Friday, October 31, 2014

It's Fall...

It's Fall and the colors here in Michigan are just beautiful!  Even on a grey rainy day, the colors still show God's beauty on earth! Now it is evening and the skies are clearing and I can still see the nice  leaf colors and lit up buildings on medical the mile where I live right now. I enjoy walking the halls while I have the energy and without the need for a mask.

A week ago, Jeff and I were packing and getting ready for our whirlwind trip to Oklahoma to see Matthew and two shows put on by the OU School of Drama. I was so excited to see our boy I could jump out of my skin, Unfortunately, I caught a cold that routed itself into my sinuses and ears too. Thankfully, I made it through the plane rides without pain. All three of us enjoyed ourselves immensly. We were in OK for less then 48 hours and did all of the following!:

  1. Toured the School of Drama with Matthew and saw where most of his time is spent. We met his friends and teachers, who were all very nice.  It seems that many people like Matthew. I can understand why...
  2. When Matthew reported to work in the eshop (electrical shop) Jeff and I checked into our hotel and took a two hour nap.  Afterall we were up late packing and up early to get to the airport. A nap felt good.
  3. Thursday evening started with all you can eat ice cream at Diamond Dawgs but I didn't get m cap'n crunch hot dog.  Boy that is so good. Something for next time. Then we went with Matthew to check the lights at the sooner theater for the rehearsal. It's very interesting to me to watch Matthew at work and how much behind the scenes preparation goes on.  Very Cool.
  4. Dinner was at our favorite Burger Place- O'Connell's. The ranch hand burger is soooo good! I didn't like the steak fries so much.  Matthew's regular fries looked a lot better.  After dinner we went to the contemporary dance rehearsal.  It was contemporary but some very good talent was scene.  I kind of felt like I was a judge on "so you think you can dance". I am glad we went.
  5. Friday Matthew was busy until 3 pm so we slept in. When did that happen last?  Jeff was working on getting a new rental car, since our red Ford Focus lurches, lunged sputtered when we accelerated. We were walking the outdoor track waiting for the new car when Jeff got the call.  I kept walking and charted one mile!  Jeff told me our new car was green!  I Kia Soul.  It looks like a box, but it ran so much nice. It purred.  Jeff took another lap on the track and then a swim in the inviting pool.  I can't swim, since I have a PICC line, otherwise I would be in the pool for sure. I took a little nap, after calling Dr B's office about my cold symptoms.
  6. We took a trip to the downtown to take pictures of the Sooner Theater during the day.  We got pictures of the inside too.  Later in the evening there would be a fall festival too. 
  7. Matthew was ready at 2:30 pm and we took him shopping for some clothes (I got some too), and had dinner at the Interurban, another favorite.  Then we rushed over to the Sooner Theater for the show.  Matthew took me with him to check lights while Jeff parked the car.  Remember the fall festival I mentioned? It was in full swing. I sea of people. I would have believed that every Norman resident was out for fun.  The weather was sure perfect for it.  It was in the 80's that afternoon.  No coats necessary. It was fun to see all the families with their kids all dressed up.  The band from the show came outside and put on a concert in front of the theatre.  It was great. Just as the play was too. The show was Our Time and it was well done.  
  8. Then we were off to get some pumpkins for Matthew. He loves to carve pumpkins and was excited to get them. We enjoyed some Braums Ice Cream and then went to get my antibiotics that Dr B called in to Walgreens in Norman. At the end of that night, it was good bye.  We were sad, but realized just how much fun we had in a short amount of time.  It was a wonderful trip! We were happy to get to Oklahoma.
Each day that I walkaround the hospital halls, I peak out the windows, the fall colors are still there.  It won't be long though, and all the leaves will have fallen and winter will be here. It snowed around lunch today on Halloween!    My chemotherapy for this round is just about done. All the chemo bags will be down by bed time.  Then I just have one little IV line for my nausea meds. 

I will welcome November here with my hospital family, whom I have grown to love and share time with.  It's nice to have some interaction with people during the day, even if it is just a how are you today?

Trying to keep a happy face while waiting for healthy stem cells.

Happy Fall!

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