Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Korean Food Feast

Last night was Korean night. Mary and I made Bulkoogi and Yakimondue for 11 people! Of course we had sticky white rice to go along with it! Brandon and his family and Lyle, Sarah's friend, came for dinner and fun times. I can say as the cook that the yakimondue could have had a little more flavor. Good thing Jeff mixes the tasty dipping sauce! We topped the dinner off with brownies ala mode. Lyle took the picture.

Matthew got his cast off today! Jeff and Sarah went with him to his appointment. The bone has healed to the doctor's liking and now Matthew needs to work on his range of motion. He will also go to occupational therapy for a month. NO SPORTS or weightlifting until he gets his range of motion back. He won't let me take his picture right now. He goes back to the doctor on February 12th, the day before he turns 16! He does have a splint wear for safety's sake.

Today was a long day for me. I worked early the past 3 mornings, only today I ended up working 13 hours, on less sleep than I usually get. I made it through and now I am off until Monday morning at 0800! Mary spent the day with the Cory's. Today was snow tubing day. It is sledding but on an tube. It is a lot of fun! Matthew was invited, but sledding is too dangerous for him right now.

Our last box of Christmas gifts arrived yesterday. Thank you for the nice gifts! Opening presents is always fun. We were glad to hear that our box made it to Florida too.

Last weekend was pretty exciting too. Saturday was catch up on some chores in the morning so we can have fun in the afternoon. Mary went out to Brandon's house for more gift exchanges and probably movies and singing. Jeff and I went to a birthday party. While we were there, the snow started to fall pretty heavy. Although it was very pretty, it left the roads very slippery. Needless to say, I was concerned about Mary driving home on the back roads from Brandons house. For her safety, she stayed put there for the night. Turns out their driveway had a layer of ice and even Brandon's dad had a hard time going up their driveway to the road. Sunday morning came and Sarah drove out and picked Mary up for church. Church went well, the orchestra played fine and attendance was good even for a snowy Sunday after Christmas. By afternoon, we went back for the van and Brandon was able to drive it right up to the road. The layer of snow made it easier to drive on than the icy conditions the night before. Mary went with the Cory's to see "Sherlock Holmes" Sunday evening. She liked it a lot. Matthew saw it today with his buddy Mitch.

Monday Mary and I made the bulkoogi so it could marinate for 24 hours. Then we went to Grand Rapids for gift exchanges. We found lots of good specials and were able to return items that didn't fit and find one that did. We had dinner out and then got home in mid evening. One of the new fun activities here is to play Mario Kart Wii racing game. Matthew and Sarah are the best players. I have fun but come in last place most of the time. Sometimes I can't even finish the race.

What is ahead? Tomorrow I can sleep in! Yay.. 3 mornings in a row of waking up at 0420 takes a toll on you. We will see in the new year with friends. Then we have just a few more days before Sarah needs to be back at Hope College. It has been a good Christmas break with the whole family.

I think that catches everyone up for now. Sorry for the wait on my updates. I will try to do better this weekend.


Just a few more days of my Christmas music and we will go back to the regular music player. Might keep the snowmen up during more of the winter. We shall see.

Friday, December 25, 2009


Our Christmas Eve was busy. I started out at work at 0500. Shopping and wrapping presents followed, by then I was exhausted. So I took a well needed nap. Jeff Mary and Matthew went shopping then. I woke up cold and achy, but no fever. Mom's boxes arrived by UPS and the gifts were put under the tree. Sad to say we were too late to send the gifts we have for our family, so the gifts from Michigan will go out tomorrow and won't arrive in Florida until Monday at the earliest. Sorry about that. Enjoy opening more gifts later!

