Monday, September 28, 2009

Rainy Mondays

It is a rainy Monday, a great day to blog, play farmville, finish laundry and catch up on things I didn't do on the weekend. It looks like I might get Mondays off from now on. The regular Monday nurse has worked every other monday since the birth of her baby and is ready to go back to once a week! That means I would work Wednesdays and Fridays. That works out fine for me.

I spent Saturday watching football, preparing for Sunday School, vacuuming and doing laundry including sheets and towels. I was glad that Michigan pulled off another win! Indiana was tough! GO BLUE! Can you guess that I am a Wolverine supporter? Now on to the Florida game...Tebow really got hit hard and now I hear that he was knocked out for a few minutes and that CT scans confirm a concussion. He is lucky he didn't have a worse neck injury. \o/! I was also impressed that Urban Meyer stayed behind in Kentucky to be with Tebow and Family. Glad they are all back in Florida. Hope he recovers quickly! Go GATORS! Certainly was great that he played so well even with the flu and the team was so far ahead when he got injured. I wanted to teach myself how to play Dutch Blitz, but I have still to try to play after reading the directions. Sounds like a good idea for a rainy day, hey? Sarah is still in the lead in our football pick group. Jeff and Mary are only 2 behind and Snow White is following right behind. I did pretty well this week, but didn't do well last week, so I am catching up. Dan did great for his first week. Matt is ahead of me, so that will make him happy.

Sunday was very nice. The weather was sunny and breezy. The service was nice and the choir sang really well. I must admit I was a little worried, but the Holy Spirit ignited us for a good outcome! My Sunday School class was small yesterday, but we had a nice time. I even made homemade playdough for our class. I love small kids, they say it like it is and are pretty darn smart. Jeff and I went out for lunch at Winter Inn. I had a delicious burger and Jeff had teriyaki chicken sandwich. I love the steak fries too! Youth was supposed to meet for frisbee golf, but only a few came out. We waited a while and then decided to try it another time. Jeff and the one youth that came went through the course. While at the course I received a message from Mary that the bus forgot to pick them up at the choir retreat. They would be home 2 hours later than expected.

Bowling came next. I actually bowled pretty well~124, 103 and 140. My average is at an all time high of 120! Our team did well, but still lost all four points. Jeff established his average this week which changed the outcome of our score. The past two weeks they had an average of 120 and his actual average after last night is 153. So we had to subtract 33 pins from each games total. We still had a lot of fun!

The singers were home by 8 pm. We left the van in the parking lot for Mary. They had a really nice time and I guess that choreography went well. We continue with fundraisers for their Florida trip. I am already tired of all that..I hate selling stuff, especially if it isn't worth the price. So this last one we are just donating to the cause. I don't want any of their sausage and won't ask anyone else to buy it either. Tomorrow is a pop can drive. That is usually pretty profitable.

Mary will be tutoring English, starting a Sweet Adelines group at the high school, playing cello for the Messiah at the local community college and was just recently asked to give private lessons to a freshman cellist. Still waiting to hear about the library position.

Sarah called and left a message this morning. It is windy and cold in Holland. The winds remind her of being at grandma's house durning hurricane Charlie! She is thriving at Hope.

Tonight is chime team, kids choir and Senior Mystery Trip meeting. I will be at the musical events and Jeff will go to the Senior Meeting. Tomorrow is PT for me and Matt gets a physical so he can play sports at school. Work on Wednesday and Friday, Quilt on Thursday, I am bringing the main dish. We are back to our joint lunches. Friday Mary is going to visit Brandon and will bring him home for the weekend. I am making chicken crescent dinner for when they get home. I should mention that there is NO SCHOOL on Friday.

