Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Safe and Sound~Weak and Weird

Mary and Brandon arrived in New Jersey safe and sound late last night. We are so thankful to our friends who they will be staying with this week. Heard they even had spaghetti dinner when they arrived. Mary texted me around noon today while sitting in Liberty Square waiting for their tour of Independence Hall.  They are having a lot of fun and I am happy for them.

I went to my post-op appointment this afternoon and Dr Maskill's Nurse (R.N.) took off my dressing and removed 9 staples from the side of my leg.  It didn't hurt that much, and now I have some steri strips on until they fall off by themselves.  I can take a shower and start to do whatever is comfortable. "Let your pain be your guide!" I do have some brusing on the back of my calf and a little sore on the top of my foot where the ace wrap rubbed underneath the boot. No open areas, so I just need to give it good care!  The nurse said I could continue to wear the boot, change to my shoes or do a combination of both.  I was pretty nervous to take my first steps with both shoes on this afternoon. It felt very weird to walk, the shoe felt weird and my muscles felt weird, almost like I can feel each muscle working as best it can while I walk.  Sometimes it just feels really weak and other times like my calf is asleep and not sure if the leg will hold me up.  Sarah and Jeff were with me, giving me moral support and making sure I wouldn't fall.  Sarah reasssured me that my leg would hold me up even if it didn't seem like it. I did pretty well all afternoon seeing improvement in my gait even hours after my appointment.  This evening I put the boot on again, it gives me a little security and cuts down on the soreness in my calf when I walk.  It is nice that I can take it on and off  as I need to and wear a sock on both feet.  The pain is not much anymore, only taking Tylenol for the past few days. Keeping up with the Aspirin until the bruising resolves. Nurse wants me to still monitor for potential blood clots. Physical Therapy was ordered, and the earliest initial appointment is 7/14/10! I told them I was very disappointed to wait two weeks before therapy.  The lady on the phone said the doctors know and they are ok with it. Here is my favorite line-"You should be ok".  I hate that word should.  I had the option of going to my therapist here in Greenville, but the nurse suggested that going to the office's PT at first might be better since they know the doctors and what they like etc.. So I am on the waiting list for cancellations.  Hopefully they will call me and say I can come earlier.  I will see the doctor on 8/16 to see how I great I am doing!

Matthew got his TB test this morning and worked 6 hours this afternoon.  Today he walked and pulled a wagon with little ones to an ice cream store.  It was quite a walk and Matthew said it was tiring.  The kids weren't tired and played on the playground when they got back! Whew! He works tomorrow a few hours in the AM and then on Thursday in the afternoon. He got Friday off and we hope to go to a Tigers game after Sarah returns for another week at home. She works tomorrow and Thursday before a break over the 4th of July weekend.

Softball Monday ended in another loss. Our opponent's had big bats and quick gloves and made good plays.  We were down 10-0 in the 4th inning and came back with 7 runs!  By the last inning, we needed 8 runs to go ahead. We  had another great inning with good hits and base running, but only got 4 to cross the plate. Score ended up 16-11.  I remind our team that we are playing for fun, this is the only way some of us get to play ball at all.  No need to get upset about the outcome, just enjoy the game and do your best! We know it is fun to win though right?

After the game,  the team went for ice cream, as usual, and enjoyed time talking around the picnic tables.  Then we were off to Wal-Mart for some shopping. We needed some groceries and Sarah needed some more things for her cottage, food, pop and  some bowls to cook things in the microwave and eat her mac and cheese.  The plastic bowls were really junky and not microwave safe or dishwasher safe.  So the corelle we bought her is sturdy, fashionable, microwavable, and dishwasher safe plus it will last her a long time, as long as it "doesn't walk away".

Well, I guess that covers it for today!


PS~Pictures of leg on Photo Album. Staples and all, may not be for everyone.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Off They Go!...Softball Monday!

Mary and Brandon left for Philadelphia this morning just before 10 am.   They are looking forward to a fun week at the National Barbershop Convention, singing barbershop and watching a competition.  Some exciting news is that  they will be able to meet up with a barbershop coach and see rehearsals up close. Today's weather was beautiful and I will be praying for their safe travel and a fun time.  Mary and Brandon will be staying with some friends, just across the river from Philley in New Jersey. Will update you as I know more information. We packed some sandwiches, chips, cookies and pop for the trip this morning. They have planned this trip for nearly a year, and are so excited to be on their way!