When it was time for church, it was sleeting. Jeff I left 90 minutes before church for preparations and rehearsals. I din't realize how bad it had gotten until I noticed our kids weren't in church yet..Chime team played well and then the choir lined up for the processional. Finally Sarah Mary and Matthew were sitting in "our pew". Whew! The service was very nice. The music was good. The orchestra song went along pretty well, just a few hesitations with a couple transition ares. Mary complimented my piano playing! Mary read a good part of the service and did an awesome job. The candlelighting portion of the service is always special. I can't help but see my dad with the Christ Candle as I was growing up. I still miss him very much. He was a great dad. Silent Night on Christmas Eve is hard for me to sing, but I was able to a few verses in, that is what dad would want. I found out later that the weather was so bad that Sarah had to look out the side window to drive to church. They ice wouldn't chip away! The stopped a few times to keep scraping. Glad we only live a mile away! I experienced this myself on the way home. The cars were covered with ice! LOts of scraping! I couldn't see out the backseat windows of the the van.

We did lots of pictures taking, both at church and at home. Thanks to Mary she styled all of the Wilhelm ladies hair for Christmas. I think we look pretty nice. Even at this moment I am uploading pictures that you can see on our Photo Album. Be sure to take a look at it!

None of us ate before church, so we had our traditional hot dogs, cheese puffs and christmas cookies for dinner. A tradition from years ago when I was a little girl at my Grandma Heumann's every Christmas eve night between services. That was lots of fun. Mary was supposed to attend church with her friend, Brandon, but their church was cancelled due to the weather. Sarah had us open the gifts from her and she opened one from Mary. By then it was time for bed.

We all slept in this morning, what a luxury! I cam down to finish a Christmas present, only to find it was done and wrapped! Christmas Elf?? No, it was Mary. She had been helping me all along and woke up early and finished it, then fell back asleep. We made double chocolate chip muffins for breakfast and then headed to open presents. Thanks for the nice things from our family and friends too! We are thankful to have such a loving family. We had three little fishies to our family. Matthew got three goldfish for Christmas..Mr T., Mele Kalikimaka and Streak.

While Jeff Matthew and Sarah played a Mario Kart on the Wii, Mary and I got the roast in the oven, it smells so good cooking in the oven. Once that got done, we made cookie dough for Chocolate Mint Surprise cookies. We hope to bake the tonight. We have plenty of time for movies and games and whatever tonight.

Weather update: Today it is raining and heading toward 40 degrees! Wonder how much snow will stick around! Cold weather returns tonight with some snow in the days ahead. We might get to see the sun on Tuesday!

Matthew gets another xray on Wednesday. Maybe no cast! We shall see what comes next. He has been a trooper!

Hope your Christmas has been a Wonderful One!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Making Progress

I had a good day at work and got home in time to make dinner, start a project and make some cookies. Mary did laundry, organized a drawer, baked cookies and finished her christmas project for Brandon. Matt vacuumed for me. After dinner, we went shopping for the things we need for tomorrow and Christmas dinners, and finished present shopping too. Mary went out to Brandon's for their gift exchange and Jeff is back at church getting ready for service tomorrow.

What is left?
-Work 5-8 am
-Send boxes with gifts to Florida. You guys will have Christmas from us next week!
-Bake more cookies
-Wrap Presents!!
-Transpose Music
-Set up for Orchestra and Chimes
-Hot Dogs for dinner
-Church..I can't wait. The service looks great!

Have a wonderful Christmas Eve Day!


New pictures posted on Photo Album!

Too Far Behind

As hard as I try to catch up on Christmas, I continue to fail. I wanted to have the gifts sent out today. They are still here at home. No cookies are baked yet, but we have plans to get that done over the next few days. Still have to wrap the kids presents. Maybe I will get that done in time for them to rip them open a few hours later! Hahahah! These things can frustrate the heck out of you and stress you out to the max. Then I think about the Whos in Whoville. They didn't care about anything but the meaning of Christmas. Stop Grace Stop. What is the most important thing about Christmas? For a while, I get back to reality and thank God for His only son, JESUS! I take a breath, say a prayer then keep plugging along at my list of things to do and accomplish.

