Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 29th, 2008 Good News

Mary called me with great news yesterday after school. She is first chair cello! Great Job Mary! I guess 2nd chair has already challenged her, and the 3rd chair cello challenged 2nd chair. We'll see how it all turns out. In any case Mary deserved the place of leadership. She was also nominated for office of the Theater club and to top it all off, she finished her driving course and can now get her permit. Mary had a fun time at the prom. She and her date, just friends, had dinner, dance and then attended the post prom party at the middle school for a few hours.

Matthew didn't feel so good yesterday, but bit the bullet and remained in school. Jeff took him some advil when he went to give a few weather presentations the 8th grade science class. I guess he dressed in his AF blues for the event. Matt has baseball practice tonight. He loves it and is slated to play a lot of catcher. He will be in his first play, The Hobbit, next week.

Sarah's softball team is still looking for their first win. I guess she played a few innings in right field, but her back is still bothering her from a previous pull and limbo at the post prom party. She had a nice time at the prom too, dancing with friends and taking pictures. She leaves for Boston tomorrow evening with the Village Green . You can find out more about the arts at our school by clicking on Greenville High School Arts link, then click on vocal program. You can even hear them sing if you click on Concerty MP3 files. They perform twice in Boston, go on a city "duck" tour, go whale watching, see a play and then tour NYC. They are going to see a show and eat pizza at Times Square! They will return home via Niagra Falls and Canada. I'll send the digital camera with her and post some pictures.

My softball team is organized and ready to play. We have one more practice sunday and the first game on Monday. I won't be there because Mary has an Orchestra banquet. Jeff will be in AZ next week and Sarah at her own game. I really hate to miss the game, but my family always comes first. Kids' choir finished with rehearsals last night. I bought them all a DQ cone for the end of the year. They had a fun time. We still sing on Mother's Day and Memorial Day for whoever can be there. It is nice to have a lot of our rehearsals and things done so I can focus on end of the year activites, Mary's Sweet 16, and Graduation! Jeff will be giving the message at the class Baccalaureate this year.

Well, better run..Have a great day.


Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday April 27, 2008 Better Late than Never

Prom was a success and fun was had by all. Sarah ended up pulling something in her back playing Limbo at the post prom party. She has been taking advil and using moist heat and has had some relief. Hopefully she will be up to playing softball at tomorrow's game. It is supposed to be cold and and rainy, so we'll see if they play or not.

Our orchestra played for church for the last time till fall and we ended up on an awesome note (pun intended)! Softball practice went well, and we watched the movie Tristan and Isolde. We liked it very much.

Check the previous entry for this week's events. Add in a garage sale at church this saturday. I still need to go through all of our stuff to donate. I know there is plenty of that. Mary will be eligible to obtain her driver's permit Monday afternoon. Watch out world!
Well, I had better post it and head for bed. I don't work till 8am, but I am taking Matt to jazz band at 0630. Have a great day!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

April 26, 2008 Prom Night

Tonight is prom night. Mary has a date and Sarah went with a group of friends. Both girls looked beautiful as you can see! I hope that they have a wonderful time! I will update that info tomorrow morning!

Yesterday I worked and had a nice day with my patient and her grandpa who is here from California. The weather has been beautiful with highs in the 70's until the front came through last night and left with windy weather and temps with high's in the 50s. I was expecting some severe thunderstorms but never heard anything last night.

The whole family attended a Grand Rapids Arena Football game last night too. We went with our church group. I can say I would rather watch "regular" football, but it was nice to spend time together.

Tomorrow is the last day scheduled for church orchestra. We may play in the summer, but it will be more of an impromptu practices. Kids sing on Mother's Day and then that's it for music through the summer. We will have special music I am sure, but no weekly practices. I need a break! The church softball team is supposed to practice tomorrow, we will see if the weather holds out. It is supposed to rain. Our first game is next week. Yikes! I have my lineup and positions written out and ready for giving coaching a try.

Sarah goes to Boston this week, and Jeff goes to Arizona the following week. The Hobbit play is the 8,9 and 10th and then there's Mary's Sweet Sixteen Birthday, Mackinac trip for Matt, Honors week, Baccalaureate and Gradation!Whew May is going to fly by! We'll make it through I am sure. Matthew's baseball games start next week too. His coach said he will be playing a lot of catcher and relief pitcher. He is happy with that.

