Friday, December 31, 2010

Farewell 2010-So Long Tiger!

Well it is the end of another year.  It has certainly been eventful. Mary graduated high school, Matthew lost his appendix, I was relieved from plantar fasciitis, Sarah lived and worked away from home most of the summer and we had several home repairs last summer while Jeff was gone for Air Force Duty and the LCMS National Convention. Matthew and Mary traveled without mom and dad, and most of us were able to visit Florida for a week or so. Time flew by, just as my mother predicted.  She tells me as the kids get older the years go by faster. She is right!

Our trip to Wisconsin was very nice.  We had no problems or long delays travelling.  We arrived in the evening on Monday and had a nice meal together. Watched some TV and played a game of Scrabble. Scrabble is very important activity when we go to Uncle Bill and Aunt Bobbie's.  Tuesday we went bowling with many of the Jeff's cousins and their families.  It was fun and I bowled over 100 each game, but never reached my average.  Better now than after league starts again!  Jeff had a great second game~222! Shopped at a local mall,  headed home for a pizza dinner,  followed by games of Scattergories and Catch Phrase. The movie Elf was on for our enjoyment as well.  The boys played some Wii games too.   Before going to bed, we played some more scrabble and had a magnificent game! There were some really great words.  Wednesday Bobbie made some German pancakes that were very tasty.  It reminded me of french toast.  We went over to the church/school gymnasium and played some basketball and kickball.    We were on the road by three and met Jim and family in Milwaukee to see Miller Park.  It was nice to spend some more time together.  Jeff wanted to stop in Chicago for pizza and took us to Connie's Pizza, a place he used to eat at with his family. It was very good deep dish pizza and the little pizza bones appetizer were good too!

As tired as we were, our new phones were waiting for us!  It was fun to open up and activate them even at one in the morning.  Over the past few days we have been getting our phone numbers from one phone to another.  My old phone was pink, my new one is teal!  Nice to have a change.  I have a mini keyboard so my texting should make more sense, The girls love their new phones and help the rest of us with learning about our phones.

Yesterday I got my Prius back. After a week of diagnosing, there is nothing wrong with my car. While I am glad to know the car is fine, I wonder why I smelled the gas smell so bad.  Will drive it and see how it works over the next few weeks. Mary went shopping with Brandon, Matthew went shopping with me and Sarah was happy she could watch a Lady Dutch basketball game on the computer, especially since they won!  Go Dutch!  We also hosted a youth party/meeting last night.  It went well and we have an event planned for Sunday.  They are going to see the new Narnia movie.

That brings us to today. I had a nice day at work with my little princess. Mary and Brandon went to see the "Rat Pack" New Year's show in Grand Rapids, a gift from us.  It should be coming to a close soon. Hope they had a great time! The rest of us are watching the Red Wings, college football and will see the New Year in together.  I will be making some pizza rolls for a late night snack! Jeff and Sarah have already had a Margarita!  Two hours and counting!

 What will 2011 hold for the Wilhelm's?
Short term:
  1. College Football
  2. Getting ready for church. Mary will play her cello on Sunday and I am playing the clavinova.
  3. Bulkoogi Fest- Making our favorite Korean meal before the kids go back to college.
  4. Hope to visit the Grand Rapids museum and see the Human Body Exhibit.
Long term:
  1. Job Hunt continues. I love my patient and will continue to care for her, but I really want to use more of my skills.  
  2. Jeff will retire from the Air Force after twenty eight years of service. So proud of him!
  3. More excellent concerts at GHS and Unversity of Michigan.  
  4. Losing weight? Let's hope I can do it this year!
Oh and Happy Anniversary to Kathy and Lee and a Happy Birthday to Hannah!

That is it for another year of my Blog.  Next post in 2011, the year of the Rabbit!. 


Pictures from the Trip on the Photo Album!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Days!

Christmas Day at our house was a very fun-filled day.   Sarah was the "bugler" and made sure we were all up by 0930 to open gifts.   First though some of us had breakfast and then we all helped Mary finish a crossword puzzle in the paper. Everyone liked their gifts very much! Thank you!  I realized this year, at 47 years old, that I now enjoy giving and watching others open gifts more than actually opening one myself! I still enjoy getting gifts, don't get me wrong, but the giving seems to be so satisfying!