Guess that is about it!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Rest of the Story

What do you think of that very cute, large Curious George? Matthew won him at Universal Studios throwing a baseball and knocking down a stack of blocks off the table. George has been a secret since our Florida vacation until last night when Matthew gave him to Sarah for her birthday. Sarah found George when we all got in the car to go for dinner at Logan's Roadhouse. Sarah's friend Kara came along for the fun! She is very nice. The dinner was very good, except Mary's steak came overdone and she had a wait for a second, which was better, but not exceptional. Sarah even got a Yeehaw for her 20th birthday. We went back to Sarah's dorm and watched the Tigers and Project Runway. We weren't happy with either show outcome, Tigers lost and the designer we thought should go home, stayed. Oh well, we had a lot of fun watching TV together. Sarah was going to show us how to play Dutch Blitz, but all of us were distracted and we forgot. I hope I can figure the game out, I bought one for us too! Seems a little complicated with all the piles of cards. Before dinner and before George was discovered, Sarah opened her gifts, Tiger photos, Tiger shirt and the Dutch Blitz card game. I took cupcakes for her to share with her friends. We took some home to eat, since we were all full from a big dinner. We got home late, after midnight. It was a great celebration!

Now you probably want to know the results of the play auditions this week. It was a horrible ending :( This plays director has never really liked Mary and unfortunately removed her from any chance for a lead role. We are all very sad and disappointed with her decision. I for one cannot understand how a student like Mary, with 10 plays under her belt and superior ratings from state theater judges, gets cut from the play. When Mary spoke with the director yesterday, she was told that her reading was too severe, formal and stiff. What planet does this lady live on? Evidently she wanted someone with more fire and "spit". Hmmm....I would think severe and fire sounds compatible to me. I truly believe that she just has her favorites. Mary wasn't allowed to read for the lead roles on Thursday and only read for the flighty mother. That in itself is crazy. So, Mary made the decision to remove herself from the play all together, cast or crew. She doesn't think she was going to be cast at all Monday morning, but we won't know. It is probably best that she doesn't work with the director at all. (FYI-she almost had a mutiny during the last play she directed). Infact Matthew isn't sure he wants to work crew for this lady who shafted his sister. Even many many students at school are just flabergasted that Mary wasn't in the running for the lead. Finally as a parent, it is very difficult to watch your daughter get shafted by a department that she poured 3.5 years of commitment and dedication into. For the past 3 years, everyone said "you are great" or "you might deserve a lead, but you are not a senior" or "wait for your senior year". So she did with grace and integrity. Then her senior year, they decided to change things up, no musical, got a new director and away with all those words of wisdom through the years. Shafted big time! But as my wise mother reminds me, That's show biz! Guess it is good she will pursue education next year in college. Thanks for letting me vent...I needed it!

On a happier note, Mary is going to tutor English to some adults that need to pass a test to get into a program at the community college. She hasn't heard about the job at the library. I will encourage her to apply at some other places too. Because she won't be in the play this fall, she will be able to go down to University of Michigan to hear Brandon sing with the Uof M Glee Club. I don't think I posted that great news before now. That is quite an accomplishment! I am planning to go listen as well. It should be fantastic, especially since it is in the Auditorium on the Hill. It has perfect acoustics! Mary has begun a group of girls at the high school for Sweet Adelines. Brandon is coming home next weekend. I am sure that he and Mary will have a good time watching TV and more than likely, singing barbershop.

Mary and Matthew had to get up early this morning to go to Show Choir camp. They left at 0610 and won't be home until tomorrow late afternoon. During the retreat, they will learn the choreography for their songs and do some group strengthening activities. Mary had fun last year as Sarah did the year before, and Matthew was looking forward to a good time this year with his sister.

I have become a college football maniac. I am watching the Michigan/Indiana game on ESPN360 while I blog. Michigan is down by 3 at the half...The Gators play later tonight against Kentucky. I will be rooting for Florida to win. I have a Big Gator decal proudly on a window at our house now! Go Gators! GO Blue! Oklahoma isn't playing today. Boomer Sooner! Hope College football isn't on TV much. Sarah is working a cross country match today. She loves athletic training!

That is all...have a great weekend!


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sarah Turns 20! Happy Birthday!

Sarah turned 20 years old yesterday. I really can't believe it! Seems like she was just a baby. We will be going to see her on Friday for dinner and presents! Sarah said she had an amazing day and it has finally hit her that she is no longer a teenager!I really wanted to post this yesterday (even had the birthday cupcake border for her birthday), but I have been working early and long hours. I was just exhausted last night!

