to get acquainted and review what was going to take place. The ceremony was just exquisite.  Highlights were:
  • Posting of the Colors by the Honor/Color Guard.
  • Singing of the National Anthem by our children. It was so beautiful, they made me so proud. No one expected the three of them to sing in harmony, accapella!  Mary said one airman said after the ceremony that when he saw/heard the pitch pipe, he knew it was going to be serious.  A two-star general said he would love for them to sing at his retirement.  It truly was spectacular.
  • Reading of the Orders.
  • Colonel Uchida's "This is Your Life" address
  • Presentation of medals and certificates to Jeff, Grace, Sarah, Mary and Matthew. 
  • Flag Ceremony.
  • Presentation of the Shadow Box and Framed Gift from Weather Squadron.
  • Jeff's words to the Air Force attendees, co workers and family.  (Well Done!).
After the ceremony, we had a receptions with some delicious food for everyone.  I really loved the yakimondue. We knew it was good since we didn't have a lot left over.  Just some lunch meat that got passed on to the staff at the our living quarters.  Took lots of family pictures, then headed back to or room.

Had  a nice time visiting with the family during the afternoon and enjoyed several games of bowling at the base bowling alley.  I bowled really well with the 11 lb house ball. Matthew wanted me to buy it!  I sure wish I could have brought it home.  We all had fun and Matthew even won a Rams football in a claw machine. He was so happy. We ended our day of celebration at a Hibachi Buffet.  It was very good.

Saturday: We drove 2 hours to Myrtle Beach, SC.  Sarah and Matthew were overjoyed to have Chik-Fil-A for lunch.  The beach was very nice, not too crowded, and we enjoyed jumping and riding the waves once we accustomed ourselves to the cool water temperatures.  We all got some sun, even with sunscreen, but no one was so uncomfortable they couldn't enjoy dinner at Olive Garden with Grandma and Grandpa Wilhelm or play 36 holes of mini golf before heading back to the base.  We had a lot of fun at the Safari Golf, $5 per person for the whole day.  Once around the front and back courses was enough for us! Sarah went a little crazy with her camera and got fun pictures.  You'll notice that she shows the peace sign in all her pictures. That is because she was supposed to be in Japan right now, and she knows that they love the hold the peace sign when they get their picture taken.  She hopes that she will still have the opportunity to travel to Japan next year with Hope College. Only time will tell. While we were delighted to have Sarah at the retirement, we also felt a little sad that her trip didn't happen this spring.

Sunday: We had to pack up our stuff. Thankfully, Jeff's parents were able to take the large, fragile items home with them and will bring them to us this summer when they visit us in Michigan.  We were able to find room for all the certificates and other things collected over the weekend. Marlene and Ernie joined us for worship at the base chapel and then had a good Mexican lunch together. We hoped to try a local Italian restaurant, but many places are closed on Sunday in Sumter, SC.  Time flew, and we all went our separate ways.
  • Marlene and Ernie drove towards Georgia, eventually attending the graduation of Andy's daughter, Andrea in Alabama. 
  • Jeff drove to Columbia, SC to fly home with a stop in Atlanta. 
  • Grace and the kids drove back to Charlotte, NC to fly home with a stop in Detroit. Our plane left nearly 30 minutes late, which shortened our layover in Detroit.  We hurried and rode the tram from one end of the terminal to the other to catch our flight on time.  Sarah and I even challenged the train and ran on after it said "stop", so we would be on the same train as Mary and Matthew. We got on the plane and was entertained by the flight attendants.  One did magic tricks, while the other could have been a stand up comedian.  His jokes were corny, but they made everyone laugh! Even when the turbulence got a little scary, he reassured us that everything was ok and it was just like riding in our cars on I-96 with all the pot holes! At the end of our trip, he said to be sure and collect all of  our belongings, but be sure to leave our 2nd generation iPads behind!  It made for a fun trip, late at night and esp after travelling for a long time.
Now that we are home, we are back to the grind. Everyone is back to work or school. Our church softball team won in the 7th inning. Jeff had a stellar game with an in the park home run! Matthew got a  ground rule double and Sarah pitched the whole game as usual.  We have ordered new team shirts and they should be delivered in time for our next game on my birthday! Sarah has been named to the Dean's List at Hope College for the Winter Semester '11 and Matthew received his Academic Letter today at GHS Awards day. For those who haven't heard, Mary received a generous scholarship for next year from the UM alumni committee. We are so proud!

