Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day!

I need to start way back to Friday when Sarah had her "swingout" from high school. She looks very nice in her cap and gown. After the assembly, we took lots of pictures outside before she got on the bus for the senior mystery trip. Sarah had fun on the trip. They went to Gameworks in Detroit and then went on a dinner cruise in Lansing. She spent the night at her friends house after they returned home around 3 am.

I worked on Saturday after Sarah came home. It was a long afternoon and evening, but Hailey and I had a lot of fun. Sarah had her hair cut for graduation. Nothing drastic, just a few inches off the bottom.

We had a nice Sunday service, Matthew played "Taps" after the benediction. he did well and it was quite effective. The church was silent. After church was our sunday school end of the year picnic. Grilled hot dogs, potato salad, chips and cookies. Later in the afternoon, we saw Indiana Jones movie and then went for Ice Cream at Charley's a favorite place with good ice cream and prices! Jeff put down some new mulch around the house in the garden beds.

Today had many acitivities. Lots laundry, Mary made a dinette set that I go this week that will actually be my sewing table. It looks really nice. Unfortunately, she cut her finger on a sharp screw that needed attention. I doctored it up and it has stopped bleeding, but it still hurts. We went shopping for a few things had Subway and then I cleared off my desk...hurray! It was way overdue. Sarah had softball practice tonight.

Tomorrow Mary and Matt go back tomorrow and Sarah will be at home. She has been filling out housing info and other forms for Hope College today. We will be setting up banking this week and will try to make a picture presentation for graduation. Sarah will be playing softball in pre-districts, last game of the regular season and then districts this Saturday. Baccalaureate is Thursday. Mary is playing for a wedding this weekend on her cello along with friends and their violins and viola. Matt has baseball on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

We look forward to Grandma and Grandpa Wilhelm's arrival on Wednesday this week to celebrate Sarah's graduation. It is less than a week away now.

I will work on Wed (8-4) and Friday (5-5) for sure. Maybe Thursday morning for a few hours. Plenty to keep us all busy!
That is all for now.


Thursday, May 22, 2008

Orchestra Ovations

Tonight's orchestra concert was really fantastic. Mary and Brandon's duet went well. The dynamics were precisely executed.

The high school concert was exceptional. I really liked the "Hoe Down" by Aaron Copeland and "Inchon" by Robert W. Smith. The percussion in Inchon simulated sounds of helicopters, gunfire and water. It was quite impressive. The audience gave immediate standing ovation at it's completion. You may be able to hear it in the future on Greenville High School's Performing Art website under the mp3 section.

Tomorrow is swingout. I can't believe Sarah is done with high school. I know that I will become emotional. We are all very proud of her and all of her accomplishments.

Matt's team lost tonight, but he got a chance to pitch and he said he did a little better. Sarah is pretty tired after a long day, softball practice and umpired her first game.

Mom is having a good time, driving all around Greenville with me and going to all the activities.

Time for some shut eye..


The Excitement Builds

Yesterday was Scholoarship day. Sarah received a scholarship from the Rotary Club, and Hope College. We are still waiting to hear from Air Force Aid and another one for athletic training.

We did some shopping and then headed to Lowell for cello lessons. They went well and then we cooked dinner and went to the GHS Jazz Band Concert. It was great! Matt played well and the whole evening was very enjoyable.

Today was academic achievement awards. I drove over there after working for 3 hours at Hailey's. Mary received a plaque for maintaining a GPA above 3.9. She looked very nice. Sarah received her award for maintaining a GPA over 3.8 throughout high school. She also received a letter from President Bush for academic excellence and a Gold Honor Cord to wear on Graduation day. Tomorrow is Swing Out the senior's last day. By lunch they will be on a bus for a 24 hour trip.

Later today Mary will be in her last orchestra concert until the fall. She is currently 2nd chair and will also play a duet with her friend during the concert. I am looking forward to it. Matt has baseball game tonight in GR, and is spending the afternoon with a friend and ride to the game with him and the coach.
Need to pick Sarah up from Softball practice and then she umpires a community ball game. They craziness begins!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Perfect Timing

Today was so full of activities that perfect timing was important. I spent this AM writing articles for the newsletter and Sunday bulletin. Three loads of laundry were done last night and three this morning. I picked up the kids at 3pm, Sarah had a double header at 4 pm and Matt had a game at 6pm. So Grandma and went to Sarah's first game, Jeff drove Matt to his game and then came back to watch Sarah's second game while Grandma and I drove to see Matt play his game. One hour after his game started we all left for Matt's last middle school band concert. It was at 8 pm. We all made it and enjoyed the concert. The trumpet section did a great job! Unfortunately, Sarah did not get to play either game and the team lost both of them. (Next time put Sarah in the game coach.) Matt called a friend on the team and they lost by one run, again. Matt played really well at first base and scored a run.