Jeff's plane was delayed Monday. He finally got a new flight for Tuesday which worked out better, since picking him up at 0100 and going to work 4 hours later would have been really hard. I worked 3 days straight starting at 0500! Tuesday was a short day, 3 hours. The others were long 12+ hour shifts followed by choirs on both Monday and Wednesday. I am off now for several days.

Mary has had auditions all week. Today is supposed to be callbacks. Usually phone calls are placed Thursday evening offering parts to the play. Mary is hoping for the lead role, but preparing for the worst, since this is a new director. Last years promises from the last director are null and void. Matthew is working crew and also been practicing tennis. He wants to practice with the team, but has to wait until after his physical next week. This weekend Mary and Matt will be going to Camp Geneva, near Holland, for Village Green choreography camp!

Well, I was planning on going to quilting and I have to prepare for church orchestra tonight, so I had better finish this post.

A mom of a new 20 year old!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Calm Before the Storm

We had a nice weekend, including great weather. I finally got some paperwork accomplished. Worked best late at night. So I have Chimes and Kids Choir done and even cleared off my messy desk! The brat sale at the football game was successful. We sold out of everything except water by the end of the 4th quarter. The Yellow Jackets won too! Mary played her cello (strings quartet) for the rehearsal and wedding the past few days. Everything went well. Matthew has been playing some tennis this weekend. He goes to the courts and practices serves and hits the ball against the wooden board. He wants me to play, but my feet have really been hurting with what I have diagnosed with plantar fascitis. Jeff will be a better partner for him. I go to the doctor on Tuesday to see if my feet hurt for a different reason. Bowling tonight was like a rollercoaster. I bowled a 99, 173, and 106. At least I was able to bring up my average a little, back to where I left off last season.

This week is packed full: I work Mon 12 hours, Tuesday 3 hours, Wednesday 12 hours, all starting at 0500! After work on Monday I have kids choir, chimes and I pick up Jeff at 103o! Guess I won't get too much sleep! Mary has auditions on Tuesday and Wednesday and hopefully call backs on Thursday. Choir on Wednesday. Matthew wants to practice with the tennis team after school. His friends have invited him to come. He is committed to doing techie work with the play too, so that will take priority. Friday we go to Holland to have dinner with Sarah and celebrate her 20th birthday a few days late. I have her gifts to take down with us. I am looking forward to seeing her again. Mary and Matthew go on an overnight trip for Village Green Saturday morning and come home Sunday late afternoon. Oh I forgot to mention that Church Orchestra is supposed to start on Thursday. Still have to organize the music for that.

That makes me tired just thinking about it. Should go to bed soon so I can get up for work.

Good Night~


Thursday, September 17, 2009

What Can I Say?

Not much has really happened since my post on Tuesday. I have enjoyed being home, but find myself waiting for the kids to come home. Have lots that I can do, but other little "chores" keep from accomplishing my music planning and organizing. I still feel like you really need to be "in the mood" to get that done. I am trying to get motivated. So I am getting a little done at a time. Have some creative ideas for another event and worked on that idea, then went job hunting on the web. Then time just zips by! Got my schedule for next week. Well, I work Saturday evening 6 hours, then Mon 12 hour day, Tuesday 3 hour early morning and Wednesday 12 hour day. Whew!

School is going fine the kids. Mary and Matthew got their yearbook today. It is nice. Some nice pictures of Matthew and Mary. One of Matthew pitching and Mary is seen in orchestra pictures and theater pictures. Mary hasn't heard about the job yet. She does have a wedding gig this weekend with her Simply Strings group. She is also planning some more trips to Uof M. One will be a trip to a Big 10 Michigan Football Game! Yay! The other one will be for a U of M Men's Glee Club Concert. Brandon auditioned and was selected to a part of this exquisite group! I'd like to go and listen too. We'll see. I think that Mary is going to be a Wolverine, as long as they accept her as a student, but we know that will happen~! Sure hope she gets that job!