Yesterday was very long. I got to work at 0500 and didn't leave until 1800! I was supposed to get out at 1700. I won't go into all the details, but I was again very frustrated that I am never out of work on time. Wait, wait, wait. This night leaving late made me a little late for childrens choir! Thank God for Children's Choir. They can alwasy cheer me up! They sing so nice and from their hearts. They are ready for Christmas Eve. Chimes did pretty well too. We play pre-service music, just two songs, Silent Night and Echo Carol. Orchestra will be playing too. We have a lot to play this year which is great because the ensemble likes it that way. We debut our newest song, "Breath of Heaven" It is sounding pretty good. We play on Sunday too. Lots of fun songs. Mary is supposed to play her cello with me, but we haven't practiced in a while. It is easy so I think we can pull it off.

Mary did have her senior pictures taken on Monday. Jeff and Sarah went with her for the shoot. Did lots of outside pictures in the snow even with Liam the cello! (Mary loves the snow). Everyone said that the shoot went well and are looking forward to seeing the proofs in a couple of weeks.

Sunday was a busy time. Church, lunch and then chapel for the long term care units in town. I played the carol and something just wasn't firing right. Lots of mistakes. Maybe it was because I was dog tired. Worked from 2000 until 0230, another shift where I had to stay late. I managed to get in a little nap before bowling, although it didn't help much. We had a fun time, and the scores didn't count. We collected our prize money and even tied for bowling bingo. We checked off sqaures for different bowling events like: If you bowl 3 strikes in a row, say "ho ho ho!" Norma bowled 5 in a row, so I said, "ho ho ho 5 in a row!" I was able to cross off our teams square for leaving the head pin at the end of a frame. None of us had to deal with the 7-10 split. There were several sqaures for that one. Sarah Mary Matthew and Matt's friend Mitch came along. Mary stayed with us as secretary for the bingo while the rest bowled a few games. Even Matt bowled 3 games and had no problems. Sarah had a couple great games, 151 and 168! She is better than her mother! That is fine with me though. I was very happy for her. Jeff had a nice game too. We didn't write the scores down, so I can't remember them.

Mary received a message from the community college that her spanish class this spring as a dual enrolled student was cancelled. She has written to UofM to notify them of the situation and is awaiting a reply. She wanted to have a year of College Spanish as that would count for 2 years of HS Spanish. Speaking of Spanish, Sarah is awaiting her spanish grade from this semester. This is very frustrating for her, especially since the rest of her grades have been posted. She received all A's and B's. We are very proud.

Today we went to Grand Rapids to shop, wrapped presents, started the laundry and then we made Chicken Crescents for dinner. Brandon was here singing and stayed for dinner and we all enjoyed the movie "White Christmas"

So what is in store for tomorrow? I work 10a-4p. Want to get my Christmas Dinner grocery shopping done, bake cookies, transpose music, wrap presents and send the gifts. Still need to find something for Mary. She was hard this year. THings are getting done, just not at the pace I'd like.

It is really late, so I am off to bed. We received boxes from Leesburg and Rockledge today and now we have some nicely wrapped gift to look beautiful under the tree. Thanks to all !


Saturday, December 19, 2009

What You Have Been Waiting For!

The picture of Mary and Brandon before the Glee Club Party is finally here. They had a nice time and as you can now see, look so nice. Brandon is home from college and they have been having fun together this break. Mary was invited to the family Christmas party today! Tomorrow Brandon has a mandatory Glee Club concert in Ann Arbor, so Mary is riding along with him.

I picked up Sarah from Hope College on Thursday and we had soo much fun! We went to the bookstore and then ate some delicious fries at the Kletz, the campus grill and snack shop. Before heading home, we did some Christmas shopping in Holland. We were home in time for me to get to Orchestra practice. It went pretty well. I need to keep practicing. It sure is nice to have everyone home. Mary finished up her first Spanish class at the community college too.
Friday morning Sarah and I attended a mini concert at the high school. It was very nice. Since the Orchestra concert was cancelled last week, I was able to hear a few of there songs. Later in the afternoon we took a quick trip to Grand Rapids to get a few Christmas presents we can't get in Greenville. Glad to say we were sucussful and home in time for Mary to get to work. While Mary was at work, Matt took a nap and Sarah went to GHS for basketball. I went to Wal Mart to get gifts for Mary and Matt's Choir Christmas party. Whew! Business was very slow at the restaurant so she did all the work she could then we free to leave and sing/dance with Village Green at a scheduled show. Matthew was there of course as well. Jeff came home from work and we left for our own party dropping off a car for Sarah to get home! It was quite a crazy day!