Monday was awards day for leadership/activities and Mary received her superior award for the role of "Martha Webster" in the production of "Bury the Dead" the one act play last winter. It was a great moment.

Tomorrow is scholarship awards day. Sarah will be getting at least one award. The assembly is at 0845. I worship committee and then drive Mary to cello lessons at 4:15pm. The Jazz Band concert is tomorrow at 7:30pm. Another busy day!

Better get going, I have brownies in the oven for Sarah's Anatomy class tomorrow. Good Night!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Party is Over

Mary's party is over and everyone had a nice time. We grilled hot dogs, opened presents, played Guesstures, ate cake and then had fun up in her room. Most of the guests left by 5:30pm. Gia, Dave and Greg stayed and watched a few movies, "Clue" and "Young Frankenstein", had pizza and ice cream. Although we expected rain today, we had blue sky most of the afternoon and clouds in the evening. I am not sure if we ever had a raindrop. Thank you Lord! Have a great Monday!


Matthew's Mackinac Island Trip

Matthew and Jeff had a nice trip and better weather than expected. The Harmonizers sang well, Matt's solo went well in the Blue Skies song and the clinician was very complimentary. I have posted a few pictures of the Cheboygan Opera house where they had the vocal clinic, and also some of Matt and Jeff sightseeing on mackinac island. The one from up high is Ft. Mackinac. You can see the Mackinac Bridge in the background. There are more pictures on the Wilhelm Family Photo Album.

Mary's bake off was a success. Both cakes were edible even after a little sabotage with pop and peanut butter. Yesterday was uneventful. Sarah had tournament and they lost all 3 games. She did get to catch a little, she coached 1st base a lot and then played left Field. They have another game on Tuesday.

Mary's official party is in progress. It started outside with a hot dog roast, cake and Guesstures, and now moved up to her attic. I have heard her guitar playing, guess I got the right replacement string. I will post party pictures later.

This week is very busy... Monday: Awards day, Grandma H. arrives, Theater Banquet and Church softball. Tuesday...Work, baseball and softball game, Middle School Band Concert. Wednesday: Scholarships Awards day, Cello lesson, Jazz Band Concert. Thursday: Work, Academic Awards, Baseball game, Orchestra Concert. Friday: Sarah has Swingout, last day for Seniors! Then she will get on a bus with more than 100 others seniors and go on their mystery trip. It lasts around 24 hours. I work Saturday 10 hours in the afternoon. I wonder if I can jam anything else into this week?

Well, I will update later on...after the party and post some pictures.

<> Until later this evening, Grace

Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Mary Sweet Sixteen 16

Good Morning! Nothing new just a few pictures of the birthday girl.. Have a good day!


Later on Mary's birthday....
Mary had a fun day so far. After I got home from work, I took the girls to El Rancho for dinner. Mary received a fried ice cream for dessert. Then Mary and I went to the Dirty Dozen Jazz Band Concert at the High School. They are from New Orleans and were really good. The GHS Jazz Band opened for the concert (we missed that part) and then they were invited to play with the band on stage. That was really awesome. Mr Ayres the Jazz Band director was dueling with the lead trumpeter. It was just fabulous. There was just so much talent. I took a picture with my phone of the trumpeter, he played a trumpet and flugelhorn at the same time. The picture is kind of blurry, but you can tell he has something in both hands. Now we are awaiting a birthday cake bake off that begins soon and lasts past midnight. I wasn't here for the cookie bake off, but I am sure it will be interesting to watch and they will have fun. That is all. Here are the pictures of the trumpet player.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wow, What a Day!

Today was a great day! I worked for 3 hours and then took a nap, because I knew it would be a late night. Matt had a game and then we went to the girls' choir concert. First I did some birthday shopping for the birthday girl and made what resembled weinerschnitzel. It was tasty, but "not as good as in Germany".