Sarah turns 20 next week! I can't believe it! Seems like I just brought her home from the hospital on a warm sunny day in Japan. We will be going to take her for dinner and presents next Friday! It will be nice to see her and hug her! School is going well for her and she is busy all the time! Besides her classes, she works at the biology department, AT clinic hours and tutors. Don't forget working at the athletic events! She will be travelling to Lansing with the cross country team tomorrow.
I have tomorrow to work on the music and Sunday School preparation. Senior Mystery trip brat sale is at the home football game tomorrow and I signed up to work. Saturday is free till 7 pm when I go to work. Jeff doesn't get home until Monday night. I will pick him up late Monday evening after a long 12 hour day at work, kid's choir and chime team! I will be tired. Maybe Matthew will drive.

That is all...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sarah: Has her first "student" on Thursday as a tutor in biology

Mary: Has a possible job at the Greenville Library..will have to wait and see!
Might have a job tutoring English on the side. That would be great!

Matthew: Is selling lots of candy bars for fundraisers.

Monday's Over!!!

Monday was quite a day! The kids had a good day at school, but my day at work was long and stressful. I am not going to disclose anymore information, but I was really glad to get home! I was also sad to hear about Patrick Swayze's death. He was a good guy and dancer.

Mary threw in some frozen pizza, while I was getting ready for kids choir and chime team and they were doing homework. My kids choir went really well and I finally think I have an idea where we are going this fall with our schedule. Chime team had a good turn out. Eight people showed up and 2 returning members were absent. I probably won't have to ring and direct this year! That is helpful. Now I can plan more appropriately! We will start off simple. Last night it was so hot in the balcony, that we met in the narthex for a meeting, then we played a simple C scale and learned about timing and techniques.

Went to the store for milk and advil and a few other items. Watched America's Got Talent Finale. I really like the Fab Five cloggers and the Recycled Percussion. Those are the shows that I think belong in Vegas. There were a few good singers, but not for Vegas.

Important information- I have contacted the orchestra director about the procedure for getting entertainment books in your area. Please hold your purchase for Mary. We'd appreciate it.

That is all for now...Have a good day.


Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bowling Season Begins!

Our fall bowling season started tonight. I didn't bowl so well. My scores were 98, 139!, and 98 with an average of 111. The only good thing is that I should be able to beat my average at least for a few weeks, and my high handicap will help the team start off ahead. Jeff is in Miami until next Monday, so he won't have scores to post yet. Not sure how they will determine points and wins/losses while he is gone.

Mary took Brandon back to college today and had a nice visit there and drove home solo without any problems. Yay! They had a nice weekend together and really enjoyed the barbershop concert last night.

Looks like Sarah had a fun time at the beach as a dorm outing. It certainly was a perfect day for it. Matthew went to our Youth groups swimming party this afternoon and had a nice time. I got lost going to pick him up. Finally I realized where I was, and got there just a few minutes late. First day of Sunday school went well. I really liked my class.

Tomorrow is work in the morning and afternoon, and then kids choir and chimes. Sure hope I can get things together! I am way behind in the planning stage. I am usually all planned out to at least Christmas by now.

Guess that is all for now...GO TIGERS...they won today!


Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Great Saturday!

This morning started out with a village green car wash. Eventhough it was work, the choir earned about $500! Matt stayed the whole day, and Mary and I worked in the morning. Mary had plans and I had a wedding to attend.

The wedding was very nice and I must say the cake was delicious! I had 2 pieces. It was nice to chat with people from our church and friends from the community.

After I got home, Matthew and I watched the first 3 quarters of the Michigan/Notre Dame game. Actually I saw the 2 and 3 quarter. I was glad they were winning when we left for dinner. We had a nice dinner together. I was waiting for Sarah to report the UM score the whole time. Not a message. I called Mom when I got home and I heard that Michigan won in a spectacular ending.. winning by 4 in the last minute. Wow! Yay! Go Blue!

Matthew and I went back to church to decorate my classroom. It looks pretty nice and I am ready for my first Sunday School class of preschoolers and kindergarteners. I filled up the Prius with gas and now I am home for the night. Mary is going to take Brandon back to Ann Arbor tomorrow and I want her to take my car. It has better gas mileage and I trust it more than the van. I hope they had fun at the Barbershop concert tonight.

