Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Another Month Gone By

Woke up early and couldn't sleep, so why not update the blog? Life keeps humming along and by the time I sit down my creative thoughts are not flowing and frankly, I have been battling some increased fatigue.

While Sarah was still at home, she came to a few orthopedic doctor appointments with me.  The hand doctor was first, and after an xray and exam it was confirmed that I have arthritis in the base of my left thumb.  He ordered a thumb wrap that helps immobilize it when the pain flares up.  It has helped tremendously.  Then I went to get my shoe orthotics.
It didn't take nearly as long, and they haven't had as much success in the long run for my foot pain caused by a falling arch. Later in the month I saw my orthopedic surgeon who ordered physical therapy, otherwise the treatment is much  much more invasive. That was that.  So I baby my older joints along as best I can.

Sarah's ice cream sundae send off went well.  Everyone that came had fun and enjoyed ice cream with toppings.  Then two days later we headed to Jackson to get her moved and settled in her new apartment.  As you  might know,, moving can be quite stressful. So we stuck with the basics.  Her work start date got moved up too, so she had only 2.5 days get some things put away and be ready for an 0600 start time on Monday.   While we were there, we were able to find the local stores in the area, pick up needed items to help with the move-in, and even ate at a good Mexican restaurant.  She had here cable TV/WiFi installed and her daddy put things together and threw away a few things that broke (on the final leg of course!).  Since then she has enjoyed her new job and has finally visited Lumen Christi, her new school and even some of the students. Football season is almost here!

Mary has finished her training with Teach for American by teaching summer school.  She is off for the rest of this week and then officially starts her job at James Jordan Middle School.  California has been great for her and Brandon. They have been getting out on the weekends to places like San Francisco and Laguna Beach.   Mary has taken advantage of her two weeks off and been cooking up a storm, preparing some pretty awesome meals like our favorite Korean meal and an Olive Garden inspired meal including a dessert!

Matthew has been happy and healthy in Wichita, working hard on scenery for Muscial Theatre of Wichita and there quick turn over of shows. While we don't talk very often, there has been nice pictures posted of his work and also having fun with friends.  They are working on the final show of the summer, 42nd Street.  After the strike in a few weeks, he will head back to Norman OK for his junior year at OU.   

Over the past 3 weeks or so I have been increasingly tired, having more GI problems, constant headaches and finding bruises on my arms and legs.  Naturally I called Dr. B's office and he brought me in the following week.  At this point it is time to re-stage my cancer to see where we are and what sort of treatment is next.  My blood counts are down and proteins are up. So I have had lots of lab work drawn, 18 x-rays taken of my long bones and later today a bone marrow biopsy. I only worked one day this month!  That isn't good.  Makes me wonder if I will be able to return any time soon if at all. We will know more later.

Jeff has been great through it all, moving, health concerns and keeping up at church and home.  We even threw in a week of VBS!  I don't know how he keeps going, but he does, just like the energizer bunny!   We went to a whitecaps baseball game where we met Mickey Stanley and got his autograph and enjoyed an evening out at golf benefit for myeloma. We didn't golf, but enjoyed a delicious dinner.

Well, I am still not feeling the best, took some nausea medicine and think I will lie down.  Need some sleep.  

Keep your eyes open for updates on my caring bridge.

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