Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Year is Almost Over

We have had a busy few days since Grandma arrived. It is so nice to have her here with us. We have enjoyed watching movies together, cooking, baking, worshipping, and shopping together.

Sunday service was well attended eventhough the weather was very treacherous. The winds were howling through our town with gusts over 50 mph. The wet roads turned icy and the cold air was back with a vengeance. The chimes played well and we were happy to have a friend of Mary's worship with us. After church, Sarah, Grandma and I made Chocolate Mint Surprise cookies and then made over 75 korean potstickers. We all enjoyed our Korean meal. Bulkoogi and Rice with Yakimondue (the triangle things).

Monday was going to the mall day. We left in the afternoon and got everything accomplished except for finding a furniture store. More on that later. Luckily we found a Red Robin and enjoyed our delicious burgers and bottomless baskets of fries. Matthew won a large white teddy bear from the claw machine. We came home with lots of great things. I especially was happy to get a M*A*S*H* DVD and the book "Multiple Blessings". We were looking for a Wii, but they are no where to be found. It is probably for the best.

Today I had my doctor appointment and received a good report. That in itself makes me feel better. Great to know things are healing as expected. Now to the furniture store. We have been meaning to get a new sofa to replace an old futon that is in our den. It is being sentenced to the basement. We found a sleeper sofa that will match our rocker and is comfortable. It will be delivered on Tuesday of next week. We don't need any new furniture delivered while my mom is here. She has a very bad allergy to formaldehyde. Hopefully, by her next visit it will be all "aired" out. Mary has her friends over for the night and we had a pizza dinner. Wal-Mart was our next adventure. Snow began to fall as we left. We spent over a hour shopping for food, meds and a few household items. Matthew has been saving up for an iPod and finally purchased an iPod Touch. He is very happy with it. Coming out of Wal-Mart we found an inch of snow on the ground and now have at least 3 inches.

Tomorrow I hope to get some sewing done, play scrabble and get ready for new years. Mary will be at a friends and we will have a few friends over. I suppose we will bake a few more cookies to replace the ones we ate.

Guess I don't have to tell you we are ready for bed.


Saturday, December 27, 2008

Good News!

Grandma Heumann made it Greenville Michigan yesterday safe and sound! We are all happy to have her here. We stopped for a steak dinner at Logan's Roadhouse. Outside Grandma made her first snowball in over 30 years! She nailed Sarah with the snowball. She was amazed by all of the snow on the ground here. It was a long day and not without some disturbing stories of her flights on Northwest Airlines. The airport/airline stafff just aren't friendly anymore. Paying for luggage, being interrogated about her carryon bag, all shades in the window of the plane were to be kept down and don't ask for coke, it is pepsi! Changing planes in Detroit was a nightmare. Counter and Gate personell refused to help her. By the time she got to her connecting flight sirens were going off about a security breech. The pilot referred to the instruments not working as they should and they had to circle around to make an attempt to land on a different runway. The most incredible story was at the Orlando check in. Her bag was selected to be searched. The dude told her she sure packs things well and asked what was in all the gifts she had. Then he found a package of Pupperoni treats for our dog Sammy, and asked why she had them. He never heard of anyone bringing treats to a dog before, even asked what kind of dog it was. What a jerk. My mom wanted to respond that the dog treats were in-flight snacks, but didn't want to get into trouble so just smiled and cooperated.

Once in Greenville, we just kicked back and relaxed, watched some tv and got some sleep. During the night the temperatures rose over 50 degrees and we had a thunderstorm around 3 am just as my personal weatherman had predicted just over a week ago. He is such a great forecaster! It has a been a dreary rainy day all day with fog and melting snow all around. The snow that once went up to Mary and Joseph's head is now down to their waistline. We wonder when the baby Jesus will finally appear. Maybe on Epiphany! We have spent the day baking cookies, making Korean beef for tomorrow and playing music. Mary gave Grandma a book to read, and she can't put it down until it is done. Prediction before bed, maybe earlier!

We received some wonderful news from Hope College yesterday in the mail. Sarah was named to the Dean's List for her academic achievement. Congratulations Sarah!

I guess we will plan activities for the next few days and the new year, which will include a trip to our favorite mall only 45 minutes away, unless you miss the exit like I did once and it took over an hour! Mary is planning a sleepover and I have a doctor's visit on Tuesday. I feel pretty good today, and hope to get a good report from my surgeon.