Once the gifts were all opened we announced to the kids that we would upgrading everyone's phone and signing up for a one year contract.  That brought some real excitement to the house!  They have been wanting new phones for a while now. We spent time looking online at all the phones available to us, and decided we would try to find an alltell store open on Sunday and get them. Hooray!

Christmas Dinner was standing rib roast, real mashed potatoes, corn and pumpkin pie.  It all turned out tasty and  we had no leftovers of the meat, but plenty of corn and potatoes.  Didn't estimate too well.  Perhaps I will need to make a casserole to use up the potatoes!

Matthew played Wii games most of the day, Sarah watched her new DVD's and Mary read one of her new books and helped me with dinner.  I loaded up the pictures on the computer and have tried to keep my blog and photo album up to date. Jeff took a much needed afternoon nap and then worked at the office to get ready for Sunday church.  Overall, it was a lovely Christmas Day.  Happy Birthday Jesus!

Service on Sunday was very nice.  The orchestra did an outstanding job with their anthems! I am very proud of them.   Lunch was at home, taco salad!  I called All Tell to see where the closest store would be to get phones. There are no stores in our area anymore.  All Tell is being bought by Verizon and we are in the limbo area. Can't even find a store on the way to Wisconsin! So, the nice All Tell lady helped us over the phone and they have been ordered.  The phones should arrive this week. Yay!

The family did some shopping this afternoon and came home with some great stuff!  Jeff got a weather station, complete with an anomometer!  I got shoes and slippers that I needed.  Sarah got a new DVD player and a hand mixer. Mary bought some clothes and jewelry and Matthew got himself another Wii game.  Will I ever get to watch my new TV??  That was Jeff and My present to each other! No worries, we have plenty of time to watch TV and it is fun to watch Matthew play his games. Dinner was at Pizza Hut and then I finished up the laundry and took a snooze (otherwise I would not be awake to type this).  Mary spent some time at Brandon's house.

We will be heading to Uncle Bill and Aunt Bobbie's later today.  It will be nice to see some family and travel a little bit.  Before we leave I will still need to accomplish the following
  1. Dog to his hotel. 
  2. Trip to the bank and post office
  3. Call about my car.
Yes, my car is being repaired.  A month or so ago, the check engine light would go on occasionally, so we had  the car looked at and also had an oil change and tire rotation. Well, something happened because the mileage  report shows less miles to the gallon and I smell gas inside my car first thing in the morning.  We took the car back last Wednesday and haven't heard a thing since.  Not good.  Suppose I can call about the car from a car while travelling!

Later this week, we are having a youth dessert potluck at our house.   Trying to plan activities for 2011.  Remember when Y2K came around?  Many thought there would be all kinds of trouble. Now it is 11 years later and all is well with the computers, clocks and the like. I hope that it will be a year of turn arounds, economically, especially here in Montcalm County, MI and also a turn around for our government and country to serve in a God pleasing way.

Time will fly by this week and before I know it Mary and Sarah will be back at college and we will be back to the normal grind. Sure is nice to have a break to enjoy family and friends and celebrate the best gift of all, our Savior, Jesus!


PS Happy Birthday Ken!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


We had a very nice Christmas Eve Service after a day and a half of constant activities to get ready. Cookie baking and decorating, laundry, gift wrapping and still having fun together!  I worked four hours Christmas Eve Day and had a nice day and got a lot done! Sarah's friend, Justin spent the day with us and we had a nice  time together.  He is back from Costa Rica, where he is studying abroad.  

Our Service was very nice.  The Chime Team did well and I was pleased with the orchestra too. They played for three of the hymns. It was nice to have Mary playing her cello and Matthew even played his trumpet! Good sermon and some nice videos too!  I was able to sing 2 of 3 verses of Silent Night this year.  I usually  get through one. Memories of my dad come flooding back and I tear up virtually every time.  Then I say to myself, Dad would want you to sing.  Be happy! Jesus is Born!

As per tradition from my family years ago, we had hot dogs for dinner after church with cheese balls and Christmas cookies.  Watched some college football and Christmas movies.  Mary went to church with Brandon and his family at the midnight service.  Now we are all pretty tired and going off to sleep.

I have posted lots of pictures of our activities over the past few days. Enjoy and have a wonderful Christmas!

