Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Few More Words

Great News! Sarah's spring green laptop computer arrived this morning, just a few minutes ago. I didn't open it, but I am still excited for her. I am glad we were home to receive it when it came, since it needed a signature. Hurray!

I have received a few text messages from Jeff in the Appalachian mountains of W. Virginia. He and Sarah and Matthew are all doing well. Here is Jeff's first message from the crew site: "Good first day- turning donated trailer into something liveable. Tree crashed down on old trailer." The weather has been good and the work is proceeding well. They are doing more than the staff had planned for. They will be home Saturday evening. Please pray for safe travel.

Mary and I will attempt to finish the den today, since I have to work tomorrow and Saturday. It should look really nice. I found this picture and article of a dog nursing tiger cubs that were abandoned by their mother. WOW!

Better get to work. I am going over to quilting for a little while and I also need to practice for a few songs on Sunday. The timing is tricky.


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Another Few Days Gone By...

Good Morning!

I am off to work in a few minutes, but thought I'd write a few lines. I really think that burnout at my present job is approaching. Still, I can't really find too much out there in my nursing specialty areas. I'll keep looking and praying about it.

Mary and I have had some fun times. Monday we primed the den for new paint. We had a nice meal at Cory's. Mary had a burger and I had lasagna. Mary's friend was working that night so he took his break and joined us for dinner. We had lots of laughs and good food. After dinner we went to the Michigan Whitecaps game. It was British Humor Night. Mary likes the humor and I like baseball. When we arrived, we got tickets in our favorite seciton, 217, front row. We were so happy. There were two older ladies sitting next to us with blanket, feet propped up and backpacks. Real baseball fans. Well, when the wind blew the best description I have is "nursing home smell". We just couldn't stand it. Then the one lady put her feet up and started cleaning her toenails. After a few innings, we "went for a hot dog" and found another seat. The humor was fair, mostly Monty Python and the game was fun with some exciting plays. The pitcher caught a ball driven right at him and the ground rule double play was exciting too. We left in the 8th inning, Caps winning 2-0. Then on the news, we heard they lost 5-3 in the 11th inning. I am glad we left when we did.

Mary and I painted our den yesterday. It looks fantastic. I would never have thought to pick the color we did, but the paint store man recommended it, and it looks sharp. I'm living in the Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. It is a darker green. We are going to put up some Asian wallpaper border that matches perfect. Just wait till you see it! We want it done before the mission trip members get back.

Tonight I worked at the uniform distribution at the High School. I tried to pick stuff out for Matthew, but I think it will all need to be altered. He marches in two weeks! I got talked into really large clothes I think.

It has been pretty hot lately, we were supposed to get rain, but didn't. I will be watering the grass tomorrow.

Better Get Going,


Sunday, July 27, 2008

Before I Go To Bed

Had a busy weekend. Got Jeff Sarah and Matt packed up for the mission trip and then saw Batman movie. I liked it, but got confused in some parts. I would see it again, I suppose, and maybe it would clear some questions that I have.

This morning Jeff Sarah and Matt left at 0400 and we have received word that the mission team arrived safely in Omar WV around 330pm. They will have a busy and rewarding week. My kids' message went fairly well. The kids didn't really answer the way I hoped, but you never know how a children's message will turn out. I also sang a duet with friend Annette. It went really well. There was the BP clinic after church that I was involved with too. I wore lots of hats this morning.

Mary and I ate subway for lunch and then watched Sweeny Todd. Mary got a call for babysitting this afternoon for the theater manager's boys and had a really nice time with them. I vacuumed and folded clothes and watched movies on TBS. It is very quiet around here. I miss my family already.

I am working lots of hours, but mostly in 8 hour blocks. MWF and Sat. Mary and I hope to paint the den and hang up some pictures this week as well. Some friends have invited us to dinner this week too, which is really nice! We plan on going to a whitecaps game tomorrow that includes British Humor Night, I will be helping at High School Band Camp and then listening to them Friday night to see what they learned. Mary has voice lessons and plans to spend time with friends while I am at work.

My mom, brother and sister are in Germany and France this week. I know they will have a good time seeing the Bach and Luther sites before seeing the sites in Paris. Jeff's sister Kathy had a baby boy this past week, Joshua, and all are doing well.