Speaking of fun, we enjoyed ourselves at a wedding reception yesterday afternoon. Brandon's dad and his new wife threw a very nice party, with a lovely lunch buffet. Brandon gave an excellent toast to the couple and then sang a some songs for the happy couple. It was so nice to hear him perform "Fly Me to the Moon", "You Make Me Feel So Young", "Mac the Knife" and Elvis' "I Can't Help Falling in Love with You" I think there might have been one other Sinatra song, but I can't remember which one.  the pictures from the beach wedding were really beautiful.  I was so glad to be a part of the celebration.

Sarah came home yesterday for a couple nights.  Didn't have to work Monday or Tuesday, so we get to enjoy having her with us!  Tonight is Softball Monday and the team will be glad that Sarah will be back to pitch and give the team her spirit! I am thinking of going tonight and "watching". Actually, I am wondering if I could coach and  hobble around. We will see if any rain shows up, also the field doesn't have the easiest access for physically impaired people.

Matthew got his first paycheck from his new job and deposited it this morning. He has his mind set and is saving for a car.  I just hope he can wait and save a little extra money for decent car, not a cheap heap! Anyway, he had a staff meeting and then went to the high school and took his Geometry Exam!  He is officially done with his sophomore year.  Congrats, Matt!

Tomorrow Matthew works at childcare and then Sarah, Jeff and I are going to Grand Rapids to get Sarah a new military ID and also update her records.  Since she will be 21 this year, normally her benefits would end. But luckily since she is a full time student, we can keep her on insurance and benefits until she is 23.  That is a great thing!  After that, I am going for my post-op appointment. My staples will get removed and I should be able to wear my left shoe again, since I am walking pretty comfortably in my boot now.  No pain pills today, but still take Tylenol.  My biggest fear is that if I don't wear the boot and keep my foot in alignment, the same thing will happen. I trust my doctor and so I will ask my questions and follow his instructions!  I am excited to think my feet won't hurt anymore!

Better get ready for dinner, Jeff is going to grill steaks and then off to softball.


Friday, June 25, 2010

Looking UP!

Well God is Good! Can't say that enough, right?   My leg is feeling a lot better the past 24 hours.  Boot started to feel a little loose so I made it snugger.  Guess that means the swelling is less!  Trying to switch over to just extra strength tylenol.  Not quite there yet, but getting really close! Sleeping better (even in my own bed for a few hours), getting around easier and becoming more motivated to do some things.  Obviously, I can't go up and down basement stairs and standing for a long time makes my leg hurt, but otherwise getting things done in a more timely fashion.  Hurray!

VBS ended today.  I stayed home to keep my recovery going in the right direction. Matthew has the day off from work, but has scheduled a Geometry test this afternoon. Mary is going to take me to wal-mart for a few things and then she will go back to Brandon's for his party.  Yesterday she spent time with just the family eating together and played some mini golf.  He liked the gifts that Mary had for him, of course!

I got all the checkbooks balanced, slips filed and bills paid!  It only took me a month or two to catch up!  I calculated my dining expenses at DeVos Children's Hospital while Matt was there for 2 weeks, and spent 110 dollars on hospital cafeteria food.  I think that parents staying with their kids should get a discount on food. Either way doesn't matter, I was glad to be with Matthew, wouldn't have it any other way!

That is all for now...It is a beautiful day in Greenville, MI.  We have the windows open and feeling the fresh air blow softly through our house!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Ups and Downs of Life

This spring/summer has had it's ups and downs.  I keep waiting for things to settle down and have some routine.  Seems I just can't keep up with things between all of the events of our lives.  Thanks to Jeff he helps me keep up with the bank and bills, dog duty, laundry and cooking. Matthew keeps the house straightened and vacuumed and Mary and Sarah have gone shopping for me when I need something. Still I feel like I can never catch up, and things just aren't getting done. Most of you know the ups and downs if you read this blog, but I must include my frustration with a bad haircut.  I got it cut just before graduation, and it was uneven and hard to style. Went back to have it "fixed" and still had trouble with styling and the look of one side being longer than the other.  My Mary finally trimmed it to be symmetrical, but I don't feel like it ever looks very good. Weighing my options.  What to do now??  I applied for a few more nursing jobs, and got one rejection and two are in limbo..still reviewing my application.  Matthew's nurses at the Children's Hospital told me I have to go in person to get noticed.  That certainly isn't a option right now.  The new hospital opens next year, and there are supposed to be lots of openings.  Hope one can be for me.