Gracie and family

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mistaken Identities

Sammy got the Christmas presents mixed up.  We came from a nice meal at Applebee's and found a gift opened under the tree!  If he had taken time to read the tags, he had a present just behind it and one to the side! So one of Jeff's and my present has torn open. Luckily the gift was one with two ornaments!  Perfect for just before Christmas.  Guess we had better watch him the next few days or we won't have any gifts to open on Saturday! I am getting excited!  Christmas is coming!

Yesterday was fun-filled. I had lunch with Jeff and the Mt Calvary Staff.  The food was good and the fellowship awesome.  Then I came home and took the kids shopping.  They all got some new clothes to wear for Christmas and we got some groceries too.  Mary and I quickly made up some Chicken Crescents for dinner.  By then, it was a little late to start making cookies.  So we played a little Wii and watched TV.  Really need to bake tomorrow!

Monday's trip to pick up Mary and Brandon went well. The roads were good all the way there and back. Mary's room has a new look, she has her bed lofted now with her dresser and desk underneath.  There is more room now and her couch is better situated. Sarah's friend, Kyle, met us there and then we all walked to Cottage Inn and had a delicious meal.  I finally got my cannoli and shared it with Sarah and Kyle. Brandon and Mary had Tiramisu.  We were all packed up and back on the road by 8 pm.  It sure is nice to have everyone home.  Mary and I made cookie dough after dinner! We tried to watch the eclipse through the night.  At 1 am, the sky was clear and the moon was full. By 1:30 pm the clouds were moving in and the moon only partially visible.  I did see just the beginning of the eclipse, but the rest of the night went downhill.  Mary went out around 2 am and the clouds were thick and no moon at all. :( My alarm went off at 0315 for the "peak" of the eclipse and I decided with clouds and cold, it was better to go back to sleep in my warm house. 

So tomorrow I will start the laundry, bake cookies, make a trip to Grand Rapids and finish wrapping gifts.   Better put extra tape on it so Sammy doesn't unwrap anymore!

That's all!


Monday, December 20, 2010

Time Enough to Breathe

We are in the thick of the homestretch to Christmas. I haven't really been too stressed yet, but that time could be coming.  I have a day by day things to do list I am living by right now.   So far I am on target.  Christmas cards should go out today, and  I am waiting for the rest of my gifts to arrive by mail. Still need to have a gift wrapping marathon and bake cookies with my girls.

Sarah arrived home safely on Friday and is glad to be done with tests, papers, rehab papers and the semester!  Now she can relax and enjoy the season with family!  Matthew is glad to be done with school for a few weeks too.   He was getting pretty grumpy with the homework, but now he has Sarah home and they like playing Wii games together.

Yesterday was a busy but great day at church.  Good Sunday School lesson, Choir sang nicely, good Sermon and Sarah sang "All is Well" just beautifully!  Moved a lot of people to tears of joy, myself included! Jeff and Matthew went sledding at a nearby park in the afternoon.  Another family from church was there, and they had a lot of fun together.  Too bad more people didn't come out and enjoy the snow.  I was tired and stayed home with Sarah. We both ended up taking a needed nap! 

Last night was the last night of bowling...Jeff and I made white chocolate covered pretzels for the potluck party.  We had fun making them and they turned out pretty good.  Our team received the top prize money and a flimsy magnet for the fridge that says league champions!  I bowled over average  on the first game, but not enough to win the prize money.  Then we had a 9 pin no-tap game where I got a 188 scratch game and 279 with handicap!  I almost won the prize money, but one lady ended up with a 296. Oh well still a personal best for's are great!  A 9 pin no-tap records a strike if you hit 9 pins down on your first ball.  Woohoo!  My last game was horrible, but no worries, it didn't count toward anything!  Jeff had a good night too, but like me didn't win any personal prize money.

Finally, Sarah and I will be driving to Ann Arbor this afternoon to pick up Mary and Brandon.  We were going to pick them up tomorrow, but my personal weatherman advised us to get them home today if possible. We are expecting 4 inches of snow tomorrow! So, we will have dinner at the Cottage together, load up and head back to Greenville tonight!   It will be nice to have everyone home.

That means that tomorrow is cookie baking day and make sure the gifts get out day!  Busy Busy Busy!

I do take time enough to breathe!


Thursday, December 16, 2010


It has been very cold here this week. No snow since Monday though.  I ended up cancelling kids choir and chime team.  There is plenty of snow to keep me wearing boots outside.  Not sure what the forecast is (how crazy is that?) and when we will get more snow. Just hope that Sarah makes it home safe tomorrow! Yay!  Hope that I have good weather next week when I go to Ann Arbor to pick up Mary and Brandon.