Matthew's team won their game tonight. Had good at bats with a RBI. Jeff got some pictures of him playing. The weather was pretty chilly, but it was a fun game to watch. Matt played 2nd base and did a good job. Way to catch the pop fly, Matt! He will miss Saturday's game, because he and Jeff are going to Mackinac tomorrow with the Harmonizers. Jeff predicts cold wet weather.

The High School Choir Concert was absoulutely fabulous! The
songs were great and it is so amazing how well these high school students sound. Sarah's group the village green was awesome..They become like a little family (big really 30!). The singers get pretty emotional at the end of the concert, esp the seniors, since it is their last one. Even I got emotional watching them get all teary.

Mary is excited about her birthday tomorrow. I am excited, because my client called and doesn't need me until 0745. I can sing Happy Birthday to her in the morning to keep with our family tradition. She is quite the trooper with all the activities going on, her birthday gets squeezed in.. Tomorrow is the late night bake off. Sunday is the hot dog cookout with all her friends. WHew!

Sarah has a softball tournament on Saturday in Big Rapids,about an hour from here. I am going to stay home and get the house cleaned up and work on other projects.
Next week is her last week of high school. I can't believe it.

Better get this posted.

Grace, (mother of the birthday girl, senior singer and baseball 2nd baseman)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Wednesday Full of Activities

Today was filled with things to do! I spent several hours this morning working on invitations and trying to get our scanner to work. I never did, but got the job done using other methods.

Sarah had their class photo this morning and then the seniors were released for lunch and senior tea for girls and a guest and the boys went golfing after lunch. I took Sarah to Applebee's and then we went to the tea. It was ok. I can't believe that she only has 7 days of high school left. Sarah's team won their softball game and Sarah played well and is very happy.

Mary had cello lesson at five. It looks like we will have only 3 lessons left for the year. With gas prices and summer events, Mary is taking the summer off. Cello lessons are ~15 miles away. That's 30 miles a week. Gas prices here are $3.98 per gallon. We will see how next year pans out. It is sure to be busy with drama, show choir and orchestra. Mary is driving more and more and is getting good experiences and doing pretty well. Tomorrow she and Sarah will be in the HS Choir concert. I am looking forward to it!

Matthew sang in the middle school concert and did a great job! He had a little solo part in the song "Blue Skies". He was wonderful.Matt looked calm and relaxed and sang with confidence. We are so proud of him. Tomorrow he has a baseball game at 6 pm. We will watch him for a while then attend the girls concert at 8:15pm (there are two performances of the HS Choir concert).

Jeff and I signed up for a golf outing in June with our friends. I hope that it will be a best ball scramble. I work tomorrow and Friday at 0515. I work 3 hours on Thu and 12 on Friday, Mary's birthday. Jeff and Matt leave for Mackinac on Fri morning for an overnight. Mary and I,and maybe Sarah will go to the Dirty Dozen Band Concert at the HS. It is supposed to be awesome. Then a few friends are coming over to bake a birthday cake. We try to squeeze as much as possible into one day! Sweet Sixteen-how time flies! I will need Saturday to prepare for the party here on Sunday afternoon. Hope the weather warms up by then. Cold weather for the season is back.

Well, better get some shut eye..


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Heathrow Terminal 5

Here's a video that pretty well sums up how things are (still) working, or lack thereof, at London Heathrow's grand new terminal.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Awards and Wins

Tonight was choir awards night. Sarah received her Varsity Letter for choir, and an award made just for her, "Where Did My Voice Go"? She had laryngitis on her choir trip. Mary received Musician of the Year Award (sophomore). We are very proud.

Speaking of proud, Mt Calvary's Softball Team won their second game tonight. We are 2-0. Jeff managed the team for me and pitched half of the game, and I went to the choir banquet. Next week, there is a Theatre Banquet, and we will have to repeat the procedure. Grandma will be here that night, so she can attend the banquet as well.
Sarah's softball team had another loss, but Sarah keeps smiling as long as she gets to play. That is the spirit! Her knee is still bothering her after she hyperextended it at Saturday's game. She had to dance on it today for show choir, as the choirs performed for the elemenatary schools today. Mary's choir sang as well.

Well, I had better catch some ZZZ's, because I work at 0515 again and it is 2330. Yikes!



Sunday, May 11, 2008

Baseball, Softball, Parties and Plays

Happy Mother's Day!