Today I have a lot on my plate as well. I have been working on this Blog for awhile and trying to edit pictures to liking. It has been a challenge. The laundry is done enough for today. Still need to shop and prepare for sunday school. I am filling in for opening tomorrow, plus teach a the lesson of Angel Gabriel annouces Jesus' birth. Our neighborhood is doing our annual luminary night. That is just some much work, but it sure looks nice. I work tonight from 8 pm to 2 am.

Sunday we have church and long term care chapel in the afternoon. Last week of bowling; It is fun night. Scores don't count and we collect our prize money which won't be very much this year.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Has It Been Three Days?

The progressive dinner was very nice and we had a fun time. The german potato salad was really good! The best I have had in a long time. We got home ~11pm and then I practice the piano for a good hour getting ready for church. The Sunday School program went well and I played pretty decent too. Later in the afternoon I played for the preschool program and that was very nice. I just love to watch the little ones...they are so cute. Bowling finished up our Sunday and we won only one point, which means we are the 6th place team out of 8. We still had fun with our team and will start up again in January. This Sunday is fun night. Scores don't count. Mary arrived home safe from Ann Arbor and had a great weekend with her friend. They did take pictures, but they are downloaded yet. Be patient!

Monday was spent Christmas Shopping and getting the Christmas Cards ready. I finally mailed them today. I got a lot accomplished. Kids Choir and Chimes went well and we got to the high school in time for the 8 pm Christmas Concert by the GHS Choirs. Mary and Matthew's solo, "Do You Hear What I Hear" was wonderful. They had lots of compliments.

I worked for three early hours this morning and then got a nice hair cut. Same style, just shaped up. Made lunch for Mary and then met my golf buddies for lunch. Mmm. We always have a nice time. I finally got some laundry started and then went to the high school basketball games. JV and Varsity won!

Now I have to get ready for bed and be at work again tomorrow for 12 hours, 5A-5P. Mary is supposed to get her senior pictures tomorrow and then our last advent activity at church, followed by choir. It will be a LONG day. Thursday I pick Sarah up from college! Time is passing by quickly.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Go Here, Go There..

This morning started out with Mary and I going over to the salon to get her hair done for the tonight's University of Michigan Glee Club Christmas Ball. It turned out very nice don't you think? She finished her chores, got ready and left around 11:15. Jeff who was already over in Dearborn met her for lunch in Brighton. She made it safely to Ann Arbor before 3 and Jeff was home around 4:45. Matthew and I did some shopping online, then moved out into the stores around town. We didn't end up with too much, but we did make some progress.

Jeff headed over to church for a few minutes and will be back shortly to our choir's progressive dinner. Matthew went out to the last house to "hang out" with other choir offspring while the parents go and eat. Mary's party doesn't start until 9 pm. She is supposed to take pictures of her in her new dress and with Brandon. If not, this mother won't be very happy at all. For now she is happy to spend time with her best friend.

Mary's first night at work went well. She felt like she didn't do much, but seemed to have learned a lot of different things in 4 hours after talking her experience. Bussing, refilling, wrapping silverware and hosting.

Sarah checked into today via text. She was travelling with the JV Women's Basketball team. Unfortunately they lost. Better luck next time ladies! Sarah comes home on Thursday afternoon. Yay! It is always nice to have her home.

My date is here... By for now!


Friday, December 11, 2009

Snow Day #2

The snow fell pretty much all day yesterday. School let out half hour early and all evening events, including the GHS Orchestra concert was cancelled. This morning Greenville schools are closed. Jeff has been doing snow reports as a spotter for the NWS and he told me we have had 9" of snowfall since Tuesday night. Whew!