That is all for now...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's a Wonderful Life! Merry Chirstmas

The Wilhelms had a very nice Christmas. Talking with family from across the miles and the opening of gifts. Everything was great! Our family photo album has lots of new pictures. Jeff spent a lot of time removing snow from the flat roof over his office. We watched several movies and played games. Sarah is using her new camera, Mary likes her new music program on the computer and Matt has done a little of all the things he loves-movies games and reading. We had a pork roast dinner tonight complete with pumpkin pies made by Mary. So what a wonderful life we have. We have one another, family and most of all a loving God who cares for us. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Well, this my official first post since surgery. Sarah has been typing my dictation. I feel pretty good, rest a lot and try to take it easy. Thanks for all of your prayers. Things really are going well. We look forward to Mom Heumann arriving tomorrow. We will have a fun time!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I'm Livin' Through a White Christmas

Well, we've survived 7 more inches of snow in the last two days, including a lot of sleet today. What a mess ... but we were able to hold our Christmas Eve candlelight service. It was very well attended, despite the winter weather. Grace felt well enough to attend, and even directed the Chime Team. They played at the beginning, Orchestra and organ accompanied most of the Christmas carols and hymns, and the choirs all sang well! Glory to God in the highest, and peace to His people on earth.

Grace continues to recover, getting a little stronger every day. Sarah, Mary and Matt are helping out around the house to keep up with kitchen, laundry and cleaning chores. Jeff pitches in as well, keeping especially busy with snow removal. Unfortunately, we can't make it disappear. But God is sending a heat wave in a few days that threatens to saturate the snowpack even more with lots of rain. Could be a lot of problems around here with flooding and leaking roofs.

We're going to enjoy a Family Christmas, and wish you all a very blessed Christmas. Celebrate His birthday and share the gift of His love. God bless us everyone!

Monday, December 22, 2008

More Snow. Doing Better

Well its snowing again. Jeff spent atleast another hour and a half with the snowblower outside. We're pretty sure we're in for another 8 inches before Christmas. I wonder if we'll be able to look outside our windows. hehe. Let's hope the roads are clear to pick up Grandma at the airport on Friday. Anyone who hasn't seen snow should come now cause we've got lots. I can't even sled which really stinks.

I am feeling much better after my doctor's appointment. I still need plenty of rest and as I heal I have to be careful not to over do it because I am feeling better. The doctor was very nice today and had good reports. I would like to share one vivid moment before I went off to sleep. I remember the doctor holding my hand as the anesthesiologist was putting me to sleep. What a caring person she is. It shows there are still doctors out there who really care about the patient.

Sarah sent off the boxes and all the letters are ready to be mailed. Our plan is working together to accomplish those last minute details.

I guess that's it for now, just a quick update. A woman from church brought chicken enchilladas for dinner. They should be ready in about 30 minutes. Good thing my appetite is coming back cause they are delicious. We'll keep you posted.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Home at Last

Surgery went successfully, although it was rather lengthy. I didn't get to my room till late evening and don't really remember much till the middle of the night. The staff at the hospital was very good and very friendly. they took good care of me. Big kudos to the anesthesiologist who prevented any nausea. I had a choice to stay another night at the hospital but because of another winter storm approaching we made arrangements to go home late last night. It was the right decision. I seem to be recovering slowly but things are going pretty well. I see the doctor tomorrow.

The winter storm started around 9:30 pm and it was snowing and blowing all morning. Mary and Joseph are barely visible now. Church was not cancelled but was not able to attend. Mary and Jeff led the orchestra and the Sunday School watched Red Boots for Christmas. I am just guessing but I think there is around 18 inches of snow on the ground. Looks like we'll have a white christmas after all.

The kids have been pretty helpful. All the christmas presents are wrapped and the boxes are ready to be shipped. Now we just have to finish up the chirstmas cards. The majority of it is completed.

That's all I can think of right now. Time for me to rest. Thank you for all your prayers.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Pictures by Request

These are some pictures from this morning that mom asked me to post for her.

Snow Day Snow Day!

When I got up around 4 am and looked outside it was snowing like crazy. By 5am the message came that school was closed. No school until 2009! Yay! As I look out my window now, Mary and Joseph's head are sticking out from the snow. I wonder if they will be visible at all when I come home from the hospital.

We will be leaving for the hospital at noon. Jeff and Mary are going to shovel and snow blow, so that we can get out of the garage. That gives us 1.5 hours to get to Grand Rapids. That should be plenty of time. Hopefully there won't be any traffic jams/wrecks on the way.