It's late and I need to get up for work in the morning!  Looking forward to a nice day and a fun Memorial Day weekend ahead!


*All the pictures have been posted and can be viewed by clicking on the link "Wilhelm Family Photos".*

*We welcome the chance to see the pictures taken by Dave and Leslie and the video of the ceremony taken by Dan.  Matthew's video ran out of tape and didn't record the whole thing.   :( *

Friday, May 20, 2011

USAF Retirement National Anthem

Sarah Mary and Matthew had the honor of singing the National Anthem at Jeff's Retirement Ceremony. They did a wonderful job! The whole ceremony was just exquisite. Pictures to come later.

Grace (USAF Dependant, retired!)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Matt's Solo.AVI

GHS Choir Concert was great tonight. Matthew had a solo in the Village Green portion of the program. I think he sounds great! I am a very proud mama!

Starting to stress out a little about getting everything done before our trip. Laundry is done. Matthew got our grass cut, but not the neighbors. I think we may get rain. It needs to get done before we leave. Packing, working and keeping up with the mail and such is cutting in on my sleep. I will keep prioritizing and plugging away at the things I need to do.

Have a great Wednesday. Then we are off to Jeff's retirement.


Happy Birthday Mary! 5-16-11

Mary's 19th Birthday.

I finally decided to sit down and blog a little. We sure have kept busy!  Mary's birthday celebrations started yesterday and finished up tonight.
  • Sunday church was very nice.  I love Good Shepherd Sunday, played every shepherd/sheep/lamb song I could think of, including I am Jesus Little Lamb, my favorite.  That is even how I came up with my email address years ago. Mary played He Shall Feed His Flock on her cello while I played on the clavinova. It sounded nice. After church I took Mary and Matthew to Red Lobster for her birthday dinner. Monday night is softball, and we eat a little lighter on Mondays before the games. Stopped on the way home to price how much a new TV would be for Mary.  She doesn't want to haul the big/heavy one up three flights this fall to her dorm room. She is looking for a new couch/futon too.  The other one wasn't very comfortable and it was pretty heavy. 
  • Monday morning Matthew and I sang Happy Birthday first thing when we woke up. Although startled at first, she was happy with this tradition in the Wilhelm house for as long as we can remember.  I didn't make her do any chores, had some favorite food, pizza and burgers, for meals and did some more TV pricing and shopping in the afternoon.  Being a good sport, she came along to the softball game that didn't end the way we wanted it to.  Instead of going out for ice cream after the game, we came home and had birthday brownies and opened cards and presents. She bought a fondue pot at a garage sale last Thursday, so we gave her a fondue cookbook and some funds for her wanted furniture.   Ended the day with a quick game of Scrabble with Sarah, the winner! To top it all off, her best friend, Brandon is home from Glee Club tour, that made her day in itself!

In other news:
  • I have been trying to get my chores done before our trip later this week.  The laundry is almost done, and I have been keeping up with bills and mail.  Half of my work on Quicken is done too. 
  • The van's brake light came on this weekend while we driving and is at the car garage getting new brake pads, one new caliper, cleaning and flushing of the brake fluid. Whew! Didn't see that one coming!
  • Sarah came home in time for burgers and pitched for our softball team. It is so nice to have her home.  She will be staying the night and tomorrow, so she can attend Matthew's Choir Concert tomorrow. He has a solo!  Can't wait to hear him!  Sure sounded good when he sings  at home.
  • I have one more day of work before we all travel to South Carolina for Jeff's retrirement.  I am excited and a little nervous too.  Hope I get everything done, pack everything and can find the base late at night. Glad Sarah has a GPS!
Better sign off now, I have a few more chores to do before bed.  Babysitting at 8 am!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weather Change

Yesterday was a very warm day in Michigan.  I wore jeans to the doctor and came home to put shorts on.  Today, after the front went through, the weather is rainy and cold. I wore shorts to run our errands and should have worn jeans.  That's the midwest in the spring. Never know what weather you will have until you go outside.

