Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Back to Empty Nesting

A year ago, we started moving our kids to their new locations.  I was already singing the blues. Little did we know that just a few months later, blues of empty nesting ended and a fight with cancer ensued.   So, I feel like we are starting over as new empty nesters. 

Sarah is back in Toledo and working with her student and collecting data for her thesis and covering pre-season sporting events. We are presently working with her to purchase a new vehicle. With her Kia nearing 200,000 miles and needing more cargo space, we located a Ford Escape with hopes to buy it. It is very nice and a good price for a vehicle much newer than her 2003 car.  I sure miss having her at home. 

Mary has two weeks of her two classes during this summer session.  She also had to say goodbye to Brandon who left Monday morning for Los Angeles and UCLA.  I am sure it wasn't easy for either of them. At least there is cyberspace and smart phones that make it easy to stay in touch.  I look forward to having Mary home for a few weeks before fall classes.  

Matthew is busy working his two jobs in Oklahoma.  I don't hear too much from him, as he is man of few words right now.  So it is normal, no news is good news.  But this mom misses him so much, that I need to at least text him during the week and skype or face time with him once in a while. Jeff and I have planned a trip to Norman in October for alumni weekend.  I am anxiously awaiting to see what plays may be onstage at OU that weekend. It would mean so much to see a show where Matthew is learning his profession.  

I am trying to keep busy with piecing my life back together.  I kind of feel like I lost a year, since most of the last nine months has been focused on health.  I've started going to a water aerobics class and getting out and doing more things like, baseball games, lunch with friends, working on personal projects, chores and playing the piano.  Jeff is always busy. Church, Habitat for Humanity, helping the kids over the miles, and spending time with me!   

It has been a good summer so far.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

First Official Shift

Matthew's official first shift is tonight. He promised me a picture of him in his uniform and doesn't he look great?  We are so proud of him, making things happen in Oklahoma.  Two jobs and a successful freshman year of college so far away from home, not to mention doing this while his mom has cancer, having his bike stolen, spraining his ankle and  needing stitches after a mishap backstage.  He has had to deal with a car a/c that wouldn't blow cold air too!  Too hot in OK to be without air conditioning.

Sarah spent the first part of this week working for her advisor at the University of Toledo screening football players. She came home Thursday, in time for softball, and will be home with me until next Friday.  She sure has everything under control too, Grad School studies, writing her thesis, and her favorite working at Summerfield High School across the border in Michigan as their athletic trainer.  She has an excellent rapport with the school, coaches, students and their parents!

Mary is living in Ann Arbor, working at the Pizza House on weekends and taking two classes during the week. Boy she keeps busy!  She works a lot of hours on the Women's Glee Club as their new president. She and Brandon are coming home tomorrow for a Cory family picnic and then plans to spend Monday with us before heading back to UM for class and an exam on Tuesday!  Brandon leaves for UCLA before the end of the month.

I am not feeling well, got a c-diff infection.  The doctors want you to look forward after you're in remission, and I was doing pretty well.  Updated my resume, wrote some cover letters and even started filling out an application in case in need to transfer departments when I ready to return to work which is planned for September.  I'm driving, swimming and even exercised at our local gym. What's the saying 2 steps foward 3 steps back? Isn't that the truth.

Jeff maintains the stability of the household. Works many hours at church and keeps things going at home.  At least Sarah and I can handle the laundry, cooking and cleaning as a team.  Guess this fall will be my taste of empty nesting since last fall was filled with doctors, hospitals and nausea.

Have a good weekend.  I will be watching church online from home tomorrow. Thanks St Luke's Oviedo!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Good News!

Matthew had a job interview today at Regal Cinemas. It went well and got the job!  He starts his training tomorrow.  This is a good thing for him.  Making extra money will be a great help, especially since he had the AC fixed in the camry.  He sure is learning a lot of life lessons and coping quite well I would say.  Kudos Matthew!

Sarah is back in Toledo for most of the week.  Working with/for her advisor at the University's football program.  She will be home on Thursday and stay for another week. Pretty soon Jeff and I will be back to the two of us again.  We didn't get too much training for empty nesters last year, since life had a big change with my myeloma. This October instead of bone marrow biopsies and chemotherapy, Jeff and I have planned a trip to Oklahoma for OU Alumni weekend.  We have tickets to a Sooner Football game. I will be glad to see our Sooner, Matthew!  Wonder if we will be able to see a play too?

Haven't heard too much from Mary lately. I suppose things are going well as she keeps up with her classes.  Brandon got his room assignment at UCLA and will be heading west before the end of the month. Mary will be home for a short time on July 22.

I really liked how our family picture with the hats turned out great! It has been a year of hats for me.  Miss wearing them sometimes.  Check out the family photo albums for more proofs!

Well, that is all...have a great Tuesday!