I guess that is it. My next post will be post-op and when I get to feeling better. Thanks for all of you prayers today.


Nearing the Zero Hour

We are just about 12 hours away from surgery. I had my last glass of milk with cookies before midnight. I am staying awake as long as possible, so I can sleep later and not get too hungry. The hospital nurse that I talked to today said I could have clear liquids until 11 am, the doctors office called at 5 pm and said nothing after midnight. Just wondering which one I should follow? For now, I guess I won't drink anything.

A big winter storm is moving our way. The forecast calls for ~3 inches overnight and ~6 inches tomorrow. We hope the ride into Grand Rapids won't be too difficult. The kids went to bed wondering if there will be school tomorrow. Some say yes, others no. Sarah will be in charge tomorrow while I am at the hospital. Jeff tells me that another larger storm will be right behind it on Sunday. It looks like Grandma Heumann will get to see lots of snow!

The kids and I got a lot done today. The presents are wrapped and boxed up ready for shipping. The Christmas letters are stuffed in the envelopes and just need addresses and stamps. Something I can do after I get home. The laundry is done and there are enought groceries for meals for the next week or so. We even went to the high school basketball game. It was very exciting, lots of action. Our team lost by 3, after coming from behind by at least 10. Sarah worked with Mr Day. Mary had her last Christmas Village Green performance. Once home, she wrote some essays that are due, just in case there is school.

Besides my surgery tomorrow, Sarah is planning on attending the Wrestling Tournament at the high school tomorrow evening. There is an elder's party too. Guess we will miss that one. Mary has a party on Saturday and Sarah has one on Sunday. Much of these activities will depend on the weather, I suppose.

Well, I am feeling tired. I am going off to bed for awhile. Thanks for your prayers!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Although we had 3 new inches of snow, Mary and Matthew had school. They have only 2 days left until vacation, but with the storm approaching, Friday could be a snow day. Time will tell. I told both of them to bring home their instruments on Thursday.

Tonight was the GHS Choir Concert. It was really wonderful. Lots of good singing. I posted some pictures for you. Mary wrote a poem for the director as a gift from the Village Green and read it aloud. She is so talented! She presented him and the accompanist with some home baked cookies too! Sarah was reunited with some of her classmates from last year. She went over to a friends house to catch up and watch movies. I am glad she is having fun. I told her to sleep there if it gets too late. I don't want her driving late at night by herself in the cold and icy weather.

Sarah went to work with me today and babysat the two younger boys. It was nice to have her with me. It was a good day for me too. Hailey is well and very happy. She crawled over to me many times to give me hugs and smiles. That gave me a lot of joy! I will miss her a great deal when I recover and have medical leave for 6 weeks. Today was my last day.

I got a call from the doctors' office this morning. Someone cancelled their surgery and now I will have my surgery on Friday afternoon at 3:30pm. They knew how much it means for me to at least try to get to church on Christmas Eve. I think it was pretty nice of them Hopefully the roads will have been plowed, so that travel to Grand Rapids won't be too bad. We will have to leave earlier than normal, that is for sure. Sure hope they don't cancel surgery for weather! Please say a prayer for me now to stay healthy and on Friday for sucessful surgery and quick recovery. Thanks!
I guess that is all for now. You know I will keep you posted.. Maybe Jeff can post something after surgery so you know how I am doing. I think the patient rooms have internet access.

Good Night!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snowy Snowy Night

I was up at 0430 and to work by 0500. It was an easy shift of 3 hours and Hailey slept the whole time. Sleep was on my schedule, but I got busy doing other things and never got around to the nap. The Christmas letter is done, shopping almost done and laundry half done. I even made dinner. Sarah was a big help to me. It is so nice to have her home. Now I just need to wrap things and sent them off. We baked some cookies too. We were quite productive.

Tonight was the Band/Orchestra Christmas concert. It was great! There were several portions, Jazz Band, JV Band (Matt's Band), Concert Band and The the Symphony Orchestra (Mary's group). At the end all the musicians played "Sleigh Ride" a tradition and one of my favorites. We had some good seats and I got one good picture of Mary. Matt was hidden behind the flutes, so I didn't get a picture of him.

Making reference to my heading, it is snowing again. We are supposed to get 2-4 inches tonight. Maybe ~6" on Friday. I guess that is another good reason to have surgery next week instead, it isn't fun driving to Grand Rapids in this, or getting stuck there on the weekend.