My leg continues to hurt throughout different times of the day.  I can't say there is pain all the time, but the inside of my upper calf has intermittent pain that makes me suck in lots of air from time to time. Seems like the swelling is a little better than last week, and there is no redness on my leg. Still take my pain pills two to three times a day and the boot feels a tight around my leg especially in the evening.  I was close to calling the doctor back yesterday, but I think things are ok and I don't want to be an alarmist. I get around pretty well and ice and elevate my leg as ordered by the surgeon.  I'd like to be comfortable sleeping in a bed, but the couch seems to be the best place so far. I can't wait  for next week, when I can take the boot off and shower!  For now,  sponge baths continue. I should be glad that I only have to wear this boot two weeks, when lots of people wear it for 6, some of those without walking. Count your blessings!

Sarah has been sad since she hasn't been able to find her favorite swimsuits and some other things from her dorm room. I have looked everywhere here, but alas nothing was found.  So Sarah went and bought a new swimsuit for a beach outing this weekend. She continues to love her job and we love having her home each week for softball.  She likes having the van. We don't know if she can be home for the next Softball Monday game.  I hope so, since we are short on ladies!

Mary is officially a wolverine. She spent two and a half days at new student orientation. She met lots of new people, made some friends, attended a live show, a movie and of course meeting with advisers.  Her first semester will  have the following classes: Psychology, Poetry, American History through 1865, and freshmen seminar American Family.  She got a nice haircut in Grand Raapids yesterday and is spending the day with Brandon. It is his birthday! She gave cello lessons today and has English students tomorrow.

Matthew has been running games at VBS this week and doing a great job. He has no helpers really, just the adults that lead the kids around, different each group.  He also took a Geometry test yesterday and thinks he did pretty well and will take one or two more tomorrow afternoon.  He worked on Tuesday and Thursday at with the childcare.  He really likes it and they love him! I skipped VBS this morning, I think I need to rest my leg more in the morning and use the time to get computer work done. I can really only sit comfortably at the desk for 30 minutes, then need a rest. Will probably stay home tomorrow too.  Matthew really wants to see Toy Story 3!  I would go, but it would be too hard to sit in the theater that long.

I am HAPPY to report that we are going to get more TV channels! Our cable company offered us a bundle that will save us some money, and in the end will give us digital TV with some of my favorite channels like..BRAVO, Fox News,  the Big Ten Channel and Matthew will be happy with the Cartoon Network. Mary likes the History Channel. Installation is next week.

That is all for now...survived some rainy stormy weather and now enjoying sunny weather!  God is Good! All the Time!


Monday, June 21, 2010


Mary left at 0530 this morning for Ann Arbor.  She has new student orientation for the next few days.  I know that she arrived safely, met at least 7 new people, went on a tour, ate lunch and did placement testing this afternoon.  I can't wait to hear from her later about how day number one went!  She was anxious to get her "M" Card, student ID, and choose her classes! 

VBS started this morning and my craft table went pretty well.  I think I have a new idea to make the project go quicker tomorrow.  I am doing the same craft all week, along with other crafts going on at the same time. The kids choose which crafts they want to do. I hobbled along and did pretty well with my booted leg. Still feel like the calf is pretty swollen.  Called the nurse today and she had me take my leg out of the boot and check for redness and heat, which I did not see, and what pain I do have is not constant.  I will watch closely for the next day or two and if there isn't much improvement, we may get an ultrasound to make sure there aren't any blood clots.  Sounds scary, but I am not too worried right now. I have help at VBS and think that I will be able to function just fine. I promise I will not over-do it!

It is Softball Monday and I am staying home :(  Jeff is going to coach in my stead, and I gave him report and strategy.  I know the team is in good hands.  I thought about going to watch, but I don't think I could just sit there, I would want to get up and coach.   We are playing a very good team tonight, hope we can stay undefeated!  Sarah came back from Holland to play and pitch for the team.  She brings spirit to the team too!  We are glad she could come, as her house back in Holland had a sewage backup in the her cottage basement. Guess they got things under control enough for her to leave.  Glad it is campus housing, they get to clean it up!  None of Sarah's things were stored downstairs. Whew! 

Waiting to hear from the Heumann's about the reunion weekend.  By the sounds of the Facebook entries, it was a fun weekend. Too bad the reunion couldn't pass through Greenville, MI!

Father's Day was very nice.  Sarah surprised us and came home to visit.  Came home after church and Voila! Sarah was sitting there smiling in the den!  We had dinner together and then enjoyed a relaxing afternoon together.  Mary went to work at McDonalds, so we went to get ice cream there before Sarah left for Holland. She's done a lot driving back and forth the past week.  We love having her home as much as we can.  She is enjoying her job and worked over 50 hours last week! $$$  As much as I miss the younger years, it is really nice to watch your kids grow up, make good choices and become wonderful Christian adults. I am proud of all all three of mine!!

