Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Happy Birthday America!

 Jeff, Sarah and I had a nice 4th of July weekend.  I baked some cupcakes and brownies to take to the cookout at our friends the Olivers.  There was yummy pulled pork, homemade Bar-B-Q sauce, salads, chips and of course, dessert.  It was fun to spend time with friends from church and meet new friends too! As it got towards dark,  we sat around the campfire, had marshmallows and s'mores.  The neighbors lit off fireworks followed by fireworks in the yard.  They even released mini hot air balloon type or floating air lanterns. It was pretty cool.  Tried to watch some TV afterward to keep the fun going, but we fell asleep.

Saturday proved to be another fun day.  Sarah and Jeff went tubing down the Flat River with some of the same friends from the party the day before.  They were on the river for 4 hours!  Both of them had some sunburn, but are doing fine.  I stayed home and worked on my list and watched a movie.  Then picked up the river riders up in nearby Belding.   Mitch got some leaches on him and Sarah helped get them off. Dinner was back at the Olivers for Hot Dogs and Sausages.  We had a nice time.  

In just a few days we are throwing a send off party for Sarah with Ice Cream Sundaes.  We have most of the yummy things, but still need to pack up some of Sarah's things here at home before officially moving her to Jackson on Friday.  Breaking News:  Sarah starts work 7/14 instead of 7/21.  Exciting times ahead!

Tomorrow I will see the hand surgeon about my ongoing pain in my left thumb joint.  It is painful to write, grab and hold onto things and occasionally I can  feel things "catch".  I hope that he can help me, especially since it effects my dominant hand.

I will keep you posted either here or on facebook.

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