Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Beach and Ballpark

We had a very nice few days.  Sunday was filled with happiness at church, while enjoying calzones for lunch that Mary prepared for us, watching Tiger baseball on TV and then after a nap we had fun going to Lake Michigan together and walking on the beach along the shore.  Jeff even went into the water and rode the waves.  It was a little too chilly for Mary and me.  Mary took some really nice pictures.  It is amazing to see so many tree limbs sticking out of the sand.  One couple made a little fort out of sticks.  It was kind of cool.  The weather was perfect sunny and warm with a breeze that kept you comfortable.  The night ended with a late dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.

 Yesterday Mary and I enjoyed our water aerobics with our new water shoes. I think they really help me from slipping and do the exercises better.  Jeff came home from work in the late afternoon and we headed to Grand Rapids.  Mary and Jeff needed new running shoes, and we had a good coupon at the Runnery.  Both of them found a pair that suited them and we were finished in 30 minutes.  We had plenty of time to get some dinner and make it to the ballpark in plenty of time before the game started.  It was our last whitecaps game of the season.  We had some awesome seats only 4 rows back by the visitors' dugout.  Jeff brought his glove for any foul balls that came our way.  Mary pointed out that The Verlander's were there selling and signing their new book.  I didn't buy the book, but took the time to meet them and shake their hand.  Mary snapped their picture.  I had my kindle with me, and I took a few pictures of us in our seats.  Best of all, the game ended with a walk off 2 run homer!


Sarah is happy.  Her ordered supplies for another year of high school sports arrived.   She now has everything she needs to care for the young athletes.  For instance, a football player was cleared to play with his cast on, so Sarah will have to pad it to keep the other players safe.

Matthew is happy too.  He loves his new apartment and his major. I guess his assignment in one class was to listen to music write down some words and draw a picture of your interpretation. Better than doing math for sure.

Mary has a reason to be happy. She has applied for Teach for America and the usual next step is a phone interview and then finally a face to face interview. Well she was informed that she won't need to have a phone interview since her application was so well written and will only need to have a in person interview.  I guess that happens in October. We will be moving her back to Ann Arbor on Friday.  That does NOT make me happy.  I am much happier when ALL of my kids are home.

That's all for now..Hope you have a wonderful week and a happy Labor Day!

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Things have been going pretty well this week. Mary and I have enjoyed water aerobics together, had some fun and success at shopping, and got a lot accomplished on our "to do" lists. 

But the highlight of our week was Thursday, when Jeff, Mary and I traveled to Toledo, met up with Sarah and had dinner at the Outback and then saw the play Wicked.  We have wanted to see it for years now and had a lot of fun seeing it together. Learn all about it by clicking on the link above.  Sarah was our critic, having read the book. She enjoyed the show but was able to tell us how the book version was different.  Both girls love all the songs and sing along the soundtrack while driving their cars. I love the theatre and thought about my techie at University of Oklahoma, learning how to bring stories to live on stage! That's awesome.

We spent the night in Toledo and ended up visiting Sarah again today at her high school between practices.  It is so nice to see her in her element, knowing how much she loves her job and how much the school and students love her.  

Jeff grilled some delicious burgers on the grill after some water exercise at the Club here at home.  I experimented with my KRAVE cereal and made cereal bars. Still going to add some chocolate on the top I think.

Mary has been reading up a storm. 2 books in two days! She needs to write a report for a class and has several to choose from, so she is reading all of them so she can decide which one to write about. I have been corresponding with fellow myeloma patients who have had a mystery rash as well.  I made a website for our Sunday School. I think it's pretty awesome! Click on the lind to check it out!
I have one more week with Mary before we move her back to Ann Arbor.  Hope it doesn't go too fast.  

That's all for now. 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Danish Festival 2013

It's been a fun Danish Festival Weekend! Nice weather, good music, parades, crafts and fellowship with friends.

Thursday: Opening of the Festival at the Flag Pole with the Danish Band Concert at the gazebo with an ice cream social.

Danish Festival Band 2013 : click to see a video of the band.

Friday:  Arts and Crafts show with Mary and my friend Deann, Fairy Tale Parade, and one of my favorite activities the Flat River Band Concert.  They are so good!


Saturday: The Grand Dansk Parade. We had friends here to enjoy the festivities. Again, nice weather and a fun parade. Had lunch at church and spent time at the craft show. By then we all needed a nap. Jeff and I attended the W Michigan Chorale concert and then picked up Mary and had Pizza Hut for dinner.

Earlier this week Jeff and I went to a movie screening for "The Ultimate Life". It was pretty good. It will be in the theatres on September 6th.  The theatre had plug ins for electric cars.  Never saw this before.

Mary is home for a few weeks before we move her back to Ann Arbor for her senior year at Michigan! Time has flown.  It is nice spending time with the kids when they are home.  Next week we are driving to Toledo to see "Wicked" with the girls.  I can't wait.  We've wanted to see that for a long time.

Matthew has moved in to his new apartment with 3 of his friends.  He is excited and we are so happy for him.  He gave us a tour via Skype this morning.  As expected his room is on very good order.   Now that he is living in a furnished apartment with a fridge, he doesn't have to eat PBJ every day.  She loves her job and the kids. She spent one day in the rain for 5 hours!

Sarah has had a few busy weeks.  Lots of testing for research projects, the professors and her own for her thesis. High school football practice has started so she is back caring for the student athletes of Summerfield High School.

Guess that about does it for this entry.  Have a good week!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Car!

Sarah finally has her new vehicle and she loves it.  She said sometimes she can't believe it is hers.  We are glad to know she likes it and feel better that she is driving a safe SUV.    It should have plenty of room for all of her gear and equipment.

Matthew is doing fine in Oklahoma. Poor guy has moved 3 times this summer. First from his Walker dorm to Adams dorm, then from there to Cate Center, Hume House.  Next week, he and 3 buddies will be moving into an apartment, at the Campus Lodge, next weekend.  He is more than ready.

Mary will finish her summer session this week and will be home Thursday or Friday for a couple weeks.  I look forward to spending time with her.   Hope that her move out goes well with the landlord and her room mates. She has to take out an air conditioner too. Brandon made it safe and sound out to Los Angeles.  He sent me an awesome picture from his apartment. Sure looks beautiful.  Not sure when classes start, but I am sure he is ready to go.

Jeff and I have gotten into an empty nesters mode, and sharing the car is working out well for now.  Jeff served as Sir Wally during VBS this past week.  It was well attended and very well done!  The kids had a lot of fun.  I came for the closing 4 of the 5 days.  I am working on to do list everyday, adding things as needed and trying to keep up with most of the chores.

Until next time have a great day!