Matthew is helping out with games at VBS and doing a great job.  He works at childcare tomorrow and Thursday after VBS.  He loves his new job and they love him!   He has arranged to take his Geometry tests at the high school on Wednesday and Friday this week.  It sure will be nice to have all of his classes done!

Going to put my leg up for a while and take a rest!


Saturday, June 19, 2010


This weekend was the Heumann Family Reunion in Chicago, IL.  I would have loved to be there, but instead I am missing fun times, like baseball games, meals with relatives I haven't seen in years and boat tours down the chicago river.  Our family loves Chicago and just being in the windy city would have been wonderful.

I am recovering more each day after my leg surgery.  I need less pain meds and ice and don't bother with the crutches anymore. Of course putting my leg up several times a day is needed to keep the swelling down.  My biggest problem seems to be bathing. I can't get my leg wet and need to keep my boot on.  So I will be doing lots of sponge baths.  Washing my hair is a challenge, but evenmore standing there  blow drying it properly is difficult since my leg starts to hurt. I am still challenged to go up the stairs and completing a number of regular household chores.  The family has been very helpful.  Mary and Matthew even went grocery shopping for me today.

Jeff is in Lansing today at a district event getting ready for the Lutheran Church Synodical Convention next month.  He should be home later this evening.  Mary got called into work 3 hours early today which is good for her income and also good to get more hours in the future.  When they call and you can come in at a drop of a hat, they like you!  Matthew helped with softball lineups and positions for Monday.  I think we are ready for a great game. He has been really helpful in cleaning up the house too.  Sarah has today and tomorrow off and last I heard she was going to Subway with some friends.  Her friend Justin is going to go down to Holland this afternoon and they are planning to see the new Shrek movie.  I'd like to see Toy Story!

Now that I am more mobile  and such, I need to get down to bill paying and banking and practice for church tomorrow. I am the "organist".  I am going to take something to prop my left leg up with, it should be fine. First, I think I will get cleaned up!

Wish me luck! Thanks for all of your prayers!


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Hurts, Helps and Healing

Jeff drove me to the hospital and we arrived at outpatient surgery around noon. I got checked in right away and at 1pm was on my way to OR Holding.  My IV was started without any trouble and was ready for the surgery. Anesthesia and the OR nurse came for a visit and then about 3pm my surgeon came to talk to us.  Dr. Maskill was very friendly and answered all of our questions fully and so we could understand. Jeff and I like him a lot.  Doc said once I can walk around in my shoe I can do whatever I want, no restrictions!  That is great! Same rule of thumb like Matt's instructions, if hurts back off. So I was off to surgery just after 3pm and in recovery before 4pm.  Got some morphine several times and slept a lot.  Back to my room before 6 pm.  Still very sleepy, but able to take ice chips and answer questions before drifting off again.  Really hurt to walk to bathroom even with a walker, so got more pain meds. Then the nausea kicked in. Weird, mainly when I would sit up. Threw up a few times, but nothing too bad.  Finally decided to go home, eventhough I was still really tired, but I knew I could sleep at home too. The whole staff at Blodgett Hospital were very nice, professional and took great care of me. Jeff picked up my pain meds and got me a Happy Meal on the way home.  I ate it a little at a time and kept everything down!  Yay!  Slept on the couch in the living room, as it is easier to prop my leg up with pillows and wouldn't injure Jeff with the boot on my leg! Taking pain meds every four hours as suggested by my nurse. Good idea! Getting around pretty good with Sarah's old crutches to help.  Allowed to walk in boot  full weight bearing, but it is still too sore for that.  I try to do that for short distances.  Thanks to all for your prayers! Things are going according to plan!

Matthew started his job at the church's childcare center and had a good day.  He worked again this morning for a few hours and came home a fell asleep. He stayed up late taking care of his mommy.  :)

Mary had a fun time with her friend Kirstie yesterday.  Went shopping together, bought matching dresses (cute!) and then went to the blues festival at Rosa Parks circle in Grand Rapids.  She had a really fun time! Today she is giving two cello lessons and then will attend her best friend, Brandon's dad's wedding on the beach.  It will be a fun day for her!

Sarah keeps busy at work and seems to be loving her job.  I think she is happy to have her own transportation this week with our van in Holland.  She is growing up to being pretty independent and doing great!  Praise the Lord.

