Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Today's Overview

Today was an eventful day!  So many things got accomplished. I am very pleased.

  • Our piano finally got tuned. The tuner said it was pretty bad off.  That isn't any news to me, but I wanted to wait until the hot humid summer was over.  

  • Matthew's Jedi Knight cloak is cut out after having to refold the 11 yards of material (thankful for Jeff's help), and pin the pattern not once but twice since it requires lots of panels.  Next is marking and then sewing and LOTS of gathering! It should be pretty cool when it is done.

  • Got my new glasses this afternoon.  I was a little worried during the week, that I wouldn't like them when I picked them up since they are quite different for me.  But once I put them on, I remembered why I liked them!  Super nice! Plus I can see better too!

  • Cooked supper, cleaned the kitchen and even started the laundry! What the heck??  Supper was pretty good and it is nice to have the sink cleaned up.  Matthew carved one of his pumpkins.  This year is Batman.  He will carve a second one soon!

  • Tonight's BIG event was the GHS Choir Concert.  It was very nice.  It was the first year of a new choir program.  No freshman girls choir or JV singers, instead there is the Girl's Choir and Men's Choir in addition to the Concert Choir and Matthew's group, Village Green Show Choir.  He looked so nice, danced and sang well and looked like he had a lot of fun.  He is out at Big Boy with friends, a tradition after each concert and/or theatre productions. I have posted a video on my Facebook and should have pictures in the album soon.  Mary sent me a pictures of the lovely Ann Arbor fall leaves too. Thanks Mary!

    That is all..I am liking the bullet form blog these days.  Helps me organize my thoughts.  Don't plan to keep it that was for long though. Thanks for being patient with me!


    PS:  You should be able to watch the concert at the "watch GHS events"  link in the right column under Look and See!

    Concert Tonight

    We are off to the GHS Choir Concert.  Here is Matthew is this year's new uniform:

    Monday, October 25, 2010

    And Time Flew By

    Seems like even with the greatest ambitions,  there just isn't time to get everything done.  Here are a few thoughts for today:
    1.  I am glad that we are home instead of Jeff having spinal surgery this morning.  We are looking into other treatment possibilities and very thankful that his symptoms are better.
    2. I had hoped to have Matthew's costume cut out, but it looks like it will be on the late night list for tonight.  Have to get going, so it can be ready for Sunday. Lots of sewing tomorrow!
    3. Computer work just goes on and on.  Looks like we will not be using charter email much longer.  Please use @sbcglobal.net mail instead of the charter one. 
    4. Kids choir and Chimes begin in 30 minutes, so I have to be ready for that too.
    5. Bowled twice yesterday. Once in the afternoon for next week, and once in the evening for regular week's bowling.  We won 3 points last night.  We will  see how our meager scores from the afternoon pre-bowling hold up next week. For now we are in first place.
    6. Had a very nice time at our neighborhood open house. Got to visit with all the families on or around Cass Street.  
    7. Piano will get tuned tomorrow.  It sure needs it! 
    8. Village Green will perform in costume/uniform tomorrow night at the first choral concert of the year.
    Better get going!


    Saturday, October 23, 2010

    So Fun-So Busy-So Awesome!

    It has been over a week since my last post. Been wanting to blog all week, but didn't have the energy or the creativity. I have the energy on this rainy gloomy Michigan day and have time while I sit and watch college football. Sit back, relax and enjoy our story!

    LAST FRIDAY my men and I went to the last home high school football game.  This also happens to be the all awaited "Lights Out" half time show of our Marching Band.  It was really cool to watch as usual. Unfortunately, a fight broke out behind our bleachers and disrupted the people around them.  The situation was controlled quickly without a lot of attention.  We won the game in overtime!  Great win for the Jackets!

    SATURDAY was homecoming for the Wilhelms. Sarah came home around lunch time and we spent the afternoon playing the Wii, shopping  and having KFC for dinner per Sarah's request.

    I left for Ann Arbor to pick up my Wolverines at 5 pm.  Amazingly I was there by 7:15 pm and they were waiting for me on the corner to throw in their bags and jump in the car to come back home.  Stopped at Jimmy John's for supper and then headed toward Greenville.

    Got home by 10:30pm and then Mary Matthew and I went to Meijer for more groceries.   The girls wanted Korean food.  Needless to say we stayed up late and prepared the bulkoogi and got to bed  after 2 am!

    SUNDAY was special since the whole family was back in church worshiping together. The congregation surprised us with a Pastor Appreciation presentation after the service.  Jeff and I still have to open the cards since he was pressed to get ready for military duty the next day. It will be fun to sit and open them together without a rush.

