Saturday, April 30, 2011

Good Bye April!

Can you believe that April is over?  The year is flying by!  Mary's first year of college is over, Sarah's classes are over and finals are next week and  Matthew is anxious for his year to be over too.  We certainly in the homestretch.  Mary has received her grades and remarks and received a 4.0 for the winter semester. Great Job!

My last blog showed Matthew's finished milk jug igloo.  He worked on it for a long time.  I am sad to report that is met it's demise today when Mary and Matthew tried to move it.  To appreciate the number of jugs it took to build the igloo, it took 8 large (30 gal) garbage bags to hold all of the jugs!  Think we will put them out in the trash a few bags a week.

Sarah checked in with me yesterday and informed me that her car was stuck in the mud at a Hope Baseball game.  Wanted to know the best way to get the car out.  I told her to get some of the baseball players and have them push you out.  That is just what happened.  So happy those guys were willing to help her out and had success!  Sarah made the guys a thank you cookie for their help!

Today we had a church softball umpire class.  It was cold and windy at the field.  I learned a lot and am even more fearful of actually umpiring the game.  There are just too many rules.  Glad Jeff and Matthew were there too, to hear how this year's rules should be held up. Glad there are others to umpire for the team!

Tomorrow is Confirmation Sunday.  I am playing the clavinova for the service.  Kids are singing and the praise team has a special song as well.   I have all my music planned out and practiced and ready to go!  Teaching Sunday School too.  This week's lesson is from 1 Peter.  There is an open house for the confirmands after the service. Sunday's activities don't stop there.   There is softball practice at 3 pm and then a Christian Rock Concert at our church at 6 pm.

What will the summer hold?
  • The kids all have summer jobs.
  • We have tickets to a Tiger Baseball Game
  • VBS  and the Danish Festival in August.
Retirement is getting closer and closer.  Only about three weeks away. Still have some planning to do. Lots of excitement!

Have a Great May Day, which by the way, was my confirmation day too!  Ephesians 2:8-9...


Friday, April 29, 2011

Catch Up!

Well, I feel like I have epic failed on blogging this week.  So I thought I would do a quick "catch up" with you.
  • Mary and Matthew finished the milk jug igloo. They are deciding if they will put the little door on the front.  We have the jugs, maybe when the time presents itself it will get done.
  • Kids choir was successful and we will be singing at the nursing home next week as our season finale. 
  • VBS Meeting was good too, even with severe storms and tornadoes pounding the surrounding area.  Guess there was  golf ball size hail outside town, west and east. We sure are having crazy weather around the nation and around the world. What's next??
  • Working regular hours and provided main dish at quilter's lunch today. Next week, brown bag or fast food.
Yet to come this week:
  • Work on Friday
  • Umpire Training for Church softball on Saturday. 
  • Confirmation Sunday with softball practice at3pm  and christian rock concert at our church at 6 pm.
Enjoying having Mary home.  Sarah continues to work hard on her projects and preparing for her last week of her junior year at Hope College.  She moves into a townhouse next weekend! Matthew is looking forward to church softball season and school just can't end soon enough.  Got his hair buzzed off.  He's handsome no matter how he styles his hair!  Getting excited about the upcoming retirement.  I will need a haircut and would like a new dress.  We will see!

Not staying up for the royal wedding,


Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wonderful Easter Weekend!

It certainly was a whirlwind, but got accomplished and had a lot of fun together. Thursday didn't end they way we wanted it too.  First, Matthew's Village Green practice was cancelled, which was a good thing, but after a nice Maunday Thursday service Matthew complained that he wasn't feeling too well. When we got home after a late dinner at Taco Bell, he had a fever of 100.  I knew we were on a road to a doctor's visit.

Sure enough, Friday morning his temp was 102 and he felt terrible.  Luckily he had no school and I got him appointment in the morning.  Jeff took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed with strep throat.  Poor Matthew.  While they were at the doctor and working/resting at home, Brandon and I were in Ann Arbor to bring Mary home from college.  We were loaded up in 30 minutes or so, then went shopping with leftover Dining Dollars and bought gatorade, water, candy and snacks.  Better to spend it than lose it.  Boy was our car packed!  Before we left Ann Arbor, we had lunch at the Cottage Inn and ate delicious pizza and Mary turned in her financial papers turned in.  We were home by 5 pm and then had time to relax before church.