That is all for now...to sum up from my heading:

Hurts~ my leg hurts, but the pain meds are helping and I am getting around pretty well.

Helps~Jeff and kids are helping me with all that I need. Prayers from family and friends appreciated & needed

Healing~ time for healing, taking it easy, icing, meds and rest.

Thanks again...Lots of  Love!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Today is the Day!

After rescheduling twice, I will have surgery to relieve my plantar fasciitis today at 2 pm.  The surgery is an outpatient procedure and should only take about 30 minutes, recover for a few hours and then go home.  I will need to wear a FAS (foot ankle support) boot for two weeks. So today I have worked on laundry, and finally hung up  the clean clothes accumulating in my room!  Yay!  Took the kids to Grand Rapids where Mary got some cello music and then we got a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts.  They are so delicious.   I just ate one before midnight, now I can't eat until after surgery tomorrow. Clear liquids are fine till 10 am.

Yesterday I worked a shift with my little girl patient.  She was so happy to see me and we had a nice day.  Luckily there weren't any med changes, so I kept up with her schedule just fine.  I will be off again until at least the first week in July.  The family is going on a weeks vacation soon.

Softball Monday ended with another win for Mount Calvary.  Sarah surprised the team and came home to play.  She pitched another whole game and we took the win with a score of 13-3. We had a couple of great innings and good defense too. I got on base twice I think and ran for myself.  It was my last game of the season.  Sarah took the van back to Holland this week, and may be able to be back for next week's game. She has worked several days now as a first responder for sports camps at Hope College and really enjoys the work. 

I am happy to announce that Matthew has a job!  He will be working as a childcare assistant at our Church's childcare.  He starts tomorrow and is supposed to report to the bowling alley, since the kids will be bowling there tomorrow. That made him pretty happy!  Mary continues to work at McDonald's a few days a week and just got another cello student.  She has two cello students this summer and two English students.

Mary's Open House was very nice. The food was delicious, many people were complimentary.  Jim (Brandon's Dad) did a great job and was a tremendous help!  It was nice to visit with our friends too!  Mary's video that she made turned out great and she had a very nice display. There will be photos posted on the Family Photo Album soon.

I am getting pretty tired, guess I should think about gettting some rest.  I guess after I switch out the laundry one more time!


Saturday, June 12, 2010

Making Time for Updates

Graduation: The weather was iffy while we stood in line for the doors to open, but we stayed dry and had good seats for watching graduation. I enjoyed the band, the class president and of course watching Mary walk across the stage and receive her diploma. Before we knew it, the ceremony was over and we were outside taking pictures. 

Birthday: Mary and I agreed to celebrate at Red Lobster.  I had a DELICIOUS Strawberry Daiquiri and a steak.while most others ordered seafood. Of course we all enjoyed the biscuits and calamari! I thought it was pretty good.  We enjoyed dinner as a family with Grandma and Grandpa Wilhelm, Grandma Heumann and Brandon. Back at home, we had ice cream cake for dessert! It certainly was a wonderful day!

Softball: Monday means softball.  Our team seems to be having a nail biting season.  We went into extra innings and won in the 9th with a score of 11-10. Sarah played a great game and caught a line drive right to her, the pitcher. She pitched a great game too and kept the team motivated.  It isn't going to be the same without her, now that she will be working in Holland the rest of the summer.  She is the heart and soul of the team.  Matthew will be back for the next game and I will be playing my last game of the season, due to my upcoming surgery on the 16th.  I hate to stop playing ball, but my feet hurt way too much.  I had a good game with a couple of good hits. Too bad the shortstop had to catch my last hit.

Scrabble: Visits from grandma wouldn't be the same without a game or two of scrabble. Both games were finished using all the letters. Grandma H "won" the first game by going out first, then I used my last letter first the following night. We had some awesome words!

Surgeon's Visit: Matthew had his follow-up visit with his surgeon on wednesday. The doctor said everything looked good and he could do and play anything he wanted too. The only rule is, "if it hurts, don't do it"! Matthew is so happy, can't wait to play ball again.  He is even back to cutting the grass. Matthew's last day of school was today, but he still has to make up work for Geometry. I think it is great that he made up and took the exam for the rest of his classes.  He will work through math and take two tests and an exam in the next few weeks.  He sure had a tough road the past few weeks.

Goodbye: Wednesday we saw Grandma Heumann off to the airport and she arrived back to Florida safe and sound.  Grandma and Grandpa Wilhelm left early Thursday morning and travelled to Wisconsin. We hope that they have a nice time with Aunt Bobbie and Uncle Bill.