Matthew's baseball game started at 9 am and went for 2 hours. They lost by one run. When Matt's game was over, we stopped at home picked up water had a bite to eat and then drove over to Sarah's 2nd game of a 3 game tournament. They won their first game and lost the last two. Sarah made a spectacular play in left field. I wish I had a video camera with me. She dove for a ball, caught it did a somersault and held up her glove with the ball in it! Way to go Sarah! She did some good base running as well, and slid into home plate and was called out, but I am sure she was safe. Ties go to the base runner, blue (ump)!

Jeff went to the third game and I went to my patient's birthday party. It was small family affair of which I feel a part of by now. She had fun playing in frosting, wearing frosting and even got to taste a little.

While all this was going on, Mary was baking a cake and dinner to surpirse me for Mother's Day. They made tacos and a delicious funfetti cake! Thanks guys! I wanted to go to the whitecaps game tomorrow, but it is supposed to be rainy all day. I guess we will do something else.

The Hobbit had it's final performance. It went quite well. Matthew did a fine job for his first role. He thinks he might try being a techie next time, and Mary wants to return to acting. We do have an addition to our house. One of the spiders from the play lives in the attic. Creature crew got to adopt a spider. The dragon is so big that they may have to destroy him.. too bad they worked a long time on him. I guess there is just no place to store him. Maybe they should put it on Ebay and see how much they get for him. Shipping would be quite expensive. This pic shows Mary working on stage preparing for this week's concerts.

Sarah went to a softball team bonfire at a players house tonight. She had a good time and now all the kids are sleeping. I should be too. It was a long busy day.

Tomorrow is the day of Pentecost and the kid's choir is singing and we have a very musical service ready to go. I will be playing quite a bit.

Next week promises to be busy as well. I work 4 days (~30hours), have ball games, choir banquet on Monday and the school music concerts are on Wed and Thursday. Quilting, Cello lesson and Mary's sweet sixteen on Friday with a party next Sunday. Jeff and Matt are going to Macknac this weekend with Matt's school chorus. The fun will continue to the end of the month. I don't want to overwhelm myself with all the upcoming events. I need to take them a bunch at a time.

I am off to Neverland!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

"The Hobbit" and Quilt Update

Tonight was opening night of Greenville High School's production of "The Hobbit". Last Tuesday was a dress rehearsal where I took most of the pictures. I took a couple of Matt after the play as well as one of the Trolls. The show was very good with lots of good costumes and special effects. Gandalf even threw fire, and the dragon, Smaug, breathed smoke! Sarah's picture was in the program in an ad for senior pictures. The owner called me a few weeks back and asked my permission . I sell tickets at Saturday's performance and will go to the show with Jeff that night. Tomorrow I will be driving to Grand Rapids to pick up Jeff from the airport. I guess I will need to get a ride home for the kids. Sarah might be back from her double header by 9:30, which is when the show is over. I guess it should work out fine.

I spent about 3 hours with another quilter today and finished tying the quilt. It looks really nice. I have added some pictures of it as well.

Matt cut the grass for the first time this year and I cleaned out a flower bed and our 3 season room. The laundry is finally caught up, now that it is time to start all over again. There never is a loss of dirty clothes.

Saturday is another day filled with ball. Matt has a game at 9 am, and Sarah has a tournament, followed by a team get together at one of the player's homes. Thanks for your prayers, the pitcher who was hit by the ball is fine. PTL! My patient turns 4 years old on Saturday and there is a party in the afternoon. I will need to get ready for Sunday as well, Kid's Choir sings and I will be playing a lot of the service on the clavinova. In the meantime, I had better get those annoucements out! I keep saying that but it doesn't get done. It will though.

Guess that is it.. Until the weekend,


PS--Mary is still first chair cello.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Excited and Exhausted!

Sarah is home and had a wonderful time on her trip to Boston with the Village Green Show Choir from the high school Here are a few photos of the trip and see more on the photo album site. Sarah was very tired but pulled it altogether and got her work done. There was a double header today and although she didn't play she coached 1st base to a win in the 2nd game! They finally won!

Equally as exciting, our church softball team won it's first game tonight. We had a lot of good hitting, fielding and base runningby all. Both Matthew and I had at least 2 hits a piece. I am very very happy. The weather was beautiful today. I went donw to Grand Rapids twice, once in the early AM to take Jeff to the airport, then later with my patient for a Doc's appt. We ran out of gas on the way home. Luckily we were just a couple hundred yards from a gas station and a kind man from UPS, Jeff, helped us and we were back on the road within a half hour. Praise the Lord.

