Saturday, April 21, 2012

Mary's Home!

So glad to have Mary home.  We had a rainy trip both ways and are very thankful for safe travel.  Jeff and Matt met the rest of us at Olivera's Restaurant for pizza, which was delicious. 

Stayed up late watching some TV, then up got up this morning to work on graduation announcements, vacation bible school and work schedules.  Looks like I will be able to trade around and get off working a high school choir event and also to free up time at the end of July/beginning of August to help Sarah move to Toledo.  I still need to work on bills/quicken and practice for church tomorrow. I suppose I should do some laundry too.

Making chicken crescents for dinner with Mary.  We work together so well, it won't take long at all.

Better get going! 


Friday, April 20, 2012

Heading to Ann Arbor

This day has started out well, even though it is cloudy and rainy.  I fit into some old jeans and then had fun with my little Jack.  Watched some TV and Matthew's favorite video when he was about the same age.  We started reading books. He loves "Hop On Pop".   Can tell he has read it before, because he searches for certain pages and says the words that go with that page.  He's learning!

Now, I am going to put on my sweatshirt and drive to the University of Michigan and move Mary out of East Quad. It will be closing for refurbishing for the next year. This was Mary's last year in the dorm and will be moving into a house at the end of this summer. 

The hospital wants me to work this weekend for a nice bonus, but I am pretty busy.  Have to play the piano on Sunday and it is our last week of bowling on Sunday.   I was looking foward to weekend off.  Will have to make a decision soon.

Better get going,  hope you have a little sunshine, but with Jesus.. every day is a SONNY day!

Go Blue!


Thursday, April 19, 2012


This is one of the selections Blue Horizon sang prior to the Women's Glee Club concert last weekend.  There are more posted on my you tube page WeatherNurse13.  It's Crazy!  LOL.  Jeff and I had a nice time with the Cory's and with Mary and her friends. 

I just finished a three nights in a row at work.  Yesterday was catch up on sleep day.  It has been very very busy.  We were close to filling every patient room on the floor! I had some very nice families to care for.  I am off until Monday night. 

Sarah ordered a new phone cover that was delivered here, and I ordered college graduation announcements that were delivered in Holland.  So, today I am traveling to Holland for an "exchange".  Of course we will have a lunch date too. If  Sarah needs help with packing sorting through things, I can help with that too.  Hard to believe that her graduation is only 17 days away. Crazy! Keep praying for nice weather on May 6th, so graduation can be held outside!

Tomorrow I will be going to Ann Arbor to move Mary out of her dorm.  Jeff and I took a lot home last weekend, so I shouldn't have too much tomorrow.  Can you believe that Mary is done with two years of college?  Crazy!  We are grateful that Jim and Brandon will be moving Mary's futon back to Greenville on Saturday.  So Mary will ride back to Ann Arbor on Saturday to help with Brandon's move.  Brandon will be coming home with us tomorrow night so he can work. 

Matthew has only a month left of high school.  Crazy!  He is doing well in school and will be in Chicago the first weekend in May with the Village Green.  Guess they are going to sing at the Navy Pier!  In the meantime,  he will be looking for a second summer job and continue to try and find financial aid for his education at the University of Oklahoma. This sure causes lots of stress.

That's about it, I guess.  I better get rolling and see my Hope College Girl!


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Tax Day or Not..It's Been A Great Day So Far!

So very happy with our Sunday morning! The Chime Team played magnificently! We ended the season with some great pieces of music played to the glory of God. VBS meeting was a great success! Sunday School and Church is always good. Praise the Lord!

We had a nice trip to Ann Arbor for Mary's concert last night.  Had dinner with the Cory's and  were able to listen to the Blue Horizon Quartet sing one last time this year.  They were awesome.  Videos are sure to follow.  The Women's Glee Concert was very nice, but very long.  The Acapella Men's Group from the University of Chicago came to participate.  They sang  a lot of songs.  Concert ended around 10:30 pm, then we packed up some of Mary and Brandon's things to start their move home.  I will be going back next week for the final move out.  Mary will be home for the summer next weekend! Jeff and I got home just before 2 am, so it was right to bed for us.

Friday, our Anniversary plans changed drastically when I became sick with a stomach bug driving home from work early in the morning.  Yuck.  Spent most of the day in bed or in the bathroom. Felt better by late afternoon, but not well enough to attend the Collage Concert that Matthew was singing in.  Luckily they have the show "on demand" via  the website, so I watched from my bed.  It was a very nice show!

On a happier note concerning Friday the 13th.  Sarah  took her Board of Certification test and felt really good about it. Now we wait to see the results. I am confident that she should receive her certification and be Sarah Wilhelm ATC, instead of ATS (that's Athlectic Trainer Certified instead of Athletic Trainer Student!)

I put a load of laundry in the washed and now the dryer.  Need to have clean uniforms.

Now for some sleep. I'm On Call tonight.


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

GHS Collage Concert~Friday and Saturday

Greenville High School Music Department will perform their annual Collage Concert this Friday (4/13) and Saturday (4/14) at 7:30 pm. There will be lots of great music, vocal and instrumental. Matthew will be performing with the Village Green.

This concert should be broadcast via live feed on the link below:
Enjoy the show!

Jeff and I will be attending on our Anniversary after dinner together.  On Saturday I will be going to Ann Arbor for Mary's Glee Club Concert.   Her quartet will be singing as well.  I know that she has been packing, so I will most likely start bringing things home for the summer.  She moves home next week! 

I enjoyed the Nursing Ed Class today.  Think I might buy the book.  Has lots of really helpful and valuable information. I will work on Thursday night this week and then Monday and Tuesday next week.  Picked up an On-Call shift on Sunday.