The van is going in to the repair shop for some light bulbs that we changed and still don't work. Jeff then leaves for Dearborn and I will be at work till 1630. Hopefully the van will be ready and we will have it back when I get off of work. Mary starts her job tonight at 1800. Nothing like having a crazy tight schedule.

Tomorrow Jeff comes home and Mary leaves for Ann Arbor, hopefully with the van. It is heavier and won't blow around on the road so much. She should have ok weather to drive.. Still she will need to be extra cautious.

Better go! Off to work!


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Snowy Morning..Schools are Open!

We didn't get as much snow as predicted, but still another 2" of fluffy snow. It continues to snow and blow hard as I write this entry. Mary drove to school for the first time in snow. I was pretty nervous, but she arrived safely. Tonight is college Spanish, a 25 minute drive through the country, so that will be a lot tougher driving. Maybe they will cancel night classes. There is also the GHS Orchestra concert at 7:30, so she will have to miss part of the class anyway.

Went to the foot doctor and got a shot of meds for my heel pain. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I sure hope that it helps! Doc wants me to wear shoes at work, so I will either wear shoe covers or take a pair to work and leave them there.

Sad news...I have lost my favorite Gator hoodie sweatshirt. I miss it terribly. Looked everywhere in the house and my cars for it. That would be another great Christmas idea! It sure did keep me warm.

I learned something at the Grand Rapids Symphony Christmas Concert. Manheim Steamroller was formed by University of Michigan graduates! Go Blue! By the way, the concert was awesome!

Well, I am off to quilting and preschool program rehearsal. Think of me!


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow day #1~ 2009-2010

The best news is that Matthew's xray looked good. The bone is healing and absorbing the broken piece. No surgery needed so he is now in a hard cast. He chose black in case he works any shows during the next 3 weeks. It was an anxious time without the splint on since he didn't want anythning to move. Doing well now and no appointments for 3 weeks.

Mary got a "back up dress" at a consignment store in case the one she ordered doesn't arrive. It is a simple long sleeved velvet black dress. We also ate at Jimmy's Pub and Grub in Belding (formerly Cory's). My sandwich was good and the homemade ranch is the best anywhere! Mary starts working there on Friday, bussing tables.

We have been waiting for the second round of snow all evening long. Still not much happening. School just might be open tomorrow. Guess it depends what happens during the night. Sarah reports very cold, windy and snowy conditions in Holland. They get lots of lake effect snow.

Tonight was supposed to be the preschool Christmas pageant. The weather predictions scared the entire W Michigan community. Everything was cancelled or postponed. The preschool service will be on Sunday now, and I will be playing the piano for it, as the original player is not available. I will also be playing for the Sunday School Christmas Program that morning.

Tomorrow I go to the doctor for my sore feet again. They have really been hurting. It might be time for some cortisone. Yikes! With the potential of bad weather, the doctor called today and said to watch for closings. They travel here from Grand Rapids each Thursday. I could have to reschedule. Mary has school tomorrow night which is scary too, since she doesn't have a lot of snow driving experience.

Jeff goes to Dearborn on Friday and Saturday for a meeting. Mary goes to Ann Arbor on Saturday and Sunday for the Christmas Party. The Messiah will be performed at the GHS theater Saturday evening and we bowl for position on Sunday. When will I get some shopping done??? Time keeps on ticking away!

Better get some sleep.


PS- Got the quilt done yesterday. Have to start something new tomorrow.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

VIllage Green's First Christmas Performance

Monday night was Village Green's first Christmas performance. It was at our church for the Lion's Dinner and Jeff and I were invited to eat with them. The food was very good (cooked by our church ladies) and we had a very nice time. Of course the highlight was the entertainment by the show choir. They looked great and sounded just wonderful. I can't say I had a favorite song because I loved them all! We were very proud of both Mary and Matthew. As I was watching I realized that our church is well represented. There are six Mt. Calvary teens in the Village Green! Some come more than others. Enjoy the pictures and hear them sing on the video clip.