Mary had an orchestra banquet tonight and she was awarded most valuable sophomore by her peers. That is an honor. She ran for secretary for the orchestra next year but lost to her oppponent. She is still running for Sec of the Theatre Club. We hope to get Mary's permit to drive tomorrow. The Hobbit has a performance for the middle school and parents are invited to come and take pictures. I think I will try to make it.

I am striving to send out annoucements this week and plan Mary's party. She is going to have a baking day on her birthday with some of her friends and then a larger party when dad gets home from his trip with Matt and (the Harmonizers, mixed chorus) to Mackinac Island. We are going to tie my red white and blue quilt this week too! Matt has a baseball game in Grand Rapids tomorrow evening. I hope that #1, we find it and #2 it doesn't rain!

I am getting a bit tired so I am off to bed!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Later on Saturday....

Matthew's team won! Wait until you read the score-34-19. It was crazy. They forgot to put time limits on the game so we played 7 innings! It took nearly 4 hours. My scalp is pink eventhough it was cold..still sunny. Matt played his first game as catcher and then center field in the last 2 innings. He also had two base hits. So we hurried from the game to the HS auditorium for play practice. I picked up Mary from home first, she packed Matt a lunch.

While Jeff and I were at lunch, Sarah called in from New York City. They were on the way to Ground Zero. She still sounds very happy and full of excitement. She better sleep alot on the way home, because she has lots of homework waiting for her. She was going to take it with her, but they have so much planned that it wasn't worth all the effort.

Now I am baking brownies for our Small Group Bible study. We helped a member today with cleaning her windows and such. She was very grateful. I bought a pumpkin pie yesterday and I thought I should have some type of chocolate to take too. I practiced the piano for tomorrow. I am playing for the choir tomorrow and of course prep for Sunday School. Softball practice and concerts and laundry the list goes on!

Have a great SONday!


May 3, 2008 Great News!

Good Morning!

I have heard from Sarah a few times now, and she is having a wonderful time! Their concerts went well and everyone is safe. She called Thursday from the top of the Prudential building to tell us she could see Fenway Park and there was a baseball game is progress. They went whale watching yesterday and they saw them and took pictures. Today they left for New York City and will do sightseeing Ground Zero, Times Square and a Play tonight. Tomorrow they stop at Niagra Falls before arriving back in Greenville tomorrow night. Sarah heard from here friend on the softball team that one of the pitcher got hit in the face by a hit ball. She was in the ER with a concussion. Please keep her in your prayers. Also two girls quit the team. The drama continues!

Matt's first baseball game is this morning and he is already there warming up. I need to bundle up a little,since it is still just 55 degrees, I won't be moving around like he is. Both he and Mary have play practice today and tomorrow from 1-6 pm. The show is next week. Mary is dealing with an unhappy 2nd chair cellist who nit picks at everything Mary does and refuses to turn the pages which is the inside musicians job. Mary said she will memorize the music and then it won't be a problem. She receives support from many in the orchestra. She had a wedding gig at the end of the month with a few violins and a viola. She is the conctact person to schedule people. It will be good for her to earn money playing her cello.

We have small group bible study, and a garage sale today and tomorrow is confirmation, church softball practice and Jeff and Mary are going to the youth symphony concert, where one of her classmates has a cello solo. Jeff leaves Monday morning for the week. I will keep things running here and will keep you posted of all our activities.

Gotta go watch baseball! Yea!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

May 1, 2008 Just a Few Words

Good Morning!

Sarah is off to Boston as of 6:20 pm last night. No word from her yet. They are supposed to arrive in Boston around 10 am.

Mary kept 1st chair after a 3-way challenge in orchestra yesterday. She is also the organizer of gigs for HS students requested by the community. She a few others will be playing for a wedding at the end of the month.

Matthew is excited about it first baseball game of the season on Sat at 9 am. He is busy with the last week of practice with the Hobbit as well.

I have started with celebration plans, still long way to go! Work is fine. No word from the application. Softball is coming up and now I keep hearing of banquets for clubs every Monday. There is just too much going on.. It is this way every May! I just take it day by day.

Jeff leaves Monday for Arizona. He has a lot going on before then, including going to the youth symphony concert with Mary on Sunday afternoon.

That is all....we'll keep you posted.