Sunday, November 30, 2008


After a good morning at church, the snow began to fall. It still hasn't stopped and won't stop until tomorrow. We expect ~8 inches by the end of the storm. School has already been cancelled. I am still going to work, but I don't have slippery dirt roads to drive on. They may still be slippery, but they are main roads. The picture to the left was taken just before we left to take Sarah back to Hope College. We stopped for dinner at Texas Roadhouse, had some good steaks and then on to Holland. Jeff and Mary helped haul her stuff back up to her room and we were on our way back home to bowl. We got back late, due to poor road conditions, and bowled only two games. In the end, we took one point that, infact keeps us in first place by only one point. Next week is position night. Below are a few pics some before we left for Holland and one after bowling...What will it look like in the morning?

As for the weekend we had a lot of fun. We saw the James Bond movie, put up the tree and a few decorations. I guess we will have to put on ornaments a few at a time. The girls had some friends over too. There was lots of singing here. Mary and her buddies sang barbershop songs for hours..I even got to join them once in a while. I prefer baritone, but sang a little lead too. Matthew has been reading every chance he gets. He is almost done with the 4th Harry Potter Book and started the first one just a few weeks ago. I got a lot of work done on the Sunday School program and think I have a pretty good handle on the service. This weeks practice will be full run through and fine tuning.

This weeks activities include: work, doctor appointment for clearance for my surgery, advent service on Wed lead by the church's youth and the orchestra plays, play practice for the kids, Santa's parade on Friday that Matthew is supposed to march in and Sunday School practice on Saturday. Quilter's meet on Thursday and we will have a special celebration for my friend Norma's birthday! Mary and the Village Green Singers are supposed to sing for the Lions Club at our church tomorrow night. The big question is whether the weather will cancel most of the events. We will keep you posted. Sarah has a big week too. Papers, presentations and case study due all by Friday. Finals are next week. Say an extra prayer for her as she finishes up her first semester of college. Thanks!

Well, it is midnight and I need to go to bed. Happy dreams! I will try to get some pictures of our overnight snowfall in the am and post later in the evening.
How could I forget? GO SOONERS and GO GATORS! Big wins for them yesterday. Will it be my two favorite teams playing for the national championship??

Staying warm inside,

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a nice Thanksgiving. Sarah and I made muffins and bacon for breakfast and most of the family watched the DVD of the Choir concert. Then the athletic training student wrapped wrists, ankles and arches. Boy she does a great job. Sarah and I watched the parade, what would Thanksgiving be without it?

Mary helped me with the bird and food preparations. Jeff and Matthew put up Christmas lights. They look great! The girls got in a nice nap and I worked on laundry, boy it sure piles up after a few days, plus I am glad to do Sarah's for her to when she comes home. Mary woke up a little stiff, so Sarah, AT student, did some stretching with her and she feels much better! By now the turkey was nearly ready so the girls and I split up the menu items and got the food done and Jeff showed Matt how to carve the turkey. Everything was good. Meat, potatoes, stuffing, candied carrots, corn on the cob, rolls and pumpkin pie (Mary and I made them last night) with whip cream. We all pitched in and cleaned up the kitchen then went shopping.

We got some really good buys. First I got a new winter coat at K-Mart 50% off. It is green and cream. I like it very much and it has a removable/reversible lining. Mary found a blouse. Next was Meijer. We got some more milk and a few other groceries plus some new Canon bath towels for only 2.99 each! WoW! They are really nice too. Our old ones are really showing their use.

After we got home Matthew, Jeff and I watched a silly Disney movie, College Road Trip. It was pretty dumb but had us laughing hard a few times especially at the end. Sarah watched a movie in her room and Mary's friend, Brandon, came over to visit. By then we were ready for pie. It was very good. I made it with pumpkin pie spice instead of using cinnamon, ginger and cloves individually since I was out of cloves. Everyone said it was delicious and enjoyed the whip cream on top too!

Now things are quiet and everyone but me is in bed asleep. It was a good day and I am thankful! Thank you God for all of our blessings, especially family!

