Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Jeff and Grace at the Pastors' Conference

Mission Point Resort, Mackinac Island

Friday, October 5, 2012

An Anniversary, Tigers Win, Family Update

Yesterday was the anniversary of our engagement.   It's amazing that I still remember that 28 years later. My first dinner at the Officer's Club, being speechless when he proposed and hearing the waitress coach me "say yes, lady, say YES!"  Then the people dining  around us cheered and the waitress brought us a bottle of champagne "on the house" to celebrate!  We then hurried off to get my ring sized, but I couldn't part with it, so I wore it home instead.  Evidently our families knew what was happening that weekend, and were waiting for the announcement.  Stevie Wonder's song "I Just Called to Say I Love You" came on the radio and will  be a special memory each time I hear it until I die. We set a date for our wedding quickly, April 13th.  It would be spring break so family would be able to come!  I didn't want to get married in the summer down in South Florida...it is just too hot! I didn't want to be grumpy on my wedding day.

The leaves have turned color early this year. We are going to Mackinac Island next week and hope that the leaves are still on the trees and that we can enjoy their beauty.  The temperatures have also gotten cooler.  The highs are in the 50's.  Still waiting for the first hard frost.   I am happy for the cooler weather.

How about those Tigers!  Back to back AL Central Division Champions!  Miguel Cabrera wins the triple crown for the first time since 1967! That is the highest batting average, most home runs and runs batted in for the season.  Now they have to keep playing stellar baseball to be the American League Champions.

It is obvious that I am having trouble blogging more frequently.  I am very sorry.  So, for this entry I will update our lives, person by person.

  • Ran in a 5K Mercy Run and came in first in his age group.
  • Continues to be the chaplain for our local Habitat for Humanity
  • Helped our 3 kids move in to their college homes and assisted with furniture moves and assembly.  
  • Busy with church activities especially since we have two services now.
  • Given three weather presentations about weather and the military, hurricanes and tornadoes. I was able to attend the presentation to the American Meteorology Society.  Nice!
  • Taking me to Mackinac Island this week, while attending a pastor's conference.
  • Taking good care of the grass.  We had is aerated and seeded.  Lots of watering!
  • Still working at Metro Health.  Love my job and the people I work with.
  • Directing a new year of Sunday  School, Children's Church and Orchestra.
  • Still adjusting to the empty nest situation.  Less laundry and cooking which is nice, but I sure miss my babies.  I still get very sad and can't wait until I get to see them even if it is one at a time.  A hug is a gift!  In the meantime, texting,phone calls and skypeing keep us connected.
  • Have had lots of doctor appointments and blood draws lately. Guess I have some anemia and larger proteins floating around causing a little concern.  Seeing a hematologist now to figure out what to do about it.  Will keep you updated.
  • Celebrated her 23rd birthday.  We sent flowers (a surprise) and a box of gifts.  
  • The coaches love having her as an athletic trainer. They love the way she communicates with them.  She has had lots of experiences already and handled them well with professionalism.
  •  Sarah has been home a few times since her move to Toledo.  
  •  I know that she is happy the Tigers are in the playoffs again.
  • She is back to being busy at the University of Michigan.  5 English classes, Secretary of the Women's Glee Club, K-Grams, working at the Deutsche Schule in Ann Arbor and was recently hired as a waitress at the Pizza House just a few blocks away from her house.
  • The house buddies are doing fine, taking turns cooking and keeping up with MOST of the chores.  Guess they still need to work on dishwashing. She has begun looking for a place to live next year already.  Places get filled up quick in a college town.  Most people make arrangements for housing about this time of year for the following year.  I think it is crazy, but I guess necessary.
  • Got some really great news yesterday.  Brandon has been accepted to Law School at the College of William and Mary, Thomas Jefferson's school!  Williamsburg, VA is a nice area too.  Of course he is waiting to hear from more schools in the coming months. 
  • Brandon and Mary are planning to come home next weekend for the fall break.  Yay!  Wish I didn't have to work that weekend. Guess they are working too.
  • Is loving the University of Oklahoma.  He has posted some great pictures too.  Take a look at his facebook!  We are now Sooner Parents and very proud.
  •  He has been involved with all of this season's productions and has had lots of work on the set for the opera. I sure wish we could go and see it!
  • We skyped with Matt and it was so nice to see him! Can't wait for a hug from him at  Christmas.  He has an airplane ticket for mid December.  Yay!
  • Please continue to pray for his buddy Mitch who is deployed in Afghanistan.
Closing Thoughts
  • I am getting sick and tired of politics.   It amazes me how "blind" people are to the truth. Thinking of coming up with top 10 things I want people to know along with a question that gets them think!  
  • Need to get up off the couch and do laundry, quicken and grocery shopping
That's all for now....have a great weekend.