Jeff is super busy. He had the wedding today and of course church and bible study in the morning. The real kicker is that he is going to Miami for Air Force duty tomorrow and he has to be at the airport just after noon! That is cutting it pretty close. He is already packed and will be gone until the 21st.

I am not sure of my week's schedule yet, but know that I work on Monday and then have kids choir and chimes monday evening. I am not planning much, until I know how many singers/ringers I will have. Mary has auditions this week for Pride and Prejudice and has a wedding gig this weekend. So, yes we will be busy!

That is all...Have a great SONday!


Friday, September 11, 2009


Just a quick annoucement~ Mary was selected to be the president of the Village Green for the 2009-2010 school year! Congratulations!

Tomorrow is a car wash fundraiser for the Village Green Singers at Dr. O'Donalds office on M-57 from 10a-3pm. Those of you in the area, come out and get your cars washed and support our choir! Thanks!

Wedding in the afternoon. Then Mary and Brandon are going to a Barbershop Concert Saturday evening. They have been looking forward to this for months! I am happy for them.

Sarah has asked for the game Dutch Blitz. I am going out to look for the game this afternoon. For now I am going to plan for Sunday School and Choirs!

That is all for now!~


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Good News to Pass Along

Sarah called my early this morning to tell me that she had her interview for a biology tutor job at the student resource center. The interview ended with the job offer at the end. Hired on the spot! This is a paid position and I think a good way to keep up on knowledge you have already learned. She hopes it will expand to include Anatomy as well. We are very proud of her.

Choir tonight and work tomorrow. School is going well. More info on coupon books coming soon!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

The first day of school of school was a success. Mary and Matthew made their lunches last night and we up and ready to go by 0700 with a good attitude. I got up and made muffins for them. Mary will be driving to school this year and has a couple other friends to pick up on the way to school. Another year of school has just begun. It will be crazy too. Senior year events, Village Green and Orchestra trips along with all their fundraisers! Don't forget about classes!

Eventhough it was a cool foggy and cloudy morning, I went out golfing with my buddies. My game was not at it's best. Remember my great score of 49 a few weeks ago? Well today I shot a 64! My woods were off and I actually liked my irons (wierd). So as I try to look at the bright side of things:

  • I used my driver several times today (I never use my driver). I hit the ball with the driver as well as my 3 and 4 wood. Thus I will try to use it more often!

  • My irons were good! I really like my 2-4 irons. I got some good distance on them, unfortunately after a few tries.

  • I had some good putts. I putt one in from off the green! This one, wasn't as lucky!

  • We all had a lot of fun and enjoyed a pizza buffet lunch.

Beat the kids home from school. I was anxious to see how there first day went. Mary and Matthew had a good day, told me about their teachers and even came home with fundraiser merchandise~ Chocolate Candy Bars and Entertainment books. For those of you in other states and locations, you can order your book online and Mary will still get credit for the sale and help her earn a trip to Chicago with the GHS Orchestra (We will send out info on how to do that later). The candy will be ongoing for the Village Green trip to Orlando, Florida/Disney World ~April 28- May 2. There are plenty of other fundraisers going on all of the time. I hate it, but I guess it is necessary. I filled out a few forms and then they got their homework done. Oh, and by the way, Mary said the Obama speech was no big deal. She remembers the main message as: Work hard and stay in school, if not you are not just letting yourself down, but your country too. (paraphrased).

Matthew got a haircut and we had toasted ravioli for dinner. Then we made a trip to wal-mart for a few things..The good news is that we bought only what we needed! Hurray!

Well, I guess that sums it up...Tomorrow is Worship committee and I really want to plan for my musical groups as well as for my Sunday School class. Choir starts tomorrow evening as well.

Goodnight from Greenville,


Monday, September 7, 2009

Going Back In Time

It has been nearly a week since my last post. We had a wonderful time in Florida. Our weekend was busy too with family times. Catching up on sleep has been important and almost impossible. So I am going to write this blog backwards, starting with Florida and ending with today, Labor Day!