PS~There are lots more pictures on the Wilhelm Family Photos! Just click on the link in the upper left column.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Not Much to Report

Good Afternoon! We didn't get anymore snow today. It is right around freezing and thing a thawing just a bit. I didn't take any more pictures today, since everything pretty much looks like the last ones I sent. The streets are pretty clear, with an occasional slippery are of slush.

School is out for Thanksgiving. The kids can sleep in tomorrow and I will be going to work. Jeff will pick up Sarah around 5:30 pm tomorrow afternoon. It will be nice to have her home again. I plan to bake my pies tomorrow evening and make the Turkey on Thursday. Maybe we can get the Christmas decorations up this weekend?

Norma checked on the standings of our Sunday night league. We are in first place by 3 points! Hurray. We bowl the second place team this week. I hope that I can at least bowl my average. It sure would be nice to be the winners this season.

Parent/Teacher conference is this afternoon. It is the last day to attend. We couldn't go Friday at lunch or last night. We had conflicts each of those days. It should be pretty easy this year. Mary and Matthew have 3 of the same teachers. I am going to pick up Jeff from work and then head over. We don't plan to hear any bad could we? I think our kids are pretty great.

Well, that's is all.....


Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Quick Weekend Note

I had a good day at work yesterday. My little princess slept 8 of my 12 hour shift. We had fun playing the other four. She sure is a little cutie. I worked tonight for 5 hours so the rest of the family could go out to the movies with her friend. Mary babysat the new baby tonight. He wouldn't enjoy the movie. It was an uneventful night of fun and pictures. I got permission to post pictures of my patient and me. We have a very special relationship.

This morning was the funeral for my friend Pauline. She was a wonderful friend and quilter. The service was very nice. Mary and I sang "In the Garden". We had many compliments. I was a little shaky at first, but pulled it together without any noticeable mistakes. Here's to you Pauline!

Sunday school Christmas practice was next and we did ok. We had a lot of important people away this weekend. We have two more practices before we lead the service. I think things will go ok. We will work more on logistics and teaching the kids to read a little slower and louder.

Tomorrow the Orchestra plays for the Sunday Service and for the community Thanksgiving service held at our church. There will be a mass choir, praise team and combined orchestra. I just got a message that two people are coming to play with us. They dont have the music and haven't rehearsed. Their director assures me that they can play anything! I am a little nervous about that. Plus the orchestra is playing across the sanctuary from me due the the praise team.

We prebowled last week for tomorrow nights game and won all four. I hope that puts us back, at least tied for first instead of second.

I finally rescheduled my repair surgery from last August to Dec 18th. I found a new doctor and feel that she will take good care of me and my needs. She spent a lot of time discussing my problem and options. For the next few weeks I will have doctor visits to prepare for surgery. I realize it is right before the holidays, but at least I will have the holidays off for medical leave. I should be fine for church for Christmas Eve. It should save us money too, since I have already met my deductible for the year. I will keep you posted.

Well, I'd better get off to bed.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Good News

Mary was casted in the One Act play as was her friend Brandon. Evidently it is a great cast all around. The cast has been labeled the dream team! Matt is on the scenic crew. Yay!! Orchestra went well tonight. I have two new girls, one plays bassoon and the other clarinet. I love music! Mary and I will be singing In the Garden for my fellow quilter's funeral. It is hard to speak of her in the past tense. It just hasn't hit me that she is now in heaven. What a great place to be! Need to get up early for work. Better run. Were are staying as warm as possible.

TTFN (ta ta for now as said by Tigger)

A Snowy Thursday

Snowy. That is what started out this Thursday. We had another new dusting of snow overnight and a pretty have snow shower this morning. I took a few pictures for your viewling pleasure. It has been quite cold all week and will remain cold through the weekend. I am not sure if we will hit 30 tomorow. Matthew and Mary are glad to see snow again. I am too. Jeff comments are I was just in sunny Arizona and now I am in snow. He really likes the warm weather. Sarah reports snow in Holland too. Yesterday she called and asked me to send her dance tights. I knew she wanted them to help keep her warm.