Tomorrow I am going to church to finish a quilt and then to the Grand Rapids Symphony at GHS. Then who knows! Bad weather ahead! Brrrr!

Had a good day at work and ready for a good night's sleep. Unfortunately, Mary came home with a migraine and went to bed early. Just checked on her, and she is doing better!

Gute Nacht!


Monday, December 7, 2009

Just a Short Update

Today was a successful and busy day. Again. Sunday School went well and the kids choir sang well in church and again in the afternoon for the Advent by Candlelight event. By then it was after 5 pm and I got a load of laundry done before we went off to bowling.

Well let me tell you~ Jeff's bowling was on fire tonight! He had his first 600 series, 632 to be exact! Yay! Individually he bowled a 206, 236 and 190. We are all so very happy for him. I bowled consistently just below average tonight, but all over 100. Our team split the points tonight and we will stay in 6 position of 8. Can't win them all. Position night is next week. Becoming part of our routine we had McDonalds with our teammates afterward and then headed home where most of the laundry is now done. Thanks to the whole family for chipping in!

Tomorrow is work and then chime team. Mary and Matthew will be performing with the Village Green at our church for the Lion's Club dinner. I think they have another "gig" following that one. We are expecting another big snow this week, maybe even our first snow day. Will keep you informed. Tuesday we will be going to the Grand Rapids Symphony Concert right here in Greenville. Matt's big day is Wednesday. He gets another xray without the splint and a final decision about cast or surgery. Thursday is the HS Orchestra Concert, I guess there is something big planned. Mary goes to the Christmas ball in Ann Arbor on Saturday. Hope the bad weather is over by then.

That is it for now!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Busy and Snowy Saturday!

This morning I got up by 0830 to get some things accomplished before noon. I did pretty well too. Laundry sorted, Sunday School organized and got ready for a day in Grand Rapids.

We left just after noon and arrived at Mary's first event at Meijer Gardens. It was very nice and we had a nice time. There were even some reindeer! The kid's section had some games to play. I enjoyed trying the skittles game like we had when I was little. I think it was Dan's game. The Queen's Court looked very nice and lots of people talked with them and had their picture with them.

After the Gardens we went for pizza lunch. It was good, but we didn't make it to the store nearby before it closed. Mary needs a dress for the Glee Club Christmas Ball next Saturday. So we headed toward Lowell for the Christmas Parade. Walked around town and then watched Mary looking beautiful again on the lit up float. Jeff took video...I hope I can post it!

Matthew was invited to a birthday party, so we got him changed and out to the party for a few hours. He had a really fun time. Even got some chocolate on his ace wrap to prove it! No harm there.

I got home, prepared for Sunday School, rested and then found out the Gators lost! I couldn't believe it! How sad is that?! Like my mom tells me.."someone has to lose". Sure wish it wasn't the Gators. No National Championship this year. :(

Mary shopped online for a dress tonight and picked out a very nice dress. According to the measurements it should fit and be here by Tuesday/Thursday. Nothing like coming down to the wire. Got a nice deal on it too! Free Shipping! Yippee!

Now, I am going to try to post the pictures and get to bed. Tomorrow promises to be busy too.. Sunday School, Church (kids sing), Sunday School Practice and then Kids sing for the Ladies Advent by candlelight. Bowling to follow! I am tired just thinking about it!

Good Night!


Friday, December 4, 2009

Winter Is Here

As you can see from the new picture, winter has arrived in Greenville, MI. I am pretty impressed that our new camera even caught the snowflakes falling! I took that picture after the Winter Parade down mainstreet, just blocks away from our house. Mary was riding on the Danish Queen float. The pictures from the parade didn't turn out so well.

Yesterday started out really well. I got to sleep in and then bought some balloons for two of our quilters that had a birthday. They were happy with their surprise. I finished my moose quilt top and have the batting and the backing to work with Audrey to finish it up next week. Mary came home with some sad news. The One Act play for this year has been cancelled and laid to rest. No funding. Another blow to Mary's senior year expectations. I guess the spring play is a "sure" thing. They may include another play this winter instead of the one act. With the one act there is travel and other expenses that was just too expensive. Mary's teacher came up with a great idea today and suggested a student led play! Mary likes that idea.