Wednesday September 2
Jeff and Matthew enjoyed their time at Universal Studios Orlando. Best rides were: The Simpsons, The Mummy, Men In Black and ET. The rollercoaster was good, but the wait was way too long. Wednesday was pretty rainy, but they were able to see and do a lot. The park closed at 6 pm, so the plan was for all of us to eat dinner together afterward.

Mom and I went to the mall, returned some "ugly" curtains and looked for some new dinner plates, curtains and a book. We came home hours later with Gator decals for my car. In the midst of our shopping journey, we did have the most delicious sesame chicken dinner at a local Chinese restaurant. Everything was good...there was just way too much food! Next time we will split an entree!

Dinner together was Sonny's Barbeque. Mmmm. I wasn't very hungry after that huge lunch, but managed to eat my favorite from the menu..sliced pork, with lots of sweet sauce!

Kept in touch with the girls and both are fine. Sarah busy at school and Mary bored at home.

Thursday, September 3
Today was Disney day!! First we stopped at Chik-Fil-A for lunch. It is one of Matt's favorite places and there aren't any in Michigan. Plus eating outside the park is a lot cheaper. We couldn't decide which park we preferred, Epcot or Magic Kingdom. Luckily, when we got to the ticket window it was actually less for a 5 day park hopper than a one day park hopper with the special deal they had going. Unfortunately, they do expire and we will most likely won't get back to FL before December 23. Still we saved money so that is what it is all about! I should remind you that we were able to fly using our frequent flyer miles, and Jeff received a free pass to Uinversal and Disney as a thank for serving our country! Anyway, so we were off to Epcot first and would finish the day in Magic Kingdom since they were open later.

Epcot was a lot of fun. Matthew really liked the ride inside the big ball in future world. We had fun sending electric postcards to the girls with our pictures imposed on a cartoon of the future. Other fun rides in future world were: Test Track car ride. I really like this one. Jeff and Matt went on the Mission to Space ride and the new Soarin' ride that makes you feel like hand gliding. I spent time in the interactive innovations area. All of us enjoyed the interactive areas, especially the weather experience and I learned about the origins of Velcro. On the other side of Epcot is the world showcase. We walked through each country where Matthew collected a stamp and die cut from each land. We rode the water ride in Mexico and Norway. Watched Taiko drummers and ate an authentic lunch in Japan. I had curry, Matthew had Chicken teriyaki and Jeff had Sukiyaki Beef, Teriyaki Chicken and tempura shrimp combo. By the time we walked around the world we were ready to head to Magic Kingdom.

We had a plan for Magic Kingdom. We knew what we really wanted to do and headed there first. Matt and Jeff went on the water ride, Splash Mountain. I don't likethe last big drop of the ride, so I waited at the entrance of the next rollercoaster. All of us enjoyed Thunder Mountain and then proceeded to the Pirates of the Carribean and Tiki Birds in Adventure land.Tomorrowland was next for Monsters INC Laughs and Buzz Lightyear. We rode Buzz a couple of times, shooting our laser guns at targets hoping to get a great score. Matt did the best I think, I and just couldn't get it together and had a pathetic score. I still had fun though! Off to Fantasyland where I made a HUGE mistake. Matthew and I rode the teacups. We spun ourselves silly...well almost sickly. Matthew was laughing and I was thinking...what have I done? I was able to prevent him from making the cup spin the opposite way..that would have been the end for me. Thank goodness, we ended our rides with the 3-D movie Mickey's Philharmagic and a Small World. Watching the fireworks from the backside of the castle was different. We were very tired by now and still needed to get back to the Epcot parking lot. We met a couple of nice families, most with small children. I am glad I didn't have to carry anyone back to our car....whew!

Our Japanese dinner had been hours ago, so we stopped at the largest McDonald's in the world and had midnight snack. It hit the spot. It was pretty late when we finally got back to my mom's house, but we shared our day with her and had lots of happy stories.

Friday, September 4
We slept in up around 9am! I always make a visit to the cemetary to visit my dad. He was a very special man and will always live on in part of all of us! We ate lunch at Beef O Brady's, we headed to Orlando to see WonderWorks a hands on science museum of sorts. Matthew has wanted to go there for several years, and so we finally found the right time to go. Grandma got to go with us today and that was extra special! We were hoping to meet up with Tom and his girlfriend for lunch, but that didn't work out. We hope to see them another time, sooner than later!