Sarah's other great news is that she got a 95% on her Anatomy Lab Exam. Hurray! Her new medicine is working for her. She is breathing easier with running, but her knee is acting up now. She doesn't let a little pain get in her way of softball. I encouraged her to have her knee looked at by an AT person or doctor. We will see how it goes. Sarah comes home for Thanksgiving next Wednesday.

Mary did well at auditions and was called back today for another go round. That is a good thing! Her friend Brandon did too. Mary will know by tomorrow if she was casted. Pray that she does...She is a great actress so I feel confident, but prayers never hurt anyone.

Matthew applied/interviewed for crew. He will find out this week if we will be working with the one act play. He'd like to learn how to do lights or sound. He has done a good job for them in the past, so I hope that he gets a slot this time too. Usually there isn't interviews for plays, but with the one act, the company travels for competition, so this year the director is limiting the number of people so they only need one bus. Make sense to me. The baseball season has begun. They have open gyms on Sunday evening and Wednesday mornings at 6 am! They throw, run and practice in the gym. He really had fun. He got nailed in the thigh by a ball and has thread marks as proof. In the Wilhelm family that is almost like a medal! We have all had them, with the exception of Mary, who is our family fan!

I am on the edge of overload. I am keeping up for now, but there is a lot going on. Church work, house work, nursing, kids and dogs. There certainly isn't a dull moment. I need to call my Sunday School people before Saturday. One of our quilters passed away and her funeral is Sat. Practice needed to be changed. Looks like I will be singing for the funeral too. The family requested a song and many people are going to be gone this weekend. I don't mind though, because Pauline was a very special person to me. There is Orchestra tonight and we play on Sunday. Work 12 hours tomorrow and then some hours on Saturday too. I only work one day next week, so I don't mind putting in a few more. Kids choir went well last night. Thanks to my friend Annette, she got them started while I was running late. The kids really sound nice.

Well, I guess I should get going. I need to fold some clothes, shower and get over to quilting. I always want to get there earlier, but it usually just before lunch. My sewing machine at church is terminal. The motor is going to die sooner than later. I will miss that machine. I will have get used to another one. For now, I just sew until the machine stops. After a week of rest it works again. I get about 2-3 hours of intermittant use of the machine. Sniff Sniff.

Have a great and sunny or snowy day!


Monday, November 17, 2008

Just a Peek

Thought I would post a few pictures of my latest baby quilt top. I like the colors and especially the little ponies.

Matthew got his class ring today. It is very nice. He decided not to try out for basketball so he can concentrate on baseball and also scene shop for the One Act.

Mary is preparing for auditions on Wednesday. She has so really good ideas and some cool voices. I pray she will do well and get casted.

Talked to Sarah today. She is doing well. We were making plans for Thanksgiving next week. Time is really flying by. Holland has between 3-5 inches of snow today! We got a little dusting again. Not sure if it will snow tonight.

Work was good today. I work again tomorrow and then have 2 days off. I love my patient.

Better get some sleep.


First Snowfall of the Season

We woke to snow covered grass and trees this morning. It is pretty cold and I guess it won't warm up too much this week. Sarah will get more snow than we will since Holland gets a lot of lake effect snow. Matthew and Mary are glad to see snow again. There were really big flakes falling while we were at church. It was very pretty to watch.

We bowled twice today. Once after church and then at night during our regular time. We won't be able to bowl next week, so we prebowled with the other team this afternoon and we won all four. At least that is how it appears. Then tonight we played this weeks game and split 2 and 2. We will have to watch the papers to see what place we are in. I had a couple of good games this afternoon and didn't do as well tonight. I sure wish I was more consistent.

Chimes play very well this morning. We will have practices for all musical groups and sunday school this week. There will be a community service this Sunday for Thanksgiving and our orchestra will be playing and choir will be singing. I guess there are some other church's that will sing with us. No instrumentalists have called to be part of the orchestra for this service.