Remember Sarah on Friday as she takes her certification test.   I have little Jack tomorrow.  He always brings joy to our house..


PS~Did you hear we had snow today??

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter! He is Risen!

Spring Break has come to an end and Matthew will start the few months as a high school student.  We had a wonderful Easter weekend complete with sunny weather! Sarah arrived home safely Saturday and I was cancelled from work Saturday night, which allowed me to have fun times with my family.
  • Tiger Baseball
  • Lord of the Rings
  • Watching "The Ten Commandments" and "Psyche"
  • Baking Brownies
Jeff and Matthew left early for the "sunrise" service.  Matthew had A/V duty. Then Matt came home and picked me up for Easter Breakfast.  The men of MCLC did a great job.  French Toast, Sausage, Scrambled Eggs, Biscuits and Gravy.  Sunday School was well attended by kids and adults.  Sarah arrived and attended church with me.  It was very nice to see some of the college students and military members home this weekend.

Sarah and Jeff made the sticky rice when we got home while I cooked the bulkogi.  We still have brownies to eat and I need to present the chocolate bunnies.  There are a few good TV shows to watch tonight too.

Jeff has gone to Lowe's to get some more lawn seed with mulch.  There is still some areas we need to seed. Matthew and Jeff have done a great job on our yard.  We both have tomorrow off, so we may entertain the idea of going to the season opener of the Michigan Whitecaps.  We will see what kind of weather we have. I am thankful for my friend at work who traded shifts with me so I can be home tonight with the family!

Sarah returns to Hope in the morning and will need your prayers on Friday when she takes her BOC (board of certification) test.   Passing gives her the title of Athletic Trainer Certified.  I have total faith in Sarah, but taking those type tests can be quite daunting! She will also finish up her 4 years at Hope College and prepare for grad school at University of Toledo.  A trip to Japan in May will be a memory making experience.

I received an email from Mary today.  She has several papers to write.  One 15 page paper for history, a final English paper and a 3 page written essay in German. Whew! She also mentioned that Brandon had a recording session last night and sang "As Long As I'm Singing" and "Mac the Knife".  She sent me some pictures (posted in the family album) and the recordings.  I am trying to figure out a way to post them. They turned out very well. Saturday is the Women's Glee Club Concert.  I will be going to listen to them and I am certain that "Blue Horizon" quartet will perform too.  I will make a second trip to Ann Arbor the next weekend to move Mary home!  I can't believe that she done with 2 years at Michigan.

Matthew is getting excited about OU.  He has been reading about some activities during orientation weekend and it does sound like lots of fun~ free movie, golf cart tour of where your classes are and learning about intramural sports.  He also read that the sword fighting theatre class was outside on the north oval.  Pretty cool!  Even though there are lots of fun things to think about, we also have deadlines for financial aid applications.

So what's happening the rest of the week?
  • Nursing Ed class on Tuesday and work Thursday night.
  • Jeff and I will celebrate our 27th  wedding anniversary on Friday. Sarah takes her BOC test.
  • Matthew will be singing with the Village Green at GHS Collage Concert on Friday.
  • I bowl in the state tournament Saturday morning and attend Mary's concert Saturday night.
  • Last Chime Team rehearsal
Think we need to have some sort of mexican dinner tonight...Taco Bell??

Hope you had a wonderful Easter!


Friday, April 6, 2012

Spring Break, Opening Day and Holy Week

Matthew's Spring Break finally arrived this week. Here are some of the activites:
  • Matthew and Jeff worked on the yard all day Monday and it looks terrific!  There is grass seed down with mulch that Matt waters each day. All the old brush got pulled out and removed. I slept since I worked a 12 hour on call shift Sunday night and needed to go back to work Monday night. I did managed to have a taco bell dinner with my men.
  • Tuesday Matthew and I caught up on our TV shows through On Demand on our Cable TV.  Jeff and I went out to dinner together, while Matthew planned on a basketball gig with his buddies.  Unfortunately, it fell through.  At least until the next day. Watched "War Horse".  It was ok.
  • Wednesday, I watched "Courageous" while Matthew went to play basketball then came did errands with me including grocery shopping. I even made dinner and cookies!  Haven't done that in a while.  Working nights makes it difficult to cook the next day, since I end up sleeping  most of the day.
  • Yesterday was probably one of the best!  Matthew and I went to the ball park and hit some softballs.  Matthew even did some switch hitting. It felt good to feel the ball hit the bat, especially when you see the ball sail to the outfield.  Had hot dogs for lunch with the quilters and hurried home to watch Opening Day for the Detroit Tigers! Verlander started where he left off, with a great pitching and control. Too bad Valverde couldn't get the save, but ended taking the win after some sloppy pitching.  Either way, TIGERS WIN!  The orchestra played for church and the Maunday Thursday service was very nice. 1/2 off Appetizers for dinner at Applebee's.
Good Friday is here. It is a day I feel sad that Jesus had to die on the cross, especially since He is holy. But,  I  also know it is a good day, Jesus took that on willingly endured a beating, crown of thorns, ridicule and hanging on a cross, so that I forgiven of all of my sins!  How Good, no Great is that?? Of course the most important part of the story happens on Sunday.  Because Jesus rose again on Easter, now we can be ASSURED that we will go to heaven and live with HIM forever.  I won't be going to church since I am scheduled to work tonight.

What else is planned for the weekend??
  • Making Bulkoogi today for Sunday dinner, since I will be working Friday and Saturday. Maybe I will get cancelled for one of those days.
  • EASTER Services....
  • Sarah will be home for Easter Sunday.  It is always nice to have her home. Wish Mary could be with us too. 
  • No bowling or work (I traded shifts), so I can spend the whole day with the family!
  • Then back to the grind on Monday....