Happy Birthday to my nephew, Paul. Hope he has a wonderful day. Has it really been 22 years? That means I keep getting older too, and I must say I am not a big fan of get old. It happens to all of us.

Well, I need to work on some music, laundry and bank accounts.  I didn't sleep well last night so a nap could be in order as well.  


Friday, May 13, 2011

One Week Countdown

One week from today is Jeff's retirement ceremony. Our whole family will be there to celebrate. We are all excited about our trip to Shaw AFB, SC next week.  In the meantime, I am trying to get a lot of things done at home.  Unfortunately, my good intentions aren't as fruitful as I had hoped.   Why?
  1. I can't seem to shake off this allergy/cold/sinus infection that I have had most of the past 6 weeks. 
  2. The kids and I are enjoying doing "fun" things together, including Scrabble, playing music, watching movies, and going to Holland to help Sarah at her new place.
So I went to the doctor's office this morning and saw a PA, because my doctor is rarely available to see patients on the same day. Because I have been sick a while again, I am back on antibiotics.  Sure hope I am all better before flying next Thursday.  I also stayed home from work so as not to put my patient at risk of getting sick too.

Sarah starts her job at the yacht club today, right now at 4pm!  I am excited for her and know that she is excited and probably a little nervous too!  Hope her first day is a great one! Sarah's Yacht Club website. She has already started at her other job with the Biology department, caring for the animals and doing her regular paper work.

Mary is working plenty of hours at McDonald's.  She reports that she will be training on making the food now, in addition to selling the food at the counter and at their Drive Thru.  It is keeping her busy while her buddy, Brandon is on tour with the UM Men's Glee Club. (UMMGC Tour Blog 2011 )  He comes home on Monday, her birthday!  Don't think I can give a better gift than that!  LOL.We will have birthday dinner on Sunday after church, since Monday night is softball night, much to Mary's dismay. We hope Sarah can come early on Monday and spend some girl time in the afternoon.

Matthew is doing well in school and looks forward to church softball from week to week.  He bought a new softball bat this week and is anxious to try it out! He just came home from having his hair cut, again!  He will be cool in the warm/hot weather we have here today! Matthew will be singing a solo as part of the Village  Green performance on Tuesday.  The song? "Come Sail Away" by STYX.  I can't wait to hear it!

Well, I guess that brings you up to date. Sure hope I can find some energy to get my "to do" list done! 


Thursday, May 12, 2011

Three Great Kids!

After work, Mary, Matthew and I loaded up a few more of Sarah's things and headed back to Holland.  The armoire was a real stinker to load into the van but we did it! Mary and Matthew did a great job getting it in her room.  Now Sarah can put her clothes away.  Turns out she got a cable box too, so I lugged that monster back and it should be up and running soon.

Then we went out for dinner together.  The kids treated me for Mother's Day at Red Robin, my choice, where we had delicious burgers and Matthew had chicken.  He loves chicken.  It was a fun time and I love all of my kids for thinking of me.

Next stop? Target.  Sarah needed a few things for her new place and we ended up with some new pretty lunch plates, laundry soap and Matthew got a new softball bat.  I must say it is really a nice bat.  He is hoping to hit a home run with it!

The storms were just starting when we left the store.  What a show of lightning and a steady sheet of rain. I told everyone to wait in the car when we got back to Sarah's house, and texted Jeff to see if he could give us any advice. He was surprised that we were in Holland, as it was a spontaneous trip, and gave us the latest update on the weather.  Even sent us a radar picture. Greenville is at the arrow and Holland is right in the middle of the red line of storms!  Eventually, we all ran into the house, the kids went in before me and I finished talking to my weatherman and by then the rain had lightened up.  Mary helped Sarah decorate the wall with her Tiger calendar and pictures.  We tried to help with the TV, but it wasn't cooperating.  I hope she can get it working soon so she can watch those Tiger games! 

We left pretty late and drove home through moderate rain all the way home. The lighting of the roads was minimal which made driving a little scary.  So glad when we got home.  Didn't take long and we were all asleep.  I love spending time with my kids, they are great!

