Friday, July 4, 2014

Farewell Toledo!

Sunday after church, as usual, Jeff and I both had an afternoon nap.  Jeff had to cut the grass and I watched the Tigers lose, cleaned the kitchen and finished the laundry.  Then we packed up and headed to Toledo to help Sarah move out of her apartment and head to Jackson, MI.

Since we didn't arrive until after 2130, we didn't get too much packing done.  But we did enjoy some down time with Sarah before she and I packed up her books and some clothes. There was lots of work to get done the next day!

Monday morning came early and packing was put into high gear and pack up the rest of her household items including the kitchen.  Two of Sarah's HS athletes came over at 1100 to help with the packing of our U-Haul truck that we picked up earlier in the morning as well.  It took about 2-3 hours to have it packed and another 2 hours to pack up our cars and clean the apartment.  Moving is such hard work and so tiring! The hot and humid weather didn't help either.

We arrived at our hotel in Jackson, MI around 1930 and even though we were tired, dinner was in order. Red Lobster was right across the street!  Gotta love those cheddar bay biscuits!  The rest of our food was good too.  Since there was still a little light after dinner, we drove around Jackson and saw a few of the apartment complexes we were going to check out and Sarah's new high school, Lumen Christi.  Nice. By the time we got back to our hotel, there was still time to make use of the pool and hot tub.  It felt so good after a long day.

Tuesday was certainly a God Sighting Day.  Sarah completed all her paperwork for her new job and we met her at the first apartment complex after breakfast.  It was nice, and the only one bedroom left and available. The manager was very nice and welcoming. We spent a few more hours looking at 2 other places and calling other complexes that were appealing.  Very few seemed to have one bedrooms available and the nicer ones had waiting lists. God was opening a door in front of our eyes.  It was pretty obvious where He wanted Sarah to live.   So after lunch, we headed back to apartment #1 with filled out paperwork and Jeff headed to the storage unit.  We wouldn't be able to move in for another 24 hours at the earliest.  

This is where the God Sightings start popping up everywhere.

  • This was only apartment that was move in ready and available now.   The other one bedroom wouldn't be ready for a few weeks at the earliest and was more expensive and up three flights of stairs rather than a half dozen steps down.
  • While Sarah was turning in her application and paying her deposit to hold the apartment, Jeff called and asked if we could store Sarah's things in the empty, move-in ready unit. After all, this was the one she would be moving in to the next week any way?  Unbelievably, she said yes.  It isn't done routinely, but she understood that we would  have to unload the truck into storage, then load a different truck next week and unload it again into the apartment.  We were so happy and thankful.  God is good, all the time!
  • It was a lot of work for the three of us, especially with Sarah in her long summer dress she had worn to her employer that morning.  Who would have known that she'd be moving into her new place that afternoon. It was such a blessing to unload the truck only once! Sarah won't sign the lease until next week, but it is officially hers and the rent will be pro rated so she will save some money too. 
  • But the biggest sign, at least to me, was that we learned that Sarah's apartment had already been secured by someone else but at the last minute decided to upgrade to a 2 bedroom instead. It became available late Friday afternoon.  This apartment was arranged just for Sarah, a gift from God. 
  • The apartment faces a lake away from the parking area and the street. It is in a nice location and only 10 minutes from her new job. 
Now we are back home and catching up on things. I took Sarah to my yoga class yesterday and then met Jeff for dinner at a favorite place- Brann's. Tomorrow we will be spending the 4th of July with the Olivers.  Jeff and Sarah will be tubing down the Flat River with them on Saturday.  I am just not ready or brave enough to do that yet.  I would probably end up a lobster and be stressed most of the time.  I hope to work on writing another chapter in my book.

Mary called this morning and things are going well in her classroom. She is proud that her students are learning and that over 50% have met the goals set by Teach for America just half way through summer school.  The students like their teachers, including Mary of course, and have learned to like English because of them.  She and Brandon are spending the holiday weekend in San Francisco. Matthew has texted me on and off over the past few days and he is doing well too.  I have enjoyed some pictures of him at work that were posted on his face book.  

Jeff saw an orthopedic doctor on Wednesday and had a cortisone shot to help with the inflammation around his rotator cuff.  His MRI and x-ray show that his shoulder is sturdy and wouldn't require any surgical repair. Whew.  Should the pain and weakness continue into next week, the pain may be related to the chronic cervical stenosis he has had for years. This would mean a trip to a back specialist instead of the trauma surgeon we saw this week.  I would remiss if I didn't mention that the doctor was quite impressed with Sarah.  Once he found out she was an athletic trainer, he did some quizzing and her answers were spot on.  They were throwing around all the names of muscle, bone processes and nerves.   It was pretty impressive.  Instead of sending Jeff to therapy he asked Sarah if she could get him started with the proper exercises.  No problem.  I am sure the doctor was impressed too.

I will be seeing a hand specialist on Tuesday to find a reason for my ongoing left thumb pain.  My other docs (and Sarah) have all said it is arthritis.  Boo.  I have to do something though since it affects my daily living in a  big way.  I have pain when I sign my name, grab a water bottle and will occasionally feel the bones click.  Sometimes the pain is almost bad enough that I want to take my pain meds from my cancer treatment.  After doing some reading about my doctor,  I am confident that I have the best doctor. Hopefully I can fill you in soon after my appointment.  I will also get my orthotics Tuesday which I hope will help my ongoing right foot pain related to tendonitis that affects the insertion point in the arch of the foot.  Boy if it isn't one thing it's another.   I am so thankful for my continued remission. It's a big blessing. Each day is a gift!

Well, that is all.  Normally I would be working tomorrow, but since no surgeries are scheduled for the 4th of July, our department is closed and most of us enjoy the day off.  In the hospital business, even if the department is closed, someone is always on call.  I am on call for 4 hours Wednesday morning and work Thursday next week.  Then it's back to Jackson to get Sarah settled in her new place at Alpine Lake Apartments. It will be a great day!

Now I had better get some sleep!  I shouldn't stay up so late, but I am not tired.  Might as well get some stuff done.  I've always been a night owl. 

Have a safe and happy 4th of July. Happy Birthday America and God Bless the USA!

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