    Later in the afternoon was a surprise 50th birthday party for Brandon's dad.  He was definitely surprised and we enjoyed celebrating with the Cory family.  Bowling league takes place on Sunday too, so we arrived a little late after the party and bowled the last two games. We split the points with the other team. Norma tells me we are now tied for first place with the same number of wins, but 1 pin behind the other first place team for totals.

    MONDAY Jeff left very early in the morning for Shaw AFB, SC.   He would be gone all week and have his annual physical exam and testing.  I guess he was there for a joint weather conference too.  Matthew was at school all day, so the rest of Monday was Ladies Day!

    The girls got up early with me to go to my last appointment with my foot/leg surgeon.   I did get one more shot in the left foot to eradicate any leftover inflammation. After a few days of a sore leg post cortisone, I am glad to report that my leg feels pretty good, and my foot pain is virtually gone!  Very happy that I had the procedure.  If my right foot acts up again, I would certainly consider having  that leg "fixed" too.

    Then it was the girls turn.   They both got a very nice hair cut and look beautiful.   Lunch was simply delicious at Olive Garden.  The waiter liked the girls I think (why wouldn't he?) since he kept bringing us lots of mints after our meal. We went shopping most of the afternoon and purchased some great stuff.  Mary bought boots and material for halloween costumes for her and Brandon.  She is going to be Cleopatra and he will be Augustus Caesar.  Sarah bought herself a GPS system for "her" car.  It is super nice and I am a little jealous.  Sure would be nice to have one. I think Jeff wants one too.  Hmmm,  Christmas is coming! Then I decided it was time for me to have an iPod. I had been saving up some money and found a great deal at Best Buy.  Got the 4th generation iPod Touch with a camera, nice ear buds, two covers and a charger for the same price I would have paid at wal-mart for just the iPod!  I love to get a good deal and so does Jeff!

    We got home around 5pm and got to work on the Korean meal. With great teamwork, the yakimondue, bulkoogi and rice was ready to eat at 7:30 pm.  Brandon came for dinner as he enjoys the meal as well. (He was the special sauce maker since Jeff wasn't home.)  I made enough for an army so the girls to take it back to college to eat.

    TUESDAY came too soon. Sarah left before lunch to get back to Hope College.  Unfortunately, she left her share of the Korean food behind.  However my fresh baked cupcakes made the trip and were enjoyed by her and her housemates.

    Mary helped my pick out new glasses.  The frames are really different for me, but I am exicted about getting them and trying something new! I was going to just have new lenses made for my current frames, but they would have had to take my frames. At this point in my life, I cannot function without my glasses. Mary spent the afternoon on homework and sewing the costumes.  They turned out pretty nice.  I think it is pretty awesome that she can sew things without a pattern!  I grilled steaks for dinner.  Believe it or not, I didn't burn them.  They even had pink in the middle!

    By 6 pm I was driving Mary and Brandon back to University of Michigan. It was quite a nice ride back for me.  Mary was quizzing Brandon for his political science class and I learned a lot of new things!  It was amazing all the things he knew about other country's governments.  I told him that I would call his prof and tell him that he deserves and A as he knew all of the information!  Too bad I don't know who to call! LOL!  Dropping off was almost as quick as picking up.  I stopped the car by their dorm and they loaded up their arms with all their stuff and off they went with their share of the Korean food and fresh cupcakes.

    Since it was only 8:30pm, I high tailed it to Brighton and stopped in at JoAnn's Fabrics.  Matthew wants to be a jedi night for Halloween's Trunk or Treat and I had a pattern but had no material.  Good thing I stopped, as they had the eleven yards of brown material for the jedi cloak. Now I have to get to business and sew the crazy thing.  The drive home wasn't too bad, home before 11:30pm and plenty of time to rest for work on Wednesday.

    THURSDAY I decided to take the forgotten Korean food to Sarah in  Holland. She was soooo happy, as that is pretty much her favorite food!   Took a few other things she wanted and treated her to Wendy's lunch.  It is always nice to spend time with your kids no matter how long or short that time is!

    I was back in Greenville by 1 pm.   Spent time with the quilters and have come up with a new idea for my next quilt.  It is about time to get back to sewing with my buddies!

    Thursday evening I went to the GHS faculty concert.  It was also a fundraiser for fine arts in our schools.  The concert was absolutely wonderful. All the music teachers from Greenville Public Schools performed.  We have such talented teachers to instruct the kids of Greenville. I am so proud to have known many of them.  Our kids have really been blessed to have them.  Mrs McDonough, Mrs Chapman and Mr VanHouten,  had awesome singing solos, jazz, classical and  pop. Piano playing from the awesome Kayle Clements and a Flute duet including Mrs Gould who made it look effortless. What can I say about the Lord's Prayer played by Mr Ayres on his trumpet--Wow--Awesome.