Mary was up early this morning to work at McDonalds and was home by 0900!  That's early!   Matthew is back at school and I will be off getting a haircut in the next hour.  Want to look my best at Jeff's retirement next week!

 That's all...lots more to do!


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Game Called Early!

Just a quick update on our softball game.  The game was neck and neck throughout  the game. They had good hitters and so did we, even had a home run tonight!  By the 4th inning we started hearing thunder in a distance.  Would we get the whole game in? Need to play 5 innings.  By the sixth inning we had Mary and Sarah's friend, Beverly take the young children in the cars for safety while we tried to get the game done.  The thunder was closer with flashes of lightning and raindrops falling. As the home team, we got our last bats of the sixth inning and the score was MCLC 10, opponents 11.  At first we wanted to try to play the last inning, but much to Sarah's disappointment, we called the game after 6 innings. Sarah pitched well and Matthew batted 1000 (3 for 3) with 3 RBI's.  Of course, we had ice cream afterwards at Dairy Queen.  It was a fun night!

Hoping for a fun tomorrow,


PS Matthew has joined Mary and me in Scrabble the past few nights.  We are getting great words! Can you believe I used SIPHON?

Monday, May 9, 2011

Season Opener!

Tonight is our first church softball game.  I am excited and as always a little nervous.  The lineup has some new changes and we are missing 2 players on Military Duty, 1 player working and 1 player due to a broken thumb!  I have confidence that our team will do well. We all need to remember that we are playing to have fun...Let's hope the other teams feel the same.

Mother's Day was a hectic one for the Wilhelm's.  Church and Sunday School in the morning, a quick lunch at McDonalds together, then Jeff packed and the rest of us babysat two of our favorite little people.  I went with Jeff to the airport and got home around 4:30pm. Matthew was at softball practice.  I met up with them to have our final meeting before the new season. Matthew has a new job, he will be mowing the neighbor's lawn each week and started last night!  He's such an expert, Matt can mow in the dark!

Jeff made it to Shaw AFB safe and sound.  Last two weeks of military duty.  I think it is kind of weird. Retirement is official on 1 June 11.   We are all excited about the retirement ceremony next week, and are anxious to travel and be together for the big event!

Well, I have lots to do between now and Wednesday, so I had better get to it!  Have a great day.  I will post the game results either here or on MCLC Softball Facebook!



Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

Mary suprised me with this video she made for me for Mother's Day! Isn't it just amazing? It brought tears to my eyes! For those of you who don't know, Mary and I are Scrabble lovers. We try to play once a day. Sarah plays scrabble with me on the internet. Fun!

Sarah also gave me a Mother's Day gift. I have wanted a Hope College warm knit cap for the past few years. I got one today! I literally jumped for joy! ( I am a big kid at heart). I think it is a great hat, don't you??

Thank you to our mothers, Gloria and Marlene for loving us, no matter what. We love you!

Have a great day!


Moving Day, 5-7-2011

(Continued from previous entry below)

Matthew and I were on the road by 930 heading to Holland to help Sarah pack up and move from her Campus House to a townhouse not too far away.  The van was packed with a twin bed, sleeping bag, extra boxes and some small appliances.

Upon our arrival we stopped and loaded more things in the van and Sarah's car and headed over to the new place. It is very nice and clean!  A little smaller than I expected but all the girls get along nicely so I know this will be a nice year for Sarah.  Everyone has their own bathroom adjacent to the their room.  How cool is that?

Then the BIG work began.  There  was lots of packing to do.  Sarah hasn't felt too well.  I was assigned to pack her kitchen stuff  while Matt and Sarah attacked her room and extra large closet. Three hours later we were unloading the rest of her stuff in her new room.  All of us were very tired and hungry. Matthew chose Steak n Shake for lunch and we all had a nice meal.

Slightly rejuvenated, we helped Sarah organize her room. The bed got made, the boxes emptied and its contents put away. The bathroom is fully operational.  Eventually we had to say goodbye.  I always hate that part.  Sarah had plans with friends too.