Good Friday Cantata Tenebrae Service went very well.  Better than all of our rehearsals.  The church showed the "Passion of the Christ" afterward and it was just as moving as the last time I saw it.  I think I was even more emotional this time.  Glad to be home and get some rest.  It was a tiring day!

Saturday we got up ready to get things done.  They never get done as quickly as you want them too.  It wasn't until after lunch time that Mary and I got out to the store to return some items, shop for food and something nice and new to wear for Easter.  All was accomplished! Matthew decided he didn't feel well enough to make the trip to WMU to see the plays.  It relieved some stress, but was a disappointment too. There will be other shows, and Matthew's health had to come first. Mary made Chicken Crescents for dinner and baked cookies too. Then was the laundry marathon!  I got so much done, but alas still more left. Is it ever finished?  Sarah arrived home  in the early evening and had some dinner we saved for her.  It wasn't long though, before my three babies all fell asleep. Matthew was feeling much better by now, but still needed lots of rest. I still had to play my part of the Easter Bunny and made the baskets for the morning. I didn't hide them this year...think we might be passed that era.  Planned and practiced music for Easter Sunday!

0500 came very early!  I won't say how many hours I slept, just not enough.  Three of us needed showers, so I got up first and allowed time for others to follow.  The whole family made it to Easter Sunrise service at 0700, that's an accomplishment! I played for the first service and felt it went very well. Received several compliments, that is always a plus! Musical rehearsals were a little shaky,  which can made me a little worried. But when it came down to playing for our Risen Lord during late church, it was just wonderful!  The Chime Team and Orchestra did a fabulous job.

Sarah and Matthew came home after the Easter Breakfast and the rest of us were home around noon. Jeff took a well deserved nap and the rest of us watched the Count of Monte Cristo.  I had a few cat naps and then kept the laundry going, downloaded pictures and got them posted on Shutterfly. Have a look at them on the Wilhelm Family Photos!  Dinner tonight was Ham, Salad, Carrots and Hawaiian Rolls.  Mary made Peanut Butter brownies for dessert, in honor of Jeff's baptism birthday. Sarah worked on projects and homework most of the day with sports playing in high definition on our TV.

It is now nearing midnight, and the laundry still isn't finished, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel! It was so nice to have the whole family together for Easter, what a blessing!  Sarah is home safe and sound, so I can rest without worries now.

Tomorrow, I will finish the laundry. I will prepare for the last kids choir rehearsal and Practice a piano my part of a piano duet Brandon wants to play with me. It is very hard and Mary's cello part is a challenge as well. Guess I should get the bills done too.

Job Update: I have a phone interview with Human Resources at Children's Hospital on Tuesday regarding a NICU position.  I have filled out forms for background checks and  reference checks during this busy weekend. Your prayers are appreciated. Lots of  possible changes in the future.

Have a Happy Day!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Maunday Thursday~Good Friday

Finished with work this week. Had a good couple of days with my little princess. She is so cute.  Choir rehearsal last night for the upcoming services.  It was certainly productive. So here is what is to come:

Today:  Quilting, Lab Work (routine), Cable Repair (thanks thunderstorm!), Church at 7 pm, Kid's Choir is singing "How Beautiful".  Brandon will be dropping off Mary's couch from her dorm sometime today and Matthew has extra Village Green Rehearsal tonight.  I told him he could go from 6p - 7p and then excuse himself for church.  Grocery shopping and Laundry too! Whew!

Tomorrow:   Brandon picks me up with his truck and we head to U of M to pack up Mary and bring her home!  It is going to be a whirlwind, since we need to be back by 6:30pm at the latest for church.  Yikes!  I do have a back up plan, if we are detained.  Good Friday Service is a modified cantata by our choir followed by the showing of "The Passion". 

Saturday:  Practice piano for Sunday's Easter Sunrise Service. Finish chores and perhaps color a few eggs.  Go to Western Michigan University to see a combo of  two One Act Plays with Mary and Matthew. It will be a late night for the Easter Bunny.  Sarah comes home!