I guess that is all for now. Until the next episode,


Thursday, July 24, 2008

What a Story

The other day at work I watched the movie, "The Notebook". I heard it was a good movie and some thought Mary looked a lot like an actress in it. Well, I loved the movie so I went to Wal-Mart the next day and purchased it. Unfotunately, the movie skipped stalled and sometimes just wouldn't play. I got through it and hoped it was the player or a smudge. So last night I wanted Jeff to watch it with me and it wouldn't play at all...the screen just said "bad disc". Hoping to replace it, I went back to WM and looked for one to exchange. There weren't anymore. The customer service person said he couldn't refund money because of copyright laws. So what now?? Then the news came that they were only going to sell it online..I went back to DVD dept and they were going to order it for me and call me when it arrived.. Went to the computer and it said "out of stock". I said all I wanted was to watch my movie and now I have no movie and I don't have my money. Who knows when it will be available? The asst Manager told the store to give me store credit and I went home. It was a good thing Sarah was with me she helped me keep my cool.

On a sad note. I got a call from camp yesterday evening. Matthew was buring up, chills and had a sore throat. Jeff picked him up and brought him home. Temp was 101.9. Jeff talked to a PA and they called in penicillin for him. This morning his temp is 1oo.5. He felt a little better after ibuprofen and wanted to go back to camp to star gaze with the group. He was sad. He needs to get better though, because he is going on his mission trip Sunday morning to WV to fix up homes in the appalachian mountains. Jeff and Sarah will be going as well. Mary and I are staying home. I hope paint the den. I will be singing a duet and doing the children's message on Sunday.

Mary spent the day with her friends. She had a nice time. Then went to the Ionia Free Fair, that is not free to get in however. Ionia is a small town between Greenville and Lansing. She rode lots of rides. Sarah and I shopped and found some more things for her dorm room. She is getting really excited about college. I think she and her roommate will get along well. Sarah and I also made yummy yakimondue and pork for dinner. It was a busy day.

All of us still want to see "Batman" and a few of us would like to see a local play called "Assassins". Mary's friend is in it and she has already been and said it was great. I will work around 30 hours this coming week, but they are in 8 hour increments which is great. I am still actively looking for a new position in a hospital.

That is all for now..Have a great day!


Monday, July 21, 2008


I am quite tired after working from 5a-5p and then went to a stamping party with Sarah. We had fun making a few projects. I have been trying to upload some pictures for our blog and family photo album, so take a look!

Adam, Jill and Ellie came to visit this past weekend and we had a nice time. Dinner, ice cream, church and just plain catching up with each other. Ellie is a cutie and a lot of fun. They brought their dog Brewer too! Sammy and he got along for a while, but eventually did better separated. The kids all loved playing with Brewer, he loves fetch with a ball. Sammy is a pretty low key dog.

Last night was the Elders Dessert Potluck at our house and everyone had a nice time. The men had a meeting and the ladies played Scattergories. I know we had more fun.

Matthew is at Camp Concordia all week. Mary is working with me three days this week, counting today. We hope to see Batman sometime in the theater. Then come Sunday morning, Jeff, Sarah and Matt leave for their mission trip. I hope that we can find everything we need for the trip. Time is flying by.

Sarah is getting really excited about college. She has ordered a computer (a green one too), her bed sheets and has got her class schedule. She moves out in 31 days.

Well, better get to those pictures. Enjoy!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

We Are Home

Just a short note to let you all know we made it home safely around 0130 on 7/17! We had a late start. Our room at Holiday Inn was less than acceptable, so we were given free sit down breakfast and the return of 10,000 points toward another stay. Anyway we left late and had bad traffic in Lexington which slowed us down even more. We stopped just south of the MI state line and met some friends from Tampa who are staying with family for another week. We had dinner and ice cream. I noticed it was just a few miles from where my cousin and my aunt live, Perrysburg, but I didn't have the phone number or address plus it was 9 pm. Oddly enough I received a letter from them in the mail while we were gone with all the information. Hmmmm.

Sammy was glad to see us and I had to sweep up lots of dog hair, but no accidents! Yea! Tomorrow is catch up day. Sleep and chores. Mary's friend is supposed to come over and "hang out". I will be doing laundry and grocery shopping. I don't work until Friday afternoon. That should give me enough time to get lots done.

Well I am pretty tired...I am off to bed.