Attended Matthew's Choir Concert Monday evening and enjoyed it as always.  They announced another SNOW DAY that evening.  Matthew loves to have snow days, but they don't help with keeping up with school work.

Tuesday I attended the Chirstmas service for the circuit pastors their wives and the church secretaries.  It was very nice.  The ladies had a fun little quiz. Match the language with it's Merry Christmas.  I got 15 right out of about 20 I think.   Froehliche Weinachten!  Kurisumasu Omedeto Gozaimasu! Those are two that I will always remember.  Lunch at Winter Inn was very good. Got almost all of my Christmas shopping done, only a few things left to get.  The big job of  the day was reorganizing my music!  I think it took four or five hours!  It is so much better.  I have a nice new black and white box that I have stuff in next to the piano.  Looks nice!

I worked on Wednesday and had a tiring day.  Hailey was so busy getting into everything, but she had time to hug and cuddle with me too! Good for her to be busy, right?  She is a sweetheart!  They have a new large dog, a Mastiff...she is a gentle giant.  I like her so much.  She is good with all of the kids.

Choir rehearsal was short and productive.   I will be directing this Sunday.  Sarah is singing a solo as well. I can't wait. She sings so beautifully.  Was able to hear the last half of the Orchestra/Band concert afterward. It was nice too.  Kind of weird not seeing Mary up there.

This morning I have baked some cupcakes for the quilter's lunch, caught up with email, and talked with Sarah on the phone. That is always a treat!  Hope to wrap gifts this afternoon before a get together down the street and then a orchestra rehearsal.

Work tomorrow.  Then Sarah Home! Better get frosting!


Monday, December 13, 2010

It's Snow Day #1!

A Winning Season! Even though we had 5 inches of snow fall and frigid temperatures, our bowling league had position night and we were bowling for first place.  We won three points and took first place for the fall season!  Next week is "party night".  We pay to bowl but the scores don't count.  We also enjoy snacks together.  My scores were all over average last night with my high game in the 150's!

Today Matthew has no school.  He was happy to hear that last night already!  So he has a  whole day to catch up with his homework after missing school to perform with the Village Green. Tonight is supposed to be the GHS Choir Concert.  We will find out if it has been cancelled, since lots of times if school is cancelled, so are the extra activities.  I hope they don't, I look forward to that performance every year.  Last year Mary's orchestra concert was cancelled due to weather.

I am getting close to finishing my Christmas shopping, and I am pretty happy with my selections.  Should hear something from the hospital I interviewed at this week.  Three possible answers 1-Second Interview 2- We would love to have you! 3-Thanks but no thanks.  Will let you know what happens.  The girls have finals this week and then Sarah comes home this weekend and I will pick up Mary  and Brandon early next week.  Hope there isn't too much snow!

So what is on the docket today?
  • Finish the Laundry
  • Start Christmas Cards
  • More shopping for gifts.  
  • Kids Choir and Chime team, depending on the weather
  • GHS Choir Concert (hopefully)
  • Wrap gifts
That is all for now...better get to that list!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Snowy Conditions

It has been snowing for probably close to 7 hours now and we have several inches of wet slippery snow on the ground.  Looking at the radar, there is still more coming.  It started around 6 pm and was really coming down when Matthew and I came out of wal-mart at 9 last night.  The head elder will be calling early this morning (about 5 hours from now) to see if the roads are too dangerous for travelling to church. It was pretty slippery driving home.  Matthew is doing a pretty good job maneuvering on the roads.

Matthew had a good time at his lock in, enjoying a great pizza buffet, playing laser tag, driving indoor go-karts, bumper cars,and playing arcade games.  Guess they stopped at Denny's for breakfast and he had all you can eat pancakes for $4.  Slept all morning, of course. Then he worked hard at cleaning the house. Inside chores and then hung the wreath and plugged in the Christmas lights.  Jeff helped him with some other lights in some bushes and put out the nativity set before the snow hit.  Good thing!

Jeff and I enjoyed a Barbershop Christmas Concert in Grand Rapids this afternoon. The Grand Rapids Sweet Adelines performed along with a few quartets.  They were really good! The Men's Barbershop group, I think the Great Lakes Chorus did a nice job as well.  There were two quartets that sang. Then the groups came together sang some song together and we had a little sing-a-long too! Sure glad we went to the afternoon show, I am sure the traffic was horrible for the 7pm show!