Easter: Church and Sunday School with multiple musical run throughs in the morning.  Easter dinner and basket distribution to my little bunnies~. Sarah goes home. :( 

Sarah will be caring for animals this summer and is nailing down the specifics of a serving job at a yacht club. Will be moving into a townhome next month and living in Holland.  Mary has her McDonald's job back and wants to find something more suitable if possible.  Matthew will be working at the childcare center at church again this summer.  No word on my latest job opportunity, other than that manager wanted to make sure I would consider a  job and that a second interview wouldn't be necessary.

Better get going, lots to do~


Monday, April 18, 2011

Back Home~Busy Week Ahead!

The chamber concert was very nice.  A little longer than expected.  All of the musicians are  from the Residential College and majoring in areas other than music. I was very proud of Mary and her musicianship and stage presence.   I was so happy that my cousin Virginia and family, Kathy and Charlotte, could come from Toledo and join us for the concert.  We look forward to another get together soon!  They needed to head home after the concert and Brandon, Mary and I packed up my Prius with things for me to take home.  Just a few more days and their school year will be done! We walked over to South Quad to have dinner, the pizza place was closed so we ate in the cafeteria.  I tried their bulkoogi and was very disappointed.  Tastes like they added quite a bit of ginger.  I couldn't finish it.  Good thing I took some pizza too and soft serve ice cream with sprinkles. Before heading back to Greenville, Mary and I played a game of rapid fire Scrabble. It just means that you try to play fast. No scores, just use all the letters.  We finished last night's game in about 45 minutes, and had some great words. I was on the road by 8 pm and home by 10 pm. 

Looking ahead this week:
  • Supposed to work 11 hours on Tuesday and 8 hours on Wednesday.  Feeling under the weather again, getting a cold. Darn!
  • Mary has finals Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Important meeting on Wedneday.
  • Choir Wednesday Night, getting ready for Holy Week services.
  • Maunday Thursday~ Church at 7 pm.  Kids choir sings.
  • Good Friday~ Leave early in the morning for Ann Arbor to pick up Mary.  Brandon will be coming along to help with the big stuff and will have their truck. Be back in Greenville NLT 6:30 pm for Good Friday Service.
  • Saturday we are going to Kalamazoo to see a theatre production at WMU.  Matthew was offered some complimentary tickets as a prospective student.
  • Sunday~EASTER! The whole family should be together this day!  Hooray!
Tonight, I have kids choir and chimes.  Should go well, nearing the end of the season.

I think that is all for now! Have a good day and a good week.


Oboe Quartet n F Major K.370 by Mozart

Mary's Chamber Quartet, April 17, 2011.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Best Kept Secret

Mary has been back from Germany for six weeks.  I got to see her pictures quick before heading back to Ann Arbor.  Found out last night that she has blog about her Germany trip with lots of pictures.  Here's the link!

Mary's Germany Trip

I also have the link posted in the right column under "Blogging Friends and Family"  Enjoy!

Grace and Mary

Update From Ann Arbor

Here I am sitting in Mary's dorm room before her cello concert.  She isn't the only performer, part of a chamber group.  I am looking forward to some great music this afternoon. Plan to get a video recording and have it posted in my next entry.  My cousin Virgina and her family will be attending as well.  Anxious to spend some time with my extended family.

My weekend started in Detroit at the state bowling tournament.  I had fun and bowled as usual: 96,133 and 106.  No consistency.  It was  nice paticipating, we all start by standing up at our lane an sing the national anthem.  I guess that makes it official!  I am throwing the ball better, just can't pick up the spares.

Got to Ann Arbor and checked into my hotel room, which was very nice and the people very friendly. Had dinner with Mary and Brandon at Buffalo Wild Wings. Had a cheeseburger, and I must say very delicious! Right up there with Red Robin burgers. The three of us had a fun time watching TV and packing up the dorm rooms. They are done next week.  I will be bringing some of their things home with me this trip to lighten the load next week.  Funny Story:We got to the parking garage and just as we got to the elevator doors, they opened and the three guys inside got spooked not expecting to see anyone when they got off! We all ended up laughing, but it was a little freaky.

Mary and I stayed up too late in our hotel room talking and laughing.  I think we were asleep by 0200. Mary was so happy to sleep in a nicer bed and took two showers! A luxury for college students! We were up and off to church @ 0945 and attended services at University Lutheran Chapel.  It was a very nice contemporary service, and each left with a palm branch.  Had lunch at China Gate, another favorite, which brings us to the present.  Better sign off and get to the Keene Theatre in the Residential College at U of M.