Well, I am going to get those pictures up so I can post this blog. Have a great one!

I added more pictures to our Germany albums on the Wilhelm Family Photos. The new ones are from Mary's collection.
Also, if you get the magazine from Thrivent, look in the Spring 2008 edition and read a letter to the editor from Jeff on page 3.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

April 24, 2008 All the luggage is home!

Matthew's Luggage arrived this afternoon. It was damaged but we expected that since we repaired it before we left. All his clothes are safe and accounted for!

Off to a busy evening. Baseball, Driving, Softball, Orchestra, Choir and pick up everybody at 8.

Later Gator!

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Quick Update to 4/21/08

Mary made Village Green! Congratulations! She will be in the show choir that Sarah is in now. Next year they get new uniforms and the year after that she will go on a trip like Sarah's trip to Boston this year. She also in one week away from finishing her first of two driver's course.

The Hobbit is just a few weeks away, and Mary continues to work on the creatures (dragons and spiders) and Matthew has his lines memorized. I am looking forward to the production. Sarah has less than 30 days of high school left. I had better get going on graduation plans. She pulled a muscle in her back and received some treatment from the Trainer today. She thinks she may have hurt it sliding into home plate last weekend, Jeff thinks it is because her backpack is way too heavy. Maybe both!

I had a good day at work. My patient is playing full force and I have to keep my eye on her all the time, now that she pulls her trach out more often. I'm not complaining though, because it is awesome to see her learn new things and she can't learn if she doesn't explore. I just have to teach her not to pull on her tubes!

That is all...


April 21, 2008 Very early in the morning

We had a busy weekend. Sarah played in a softball tournament and they lost again. She would really like to win won. The other kids and I shopped and cleaned for our small group bible study and I made egg rolls. They were tasty, but not my best. Not sure why they were so dry. We all had a nice time and planned ahead for our next study topic.

Church went well they weekend, and we had our first church softball practice of the season. Our equipment is missing so everyone came together and we had enough balls and bats to play. Thanks to Paul and camp concordia, we had a place and equipment, plus beautiful weather from the Lord. Everyone got back in the "swing" easily. It was the last night for bowling and we took 9th place. We left early and had dinner with our teammates. Last week doesn't count.

Now, I am up and off to work at 5:10 am. Mary should find out if she made show choir. Oh she was asked to prom too..Otherwise it is the same routine for school, driving, cello, softball and baseball practice and all our church activities. I'll keep you posted!

<>< Grace

PS Matthew's bag was located in Milan Italy. It will be returned to the states this week! Thanks Liz for all your help!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 16, 2008 Praise the Lord!

Good News!

4 of 5 pieces of luggage arrived at our back door this morning! I couldn't believe my eyes. Matthew's luggage is still missing. We can hope that it will arrive soon. Of all the luggage, Matthew's is probably easiest to replace. The one special thing he has in there is his Gators sweatshirt. We'll keep waiting. Jeff's bag has the most damage. It is torn near the zipper. Sarah's has a few little tears. Mary's and my bag look suprisingly good. I took pictures before and after I removed the plastic they were wrapped in. By the looks of the stickers and packing slips, I think our bags were in Italy! Maybe we should eat Italian tonight!

I applied for a hospital position in nearby Carson City. It would be easier to drive there than Grand Rapids. I like taking care of Hailey, but I don't want to lose skills that I haven't been using, like starting IV's and and drawing blood etc.. With graduation coming up, I don't know if starting a new job is right, but we will see how much training there is, and if I can wait to start until after graduation.

We have beautiful weather today. High's in the 60's and blue sky! It really is a happy day. That is all for now... Mary needs to be ready to drive in one hour.

Lots of Love to all,

\o/ Grace

Monday, April 14, 2008

April 14th, 2008 Weekend in Review!

Well, it is Monday evening and I have a little time to catch everyone up with the latest.

Saturday Sarah worked at the basketball tournament while Matthew tried out for baseball. Matt played well, and as of today was placed on a team. His newCoach is Mr. Groom. That is good, because we wanted a different coach than last year and there are only 2 coaches for his age group. This guy remembers Matt from a few years ago. We are hoping for a better season. On the way home from baseball, the van was making bad clunking sounds. Jeff met me over at the car repair place and there was a bad ball joint. No driving until fixed. Duh!!