PS Blogs are posted in PST...3 hours earlier than written

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

One Last Leg

Well, we will be home tonight. Our vacation was a good one. Monday we went to a dinner theater with my mom and although the play was a little hokie, all of us had a great time and the food was good. We managed to add a pizza and movie in during the late night. We try to go places that W Michigan doesn't have.

Yesterday we travelled from Orlando to Chattanooga, stopping in Atlanta at our favorite mexican restaurant near our old house. Mary's friends was able to meet us again for dinner this time. We also drove by our old house and was pleased to see it in nice condition. The community pool looked the same and brought back fun memories of swimming there with our young family. We stayed up to watch the All Star Game, but I fell asleep. Sarah and Jeff watched the whole thing.

It is 0930 and we will be off in a few minutes to finish our journey back to Greenville. There is more fun and activities planned for the weeks ahead not including going back to work. Fun!

We'll keep you updated!


Monday, July 14, 2008

The Weekend is Over

Well we had a wonderful weekend. It has been extra special to see all but one of the Wilhelm siblings and families, including Jeff's cousin and Aunt and Uncle. Sister Kathy is ready to have baby number 3 in Texas. It won't be long now. We missed her and her family. Matthew and his cousin Logan always have so much fun together. All of the teen girls, Sarah, Lori, Julia and Mary were reunited after 4 years. My mom and brothers and families came over, along with many friends to celebrate Jeff's parents 50th Anniversary. The party was a success. We had a slide show, music, food and cake of course. family introductions, speeches and a song sung be Uncle Bill and Aunt Bobbie.

After pitching in to clean up the hall, we went to Ernie and Marlene's for dinner and opening presents. At 7:30 pm nearly 40 people went bowling together.. It was sooo much fun. Sarah had a lifetime high game of 155, she beat her dad! Jeff's brother Tom had the night's high game of 193. Matt and cousins Logan and Eric bowled 5 games in 2 hours. No matter the score, everyone had a really fun time. Lots of cheering, laughing and picture taking. We hope to post some soon after we get home.

Today we went swimming first thing this morning, got ready for church and had McDonald's breakfast. We attended church at Woodlands Lutheran with Mom and Dad and all of the family. We had lunch at Buffalo's Southwest Cafe. I liked it a lot. I had a delicious burger. When the troops got home we all went to the swimming pool and most swam others enjoyed talking poolside or playing billards indoors. The afternoon storms rolled in and we headed back home for more family time. Some played games, some watched a James Bond movie. One thing is for sure. It was hard to say goodbye to everyone after having such a nice weekend. We all agree it would be fun to get together more often.

Tomorrow, really later today, we head back to Mom Heumann's house for one more day and leave Tuesday morning on our trip back. I hope we stop at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Atlanta on the way home. I guess I should get this posted. Have a great one wherever you are!


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hello From Sunny Florida

We had another day of driving yesterday and made a few stops along the way. Of course we encountered very heavy traffic around Atlanta. We took some side roads and saw the kid's old schools and neighborhoods.We met Mary's friend at Sonny's for a delicious lunch.I drove through the city of Atlanta and gave up driving before we got to Macon. Jeff drove most of the evening stopping at Chick-Fil-A for dinner, something we don't get to eat in West Michigan. I drove the final leg of the ride to my mom's and we arrived safely around 11pm.

Today we had a nice leisurely day. Leslie came with Callie and we had a fun afternoon. We watched some videos of last year's school events, had lunch and Matt got her to play catch and a video game. Mom won Scrabble. Tonight we plan to go out to eat and see a movie.

We leave tomorrow for the other side of Orlando for a fun filled weekend with family and friends as we celebrate Jeff's parents 50th Anniversary. I'll be sure to keep this blog updated as much as possible. I might be having too much fun. Time will surely fly by and we will be back on the road to Michigan.

I guess that is it... Have a great day!


This is the Big Chicken in Marietta, GA (A Landmark)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


We left home right around noon and drove all day and into the night. All the drivers took turns. Mary drove twice for several hours with dad coaching. I got to drive through Louisville and a few traffic jams. I am glad Mary didn't have to deal with that. Jeff drove twice and Sarah drove through Nashville which is an experience in itself. I drove the last leg into Manchester,TN. Judging from the traffic going the other way, we drive home another way.