Back to yesterday, we had pizza dinner and then a good orchestra practice. However, by 9 pm I wasn't feeling too well and figured I was going to be a victim of the flu bug. My clients family all had it.. so it was just a matter of time. Needless to say I was up most of the night doing what stomach flu patients do. Finally got to rest around 4 am.

This morning was a white one. Mary was thrilled that the snow had finally arrived. The first snow is really beautiful. I rested on the couch and slept and then watched it snow. I finally got enough strength to have a little to eat and work at the computer. Jeff went to work with his Air Force uniform as he participated in a send off to our local troops #1073rd. They will be leaving for Iraq very soon. This will be their second tour of duty there. Mary and Matthew sang the Star Spangled Banner with the Village Green for thier send off at the high school auditorium. Then tonight was the winter parade. The troops, the band, elementary kids walked and of course my beautiful Mary rode on the Queen's float.

The Danish court will be at Meijer Gardens at the Danish Christmas Tree. Here is there website. I am looking forward to seeing Meijer Gardnes for the first time. ( . We hope to do some shopping in Grand Rapids before Mary has a pancake dinner with Santa in nearby Lowell and then ride in the parade as well at 6 pm. Matthew has been invited to a birthday party tomorrow night as well. I need to prepare for Sunday School and practice the piano. Laundry is piling up pretty high too!

For now, I should sign off and get some more rest.

Feeling better,


More pictures on the Photo Album

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Lots of Good News!

Work went pretty well today. Hailey and her mom were feeling better. While I was at work I got three WONDERFUL phone calls!
  • Sarah called and reported that she received a 100% on her nutrition exam. I am so proud of her! Yay Sarah!
  • Matthew texted, then called and said that his broken arm is still alignment and that he avoids surgery a 3rd time. Next week the splint comes off for a x-ray and then the decision, cast or surgery. Thanks for your prayers!
  • Sarah called again and was happy that she got her LL Bean winter coat that I ordered for her and also her new Mac software.

Needless to say that made my day. I got home pretty much on time and spent some time with Mary and Matthew before going to Advent soup supper and service. Tonight's service included the Hanging of the Greens in our church. I was going to take our new camera and post some pictures. I forgot the camera. Maybe I will take it to quilting tomorrow and get some pictures of the quilters and the church.

Mary and Matthew auditioned for a duet in the Choir Christmas concert. They sang Do You Hear What I Hear? Guess it went well. The Grand Rapids Symphony Christmas Concert comes to Greenville next Tuesday. I will buy tickets tomorrow. Didn't want to buy until Matthew was in the clear for that day. Mary will be in Spanish class, so only 3 tickets this year. I always look forward to hearing them.

Tomorrow is quilting (as mentioned before) and I hope to get my moose quilt done. It is also my buddy Norma's birthday. Happy Birthday Norma! Orchestra meets tomorrow evening. We should have some string players and maybe a bassoon! I have been practicing the music and am getting better at that hard Christmas piece. Thanks for all the encouragement from my mom and brass players.

We are expecting accumulating snow tomorrow. I always love to watch the snow fall and the yards turn white. Driving is another story. You can expect pictures!

It is getting late...better sign off.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Best Laid Plans

Had a good morning at work then came home and had a short nap. Fed Mary lunch and then met my golf buddies for lunch at Applebee's. Stopped at church, shopped at Meijer, deposited money in the bank and worked on the computer. Needless to say I didn't do anything on my wishlist from last night's blog. I guess I can try to practice the piano, work on Sunday School stuff and maybe sort laundry.

Just got word that my little princess and her mom are sick. Don't need to be at work until 7 am! I better use some good nursing so I don't get sick. Maybe I will dose up with Echinacea.

Wish me luck!


PS- Picutres from the new camera on the Photo Album link.