Tomorrow I will work, I always work after or during a big snow. Then there is the choir advent service at 7 and the GHS Choir concert at 8:15. I am looking forward to that performance too.

Next update-soon! I'll let you know how much snow we got, if there is school and how the concert and church went.

Until then, think sunny thoughts!


Monday, December 15, 2008

The Ever Changing Date

Well, I got a call from my doctor and my surgery date had to be changed. The new date is 12/22/08. I sure hope all goes well and that I can be home for Christmas Eve. I am not sure there is much hope for attending church that night though. Jeff and I have decided that we just need to go with the flow and have the procedure done. It should have been done 6 months ago. After meeting with this doctor, I am glad that I waited. She is so much nicer and seems to really care about me and my needs. The silver lining to this is that I can attend several parties that I would have otherwise missed. Everything happens for a reason.

Sunday was a busy day. The Sunday School Christmas program took place and the kids did a great job! I was so proud of them. The whole service was very nice and we received many compliments. I have posted a few pictures.

The Chime Team played for our church's Advent Tea. We played really well. One gal couldn't make it, so Sarah substituted and did great. We played 3 hymns from the hymnal and one anthem, O Come Little Children. The team was invited to stay and have goodies. What were they thinking, I have 3 teenage boys on the team! There was plenty of food and the devotion was nice too. Sarah agreed to be the candle lighter.

Last night was our last night of bowling until after the new year. Jeff starts on the 4th of January and I will start after my doctor allows it. Probably in February. Anyway, we received our winnings and also a patch that says "League Champions". I am very happy about that!

Today was a 2 hour delay day for school. It was very windy and the back roads needed some work before the busses went to pick up students. It was warm, 45, yesterday with rain and some sleet. Overnight it got very cold and it going to stay cold all week. There is still snow on the ground, but the streets are in pretty good shape. Don't know if we will get another dose of snow before Christmas or if we will have another thaw. Time will tell.

Tomorrow is the High School Band/Orchestra concert, and Wednesday is the Choir concert. I am sure both will be very good and I look forward to the both. Wednesday is also our last Advent service with the church choirs singing. I think it will be a nice service.

Last but certainly not least, we had another bat in the basement. Very unusual for the winter months. I have a call into the "bat man" and we await his call for the next step to their eviction or demise.
In between these activities, I am still trying to get the laundry done, shopping finished, gifts wrapped and sent and put the finishing touches to the Christmas letter and get them in the mail. Will there be enough time? Probably not, but I am going to just keep plugging along, accomplishing one at a time.

That is all. Better get off to bed. I need to be at work at 0500!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

There is NEVER Enough Time!

It seems no matter how hard I try, I just don't have enough time to get things done. Planning for church activities, work reports, Christmas Shopping, Laundry (of course!), baking cookies, writing Christmas Letters and the list goes on!

Matthew and I went to pick up Sarah at Hope College. We sure brought a lot of things home. It is really nice having her home. Of course she is constant contact with her friends from school. She got a large texting bill, that will be a learning experience not to text over your limit. Sarah had a fever when I brought her home, but is feeling much better now.

Today was our last Sunday School rehearsal. It went pretty well. I think that the service should go well tomorrow as long as everyone watches and does what they are supposed to do. I wanted to go sledding today, but I had and have a lot to do tonight, and it is really cold and I do need to stay healthy. It is supposed to warm up a little and then rain on the snow for the next few days, before it turns cold again. Tomorrow is our last day of bowling. We will receive our winnings tomorrow. First place team!

Time is going to fly by next week. I want to get all the Christmas and Grocery Shopping, laundry and cleaning done before my surgery on Thursday. After that I will be quite limited to what I can do. No more shoveling or laundry for 6 weeks!

That is all for now...back to the list of things to complete.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A Summary

Today was a pretty productive day. I got some errands and shopping done before going to my doctor's appointment. I really like my doctor. She explained things very well and assisted me in making the best decisions. Jeff was impressed with her too. I will be spending the night in the hospital and I can bowl at the beginning of February.

