Friday, August 29, 2014

Quick Update

Here I am back in the hospital.  Most of my blogging is done on my care pages. Thought I needed to update you on the rest of the family too.


  • Has a lot on his plate to keep up with.  Church work, housework, paperwork for insurance and quickbooks and coming to see me every day at the hospital.  What a star!
  • Slowly getting things put in their place at her apartment.
  • Busy at her new job at Lumen Cristi Catholic High School as the Athletic Trainer.  Football season has started.  Getting organized and learning the kids and coaches!
  • Started her first year as an English teacher at James Jordan Middle School in Los Angeles.
  • She likes her kids and they like her too.  Of course there are some challenges in middle school but she is handling it well.
  • Doesn't like the traffic driving home.
  • Back at the University of Oklahoma beginning his junior year in the school of drama.
  • All drama classes this semester! 
  • Working in the electric shop this year rather than the scene shop for his work/study and at Regal Cinemas in Norman on the side.
Great report, isn't it?  I am keeping up with posting pictures, so check out the family photo album frequently.

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