That afternoon Sarah and I went prom dress shopping and found a very nice dress on sale at a store called Younkers. It is turquoise with a long brown tie flowing down the back and the back of the dress has a little train like effect. She also got some brown wedge sandals to wear with it. Of course you will see pictures. Prom is April 26th---keep watch that night!

Mary went to work with me that night and cared for Hailey's brothers. Hailey is feeling better and is a cute as ever! We were home by 12:45am.

Sunday was our 23rd Anniversary and we had a nice day. Church went well, and the children's choir sang I am Jesus Little Lamb, my favorite. How do you think I came up with my email address? We all went out for Sunday dinner at Cory's Restaurant and I really liked my burger (another favorite) and we enjoyed some good homemade desserts there. They gave us a little cake to take home too! We will eat some tonight. Sunday wrapped up with bowling where I had a really good night- 115, 136 and 150! Yea! Jeff wasn't as happy with his scores, but we eneded up splitting the games 2 & 2. It was position night and we don't expect to move up much. We did have fun though, I did.

Matt went to Jazz Lab II this morning and had Hobbit practice this afternoon. He is working on a project for school now. Mary was painting the dragon for the Hobbit this afternoon when she backed into the green paint. It splattered on her new jeans and keds tennis shoes. We soaked the jeans and tried to get the paint out and now they are in the washer. I hope we can get the majority of it out. Any ideas for getting latex paint out of clothes? She had driving lessons tonight, came home and is already in bed. She is excited about going to a play type show with puppets this Friday with her friend in Lansing. Pray for fun times and safe travel. Sarah had a double header today and although they lost both games she played well. She played center field and DH! She got a double and a single! Now she is home doing homework. Her show choir leaves for a class trip to Boston at the end of the month. They are going to perform twice while on the road. After Boston they will return home via NYC and Niagra Falls. Sarah is officially a Hope College student for the fall, and she has been working on many scholarship applications. Still waiting to hear about any "rewards".

I had a dentist appt this morning and am pleased to say I have no cavities or other problems. I won't have to worry about a dentist for 6 more months. We picked up the fixed van this afternoon, had lunch and then I went shopping for groceries before all the afternoon events started. Jeff got new running shoes (his others are lost in Europe with our luggage) today and we had such nice weather he went to try them out. After snow flurries yesterday morning a day with clear blue sky and 60 was heaven! My children's choir rehearsal went well and we have 2 more sundays to sing and then it will be summer! Time is flying by. I really need to get started on Sarah's graduation celebration and Mary's Sweet 16th Birthday! I'd rather do that than have the taxes to complete by tomorrow that is on Jeff's plate right now..He has worked hard on the luggage fiasco, and has AF class to do as well as all the church work.

Church Softball season is starting a week earlier than I planned and now I will have to contact all my players. I guess putting in the bulletin would be a good idea too! The rest of the week is more of the same. Softball every afternoon and a tournament on Saturday. Play practice for Matt and Creature Crew (making the creatures for the play) for Mary, she has driving on Tuesday and Wednesday. I work tomorrow, Thursday and Friday. We hope to go to a community play, "Dearly Departed" on Friday night. One of our church members is in the play. Small Group Bible Study is at our house Saturday night.

Well, I guess that does it. I need to be at work at 5:15 am so I had better get some sleep pretty soon!

Until Next time,


Friday, April 11, 2008

April 11, 2008 A Pretty Good Day

It is the end of another day. We had some bad weather early in the afternoon. There were tornado watches, and thunderstorm warnings. We never had any severe weather though. The schools decided to cancel all the aftenoon and evening activities. So there was no play practice, softball practice and no Village Green Dance auditions for Mary. I guess she will have to dance on Monday.

Jeff and I worked on filling out the latest claim forms for our lost baggage. I went to another store to price things and got 4 suitcases inventoried. I have to keep the faith that we will see our things again, and if not, be thankful that they are just things and we are home safe and sound unlike many passengers of American Airlines.

Mary drove on the freeway for the first time and she did fine. I was a little worried since there was still a small threat of rain and storms. Luckily, I have a weatherman at home and he reassured me that the storms had passed. He was right!