Mary surprised us with a text with pictures from the Big Chill hockey game. Michigan played Michigan State in Ann Arbor outside at the Big House!  The Wolverines won 5-0!  GO BLUE!  Hoped she stayed warm. Mary caroled around campus with the Women's Glee and had a fun time.

Sarah was busy baking when she wasn't working on her reports. She made pancakes, muffins and cupcakes!  Took time out for some fun and participated in a snowball fight with the neighbors.  Guess they all had her cupcakes afterward.  Sarah said they were delicious.

Got some laundry and shopping done today.  We will see what we can accomplish tomorrow.

Goodnight from the snowglobe!


I have posted a few Village Green songs on the blog as you might have noticed.  Remember to pause my playlist first before playing my videos. Now, if you watch the videos on you tube (click on the little you tube square), click on subscribe or on WeatherNurse (my user name) first then subscribe and you will be notified when I upload another video. Sure hope this makes sense.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Some Good~Some Not So Good

  1. My day at work was a good one. Hailey is doing much better and is playing and hugging.  Her new favorite thing to do is "watch" TV.  She loves to see the colors and lights.
  2. Sarah reported that she received 100% on another rehab care plan!  Woohoo! She also had a group presentation this afternoon that went "pretty well".  Two more rehab plans to go!
  3. Matthew enjoyed his Village Green Christmas Party and is now on his way to the lock-in with a local church at Craig's Cruisers.  We pick him up around 0600.
  4. Mary is signed up for her winter semester classes.  She will be taking German, Intro to Literary Studies and a technical theatre class.  She is very excited.  In addition she will receive two credit hours, one for Women's Glee Club and one for playing in a Chamber Group.  I am so glad that she will be playing Liam again!
  5. Figured out how to post my you tube videos on the blog.  I am going to try to figure out how to post them like the girls did, on the links column to the right.
  1. My efforts for some great Christmas gifts are faltering.  Lost items on eBay, Conflicting information on another idea, and one gift turned out it to be a dream!  Better get my thinking cap back on!
  2. Supposed to go to a Christmas Barbershop Choir Concert tomorrow afternoon. Ordered tickets over the phone on Monday and they still haven't arrived.  
  3. Winter Storm Watch right now and Jeff is concerned that Church may have to be cancelled on Sunday due to hazardous driving conditions.  Will keep you updated
That is all for now...Have a great weekend!


Village Green Singers~"Need A Little Christmas"

Just a Quick Update...

Lunch with the quilter's was delicious.  Kentucky Fried Chicken, I brought chicken noodle soup and cookies for dessert.  It is always nice to have a nice lunch together.

We spent about 5 hours in Grand Rapids this afternoon.  First was Jeff's appointment for another opinion about his neck.  It was a good visit and we are all on the same page.  No surgery.  This doctor was very good about educating us about the whole situation.  We are very thankful.

Then we went shopping for an office desk chair for Jeff.  Not a lot out there worth anything.  We just couldn't find anything that was tall enough with good lumbar support and adjustable arm rests. We had fun together and bought a few things along the way.

Tonight was the annual Grand Rapids Symphony Christmas Pops Concert. It was fabulous as always!  We were part of the world premiere of a new song.  No one has ever heard it until tonight at our theatre!  How cool is that?  It was an awesome song.  Just read on facebook, that Greenville Performing Arts Center at GHS is the only other venue that the Symphony plays at other than DeVos Hall.  I think that is pretty awesome.  We are so blessed!

I am working tomorrow and I had better get better sleep tonight.  I have been going to bed too late.  It should be a pretty busy day too.
  1. Work 9-5
  2. Matthew has school with choir performances for the elemenatary schools.
  3. Village Green Christmas Party and then the Lock In at Craigs Cruisers.
  4. I need to buckle down and get the laundry done along with other unfinished chores.
  5. Barbershop Christmas Concert on Saturday afternoon.



Thursday, December 9, 2010

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah Day!

Sarah sent me this picture yesterday by text while I was at work.   Couldn't wait to share it with everyone!  The comments from the teacher says it all!  This is her grade sheet from her rehabilitaion plan for ACL injuries (knee).  We are very proud of her!  She said all of her hard work paid off, including locking herself in her room and taking it in the car while she was home for Thanksgiving.  