We got home right at 8 pm and Matthew mustered up enough energy to mow our lawn for the first time this season.  What a trooper and hard worker.  Thanks Matthew!  I managed to do a few more loads of laundry and posted pictures of Sarah's new place in the Family Photos!

Happy Mother's Day!


(keep scrolling!)

Village Green @ State Festival

Matthew sang with the Village Green Choir at State Vocal Festival, Friday May 6th. They sounded wonderful. I took this video with my iPod and halfway through the second song, I tried to zoom but messed up the lighting of the video. I got frustrated and turned off the iPod and enjoyed the rest of the performance. Hope you enjoy this little taste of their great music!

Mary and I did some fun shopping for clothes.  I got two new dresses! Mary got three and some other things too!  Good thing she is working hard at McDonald's and earning lots of money!  With video as proof, we made it to Matt's performance, but not without a lot of stress. I got lost from the mall to the venue, that was only supposed to be 18 minutes away.  We called Jeff and he guided us to the church using internet maps and we got there just as they were closing the doors!  That was too close...so glad we got in!

After we got home we all had dinner together at our favorite pizza place and then a netflix movie, "Edge of Darkness". It was pretty good.  A thriller and a little creepy.  Last but not least, We actually got a twin  bed out of the attic to take to Sarah for her room at her townhouse....

(to be continued, above)


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

We didn't eat any Mexican food today, but it is always fun just to say Cinco de Mayo!  I had a few nice days at work and even got the chance to take my patient outside for some fresh air!  So nice to have nicer weather.  I think Spring is here!

 Here's what happened today:
  1. Got the van's keys and remote fixed/replaced. (It's a long story)
  2. Mary has been working extra hours at McDonald's this week and next!
  3. My piano went out of tune after the long cold dry winter.  Today it is back in tune, thanks to our tuner who spent an hour or so making it "sing" again
  4. Watched the Tigers beat the Yankees!
  5. Cleaned Sammy's yard
  6. Made dinner and started the laundry....
The most exciting event this evening was the GHS theatre banquet.  Matthew received awards for his work on building the set for The Sound of Music last fall, AND as part of the BEST Stage Management Team for the Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged) for the One Acts!  Congratulations Matthew! 

Mary and I want to go to the mall tomorrow and shop for some clothes for the upcoming retirement. Matthew will be singing with Village Green in nearby Hudsonville at the Choir State Festival. Our plan is to get to the festival to listen to Matthew's group and then take him home with us! 

Sarah is supposed to move this weekend to her townhouse, where she will be living all summer and for her senior year.  Wow! I told her I would help her move, just don't have a game plan yet.

Ok, that is all.  Need to dry the one load and wash the jeans.  Promised Matthew they would be ready tomorrow.


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Spring is Here!

The spring weather has finally arrived. My daffodils, lily-of-the-valley,and hyacinths are blooming and the grass is green!  Mary and Matthew planted a garden under a tree.  It looks nice.  Let's hope the seeds sprout and flowers bloom!

Three days of May and so much has happened.

May 1
  1. Confirmation Sunday went really well. Very happy with the kids choir anthem and all the music. 
  2. Softball practice was fun.  Such nice weather!  Many of us had some sunburn and I sure felt the ache in my muscles for the next day.
  3. The Rock concert was well attended and full of loud Christian Rock. I enjoyed myself, more than I thought I would.  Brought me back to my youth! LOL
  4. Then at home we heard the news that Osama Bin Laden had been killed from Sarah through a text.  It was unbelievable at first, but we turned the channel to fox news and it was true.  It makes we wonder what will happen next. 
May 2 
  1. Mary started back at McDonalds.  
  2. Did some cleaning and throwing out of old unusable things that has collected over the years.  Still have lots of things to go through later!
  3. My kids choir finished their season singing at the Long Term Care facility across the street from our church.  They did a great job and  the residents were so thankful! We ended the evening at Dairy Queen for some ice cream.
Today I am working later hours, and will need to leave early to Vote on a Bond Proposal and Deposit some checks in the bank.  I work tomorrow as well, so laundry will have to wait until Thursday.  I plan on helping Sarah move into her townhouse this weekend.

That is all...have a great day!