Today we start off with Jeff driving through Chattanooga and stopping for lunch in our old stompin grounds of Atlanta. Mary has a friend there that would love to see her on her lunch break. We hope to get all the way to Grace's mom's house in Oviedo FL late tonight. We have lots of movies and video games to play while while the driver and navigator do their job. It helps pass the time.

Need to get breakfast and get going.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Things are Looking Up!

The car is finished and now we are going to pack it up. Jeff has a few pastoral things to complete before we leave, and a few bills to pay. There always seems to be something else to delay you.

My hope is that we are on the road by lunch time. We are driving all the way to Tennessee today. We have four drivers so it shouldn't be horribly bad.

That is all. Next update from the road!


Monday, July 7, 2008

Quick Update

Mt Calvary won tonight..16-15. It was a close, competitive and fun game. I played catcher I caught a foul ball, and tagged a player sliding at home. He was called safe, but I was proud of myself none the less. My glasses were kicked off, but they are fine too. Matt played well at third, tagged two people out, and Sarah and Jeff took turns pitching and playing first base. I am glad that we won. Everyone got hits and runs. Hooray! I had to hand over my team to our clean up batter for next week's game :(

Our van acted up yesterday and we took it in to get checked this noon. It needs work before we can drive to FL. We hope that it is fixed by tomorrow or we will have squish in the Toyota for the trip. I have a little extra time to get the packing done.

Hope to be leaving soon,


One Day Left.

We had a nice weekend. Work went well. Mary and I got new haircuts that we really like! Yesterday we had a minor flood in the basement from the pipe our washer drains into. The dehumidifier shares this pipe and when I do laundry, sometimes it can't handle all the water. Glad to so everything is fine now. Attended the pastor's picnic and had burgers and roast. I took some delicious cupcakes. We played some ball, bochi ball and golf! I got some more laundry done and then was off to bed.

Today is finish laundry, pack, last minute errands and car check up. If the thunderstorms hold off we will play softball tonight. It will be our last game. We have only 10 people playing tonight. Getting rained out might be a blessing in disguise. I really want to play though! Mary has a job interview tonight at 6 pm at our church daycare. Matt wants to apply too, but not sure if they will hire a 14 year old. Will have to ask. He is really good with kids.

Well, better get packing! I'll update as much as I can on our trip.


Friday, July 4, 2008


Happy Fourth of July! Today is a beautiful sumer day with temps up to 80 with blue sunny skies. Our neighbors are coming over later for a cookout. I am going grill burgers and dogs, have corn on the cob and cheesecake...maybe cookies too.

Just a few days ago, we had some severe weather move through. A tree fell across our side street from ouR neighbors in the yellow house. Jeff got home a few minutes before the tree fell, called the authorities and took pictures. It is a good thing he didn't get home two minutes later, or he and our car would have been a great danger. All kinds of lines were hanging low to the ground. I guess it was cable for TV. We were without power for a few hours. Couldn't cook so we went to Cory's for dinner and had a nice time. Mary's friends was working that night and chatted with us when he could. I worked that day and helped them move into "grandma's" house just in time. I will work again tomorrow from 2-8pm.

Yesterday was shopping day! Sarah bought a book, shorts and a swimsuit. Mary got a DVD of Guys and Dolls and even I got some new clothes with my birthday money. Thanks everyone! I think we have everything we need for our trip next week. Now I need to wash clothes one more time and pack up. I have already made a pack list! I love lists!

Tomorrow after church we are going to the circuit pastor's summer get together. I need to make a dish to share. Time will fly by and we will be on the road. One more softball game for us on Monday night. Then I will pass the roster to my fellow teammate to run the last game while we are gone.

Sarah has her room assignment, and orientation schedule. There is lots for families to do too! She will be in the air conditioned dorm, since her roommate had a doctor's note that she needed it. We got a small fridge for her, and now she is looking into sheets for her dorm bed.

Mary received her International Thespian Society membership card and is working on songs from Guys and Dolls so she will be prepared for tryout this fall. Less than
10 weeks away. Matthew is keeping our grass cut and helping around the house now that ball season is over. He looks forward to being a Junior Counselor again at Camp Concordia the week after we return from vacation. Then he, Jeff and Sarah are going on the mission trip, then the Danish Festival and move Sarah to Hope College on August 22. I hope to paint at least one room this summer.

That is all. I will keep you posted as we travel.

God Bless America and You!