    In addition to the faculty, they welcomed back a GHS alumni who played her cello as a solo and then played it to a silent movie about Jack the Ripper.  She wrote the  score and played it in person.  Quite impressive. Sure wish I could have ordered a DVD of the event.  It would have been worth the money spent.  Instead I did purchase a Christmas album and wish I had visited the cellist's table and bought one of hers too.  Oh well, can't do everything!

    LAST NIGHT Matthew and I went to Lowell High School for the last football game  of the season. What a game!  Greenville beat Lowell for the first time in 15 years with a score of 35-21!  Way to go Jackets!  They are in the playoffs now and I will be anxious to see who we play.. East Grand Rapids again?  We sure looked good  last night.

    TODAY I have been getting things accomplished at home.  Jeff should be arriving around supper time.  I am working on laundry, care packages, blogging, cleaning, preparing for Sunday School.  We are supposed to attend an Open House in our neighborhood. It would be nice to get to know our neighbors.  We don't see them very often.  Mt Calvary is having a spaghetti supper from 5-7. Hope we get to attend.   I like spaghetti.  Guess I can go even if Jeff isn't home yet.  Matthew doesn't like spaghetti.  All eyes will be on the TV tonight when the Sooners play Missouri.  Let's go Oklahoma!  They are currently #1 in the BCS.

    • Jeff has decided to cancel surgery on his cervical spine; very thankful for improved symptoms and hoping to consider other less-restrictive options. It has been amazing to see God at work!  I saw him suffer with numbness, tingling and pain with muscle atrophy this summer, only to witness his symptoms disappear over the last weeks before surgery plus the ability to lift his large suitcase with his weak arm just before he left on Monday.  Miracles are always happening.  Praise the Lord.  Jeff is glad to avoid fusion surgery that was scheduled for this Monday.  Keep praying for continued healing.  Thanks!
    • Other good news!  Jeff' passed his physical requirements for the Air Force and will be up for promotion to Full Colonel this week!  Wouldn't that be great!  Let's pin on the eagles!
    • I have an upcoming ultrasound next week as a followup after being diagnosed with an ovarian cyst. All of my other blood work and tests are normal.  We will see if it has shrunk or disappeared or if some sort of treatment is necessary.
    • Haven't been turned down from any job applications recently.  Still hoping to get an interview at Metro Hospital in the Special care Nursery.  Have applications open at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital on their pediatric units. I continue to plug away at my continuing education classes concentrating on Maternal Child nursing. 
    • Coming to Orlando in Spring 2011!  University of Michigan Men's Glee Club! Mary's best friend Brandon is a bass in this very talented group. It is worth attending!  Mary may have the chance to travel with the Women's Glee Club when they perform in the northwest united states.  Watch for more details!
    • Sarah is participating at Hope's annual Relay for Life.  If you would like to donate to her group's fund, contact her at s.wilhelm23@gmail.com. She is also selling "I  Love Hope College Athletic Training" t-shirts for $10 each.  I have one and they are very nice.  All proceeds go to Relay for Life. 
    That is the latest at the Wilhelm household.  Next update...soon??



    Tuesday, October 12, 2010

    Quick Report

    1. Work has been very good lately, at least at my patient's house.  The agency is still driving me crazy.  They called my again today to ask if I worked on a certain day. Evidently mail sent from 319 Cass Street isn't delivered in a timely fashion because they are always missing something. I am getting tired of this and wonder if there is a conspiracy!
    2. My vision has gotten worse, but I already told you that. Need updated lenses and would really like to get some new frames.  I have had these for nearly three years!  My biggest complaint is that is hard for me to see the music on the piano, especially going from page to page.  I have to try to adjust my eyes quick and keep playing.  The doctor says I may need a pair just for playing the piano.   We will trial the new lenses first and see how that works.
    3. Had a nice meal at Jimmy's Pub and Grub tonight with Matthew after dropping off stuff at Goodwill and getting the Prius washed.  That was way overdue!
    4. Got a text from Mary.  She is at a hockey game!  How exciting! I have been following the game online.  Tried to listen, but it breaks up a lot, so I watched the stats of the game.  Wolverines won.
    Guess that sums it up.  Jeff should be home around midnight. Yay!


    Monday, October 11, 2010

    Another Week Begins!