Wonderworks was a lot of fun. We experienced hurricane force winds, a 5.o earthquake, and pitched baseballs in a pitching game that recorded our pitch speed and strikes and balls. Matthew pitched 56 mph and had of course struck him out! I pitched 38 mph and walked him after a full count. Jeff pitched well too, getting a strike out. There are lots of interactive quizzes and mind puzzles. We tried to land the space shuttle, but I don't think any of us were sucessful at that. Matthew and Jeff went into a virtual rollercoaster. Jeff and Matt both gave lying on a bed of nails a try! After seeing a nail hold in Jeff's shirt, I said no thanks!

We ended our Friday with another delicious meal this time at the Cheesecake Factory. The food was very good and the cheesecake,well...Mmmm. Jeff and I split a Red Velvet layered cheesecake, Matthew had plain and Mom had the Tiramisu cheesecake. Wow! We were full and satisfied.

Once we were back home, Matthew, Mom and I played a game a scrabble. Grandma won, but we were able to use all the letters on the board. Matt wanted to stay up and milk every last moment he could with grandma, but we had to be up at 043o to get to the airport! That is early!

Saturday, September 5
Yes, we got up on time and packed up our things for our flight home. Matthew gave Grandma his collection of countries. She thought it was most interesting. I still have one that I made from years ago. We are glad she liked it. Our little blue rental car, Nissan Versa, was packed one more time and off we were to Orlando airport. Jeff dropped us off at the curb for us to check our baggage and he returned the car. For 0600, that place was hopping! Luckily we had checked in online, so no long lines for us!

Our first leg from Orlando to Chicago went well. I think we slept most of the way. I don't sleep that well on a plane, but got some cat naps in. Matthew and I never got a drink, so I guess we slept through that portion of the flight. Once in Chicago, we headed to the USO office to drop off our carry ons. We had a 3 hour layover, and decided to ride the trains for an hour or so. We got off at our half way point according to time, went outside, took a few pictures and then got right back on the next train and headed back to the airport. Security was slow and time was ticking away. Thank goodness our gate was nearby. We made it in plenty of time and waited as they called stand by passengers to get their tickets. We boarded this small plane with one seat on one side and two on the other. It wasn't very clean and the flight attendant must have been having a bad day. Her attitude wasn't too good. Thanks goodness it was only a 28 minute flight!

It was nice to be back in Grand Rapids! The weather was 75 and clear sky, unlike the hot humid air of central Florida. Mary was so happy to see us when we arrived back home. She even had warm cookies out of the oven. Mary had a busy day too. She was in a parade with the Queen's court. All of us were tired, and ended up napping. Matthew just plain crashed and slept the rest of the day. Mary and I watched "My Fair Lady" a portion at a time. It took the rest of the day. We also watched the Michigan Wolverines cream the W Michigan Broncos! GO BLUE!

Sunday, September 6
Our Sunday schedule is back to "normal". Sunday School at 9am and Church at 10:15. Sunday school was led my Thrivent. Teaching Kids about money. Younger children got piggy banks and the older ones at notebook of sorts to teach about saving, sharing and spending. Church went well. Matthew did a great job as the AV guy, Jeff had a good sermon on favoritism from the book of James. Lunch after church today was Pizza Hut. It was ok, but we really didn't like the new stuffed crust pan pizza. Not enough sauce.

Matthew had his buddy Mitch over for the day and to spend the night. They had lots of fun with the Wii and played some catch outside before we all headed to lake michigan to watch the sunset. It was beautiful! The guys played some football and Mary and sat on the beach. Matt and Mitch actually went into the very cold lake, nearly to their waist. I think they are crazy! I put my foot in and said no way!

Monday, September 7, Happy Labor Day!

Mary had to be up early again. She was in today's Labor Day parade in Belding. The girls cannot wear their Danish clothes to events outside of Greenville. Mary wore here black and white dress and looked just beautiful. We went to the parade with a friends mom as we did last year and had a really fun time! Mary looked so lovely on the float and blew her daddy a kiss! Brandon's family was there and his dad took a picture of her to send to Brandon. He titled it.. Here is The Queen Mary! I thought that was so ingenious~ We had a good lunch at Cory's and then Mary and Matt went home and Jeff and I walked around the fesetival a little bit.