PS:  Break a Leg to my nephew, Eric, who is playing his senior recital today in Jacksonville, FL.  He is the only performer and will play all sort of piano music including his own compositions!  Wish we could be there!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Mary's FInal Project: Three Little Pigs

Created for Play the Theater as an Instrument class. Thanks to Brandon for being there to record it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Concert on Sunday

I found out a little about Mary's Concert on Sunday afternoon.  Mary tells me that not all groups are quartets and that there is going to be a lot of great music.  I can't wait to attend.

Before that I have the following things to do:
  1. Work
  2. Attend the Collage Concert at Greenville High Schoo
  3. State Bowling Tournament in Detroit
  4. Dinner and fun with Mary and Brandon
  5. Church
  6. Mary's Concert!  
  7. Drive home.....

For those of you who might want to see the Men's Glee Club next month. They will be in a few Florida cities.
Click here: UMMGC Summer Tour 2011

A Nice Day & Busy Tomorrows

I had a nice day at work yesterday and will start working an extra hour from now on. Got home and was so happy to get an "I Love You" balloon and red roses from Jeffrey. Aren't  they awesome?? Church was very nice and the orchestra played a beautiful arrangement of  "There is a Redeemer" and did a great job too!  Even the piano player had it together.

Today is lunch and quilting, laundry, more chores, shopping and dinner. Suppose I should cook once in a while. Orchestra tonight, getting ready for Easter!  Tomorrow I work, then Jeff and I will go to the Collage Concert at GHS. It is always a great show! Saturday I head to the "thumb side" of Michigan for the State Bowling Tournament and then spending time with Mary in Ann Arbor. She has a concert on Sunday afternoon as part of a chamber group.  I love to hear and watch her play her cello! My cousin and her family will be joining us!  It will be nice to see her again. Sunday night is the last bowling night.  Jeff will collect my measly winnings as I won't be back in time.

Better get working!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Even though today will be a very busy one, it is still our day, the day we said "I Will" to each other.  Twenty six years later, we can only praise the Lord for all of His good gifts to us!  We are so blessed!
  • I will be back to work today.
  • Lenten soup supper, orchestra and choir will play and sing.
  • Choir Rehearsal afterwards.
  • Still playing catch up with mail and household chores.
Here's to 26 more years together!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

While We Were Gone

Sarah is diligently searching for a summer job. She has several applications out there and is waiting to hear back about a job at a yacht club. In the meantime, she continues to work hard finishing up her junior year at Hope College. I know that she is registered for classes for next year. Can't believe she has only one more year left.

Mary was named to the KGrams council that plans activities for elementary school students. She also has polled the Women's Glee Club about next year's trip. Mary is next year's business manager, so she will be planning their travels. Sunday she worked at the theatre and earned some money running the AV for some plays. She too continues to work toward the end of the semester and will complete her first year of college next week!

There was one event that we had to miss last Saturday. The University of Michigan Men's Glee Club had their spring concert. I love going to their concerts and enjoying time with the Cory's. To top it off, it was the last concert conducted by the current director, who will be moving on to Pennsylvania. The song below is their send off song. It is always a little sad to say good bye. I look forward to next year's fall concert. Sure wish I could have been there. Instead I will be going to Mary's concert, where she will play her cello with her chamber quartet. Hope to take some video and pictures.


Gwazi Rollercoaster

Matthew Captures Sand Crane in Action!

Travel Log - Spring Break '11

Activities: drove to Chicago Midway Holiday Inn. Parked the car and shuttled over to the airport. Midway airport is nice and efficient. Southwest Airlines runs a little different than most. Standing in line and entering by number was ok. We were 18, 19 and 20! Flight uneventful, was glad to have my own iPod now.  Drive to Grandma Heumann's our first destination.

Meals: Papa John's Pizza for a late night dinner. Watched March Madness. It was madness all right...poor game.