Matthew had basketball try outs this week and also interviews for crew on the next play. Mary has auditions on Wednesday for the same play. Can't remember that name of the One Act play at the moment. It is a comedy. Sarah texted me that one of her fish died today. Three continue to swim around. She said she had a good weekend. Watched some sporting events and also attended the rescheduled Nykerk Cup, a fine arts competition, between even year and odd year students, Freshman and Sophomores. We are pleased to report that the even year, freshman, won the competition this year. Yay! I am sure if you are interested, you can click on Hope College and read more about it.

Well, I think that sums up the remainder of the weekend news and a taste of what this week holds for us. I work Mon, Tues and Fri this week. Maybe Saturday too. Have a good one!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Just Released

New Photos posted on October and November. Click on the link to: Wilhelm Family Photos!
Smile! Gracie

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Jeff got home last night. It is good to have him home. Next AF trip is probably in February. He came home with his BDU's (Battle Dress Uniform) and how I wished he would have been home in time to meet us at Applebee's after the show for food and fun with the cast and crew. Mary said her friends would have just loved it! Nothing like a man in uniform!

The play last night was very good and well attended. There were a few line changes that I think were good ones. Tonight is the closing show and striking the set. That is always a bittersweet occasion. Good memories from a great show and tearing down the set. Next Wednesday is auditions for the One Act Play. This year it is a comedy and you must prepare an audition for the director. You must either perform the 3 Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood or Goldie Locks and the 3 Bears by yourself. The purpose is to determine how well and quickly you can change characters. Neat idea, but not easy for the actors. Mary is still deciding which she will do. She loves the competition and the director of the one acts most of all. It is the highlight of the year for her. Last year had a large cast. This year has a much smaller one. Competition will be tough for the performers.

Our 1st Sunday School Practice went well this afternoon. I would have liked to have more kids show up, but we did fine with the ones we had. It should very nice. Stopped by a birthday party at my clients house and had a nice time. My patient sure loves me...she crawled all over Jeff this afternoon. She knows a cutie when she sees one!

Tomorrow the Chime team plays, SS teachers meeting, we pre bowl for next week, do laundry and bowl at night too. Always busy at the Wilhelm's. Gotta make the second run to the HS. Mary had cast call at 5, Matt has crew call at 6 and the show is at 7:30, but the doors open at 7pm. Tonight Jeff gets to see the show. Hurray!

Better get rolling

Friday, November 14, 2008

Opening Night

Opening night of Guys and Dolls was great! There was close to a full house and there were no major problems. Mary did a excellent job and sang her solo the best I have ever heard. I found out after the show that she had a bad headache during the performance. You never would have known. She is really talented at so many things and I am very proud of her. Brandon, Mary's friend, was just spectacular as Sky Masterson. What a polished performer. The singing was really good too. I really liked Mary's song "More I Cannot Wish You"..Brandon's "Luck Be a Lady" and Nicely singing "Sit Down You're Rockin the Boat". Selling tickets was a blast. We now have a computer with a ticket machine. I clicked away at selling seats and the tickets spit right out by the patron. I even learned how to return tickets and sell tickets in advance for another nights show. Matthew has enjoyed being behind the scenes with construction and moving the sets between acts. His great-grandpa, a master carpenter, would be proud. We all are. You can read the review from the paper here:

Matthew's soccer banquet was last night. It was a dessert buffet. I took brownies. Matthew received a certificate and a Yellow Jacket patch for a Letterman's coat. Those coats are awfully expensive. Sarah wanted one for awhile then realized that after high school she wouldn't wear it anymore. I don't know how Matt feels about a coat. I do know he is still waiting for his class ring. Anyway the coach also showed a slideshow of the season that was really nice. He is a nice person.
I finished my latest quilt top for a baby quilt. It is purple and yellow with little horses on it. I have started a new on with a darling doggie print. I enjoy making baby quilts because it doesn't take me a year to finish it. My piano lesson went very well and I got some laundry done, so it has been a productive and fun day!

Jeff comes home late tomorrow night. I will have worked my shift, had a quick dinner and back for another show. Saturday morning I have a haircut, Sunday School and kids choir practice, a party and closing night of the show. The chimes play Sun morning. I think I have it all together. Just one step at a time.