Jeff and I attended a wonderful concert by our local Flat River Band (Jazz) and the High School Jazz Band together. Mary got there after driving and got to hear the last 20 minutes or so. Some of the songs they played were: In the Mood, Summertime, Chattanooga Choo Choo, a Count Basie Song plus more! Wow, I wished had lasted a little longer, but I am sure the musicians were tired and hot from the lights.

Tomorrow will be another busy day. Sarah is keeping score for a basketball tournament from 8am - 1pm then we are going to look for a prom dress. Matt has Show your skills in Baseball tomorrow morning at 9:15am. I work at 6pm- 12mn. Somewhere in there I need to get ready for Sunday School opening, Kid's choir reminder and softball meeting notes ready for after church. Of course tomorrow night is position night at our bowling league. I hope that we can move up a little more.

That is it, and enough I'd say! Sorry no pictures to post this time. Have a great weekend!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 10th: 8:30pm--The Pictures Are Posted!

Well, I sat down at the computer and spent a lot of time getting the pictures done. Be sure to click on the link to the right (wilhelm family photos) for a whole slew of them! There are actually 3 new albums!



April 10, 2008 Still Trying to Catch Up

Well, it is Thursday and I am working on getting pictures posted. Please be patient. Right! That is Luftansa and British Airways tells us. Truth is I want my luggage! The latest news is that we are now filling out itemized reports of the contents of our bags. This makes it sound like we will never see them again. They want description and prices etc.. I spent time at Wal Mart and other stores to obtain prices of items that would need replacing. Jeff called this afternoon and they still don't know where they are. He asked if they have been in touch with British Airways and they said I don't see anything about British Airways. Wow! What in the world are we going to have to do to get them to look for out stuff in the right place and get it back. What a headache.

Today was my third anniversary of caring for my little patient Hailey. She has done so well over the years and has become very very special to me. I love it when she holds her arms out for me or crawls up to me and gives me a hug and pats me on the back.

As for the kids, they have kept us running. Sarah had her first 3 softball games this week. They lost all three. Sarah and another girl went on vacations with their families and were not allowed to play in any of the games. As of yesterday, Sarah reported that their "sentence was over". Nice to be punished for spending time with family over spring break. I went to the double header on Tuesday anyway and just about froze. The weather is still cold and we could have a little snow this weekend. Sarah has applied to ump rec softball and sent in a few scholarships and other college papers along with homework. Mary had driving all week and is trying out for the high school show choir even as I write this post. She is also involved with cello and making the creatures for the next play "The Hobbit". Matthew is back with Jazz Band, Hobbit practice and looks forward to Skills day for the summer baseball league. Looking ahead, besides the baseball deal, Sarah is scoring for a basketball event, and wants to look for a prom dress. I have one day of work left this week either tomorrow or Saturday night. Had to cancel orchestra, everyone is busy. Sunday the kids choir sings and I have a church softball meeting afterward. I am in charge. I can't wait to make a line up (Sarah is going to help me).

I guess that about does it, need to get going and pick up Matt from school. It won't be long and the pictures will be up to see!

<>< Grace

Sunday, April 6, 2008

April 6th- Back to the Old Grind

Everyone was up this morning without an alarm clock. Yea! I wonder how long that will last?? Church went well and we had lunch out at the local mexican restaurant. After a short nap, I got busy putting the few things away that we brought home with us. FYI, our baggage is still MIA. Our luggage might see more of Europe than we did. Evidently British Airways is sending 1000's of bags to Italy for sorting. Many of the returned bags are badly damaged.

I did some grocery shopping, and then Jeff and I went bowling and our team took 3 points. We lost one game by only one pin! Mary did some laundry and we got through a lot of our mail, organized this week's events and deadlines, esp for scholarships and such. Mary will be trying out for Village Green, the show choir that Sarah is in this year on Tuesday. Sarah has her first softball game on Tuesday too! Matt has jazz Band on M & TH and I am working M,T,Th and either Fri or Sat. I need to make up some lost time.

I have downloaded lots of pictures from out trip and hope to have them posted sometime this week. Keep and eye out...maybe by wednesday. The sandman has arrived and I need some sleep before my shift starts at 0515. Have a good day!