    The Weekend:
    • Enjoyed an overnight stay with Mary at the University of Michigan.  I experienced eating at the E. Quad cafeteria. The food was pretty good!  Mary and Brandon had a wonderful time at the concert. I had quiet time, watched TV and the news.  Lots of coverage of the MSU/UM game.  Lots of Spartans in town by Friday afternoon and lots of activity into the night.  Many students camp out on couches in the "Diag" to protect the Michigan 'M' from Spartans wanting to steal it.  Evidently it has been done before. I also found out that a parachuter would deliver the game ball by dropping into the stadium! Mary and I had a nice lunch together before I left around 1330. I got home just after the football game started.  Needless to say by now, the Wolverines lost terribly! I don't know what was wrong with them...So the Spartans won and life goes on. Mary did get a video of the the parachuter and has posted it on my blog!  Take a look at the links column and click on the video from Mary! (If you click on the video once it starts playing, it will take you to youtube and you can see the video with a larger picture.)
    • Saturday night Jeff and I attended "Spectrum of Stars".  It was a fun evening of talent, some good and some not so good.  Matthew worked as part of the crew, working backstage and raising and lowering the  backgrounds and screens with the flies.  He also sang as part of Village Green. The event was a money raiser for the Greenville Hospital, and I would say there was nearly  a full house!
    • Church and Sunday School went very well. My lesson about Solomon went better that I anticipated, kids choir debuted today for their next season with "Yes!", and I played for church and received several compliments.
    • Jeff left around 3pm for the Michigan Pastor's conference in Traverse City. I opted not to go, preferring to stay home with Matthew and work a couple shifts with my patient. I don't know why the pastor's conference has to start on Sunday afternoon, when we finally have a chance to do something together as a family.  
    • Bowling went pretty well. We lost the first game and then won the 2 and 3rd games and total points.  I  bowled over 100 each game which is always my minimal goal. Jeff's blind score (10 less than his average) 162 wasn't bad. Norma and Randy had stellar 3rd games: Norma 200 and Randy a 221! Woohoo! 
    • Football Frenzy results: Jeff remains in the lead with Leslie close behind.  Dan, Matt and Mary are safe in the middle. Eric, Grandma and Grace are bringing up the rear. Oh well, I am having fun!
    What is ahead this week?
    • Work: I am working Monday,Wednesday and Friday.  Matthew works everyday after school on the set.  Jeff will be at the conference until Tuesday evening.  We will have plenty to do when he gets home, since he will be away at military duty next week. 
    • I have an eye doctor appointment.  I can tell my glasses just don't work like they used too.  I wonder how much they have changed. 
    • Orchestra meets on Thursday, so I had better remember what the plan is for the next time we play. Kids Choir and Chimes meet tomorrow night and choir on Wednesday. 
    • Sarah will be coming home late Friday or early Saturday for a long weekend.
    • We hope to be heading back to University of Michigan for the Iowa/Michigan game.   I have never been to the Big House and think it would be pretty fun.  I would especially like to see the Marching Band! Let's hope that they win! Then we will bring the Wolverines home to spend a long weekend as well.  It will be nice to have them all back for a few days.
    Guess that will keep me busy...especially since there is the usual work..laundry, cooking and keeping up with my list!  Matthew was a big help this afternoon.  He raked the leaves, mowed the lawn, trimmed some overgrown bushes and vacuumed the house. Whew!  He is such a wonderful son!

    I better get some sleep since I need to work tomorrow.



    Friday, October 8, 2010

    Departing Update

    I figured I should blog before I leave for University of Michigan tomorrow.  Mary and Brandon are going to a concert and needed a vehicle.  I look at it as a way to visit my wolverine and also help them to have a fun time too!  Wonder if I will beat all of the football game traffic?? NOT!

    So let me think of what has happened lately:
    • Matthew had a productive retreat for Village Green.  He said everything went really well. 
    • Won all four points in bowling this week.  I bowled around average. 
    • Had a good week at work.  My patient is a real cutie pie!
    • The three of us saw a sneak peak showing of  "Secretariat"~It was great.  Jeff says Disney has a winner! Captivating!
    • Got some important things done on my ongoing list...yay!
    • Applied for a few OB positions.. Pray for God's will to be done...Hope I get a call or even  an interview!
    • All of my blood work came back normal. Praise the Lord.
    • We have been having beautiful Michigan weather!  I love a blue Michigan sky!
    • Attended the Alpha Family Center banquet tonight.  It was very nice.  Life is Precious!
    • Matthew has a paying theatre gig tonight and Saturday.  $$$  
    • I play for Church on Sunday...LWML Sunday at MCLC.  Sunday School lesson is Solomon.
    • Looks like I will be going to the Big House next weekend! Exciting!
    Guess that is all...Now to fold the laundry...woohoo!