Still waiting to hear back from my new doctor about having my repair surgery before the end of the year. I have met my deductible, so it would be wise to have that taken care of. Sarah is well and busy at school. I will have to check to see if her new asthma med is helping.

It is late..better get some winks.

Good Night!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day!

My veteran, Jeff left today for four days of military duty in Arizona. He has arrived safely and has an early morning. Time always goes by fast for him while he is there. We still await the results of the promotion board. I guess we should know some time in December.

Sarah is back at Hope College tonight after an unplanned break for a virus that has caused over 400 students, faculty and staff to become ill. As you know, Sarah was home and her case was very brief. Luckily no one else has had any symptoms. We should have been sick by now if we were going to get it. Still I think we will continue to pray for a few more days and breathe a sigh of a relief after the school musical is over.

Mary felt ill today during the string workshop she attended with the HS Orchestra. She thinks it was from the pizza lunch. She is fine tonight and had no symptoms related to the virus outbreak. Sarah reported this weekend that she is needing to use her inhaler before and during exercise. We called the doc and he put her on a daily med to help control her asthma. She exercises several times a week with the softball team. Matt is doing great. We all watched the video of the show from yesterday and he loved to explain some of the issues with the scenery. He knows all of the songs too. Mary did a great job with her part and her solo. The HS Choir concert DVD is in and we watched that too. How much fun we had watching it together. I think it sounded really good.

Tomorrow is work, play practice and the soccer banquet. I just made brownies! Thursday is chores, quilting (Which is not a chore), and opening night. Friday work, show and Jeff comes home late. Saturday I get a haircut, Sunday School practice, Birthday Party and the shows final performance. Whew! Lots to do!

Better get off to bed for some sleep. I am going to need it!


Monday, November 10, 2008

What a Hectic Day!

Sarah is well! She slept in this morning and then we had breakfast together. While she was stripping her bed and cleaning her room of any leftover germs, I went from store to store to find black pants for Matthew. He needed them for stage crew when he moves scenery during the show. I also bought a new battery and video tapes for our video camera so I could record the show. Today was press day. Sarah and I had lunch up in her room and then I went to tape the show. I did the best I could. I got most of the important things. Guess I will have to take a look at it this evening. Chimes was a real challenge tonight. We are doing much better, but I hoped to play two songs on Sunday, but we are really only ready to play one. So that is what we will do.

Tomorrow Jeff leaves for Arizona. Mary had a strings event until the evening. Matthew has crew till 5 and Sarah goes back to college after dinner. She getting some homework done and is finally released from her room tonight! That makes me happy. I work on Wednesday and Friday and sell tickets at the HS show on Thursday. I will probably attend all the performances. Jeff gets home Sat in time for the closing show. A lot of our friends will be attending sometime this week.

Well time for a late dinner.

Until next time,


Sunday, November 9, 2008

Quick Update

Our team did not bowl that well tonight. Yours truly had a really bad game. Looks like we didn't win at all tonight. Sniff Sniff.. There is always next week. By our guesses we will be in second place next week.

Sarah is doing well, but Hope College is now closed until at least Wednesday at 6am. Latest reports of all sick college students, faculty and staff on and away from campus is 400! Whew! Still cleaning with bleach solution. Isolation at our house could be lifted tomorrow.

That is all the news since the last post.


Doing Better

Sarah is feeling better. She hasn't needed any advil today. No more....well you know. We continue the "isolation" precautions at least until tomorrow and hope that no one else gets sick. Thank goodness it was short lived. You can read the latest updates on the Hope College situation by clicking on the Hope College link in the left column. The earliest school opens is Tuesday morning. She will have had more than 48 hours symptom free!

Church went very well this morning. The preschool kids did a great job singing and I thought our praise team sang well too. It was a very good service. Mary and Matthew have play practice again today...full costume and makeup. Tomorrow is the press review day. I hope to make it over at least to take some pictures.

Tonight we bowl unopposed. It shouldn't take too long unless somone who will remain nameless has a lot of open frames. I will let you know how it goes. Right now we are in first place with 24 wins 2 ahead of second place. We should win 4 tonight.