Activities: Waited for a severe thunderstorm to pass by. When it arrived, it wasn't too severe. Spoke with reservation specialist, Elroy, about seeing Cirque du Soleil.  Wanted to ask about Astro too, but wasn't sure Elroy would appreciate that joke. Headed to Kennedy Space Center for the afternoon. It was very nice and the weather turned out to be very nice.  Took the bus tour and saw lots of history. I always love seeing the Vehicle Assembly Building.  Just behind it is a new launch for the Ares project.  Dave has been working on and supervising the building of this launchpad. Now the Ares project is scrapped. Thanks to our commander in chief. Really enjoyed seeing the Apollo stuff.  That is what I remember as a kid. Boy that rocket was huge! The movie presentations were pretty good too.  Matthew and Jeff experienced the Shuttle Simulator while Mom and I walked through the Space Shuttle Explorer.  Soon it was time to head to Downtown Disney to see Cirque du Soleil's  "La Nouba".  What a wonderful show! It was something we have never experienced.  So many things going on at once and with live music! Didn't want it to end, so I bought some souvenirs to remember it buy.

Meals: Quick Burger King lunch. It was actually a good experience!
           Dinner was at one of Matthew's favorites: Chik-Fil-A!  Yummy and quick. 

Activities: After a fun-filled Tuesday, we packed up our bags to head to Jeff's parents in the afternoon.  Jeff was able to get some jogging in the morning.  Before leaving Lutheran Haven, I always stop by to "see" dad.  The grass had been mowed and was covering the grave marker, so I knelt down and started sweeping off the dry grass.  Then, OUCH! I was being attacked by fire ants!  I got back shook and brushed them off.  Ended up with a line of painful red blistering bites on my left hand, wrist and arm. I iced it and left them alone all week. Glad to report they are going away, redness is gone just a few little blisters left.  It sure could have been worse. Before heading to Leesburg, we stopped at Kohl's to get Matthew a new bathing suit. Both guys ended up with shorts too. Attended Lenten service at Woodlands  Lutheran Church and enjoyed a nice visit with the Kneser's. How fun to catch up on our family's lives. Spending the rest of our nights with Grandma and Grandpa Wilhelm. 

Meals: Lunch at one of my favorites, Sonny's Bar B Q.  I love their pork, fries, garlic bread and sweet sauce.
           Marlene made a delicious pot roast dinner. Mashed potatoes, beans and warm rolls.

Activities: We were off to Tampa Thursday to visit with our niece, Lori, who attends U of Tampa and fulfills her ROTC duties at USF.  So we met her at the ROTC building and got a tour of the facility and caught up with her college and military plans. Took her to lunch and saw a crime scene on the way. Found out later that there was a shooting outside at a gas station. The rest of the afternoon we spent at Busch Gardens.  Matthew and Jeff went on the rides. Matthew did all of the roller coasters, Jeff did the ones that wouldn't aggravate his neck issues. I saw the shows and the animals.  My favorite was the critter show. My biggest regret, missing the wallabies and the tiger exhibit to see a stupid 4D pirate movie.  The weather was very hot and humid.  Was so glad to meet up with our Word of Life friends for dinner. We had so much fun!

Meals: Lunch at Cici's Pizza. Sure wish we had one in MI. There are commercials, just no locations.
          Dinner: TGIFriday's.  Love those pot stickers!  Matt gets the chicken fingers.

Activities: Spent the afternoon with Tom.  We had a nice lunch and a good visit. Then we had a quick swim in the community pool, before heading to dinner and bowling.  Grandma had her last night of league and Grandpa and the rest of us bowled for three hours.  Got in five games! Grandma even finished league in time to play one game with us.  Grandpa had an over average night, Matthew did pretty well, and Jeff and I did pretty good with the house ball and rented shoes. We had lots of fun!

Meals: Lunch with Tom at San Juan Mexican.  It was delicious.  We shared a fried ice cream for dessert.
           Dinner with Grandma and Grandpa at Stavros' Pizza.  It was so tasty!

Activities: Went to the billiard room and played pool with Grandpa for an hour or so.  I haven't played in so long. I did ok, glad to have Ernie on my team.  Jeff and Matthew were a good challenge. We stayed after playing pool, to swimming in the pool. It was so nice being in the water, swimming, splashing and floating. After an hour we were back "home" packing our suit cases and getting ready to head to Orlando. We were meeting Grandma Heumann, Dave and Leslie for a late lunch/early dinner before going to the airport.  The waitress was very nice and helpful and all of us had a nice visit. I am glad I could see my brother Dave and wish we would have had time to see Dan and his family too. Once at the airport, we learned that our plane needed to go to the garage and have maintenance. A delay of 45 minutes was predicted. Glad I had that iPod and that there was wireless in the terminal. Nothing like the internet to keep you busy. Time went pretty quickly, and we were on a "new" plane and in the air.  Getting a shuttle to the hotel in Chicago was another story.  Only one shuttle bus was running and there were 50+ people waiting to get to their hotel. We waited over 30 minutes for our ride, with standing room only. Glad I didn't fall on anyone.

