Sunday, December 9, 2012

Update on Our Kids

Sarah continues to excel at University of  Toledo.  She is on target with her thesis and has one week left of classes.  Unfortunately she can't come home until the 21st because she has basketball games to work at her high school.  She loves what she does and the staff, coaches and kids love her!

 Mary passed her MTTC basic skills test. For all of us non-teachers it stands for Michigan Tests for Teacher Certification. She will be student teaching this coming semester. Time flies! I am so excited for her! She has one final on Tuesday and has a shift at the pizza house on Wednesday evening.  Mary will be home on Thursday! Brandon has been accepted to Georgetown and George Washington law schools.  Waiting to her from Harvard. 

Matthew finishes up his first semester this week and will be home on Saturday and will be home for nearly a month!  I don't hear too much about school, but I guess that might be a good thing.  Another good thing is that his leg/ankle wasn't broken! It was just a bad sprain/strain.  Thank the Lord.  No news on his bike.  Boy, that still makes me mad!

I enjoy seeing the white snow on the ground and look forward to seeing our Christmas Tree up soon!  Not sure how much decorating will get done this year.

Until Next Time~