Saturday, March 29, 2014


There are so many reasons to call March 2014 Madness! Some call it Mayhem!  While some of us are Miserable. I will even use the word Magnificent! Here's why:


  • It is almost the last day of March and there is still snow on the ground.  Infact, we had heavy snow one day that was supposed to be rain.  The good thing about spring snow is that it doesn't hang around too long.  It melted by the end of the day.  Now with some sun and warmer temps, we can now see a lot of our sleeping grass. When I say warmer temps, I mean 20s and 30's which means I still need a heavy coat.  I am ready for just a jacket or sweatshirt. 
  • The Road to the Final Four began and many of us filled in brackets of the teams we think will win the championship.  The Florida Gators are favored to win!  Sooners lost in the first round and the Michigan Wolverines play tomorrow to earn their way to the Final Four.

  • Sarah worked hard all month writing and re-writing chapters of her thesis. Even after having all four wisdom teeth extracted at the beginning of the month.  I am so glad that I could be there with her for 4 days. 
  • Mary has been lead teaching in the classroom until yesterday. She had a good experience.  We have made several trips to Ann Arbor, one to attend Honors Convocation!
  • Matthew is balancing many classes and two jobs in Oklahoma and lined up a summer job as a carpenter in Wichita Kansas.
  • Getting sick at support group the night Matthew flew home. I spent the whole week with a stomach virus I know as rotavirus. Yuck!  Not the way I planned on spending spring break with Matthew. Even worse, I gave it to Jeff just in time for his birthday.  
  • Needless to say I had to call in sick to work one day and then I was cancelled this week for low census.  Jeff was down for the count for several days at the end of the week, but thankfully the Lord gave him enough strength to lead worship on Sunday.
  • The NCAA basketball tournament has been crazy.  Lots of unexpected losses. Dayton was the Cinderella team this year, but the Gators sent them home today. What will happen with the Wolverines tomorrow?
  • Even though we weren't feeling so well, it was magnificent to have Matthew home for 3 days.  I am glad to report that he did not get the rotavirus that passed through Jeff and me! 
  • Sarah did a great job defending her thesis.  Jeff and I were able to go to Toledo and be there in person.  It was a learning experience for me.  Sarah has applied for a job that seems to be a perfect fit for her.  She is still in the waiting period.  In the meantime, she loves caring for all the high school athletes.
  • On the way home from Toledo, we stopped to see Mary and her classroom.  The high school is huge and there were lots of steps.   Exercise!  We also met her supervising teacher who had only nice things to say.  Of course!  
  • We have a new car!  The RAV gave us some good years and miles, including the trip out to Mt Rushmore and back.  Our new car is a 2013 KIA Optima Hybrid.  I have nicknamed it the James Bond car.  It rides so smooth and the new car smell is awesome!  It has been over 20 years since we bought a brand new car.  So Jeff and I are driving hybrids which really helps on gas!
  • Tiger baseball starts on Monday!  I will be watching the game with my buddy Deann in their theatre basement.  Let's go Tigers.  It will be interesting to see how the new players and manager help our team. No more snow....or the players won't be able to see the ball!
This week is filled with medical appointments, work and Mary's last Glee Club Concert. It won't be long and we will be celebrating the girls' graduation.  Sarah with her Masters', Mary with her Bachelors' and Kaitlyn with her High School commencement. Wow! Magnificent!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Wisdom Remains after Teeth Extracted

March blew in like a Lion and we received another few inches of snow.  Today in Toledo it was nearly 50 degrees. I didn't even need my winter coat!  Jeff reported to me this afternoon that is was warmer in Greenville too.  He was snow tubing with the youth group today and said while the sun was out, it slowed down the slope.  It was nice to enjoy the sun and warmer temperatures.

Jeff and I attended a theological seminar on the first with several other church members and found it interesting and very pertinent in these times.  My work is going better and although I applied to work a night position in the department I am wondering if 12 hours might just be too much.  Perhaps just sticking to where I am is the best choice.  After all I truly believe that God gave me this position.

Thursday night after work I started my current journey to Toledo. The drive wasn't as bad as I thought, but I did have to stop twice for about 30 minutes to keep my hip from hurting. So one stop at Steak n Shake for dinner and another at Mary's house for a nice visit with fresh baked chocolate chip cookies!  Four and a half hours after work I was finally at Sarah's house and prepared for the big adventure Friday.....

Friday we were off to the oral surgeon's office. Dr Sydlowski and his nurse were very nice and took time to explain everything and answer all our questions.  After all, this was the first time we met them.  Everything went well; they gave us two of her wisdom teeth to take home.  Neither one of us have looked at them yet.    She was a little crazy afterward and looked pretty glazed over and seeing double.  The nurse said that happens to everyone.  Time to go home so we were on our way by 2pm. She slept on and off all day, taking her pain medicine, keeping gauze in her mouth and ice on her cheeks.  Ate some pudding. 

Today I increased her diet to scrambled eggs.Maybe we will try mashed potatoes or noodles with some chopped up chicken for dinner. We have plenty of ice cream and yogurt.   I am so happy to be with her, since she really didn’t have anyone to take help her at home and get her started on her recovery. We are watching sports and  movies, playing games and just enjoy having each other's company.  I am heading to wal-mart after the game to buy some more food and hit the red box too. She is doing much better today.  Not as much pain, no bleeding and much more awake.

Enjoy your day and remember to Spring Forward!