Meals: TGIFriday's (again). Potstickers and a burger. My favorite chicken is off the menu. :(

Activities: Up early and drive back to Greenville.  We lose an hour, and we had to be back before 3 pm, so there was no time for dilly dallying.  We made it home just after 2:30pm, so Matthew made it to church softball practice and Jeff led services at the Long Term Care facilities. I always the piano, and the residents are always grateful. It was position night at  bowling, and I managed to stay around average. Jeff had a great last game of 191. We won only 1 game, but that was enough to keep us in 5th place instead of moving to the right column in 6th place.

Spring Break is over.  We had a wonderful week! So glad we could spend time with our family and friends!


PS: Over 100 pictures in the Family Photo Album!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Enjoying Spring Break!

Having a fun time in Florida!

Seeing Family and Friends.

Eating at our favorite non-Greenville places. PaPa Johns, Sonny's Bar B Que and CiCi's Pizza.

Visiting fun attractions. Kennedy Space Center, downtown Disney, Cirque du Soleil, Busch Gardens.

Swimming today and bowling tonight.

More details and photos after we return.

Have a great day!


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Really? This is Spring Break?

We woke up to dark and dreary skies this morning for church.  Sunday School's Good Samaritan went over well, and then during church a little girl announced during the children's sermon that it was raining.  By the time church was over, Jeff announced that it was SNOWING! The flakes were HUGE and still beautiful to me as they fell softly to the ground.  It has stopped now, but softball practice is officially cancelled for today. Hope we have  better weather next week. Several years ago, Mary made a snow bunny on Easter. Seems crazy doesn't it?  Good thing Easter is so late this year!

Watching the Tigers play baseball. Cabrera got his first home run of the year and brought in a run!  Let's hope things turn around from the last two games and the Tigers Win!

I will be doing last minute laundry, cleaning the kitchen and packing for our trip.  It will be nice to spend time with our parents in Florida this week. Matthew is looking forward to some roller coasters  at Busch Gardens in Tampa! Think his parents will be watching this time.  Jeff doesn't want to chance having his neck and arm bothering him again.

Bowling is at 7 pm, hopefully we can stay or move up in the standings. We won four last week and didn't move up one place!  It is all for fun anyway right?

Have a warm and sunny day!


Just came across the Lutheran Haven website and found this in the news section.  Pretty nice Mom~!
Lutheran haven news

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Well I am happy to report that I got through Quicken today in about 3 hours!  That is what I get for putting it off too long.  I still have a few minor questions but everything is jivin'! Hooray!  I have most of the laundry done anticipating last minute laundry tomorrow before our trip.  Practicing the music for church tomorrow. I think it is going to be a challenge for me, but I can do it!!  My piano at home has gone out of tune already.  Just tuned it last fall.  I guess the fierce winter has taken it's toll. Still need to prepare for Sunday School.

I am sitting here watching NCAA Basketball alone.  Matthew doesn't like to watch basketball. I have been waiting for these games all week.  The Butler vs VCU game has been close. What a great series!   I am anxious to see the Kentucky game later tonight.

Tomorrow:  Sunday School and Church, Softball practice, Bowling and Packing for our trip to Florida. Time is going to fly by! The next few weeks are jammed packed with activities!

Remembering my Grandpa Heuman, Elmer John on his birthday.  Sure loved spending time together!  Such great memories!

Have a great day and GO KENTUCKY!


"What's a matter with you, eat your meat" -EJ Heumann

Friday, April 1, 2011

Great Day~No Fooling!

I had a really good day at work and then we had a nice evening with friends.  Pizza for dinner and home made apple pie that was a gift for Jeff from our friends. Matthew had fun playing video games with a new competitor. 

Our Netflix movie tonight was "The A-Team". It was a pretty good movie.  Might have to watch it again, since I slept through part of it.

Looking forward to some more basketball tomorrow.  Wonder who will be in the finals? 

That's all for now! Happy April Fools Day!