The highlight of the day was the Grand Rapids Symphony concert at Greenville High School. Mary's quartet played pre-concert music in the lobby. Lots of good music and the condutor is a great people person too. There were lots of carols and one of my favorites each year, Sleigh Ride! You can hear part of that song on the link above. They also played from the Nutcracker. The audience gave a standing ovation and then they played an encore. It was truly spectacular. They played Manheim Steamroller's Silent Night. It was beautiful. You could have heard a pin drop when the song ended. Then another loud applause. The cello part is so beautiful...I'd love to get it for Mary to play one year. Matthew ran most of the lights tonight at the concert and really loved it. I love to hear the stories he has of what goes on behind the scenes at a concert, while we sit back and listen.

We had rain, sleet, snow and more snow. Jeff said around 3 inches today. The roads are pretty slippery tonight. We wonder if there will be school tomorrow? We will know before 0600. It was a good thing we put up our Christmas lights at Thanksgiving. It is way too cold now. Our house is one of only a few in the neighborhood with lights on their house. It looks so pretty. Mary and Joseph and half way under the snow. Jesus is completely covered again.

That is all. Need to get some rest, since I work tomorrow.

Good Night!

No School~Snow Day #2

Well it has only been several hours since I signed off. Jeff got up ~0530 and it was official.. No School today. He still plans to have the circuit meeting, so I am up baking the breakfast bread. I was contemplating starting some more laundry, but have decided to lay down on the couch. I have my alarm set, so I won't burn the bread. Later Everyone~


More Snow....

Yesterday's precipitation was some snow followed by sleet and freezing rain and then snow again. We probably got another 2 inches of snow tonight. The big question is-Will there be school tomorrow? Jeff thinks we will have more snow and freezing rain tomorrow. The roads were not too bad today. They were a little slick on the way home from chime team practice. Hopefully they will be ok later this afternoon when we drive to Grand Rapids for my doctor's appointment. The Symphony is tonight at 7pm. Matthew will be working with the crew.

Sammy's grooming was successful. He is clean and soft. I got a lot done in the way of paper work. I created a bulletin for an Advent service, shopped online for Christmas, did errands and cooked one of Matthew's favorite meals, Chicken Casserole. Oh I did four loads of laundry too! We were glad to receive Grandma and Grandpa Wilhelm's package today along with lots of Christmas mail and letters from Grandma Heumann. One special surprise was a CD of our nephew, Eric's concert. He and his buddy composed a song and played it..It was awesome! Wow! Congratulations Eric on a job well done. He also played a solo by Chopin that was fantastic. I am just amazed! I only wish I could have been there live!

Sarah had a Christmas party last night that she baked cookies for. I guess there is a kitchen somewhere in Cook Hall. Anyway, she got a burn from the oven when she took them out. It hurts, but it is NOT a severe burn. It will heal. She had a blast at the party. Two more exams and then home for nearly a month! Yay! I hope I remember to bring the bucket and towel so we can transport the fish home during break. Maybe she will bring some of the great Hope bottled water. Mmmmm.

Better get to bed. Have to check on the school situation early and also bake some breakfast bread for circuit meeting tomorrow. It will rise all night, and then I will bake it in the morning so it will be warm for the meeting.

We will keep you posted..


Sunday, December 7, 2008

We are the Champions

I am so excited! Our bowling team, Guys and Dolls, won 3 points tonight to clinch first place in the Sunday night mixed league! I bowled really well..a 146-112-140 for a 398 series! Woohoo! Jeff's bowled a 185-157-140 for a 482 series! A dream come true for me. I won't be bowling for at least 6 weeks after my surgery. I hope that I can join in starting in February. I will have to ask my doctor on Tuesday. I am starting a list of questions for her.

Someone shook the snowglobe in W. Michigan. The snow is falling pretty hard tonight. Jeff thinks we might get 2 inches of new snow tonight. Another big storm is heading for us this week with an possible accumulation of 8 inches! I wonder how much school we will have! Sarah reports at least knee deep snow in Holland. It will be quite a trip to pick Sarah up this Thursday.

Church went well. Today's word was prepare. Another good sermon. The choir anthem went well too. I don't think anyone noticed my mistakes. There was a voter's meeting that was rather lengthy, but very productive without any problems.

Mary played a gig yesterday for a Christmas party. I took this picture of her cello case with a santa hat. It almost looks like a person. Liam the cello stays safe inside.

Well that is all. Matthew is quizzing me on notes on the piano just by hearing them. I am doing pretty well. So long from winter wonderland!


Saturday, December 6, 2008

What Am I Going to Do?

Well, it is going to be the Gators vs. the Sooners for the National Championship! What am I going to do? Who will I root for? I guess I could say I will win either way, but still I need to choose a team.. Everyone knows I am a big Gator fan, but I love Oklahoma and the Sooners, especially the one I am married to! Both are deserving teams.