    Saturday, October 2, 2010

    A Nice Visit

    There was no school yesterday.  How nice! First I picked up Matthew from his friend's house then went to get the Kia washed and cleaned before we took it to Sarah in Holland. Matthew went to work on the set at the high school and was very encouraged at the progress so far. I had a doctor's appointment which concluded with orders for some fasting labs.  Matthew and I went shopping later in the afternoon for groceries and secret gifts for the Village Green trip.  What a busy day and it wasn't over yet!

    Jeff came home from work and we got ready and headed for Holland in the Kia for Sarah. We will bring home the van.  Matthew was pretty sad about the whole idea as he had become quite attached to the car.  Instead of going to Hope's Campus, we went to Zeeland West High School football game.  Watched Sarah work at the game and met her supervisor who had only good things to say about her. No injuries while we were there. After the game we went out for pizza together and then did the big switch at campus security. Jeff scraped the old sticker off the van and Sarah put the new sticker on the car.  Matthew drove the van and said he liked driving the van, so he is feeling better about the whole situation. All in all, it was a nice visit.  Jeff drove home since it was getting pretty late and Matthew was tired and needed to get up early for the Village Green retreat this weekend.

    Unfortunately, we didn't get up early enough.  I thought the paper said 0715, but it was really 0615!  I woke Matthew up thinking we had lots of time, when really we had none!  He got ready really fast and I drove him there in my pajamas and a sweatshirt.  No one was angry, just glad he made it!   Thank goodness.  I should know better, choir trips always start crazy early!  Hope he is having a great time and learning the dances without any problems.

    I worked for six hours today and had a nice time.  My little patient was so glad to see me! Gave me a big bear hug when she saw me!   Of course later she grabbed my glassed and my hair and thought it was hilarious!  I don't get mad, she doesn't know any better.  I love her very much.

    Jeff and I had dinner at El Rancho and  are now watching football on many different channels.  Wished things looked better for the Gators.  Come on Gators get up and go! Have a start on my Sunday School  lesson about Absalom.  I don't have to tell how he died to my young class. That is probably a good thing!  That story leaves such a visual in my head from when I was a little girl.

    Tomorrow is church,  playing for long term care chapels and then bowling.  Wonder if I can stay above 100?  Wish I could go to the FREE concert at Hill Auditorium tomorrow afternoon.  Both Glee Clubs and the choirs from the school of music will be performing at 4 pm.   It should be fantastic!  I look forward to hearing both choirs in November.  Matthew gets home tomorrow around 5 pm. He will be tired for sure.  Hope he doesn't have too much homework!

    That is all.. Have a great SONday!  As long as we have the SON, everyday can be great!


    PS  We are under a frost advisory! Brrrr!

    Friday, October 1, 2010

    Another Milestone!

    Today I watched my little boy drive away in the "new" gold car to school for the first time.  I did better than I thought I would.  He was so happy! Needs to get a permit for parking at school. He also went to the drive thru bank.  Tonight he is at his buddy's house for dinner, video games and fun.  I drove him and it was a good thing, as the house was very easy to miss. I think they will have a really nice time.  There is no school tomorrow, so I won't have to pick him up until around 11 am.  He works crew, building the set from 1-4 pm, then we have to go shopping for his trip to Geneva for the choreography weekend with Village Green.

    We hope to go to Zeeland HS West's football game tomorrow night.  Sarah is the Athletic Training student, so it would be nice to see her at work.  She would be glad to switch out cars and suggested a dessert date with the family after the game. That sounds great! I have one more load of laundry to do tomorrow along with the computer work I have been putting off for the past month (or more!). Working on some job applications and have a new strategy.  I am going to take several labor and delivery CEU courses. Maybe that wlll help in getting in  an Obstetrics job.  I am also considering taking a fetal monitoring class to show that I am dedicated  about learning another specialty in maternal child nursing.   We will see if it works.  The cover letters are going to kill me.  Need to try something different.  Jeff thinks I should keep it shorter and more concise.   There are things that I would like to explain, (ie: had lots of jobs related to moving 10 times).

    Saturday Matthew leaves for his trip and I will work for a few hours. Think I am leaning toward working after dinner because I would like to watch a game with Jeff.  The Sooners play at 3:30pm and Gators at 8 pm.   Michigan plays on ESPNU, so I won't be able to watch that one anyway.  Need to prepare for Sunday School too. I really like my class of upper elementary kids.

    Guess that is all for now...Have a great weekend!