Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Good News to the Kids

Jeff and I were some happy after receiving the news about my complete response to chemotherapy, that we texted our children first. It wasn't long before we received hoorays from all three of them. Just another star in our day.

Now for a quick update:

Sarah: Continues to work on her thesis and works at the high school.  She really loves being an Athletic Trainer.  Any recent injuries haven't been too severe, which is good.Sarah calls me everyday and catches me up on her day and I help pass the time as she drives home for 30 minutes. 

Mary: Enjoys her student teaching, however now that the assignments in her classes are in full swing, it is back to work! She has a very busy life at U of M.  Brandon has been offered a full tuition scholarship to Washington and Lee Law School.  UCLA has also offered him some nice financial incentive. He's hoping to hear what Michigan Law School will offer him too.  Harvard is still making some admission decisions, so no word yet.

Matthew: Signed a lease for apartment next year with 3 other buddies. Looks like he will be staying in Oklahoma for the summer and working there at the scene shop and maybe somewhere else too.  In just  a few days he will be talking with the head of the school of drama to see if there might be a possibility of him getting in-state tuition.  It gets pretty involved, but if you could pray for a positive answer, that would sure be appreciated. 

Since our trips to Karmanos Cancer Center begin next week, it will be time take Sammy to his new home.  He has been a guest there several times. I know he will be well taken care of, maybe even spoiled.  Still I am getting a little sad about it. But it is for the best.

Well, that is update? Next time I have exciting news about the kids!


Saturday, January 19, 2013

A New Semester

The Holidays have come and gone and the kids are back at their college and classes.  It was sure nice having them home.

Sarah- Loves her graduate assistant job as Athletic Trainer at Summerfield High School.  She has built up a rapport with the coaches, students and parents.  Her classes are early in the morning then has time to use the exercise room and have time for lunch before driving 30 minutes to the high school.  She does have one evening class from 7-10pm once a week.

Mary- Has a very full schedule, but is very happy to start her student teaching at a local Ann Arbor High School.  All of  her English classes for her major are complete, so the rest of her classes are teaching classes and history classes.  She will be getting a minor in history and of course getting a teaching certificate. She is still the secretary of the women's glee club and works at the pizza house.

Matthew- Has an English class and the rest are Theatre classes.  Character study, Drafting and Costume Construction. He will be learning to sew!  Matt works 10 hours a week in the scene shop for work study.  He and three other guys are looking at apartments for next year.  Looks like he might be living in Norman this summer.  Anyone have an extra car??

As new and exciting events happen with the kids, I will try to update this page.  We are very proud of them.