Moving Day: This morning Sarah was all packed up and ready to go back to Holland.  We loaded  up the van and were on the road by 10 am.  Sarah's new little house for the summer is very cute and she has her own room.  I took Matthew and Sarah to lunch at Steak and Shake and then we got some needed items at Meijer and got her all settled.  She is just across the street from the field house and the from the soccer fields.  She came back home with us so she can be her for Mary's graduation open house.  Then we will take her back Saturday night.

Open House: Things are nearly ready for the Open House. Mary has a lot of her decorating done and we have all the tables, chairs and tent ready to set up in the morning.  Jim is bringing the food at 11 am and I have all but the cake and ice bought.The menu: BBQ Pork Sandwiches, Baked Beans, Chips, Cake and Drinks. Guess I had better get up early to get everything done in time! I think it will be a nice occasion. The weather is supposed to be HOT with a chance of showers. So glad out friends lended us their tent.  We hope to get to a couple open houses in the early evening.

That is all for now...Have a great Saturday!

Check out lots of pictures on the Wilhelm Family Album

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Happy Birthday...Graduation Day!

Thank you to all for your birthday wishes!  I have had a nice day with family.  Seeing Mary in her new dress and graduation gown sure make us all proud.  What a better gift.  Church was very nice, the graduates sat together in their caps and gowns.  We have eaten lunch and I am about to go stand in line to get into the gym. Hope it doesn't rain to hard.  Graduation is at 3 pm and then we are going to eat at Red Lobster~ More later! 

Happy Birthday to my Birthday Buddy, Kaitlyn Grace Heumann!


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lots Going On..(1 day!)

Matthew went back to school on Tuesday and did pretty well.  Got the letter from the surgeon, no more PE for the rest of the year! The teacher has chosen to have Matthew go to another classroom during PE so he won't have any chance of getting hurt. He is slowly getting his homework done, with the help of his sisters.  They have been really great. Matt's recovery is steady.  He did stay home on Thursday when he woke up very tired and sore. It helped to stay home and rest most of the day. Grandma W picked him up from school today and they had Taco Bell together!  Matthew was very happy. Thanks for all of your prayers.

Activities this week included the arrival of Grandma and Grandpa W,  end of the year theatre banquet, Baccalaureate and tonight we went to a Whitecaps baseball game.  Grandma and Grandpa arrived Wednesday afternoon just after Mary and I whipped up some bulkoogi to marinate for a day.  Mary had to work, but the rest of us ate at Big Boy and then headed over to the high school for the theatre awards.  Matthew was inducted into the International Thespian Society and received  a pin, while Mary received her senior award and accumulated 83 points over her years at Greenville.  Thursday afternoon we finished up making the rest of our Korean meal.  Brandon came over for the afternoon and joined us for dinner. Kudos to him for watching over the beef cooking, so it didn't get too chewy.  The meal was delicious and we had little leftovers.  Thursday evening was Baccalaureate and it was a very nice service.  Jeff led the prayer, another "pastor dad" read from Matthew and yet another pastor dad gave the message.   The whole evening ended with ice cream at Charley's. Tonight's baseball game was a lot of fun. I was glad we only had a few sprinkles. Funny with those few rain drops Mary counted 25 umbrellas go up! Sarah made a new little friend. A cute little boy kept coming over  and  hanging out with her. It was so cute. Whitecaps won 9-4 with two homers and a triple that cleared the bases. Again our evening ended with snacks or ice cream at McDonald's this time.

Mary has only two days to graduation. She ordered a computer for college and received it yesterday. It made some funny sounds, so we drove into Grand Rapids and went to Best Buy and the Apple Store. Sarah bought some things for her computer and new iPod touch.  Mary took her computer into the Apple store about some loud sounds while loading the disc.  They ended up exchanging it out with a new one. It is much quieter. While we were in the mall we went to sears and found a new dress for her graduation. It is white and very cute.  She continues to tutor two students and teach cello lessons. Tomorrow she will be back McDonalds for another 3 hour shift.

This afternoon we will attend a few graduation open houses, and get ready for graduation.  I thought about going out for lunch to celebrate my birthday a day early, but Mary thinks we should celebrate together on Sunday. Looks like dinner will be at Red Lobster. Gotta love those biscuits! Time is flying by now, and before I know it all the fun will be over and our family will be gone and I will be sad, just like after Christmas.

Guess that is all...I will try to update again soon.