Sarah is also experiencing a winter wonderland. Tons of snow has fallen, her car is "buried" and her house is chilly, which is a challenge for her and her Raynaud's Syndrome.  She is doing all she can to stay warm inside and outside!

Mary is happy to almost finished with her first sememster of college.  Things are winding down and then next week is finals. Tomorrow she will be choosing her classes for the winter semester.  She is happy with her new job in the law quad, washing dishes, setting up for meals and cleaning the kitchen. I will be picking her and her friend up on December 21st. 

Matthew is busy singing with Village Green performances, One Act rehearsals and homework. This Friday he is going to a "lock-in" with another church to Craigs Cruisers.   He is very excited about it!

Today promises to busy...lunch with the quilters, a trip to Grand Rapids then to the Grand Rapids Symphony Christmas Pops concert tonight in Greenville.  So glad they make the trip here once a year! Better get running~!


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Super Sunday-Monday- Tuesday

Super Sunday started with a great Sunday School lesson about Zechariah, Elizabeth and Mary.  Of course I included my favorite parts of the story "John leaped in the womb" when Mary arrived for her visit.  The class had a chance to leap too...we had a jumping contest, even I participated.  My other favorite part is "His Name is John". The kids made a Christmas Countdown Chain with a word from the story on each link.  That way they can remember the story each day.  Church was very nice and the kids choir did an exceptional job with one of their favorite songs, "Soon and Very Soon"!  Had lunch at church with the Sunday School and then right back to the sanctuary for Sunday School Christmas Rehearsal until almost 1:30 pm.   Downstairs in the fellowship hall there was the Voter's Meeting.

Then we were off to the Cass Street Friends Holiday Party at Greenville Floral.  It was very nice with cookies, punch and the making of wreaths.  Jeff and Matthew worked together and made a very nice wreath. Matthew even learned to make a bow! The store was decorated nicely, had snow flying outside and spent time looking at the antiques in the shop, upstairs and downstairs.  Matthew was especially taken with the pump organ that he played  and the water fall that could go in a garden. When we were leaving around 3pm, we heard that there was a bad accident at the intersection at our house. When we arrived home, sure enough our street was blocked and there were police and an ambulance there.  Looks like one car was speeding and another that failed to yield.  Whatever happened one car was pushed into the street sign which is now bent over. One person was put on a board and taken to the hospital.  I was home long enough to change my clothes, collect my jingle bells and head back to church for the Advent By Candlelight event.  The kids choir sang very nice as was the devotion too.  Then there were treats and gifts for all.

Now you might say enough is enough! But I still had to bowl 3 games, or at least try. No matter how I tried, exhaustion took over and I bowled poorly, not even reaching my average all night.  Miraculously we won a game and lost total only by four pins!  Norma reported to me today that we are still in first place.  Can you say Divine Intervention??? Hahahahahaha.  I understand that the lane conditions were less than acceptable.  I can't tell the difference, but the rest of my team can.  We still had our meal togeher afterwards and then collapsed when I got home.

Monday I spent some time on the computer trying to "win" a Christmas gift on eBay.  I lost.  Jeff and I went for a walk out in the cold air and tried to get me some exercise.  We attended the Lions Dinner at our church Monday evening and enjoyed watching Matthew perform with the Village Green.  Took some nice video that I am in the process of posting on my new YouTube account.  Search Village Green Singers.  Spent more time on the computer afterward trying to figure out how to get the pictures posted.  Stayed up way too late.

This morning I got up and ready for my job interview.   I think it went pretty well and the unit was very nice and the people friendly.  Lots of opportunity for personal growth.   I was there two hours some answering questions and some touring the unit and the hospital. I should hear something next week. Met my buddies for lunch then came home and took a little nap.   Matthew came home from play rehearsal and we headed to Wal-Mart for some shopping.  Cashed in some McDonald's coupons for dinner and then headed back to GHS for the boys Basketball game.  Jackets won!  Now, I have caught up with the Blog and emails, it is time to wind down for the night.  Guess Laundry is going to have to wait a few days.   I work tomorrow,

Thursday I bring a side dish to our Quilter's Lunch and then go to the doctor with Jeff for another opinion about his neck problems.  He is feeling fine, but feel it is better to get another opinion while you feel ok instead of making quick decisions when you are in pain.  Thursday night we have tickets to the GR Symphony  Christmas Pops Concert at Greenville Performing Arts Center at GHS.  It is always a great show, and they usually bring snow!

