Friday, June 28, 2013

Matthew is home!

It's been a fun week at 319 Cass.  Wednesday and Friday were Korean cooking days. My friend Deann came over and with Sarah's help,  made Bulgogi and put it to marinade for two days.  Then today we worked together Mary included to make Yaki Mondue. Tonight was dinner with both families and we have very little leftovers.  It was a lot of fun.

Yesterday was a very special day.  Matthew came home from Oklahoma for 10 days!  Had lunch at Red Lobster and then Jeff gave Matthew a lesson on how to change a flat tire after a piece of metal plunged into our tire.  Luckily the tire was repairable and things are back to normal.

Mary came home a few hours later and we spent quite a while deciding what to wear for our family picture.  Pictures went well and have been ordered.  Bought the CD too, so we can print or email pictures to as many friends and family we want.  Keep your eyes open in 2-3 weeks.   Dinner was at our favorite  late night place~Applebees for 50% off appetizers.  It was nice to have all 5 of us together again.  Baking is always something Mary loves to do when she comes home and made some delicious fudge brownies with dark chocolate chips! Yum.

Brandon came back to Greenville as well and spent time with  his dad.  When he picked Mary up to return to Ann Arbor, he showed me his diploma from U of M. Pretty nice! He heads to UCLA in a month, I think.

More fun times ahead!  I'll keep you posted.


Friday, June 21, 2013

It's summer!

It's summer! Luckily, the weather hasn't been too hot until recently.  Even without our air conditioners, it has been tolerable in the house.  It's the brick! Hope the AC will be in and working before it gets really hot and humid. 

 Two recent events this month for me was my 50th birthday and the Relay for Life fundraiser where I walked over a mile at GHS track.  I walked one lap with Sarah, the Survivor lap with Jeff and then three more laps after a very nice meal that was prepared for the survivors and families.  Just the week before, I turned 50!  I sure don't feel it, not even with all the treatments I have been through and side effects that came along with it.  My birthday was wonderful. Sarah surprised me and came home the night before and stayed for a few days.  Jeff took me to Outback for dinner. Mary arrived home after her European trip with Brandon, and Matthew called to wish his mama a happy day.  That is really all I needed.   But Jeff had a birthday party for me with some close friends and we enjoyed some delicious cake and snacks.   Did I mention that our house is filled with birthday balloons??  I love them! Thanks to everyone for your good wishes. 

What's happened since I turned 50?  We went to Brandon's graduation party and had a wonderful afternoon and evening.  My appetite was back, so I was able to enjoy the most delicious burgers, hot dog and potato salad.  We also enjoyed a ride on the lake. Whenever we get together with the Cory's we have a lot fun and laughs. Thanks for a great evening friends!  Mary made the cake and as  usual she did a great job with decoration. The cake was delicious too.


Sarah is home for about 6 weeks to help me with the housework and drive me places, since I am still banned from driving by my transplant doctor. It has been so nice having her home and having someone to talk to, watch TV with and cook with.  We are going to work on new recipes. She has made some trips back to Toledo to cover her high school baseball district and regional games and this weekend is the all star football game.  She was also able to attend some graduation open houses for some of the athletes.

 Now for more exciting news!  Matthew is coming home next week.  I am so so so happy, especially since I wasn't able to go to Oklahoma in May.  He is going to get lots of hugs while he is home for over a week!  Did I mention I was happy?  Mary is going to come home for an overnight so we can have a family picture taken. Hope they turn out nice. Then she goes back to Ann Arbor to continue working and taking two summer classes at the U of M.

So, it has been a great  June 2013.....

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Scene Shop

Matthew's Welding project at the Scene Shop at OU.


After talking to Matthew about this project, he told us that the casters underneath the table has a pneumatic pump that raises the table so you can roll the table/scenery easily. Once in place, you put the table back down so it  doesn't move.

He's learning so proud!