Friday, July 12, 2013

Another Week

It was a week ago that Matthew was getting ready to fly back to Oklahoma.  He is doing fine and has an interview at Regal Cinemas on Monday!  He is excited about the possibility of working at the movie theater.  I sure hope that it works out for him, it would be so great for him to have more income!

Mary has started her summer classes and continues to work all her hours at the pizza house on the weekends. Brandon and Mary have been home a few times the past few weeks for various reasons. I don't care why, I am just glad to have them here whenever and how ever long I can have them! Make sense?

Sarah has been helping me here at home as planned and just found out from her advisor that she needs to be in Toledo next week for testing of the football players at University of Toledo.  That girl certainly does a lot of driving! It's been a blessing to have her at home with me otherwise I would be so lonely.  We do cooking, laundry, shopping and errands together and of course watch our favorite TV programs too!

Jeff is always busy with church, keeping up with all the work at home and on the lawn.  I am glad that we all make time to do things together! He needs as much fun time as we can give him! I have decided to return to my volunteer job as Sunday School Superintendent.  I am sad that our numbers are trending down.  Trying to brainstorm and find new ways to fire up the program and grow our Sunday School and in so doing our church family.  I must be careful not taking on too much too fast.  Bible Study needs to be a priority for me so I may just start with those two activities. I love music, but I don't know if I have the energy for leading two groups and I don't have the breath support to sing in the choir.

Guess that is all for now. We are enjoying a few days of mild weather before our heat wave arrives.  Sure glad Jeff got our AC's in last month. He sure is a great guy!  I am a lucky lady!

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Back to Oklahoma

 Matthew had to return to Oklahoma this morning.  We had such a wonderful time together. The party on Thursday was fun with good food and friends.  I even played some yard games.  Matthew was happy to have time with his buddy Mitch. Matthew burned all of his high school papers in the bonfire. If you are his friend on facebook, you can see pictures of 4 years of home work go up in flames!

Friday we were able to eat pizza at his favorite place, Mancino's.  Sarah took us to JCPenney's and Wal-Mart to find some clothes that fit Matthew.  After running 3 times a week all year, he needed a smaller size! We spent Friday evening at the ball park.  The Whitecaps won and we saw fireworks too! Sarah and Matthew lit up our driveway with special sparklers that Mary left for us.  She was at the Cory's for the evening on 4th of July. She also gave us a CD with slideshows and videos of the European Trip.  It was so well done with music and captions.
This morning we were up early and got Matthew to the airport to fly back to Oklahoma. He needs to be back to work at the scene shop @ OU on Monday.  Although I was sad to see him go, I didn't cry and am happy he likes his work. I am so proud of him and me too. It won't be long and he will move into an apartment with 3 of his buddies.   I know he looks forward to that day, especially since when Matt got back to his dorm room, he had a new room mate. Surprise!  Would have been nice if someone told him before he arrived.

That is all for now.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

The whole family is together again. Jeff is mowing the lawn and Mary and Matt are at the store for a few last minute items.  Everyone is feeling well!   Going to have some fun, food and fellowship at a party as soon as we are all ready!  Hope you have a fantastic day!

GOD BLESS                AMERICA!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

More Fun with the Wilhelms

Our time with Matthew has been so nice.  Even when we are just at home watching TV, eating together or just hanging out, it is wonderful to have him home.  Sarah is home now for the month of July with the exception of time back in Toledo for a meeting with the graduate school.

Here are some highlights of the past few days:
  • Went to a play "Into the Woods" at Greenville High School.  It was very good and quite long.
  • Of course everyone at church and Bible Hour were happy to see Matthew and surprised how tall he is now.  Almost taller than Jeff!
  • All five of us spent Sunday evening with our friends, the Clarks,celebrating our godson's birthday. We had so much  fun. Miss having them here in Greenville and at Mt. Calvary. There are lots of pictures in the family album.
  • Monday we went to the Michigan Whitecaps baseball game and had a fun time. Sarah and Matthew had friends with them at the game.   The weather was beautiful.  Not hot at all and had shady seats, which made me very happy.
  • Sarah and I have been cooking together.  We have made Lasagna Rolls,  Chicken Enchiladas, and tonight is chicken crescents.
  • Matthew finally went with our family friend Daryl and shot arrows with his bow.  He had a good time and said he did pretty well.
  • Sarah accompanied me on my first time driving in months. I had no crashes and returned home safe and sound.
We still have some fun ahead:
  • Mary will be with us for the 4th of July.  It will be so nice to have her home, no matter how short the visit might be.
  • We will be going to a 4th of July party at the Olivers in the afternoon.
Friday is Matthew's last day here.  Thinking about that makes me sad.  I hope that we can do something fun to last me until I see him again near the end of the year. 

I guess that about does it.  Have a great Independence Day! Happy Birthday America!