Saturday, April 5, 2008

August (oops!) April 5th, 2008 Traveler's Log #4 Almost Home

Our last day in Germany (April 4th) was a lot of fun. Liz and the girls took us to Trier, the oldest city in Germany. It was very interesting, and Liz did a great job as tour guide. We saw a cathedral and the Old Basillica, that is now the only Lutheran church in Trier. Of course we took pictures. We enjoyed a home-cooked meal at Liz's. Yummy Baked Ziti. We all had fun playing a few games, took a walk around the German town of Schrollbach, and watched the Tigers lose to the White Sox. This morning it was a little sad leaving the beautiful country of Germany and saying goodbye to family.

We arrived in Chicago after 9 hours on a 767. They showed us two movies and served two meals. Everything had mushrooms! We only had carry on baggage so that cut down on some time not that it really matters, because our flight to Grand Rapids isn't until 9 something pm. So the family is relaxing in the Chicago O'Hare USO area. They served us some food and now we are watching Lord of the Rings. There is still no information about our lost luggage..but we have been assured that we will get them back. We had a wonderful trip and had a lot of fun with Liz, Bob, Rachel and Abigail. We look forward to seeing them this summer.

Mary is glad that she can text her friends again, I called mom and left a message and Sarah finished her homework, and checked her email etc... She has her first softball game this Tuesday! She also has an interview for a scholarship. She will be going to Boston with her Show Choir at the end of this month. Matt is glad to be home too. He is anxious to see his friends, esp. in Sunday School tomorrow. Church will come early and then I will have to wash what clothes we had in our carry ons on the way home.

Wel, that is all for now. Gute Nacht!


Friday, April 4, 2008

April 4, 2008 Traveler's Log #3 Back in Germany

We have decided that we like Germany much better than France and Paris. We spent a day looking at the sights mentioned in the last letter and we had great weather. We climbed to the top of the Arc de Triomphe,

then took a lot of pics of the Eiffel Tower. There were a lot of beggars.

We headed to the Opera house and took a few pictures there then the Louvre. We don't like art enough to spend a lot of euro on going inside.

Lastly we went to Notre Dame and I think that was may favorite. It was beautiful inside and outside, and we even experienced an evening prayer service with wonderful organ music and singers. Although it was nice to see everything, it was nice to get "home" to Germany. The language is easier for us and I think it is friendlier and cleaner. We still have no luggage and probably won't see it for awhile. Jeff went to buy a few small bags to take home with us. We plan to hand-carry all of our bags (2 per person) on the plane. We don't have that much; we have been washing every few days. Lunch just arrived, so I am going to sign off. Next log will be back in the states. -GW

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 3, 2008 (12 midnight) Traveler's Log #2 Plans for Paris

We arrived safely in Paris. Our hotel room is really like a little apt...two floors! The gasthaus in Bavaria had a loft in the room too. We visited a Parisian mall and ate at a restaurant called Hippopatamus. Expensive. We drove past Parc Disneyland and found the train station for tomorrow morning.

We plan on seeing the following: Arc de Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Garnier Opera House and the Louvre. We go back to Liz's tomorrow night. Looks like we will have to buy luggage to go home with since we still don't have our bags. At this point, I just hope we get them back.

It has been nice seeing and visiting with Liz, Bob, Rachel and Abigail when we are there really nice home. It is always nice to be with family.

Better sign off. Not sure when I can post again...Will download pictures after I get home.

Au Revoir,


April 2, 2008 Traveler's Log -#1

Hallo von Deutschland! Although we arrived late Saturday after our British Airways flight was cancelled, our luggage is still missing. We waited many hours at London Heathrow (12 hours) for a flight to Frankfurt on Luftansa. Liz, our sister met us and we washed clothes, bought more clothes at the BX on base and then left in our rental minivan for Bavaria on the autobahn. Of course we were late arriving there as well. Our gasthaus stay was very nice with very nice hosts.

Over the past few days we were on the top of Zugspitz, tallest mtn. in Germany, saw several castles
and toured the Passion theater at Oberammaergau. That was fun.
We are back home at Liz's, washing clothes again and getting ready to head for Paris later this afternoon. Through all the problems, we are still having a lot of fun. This morning I got to see Abigail's German Kindergarten. We hope to see our luggage again, but we will probably be back in Michigan before that happens.

Auf wiedersehen!