Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Happy Easter

 Easter Sunday was sunny and the warmest day we have had in a long time.  The trees are still bare, but the spring flowers are starting to bloom.  The Easter flowers in church today were barely blooming.  My lily has several trumpets left and the tulip has yet to bloom.  I hope that it does.

Our church service was wonderful.  The orchestra did well and Jeff gave a good sermon. The pews were full of people!  Praise the Lord!

All of us took a nap when we got home at different times while watching Tiger baseball.  Meanwhile the ham was heating up in the oven and when we were all up, enjoyed a nice meal together.  I am thankful to be healthy this year and enjoyed preparing parts of the meal.  It's fun to work together, isn't it?

Mary had to return to Ann Arbor while Sarah stayed over Sunday night since she had a job interview on Monday.  She felt that it went well and sounds like she is staying with Mary tonight. I am so happy that my kids all love each other, miss each and like doing things together!  We skyped with Matthew on Easter evening and chatted for 30 minutes or so.  It is so nice to be able to talk to him and see him too!  We all miss him very much.

In other news:

  • Mary's last Glee Club Concert went very well.  Sarah met us at Hill Auditorium and we all had a nice dinner at Red Lobster.  

  • The weather continues to be crazy here.  One day we will have sunny mild temps, then a serious hail storm and another day with 2" of snow.  The last two days have been more seasonable, in the 70's only to have another cold front go through today.
  • We had a very nice 29th Anniversary one week before Easter.  We had a nice dinner together at On the Border.  We love ther fajitas. Then we went to see "Monuments Men"  It was a very interesting and well done film.  I had no idea that there were army persons searching for art stolen by Hitler.
  • Jeff and I finally retired our "dumb" phones for some smart ones, only I don't feel very smart.  There is just so much to learn. I do like my phone very much and have had fun learning how to use it.  The girls had some fun laughs too watching their mom struggle at times with her new phone. They even took a silly picture while I wasn't looking and set it up on my phone.  These are times and things I will always remember with smiles and love.
  • Mary tried to get tickets for The Price is Right while we are in LA next month, but the last day of taping in May 5th. Then they take a two month break.  I'm sad.  I have been wanting to be on that show for a long time!
  • Work is going well.  I am much more confident.  Luckily I got off work early today and made it to Myeloma support group at Gilda's House.  I always look forward to our monthly meetings.  I picked up an extra shift this week and then will attend the LCMS Michigan District Pastors' wives conference (aka Katie Conference). I am looking forward to a nice weekend with some good friends.
  • Graduation is right around the corner.  Both girls have worked very hard and are both ready to get out in the "real world" and begin their careers.  I am so excited for them and we look forward to having family here for the festivities.
I have posted lots of pictures on our online photo album.  Check them out.

Lots of Love,


Saturday, April 5, 2014

Will Spring Ever Arrive??

Mr Robin Redbreast has been back in our yard.  I even saw he and his family eating some worms.  As you can see A LOT of our snow has melted.  However, temperatures are still quite cold and we had snow again last night.  I asked Jeff this morning if the snow is over, and he said no.  There is still possible snowfall next week.  I guess taking it week by week or even day to day is best.  Although yesterday was a very gloomy day, we did have a few days of sunshine, which always makes for a much better day no matter if it is 30 degrees!  That is warm compared to many days of our winter.

The first week of April had no jokes or fooling around for us.  I had a few doctor's appointment and physical therapy.  We had bible study and church.  My day at work was very good.  Our census has been lower now that the new outpatient surgery center opened, so my patient load at the hospital is much better and I am much happier with my new department. Still miss my buddies and the babies up on the childbirth center.

Last night Jeff and I went to Gilda's House for Pizza and Percussion. We had a really time!  Good pizza and then a lesson on percussion, mainly the congas. There were maybe 20 people there and we all played.  We sounded pretty good for an hour of playing together.  This really gives kudos to our teacher.  He was awesome.


Both girls have job interviews this coming week.  Mary's is Monday in L.A. at  a middle school. She is going to be out there for spring break, so it worked out so well.  We know that this wasn't a coincidence. God is Good. All the Time.  Sarah has a phone interview with Albion College Thursday morning.  Praying that God's will is done with these job opportunities for our girls, who would be an asset where ever they start their careers.

Baseball is back!  I had a really fun time with my buddy Deann at her Tiger's Opening Day Extravanganza! Delicious concessions, prizes, a Tiger Win and fellowship with friends!


Time to get going to Mary's last Glee Club Concert at Hill Auditorium in Ann Arbor.  Sarah will be joining us.  It should be another fun afternoon and evening!