It has been a very cold week. I don't know if we made it over freezing! We have gotten a total of 10-12 inches this week. The temperatures this week won't even make it to 30, so the snow will be staying all week long and my weatherman tells me that there is another possible 6 inches Tuesday. I'd like to go sledding tomorrow, but we will see how busy and how cold it is before getting out the sled. Matthew marched in the Santa parade last night and couldn't play a note! His trumpet's valves were frozen stiff! He said several of the horn players were freezing their tongues to their mouthpiece on purpose. Evidently, it only lasts a few seconds. Matt didn't participate in that event!

Work was pretty good this week. Hailey has been sick, and I have had to do more nursing than playing and teaching with her. She is doing better tonight. I work again Wed and Friday this week. She is a real cutie and I will miss her while I am off for six weeks recovering from surgery. I will have to visit so she doesn't forget her favorite nurse!

Speaking of my upcoming surgery, I had an appt. with my primary doctor for clearance on Tuesday. When he got into the room, he looked a little confused. He said, "Are you having cataract surgery?" No. That is what was written on the paper in my chart. Hmmm. We got all the information correct and I was cleared for my procedure on the 18th. Labs and EKG were all normal. I see the surgeon this week for my preop visit. Jeff will be going with me to meet her and hear the whole plan too. Two sets of ears are better than one when it comes to doctor visits.

There are so many activities going on. Lots of musical events including choir rehearsals, chime team and orchestra and Mary is perfoming with the Village Green at many events over the next few weeks. She also has a few cello gigs during the holidays. Let's not forget the Sunday School program that is next week. We still have lots of absent kids. I hope we can pull this off without too many problems. The quilters celebrated my friend Norma's birthday last week. We had a nice lunch out and then cake. Happy birthday!

Matthew is really enjoying being part of the stage crew. He is going to work as part of the stage crew for a few evening shows at the high school, including the Grand Rapids Symphony. For now he works for experience, but once he has enough hours and passes an exam, he can get paid for working.

We finally got the Christmas decorations up and the tree trimmed. Matthew did the tree and had a new idea. He has sections of ornaments. A Baby Jesus section, music section, kid's craft ornaments section, and the snowman section to name a few. Maybe I will take pictures and post them in the future.

So what is in store for us this week? Sammy gets groomed on Monday. No more close cuts for him. Just a bath and trim. Chime team has practice. We are playing for our church's Advent by Candlelight the following Sunday. Tuesday is my trip to the doctor in Grand Rapids and then we will attend the GR Symphony Christmas Concert in Greenville. It always snows when they come to town. Wed I work a weird schedule and Thursday I quilt. My buddy Norma will be at her craft show nearby, so we will take her lunch and visit her tables of items. I am calling it a field trip! After quilting, I will take the dog sled to Holland to pick up Sarah from college. Her last final is at noon and she tells me she will be ready for pick up at 4pm. I hope the dogs don't get too tired, because there is orchestra at 7 pm. Whew! I work on Friday and then hope to go to the GHS boys basketball game. Saturday is Sunday School practice, the last one!

I guess I had better get some rest. I play for the choir tomorrow. "Come Emmanuel Come" I played it before and I practiced tonight, so it should go pretty well from my standpoint. So welcome winter! Jeff just reported that it is now 16 degrees~Brrr!

From a torn college football fan,


Monday, December 1, 2008

First Snow Day of the Season!

Jeff took some really great pictures this morning just after I left for work. It looks like we live in the north pole! It has gotten really cold tonight and now the roads are pretty icy and slippery. It will be interesting to see if there will be school tomorrow. Tonight's activities went on as scheduled. The Village Green singers sang for the Lions Club and our chime team had a good rehearsal afterward.

I had a good day at work. Unfortunately it looks like Hailey is getting another ear infection. We just don't know what to do anymore. She is on antibiotics a lot and it seems no matter what, they just keep on coming back. With winter here, it is really scary, since she seems to be sicker in the winter than the summer and fall. Keep her in your prayers please. Thanks.

Tomorrow is one of my doc appointments and I am supposed to help get an Advent service together. I am glad that I can sleep in for a little bit tomorrow. Even if there is school, I might ask Jeff to drive in the morning judging by the road conditions tonight.

That is all for now.. we will keep you updated with any news this week.

Grace (before I went to work)