Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Wonderful Day

I had a wonderful day.  It has been one year since my stem cell transplant at Karmanos. In celebration, many friends came to my open house this afternoon. It couldn't have been more fun.   I am just so happy tonight.  Well, it would have been better if Matthew and other family could be here.  Matthew then Dave and Leslie skyped with us.  Our house was full of happiness.   Here are some specifics.
  • We had potstickers and rice, little smokies, chips, cake and cupcakes.
  • Lots of friends had fun together.  Many of my favorite young people came too.
  • Although I said no gifts,  I did receive some nice things.  
  • Everyone got a little party favor that  my friend and I made last week.  
Sarah took some great pictures that are posted on Facebook and will be on shutterfly very soon.  Both girls were so very helpful with the cooking and hosting.  I am so blessed.

I am officially done with orientation and had a couple busy but acceptable days.  I work on Monday then off until next week Thursday.  I think working one day a week is plenty.

Matthew was named to Dean's List of the Weitzenhoffer College of Fine Arts for his academic and artistic achievements. I am a proud mama.  Mary has her lesson plans for Lord of the Flies ready.  Sarah loves caring for her basketball teams and will get her wisdom teeth out in a few weeks. I am planning to be in Toledo with her for several days.

Check our famly photo album and my caringbridge.  Click here to see a video.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Second to Today's Birthday!

My favorite valentine ever was born twenty years ago today!  Matthew makes us happy parents as do all of our wonderful children!   We love them all so much. Happy Birthday Matthew!  Wish we could all be there to celebrate with you.   He has been very busy with homework and school.  Unfortunately, he had car trouble over the weekend and had to deal with getting new struts.  Jeff was able to help over the phone and we helped him with funding too.

I am officially off orientation and will work my first shift solo tomorrow from 3pm to 11:30pm.  Of course there is some anxiety about going to work tomorrow, but I have some good co-workers and a savior who is with me all the time.  "If God is for me, who can be against me?" Other activities I have been actively doing are: children's church, Gilda's House meetings, signing up for Laughfest 2014 as a volunteer and planning my upcoming transplant birthday party.  I am starting to worry about how much food to prepare.  For now, I need to be ready for church orchestra and work tomorrow, including making sure we have clean clothes. Laundry! Oye.  Jeff keeps our quikbooks up to date,  attends meetings with me and takes me out for dinner when I get home late.  All in addition to his shepherding our church.   We both finally feel better after being sick with colds and congestion for a few weeks!

The girls are busy as usual.  Sarah needs to have her wisdom teeth pulled, but with a very busy basketball schedule with make up games due to snowy weather and the writing of her thesis, she will need to find the best time for this to happen.  She defends her thesis March 28th! Mary continues to student teach English, work at Pizza House and finish her year as president of the Women's Glee Club.  Her last concert will be on April 5th. Then graduations on May 2 and 3.

I had better get to business.   I am looking forward to a Birthday Skype with Matthew later this evening!   For everyone else~  Happy Valentine's Day!   We love you all!