Have a great day!  Hoping to get more pictures posted very soon!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Finally Feeling Better

Praise the Lord~my cold is gone, I am back to work, shopping and keeping up with life's events.
  • Hanging of the Greens was very nice.  I was very proud of the MCLC Orchestra. We played for service, getting music minutes before it started.  This was an informal service and now our sanctuary is beautiful with the tree, lights and banners.
  • I have gotten a lot of shopping done and the rest of my list planned.  Shopping online is fun, lots of things to look at, compare prices, and even get free shipping on some orders!  Execution of the Christmas plan is in progress. Need to stay focused on the real reason for the season!  I am pretty excited!
  • First day back to work was fine. Hailey is happy and smiley!  Got lots of hugs and cuddles. I walked downtown after work and watched the Greenville Christmas Parade. It was cold, but not as bad as last year.  Got some video of the GHS Band, friends, and even some animals, a search dog team and horses. I posted one on facebook.
  • All of us had dinner at El Rancho and then attended the first Girl's Basketball game at GHS.  We lost in the end, but it was a very close game.
  • I woke up with a very bad headache, took medicince and went back to bed until almost noon. Felt better and enjoyed Wii games with Matthew,watching Harry Potter and  college football. There have been some really crazy close and OT games lately.  Glad to see that Washington won tonight. Now I am watching the Oklahoma vs Nebraska game.  For now it is tied, but it can go either way.  Come on Sooners beat those Cornhuskers!
  • We attended a wedding today as well.  It was very nice, I especially like the red color scheme.  
  • Tomorrow is going to be a BUSY Sunday. First, Sunday School (need to plan), Kid's Choir Sings for church and then there is a voter's meeting and Sunday School Program Practice. There is a neighborhood get together at a local florist before I am back at church for the ladies "Advent By Candlelight".  The kids' choir will sing and I am playing for the devotion portion.  Hope I have enough energy for bowling.  We are still ahead by 3 points, so we need to keep bowling well. My Wii bowling has been good, so maybe that will help me tomorrow night.
  • Matthew had a Village Green performance at a bank in the neighboring town of Lowell. All went well and they will be performing for many community events over the next few weeks. They will sing for the Lion's Club, Monday at our church.
  • This week is shaping up for fun too: One Act Play rehearsals start for Matthew. I have a job interview on Tuesday, and work on Wednesday and Friday. Thursday we are going to the GR Symphony Christmas Pops here in Greenville.  Friday Matthew will be going to a lock in with a Greenville Church youth group to one of his favorite places, Craigs Cruisers.  Whew!
Better get planning for Sunday School!


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

First Snow

What a nice way to start December, with our first "real" snowfall!  It is so beautiful and there is now a white blanket of snow covering Greenville, MI.  Sarah has reported snow, of course, since Holland is in the snow belt of West Michigan.  Mary just sent me a picture from the University of Michigan getting their first snow too! Jeff was right~Winter is here! Guess I had better get the snow boots, hats and gloves out! Even Sammy wanted to go out several times this morning and sniffed the air among other things!

Doctor reports:
  • Matthew's check up went so well, he doesn't have to go back for six months! Praise the Lord!  We will have to wait for lab results to make sure that it is all normal.  No reason to think otherwise.
  • I went to the doctor's office and saw a PA yesterday.  My lungs are clear. Got antibiotics for the begininng of a sinus infection.  Feeling better today and my voice is almost back to normal!
  • Our cars are in the hospital.  The Prius is getting an oil change, tire rotation, and a once over to see why our check engine light comes on intermittantly.  The Camry needs a new part and both should be ready today! Jeff has a loaner car and Matthew continues to drive the van.  It will be his first time driving in the snow. Luckily there isn't much on the roads.
The TV shuffle is completed.  The little TV in our room moved to Sarah's room.  The old monster TV from the den moved upstairs to our room and our new 42" TV is in the den.  Wow! It is so awesome.  Matthew even played one video game before bed.  It was a long process to get everything in place, but it sure is nice.

Tonight is our Hanging of the Greens advent service.  The orchestra is playing the music and by the end of the evening, our church will be all decorated for Christmas!  I need to finish decorating our own house. Not too much to do.  

Well, that is all for now.  Have a great December 1st.