You can probably guess that there was some napping going on again this afternoon. Mary and I went shopping for food and decided it was a good day for a cookout. Jeff grilled some delicious burgers and dogs. We had salad, applesauce and corn too!

Our summer has officially ended. School starts in less than 8 hours. Mary will be a senior, Matthew a sophomore...back to the grind. It makes me kind of sad. Before they went to bed, we all played a game of Wii Price is Right. Matthew was the big winner tonight.

Now it is late and I am sure that just as I close my eyes, the alarm will go off, and I will be sending my kids off to their first day of school. This will be the last first day at home for Mary. Next year college. Sniff Sniff! Sarah continues to love her school, friends and life at Hope College. It is a blessing to see her thrive in a wonderful Christian College community!

That concludes this edition of Going Back in Time~


PS ~All Pictures were taken with the cell phone camera

~Thanks to Sarah for posting the video of Mary waving at the Princess Parade last month. Take a look at it on the video bar!

~As always, look at the photo album for more pictures!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


We had quite the experience on our travels down to Florida yesterday. Arrived at the Grand Rapids airport on time; Jeff dropped Matthew and me off to check bags and he parked the car. Do you know that it costs $20 a bag now? What I am supposed to travel without luggage and wear the same clothes? I think that this encourages people to bring more carry on bags and of course it is a racquet because they know you have to check bags especially if you need more than 3 oz of shampoo. Anyway we had a little snack before going through security. Soon after our plane arrived, I overheard a deplaning passenger say- "You don't want to fly that airline!" I thought "Oh No!" Not a few moments later, the gate person annouced there were problems with the aircraft and there would be a delay! Evidently it had to be towed from the runway to the gate. Groan. Our connection in Chicago O'Hare allowed us less than an hour to get to the next gate. We are going to miss our next plane! Proactively, the American Airlines person booked all passengers on the next flights and connections. Some were sent to other airlines to get them to their destination in a reasonable amount of time. We were booked for a 2:15pm flight to CHicago and arriving in FL around 7 pm. After about 30 minutes, the mechanic was able to fix the plane and we would keep our original flights. So we were on the plane and in the air by 12:20pm and landed in Chicago at 12 noon. Our connections left us minutes to get from H-3 to K-17. The steward allowed us and another passenger with a "tight" connection to deplane first. They we were, running though the airport. We heard the final call for the Orlando flight. Jeff took the lead to get there first to have them hold the door for the rest of the family. Matt arrived second and I came up laset huffing and puffing. The door was already closed. The gate keeper was waiting till I arrived and then opened it and allowed us to board. Thank God we made it. It took a while for my breathing to correct itself and I had a couple of coughing spells. I bet I was wheezing because I sound like Sarah when she has a flare up of asthma. I took the window seat and was glad to see our bags being loaded onto the plane! YaY! The flight was fine. Matthew let me use his iPod to listen to music, Jeff rested and Matthew played some gameboy games, I think I saw Jeff playing too! It is wierd not having a laptop with us, but it is good not to worry about those things and just enjoy yourself. Once in Florida, we picked up our blue Nissan Vista and drove to Grandma's. It was probably around 5:30pm. Dinner at Outback. It was delicious and then we came home and watched some TV and visited until bed time. What a day! Checked in with the girls back home in Michigan and all is well!

Today is father/son and mother/daughter day. Jeff and Matt are at Universal Studios today until ~6pm. Mom and I are going curtain shopping at the mall and doing lunch together. The weather here is hot and humid in contrast to Michigan's cool but sunny weather. Tomorrow is Epcot day for all the Wilhelm's! Looks like I could make reservations for dinner at a World Restaurant, but will have to wait until tonight after my men get home. I enjoy Epcot a lot, but am not looking forward to the hot humid weather!

That is all for now. I don't have access to my cute little pictures or photos, so you will have to be happy with my creative writing skills! Hahahah!