The weather has been cold. We have had snow showers throughout the day. No accumulation. Most of the leaves have been blown off and we will have to spend more hours raking when we have some sunny weather. Our driveway did not flood with the rain on the weekend. Yay!

That is all for now.


Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Little Too Late

We had a fun time last night. Lots of laughs. This morning wasn't as fun. Sarah most likely has the virus from college. She feels bad for coming home with us. I told not to be upset, we can't go backward, now we just prevent others from getting it. Plus I'd hate for her to have to be sick like this all alone. Her room mate left last night. This way I can take care of her.

I have been cleaning with bleach all morning and did the best I can. Now we just use good handwashing, common sense and pray a lot! We need to be sure Jeff stays healthy, he leaves for Arizona on Tuesday. We need lots of prayer warriors! Let's hope he can preach tomorrow too. I am one of two melody singers in the praise team. As long as I don't have symptoms I will attend church.

Mary had a wonderful time at the Opera Tosca. She said the music was perfect! What a great opportunity for young people to experience the fine arts! Matthew had a good time at the zombie hunt. Unfortunately, he lent one of his nerf guns to a brother of a friend and now it is gone. The family said they would pay $15 for a new one.

I won't be at work today. Too risky to take it to a family with a medically fragile child and a newborn. I think I am going to open the doors and let the cold air in a little today. That helps with the germs.

Well, I am supposed to go to a Thrivent Lunch. More later.


Friday, November 7, 2008

A Change in Plans

This is a case of either the wrong place at the wrong time or right place at the right time . We are praying that it is the latter. Last night on the news it was reported that Hope College had a outbreak of the norovirus. No classes were cancelled and parent's weekend was scheduled to proceed. I spoke with Sarah and she said as long as we had good handwashing, there wouldn't be a problem. That was the reccomendation of the health department. So, we arrived at the college at 10:20am in time for Chapel. It was wonderful! So spirit filled. What a blessing to have our daughter in this enviornment. There was a good message and awesome music and singing. After chapel we attended some classes across the campus. I went to Japanese class and pathophysiology class and Jeff attended Mass Communication and International Economics. Just before 1pm the annoucement was made that all school activities and classes were cancelled until Tuesday. Evidently more students came down with the short lived but wicked virus. The good news is that Sarah is healthy at this time. We brought her home with us this afternoon and will take her back on Monday in time for her softball meeting and anatomy study review. We are glad to have her home and wish that all who are sick, especially some of her good friends, get well soon.

Mary went to the opera tonight with her friend Brandon. They can get tickets for $10 as students. She was excited about going. The musical is next weekend. They have rehearsal this weekend and have press review on Monday. We hope to take some pictures or video at that time. I am anxious to see it. Matthew is at a zombie hunt at the community center. I think it is like a complicated tag game. He has been looking forward to this for a long time. It is sponsored as a senior mystery trip fundraiser. Jeff will be going to Arizona this week for duty. I am supposed to work tomorrow, but since I was "exposed" to the virus today, she is considering giving me the night off. We will see how everyone feels tomorrow. According to the cdc, the patient is contagious when they first feel ill until 24 hours after it is over. We pray we all stay healthy.

Sunday we have our praise service and the preschool children will be singing. There is also the possiblity of snow showers. We will see what happens. Jeff just mentioned there was a blizzard in the northern plains and a hurricane moving toward Cuba named Paloma. Crazy times!

Our driveway/curb/road is finished and we are parking the garage again. Yay! The barricades on our street were "tagged" with spray paint by some kids last night. Jeff thinks we need a sting to catch these losers who vandalize our town.

That is the story. I will update as needed. Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

More Bad News

Our cars have been vandalized! We had to park on the road in front of our house because of the roadwork by our driveway. Well, when I got up to take the kids to school, I found silly string on the side of my van and Jeff's car took an egg. The eggshell is still on the ground. I wonder if they can get fingerprints? Here are a few pictures I took with my cell phone camera since my regular camera's battery died during the first picture. What a morning!

Waiting for the police,


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

#3: It's Over....

It was a long shot I know. But I had to have hope. Now I have to come to grips with the truth. It won't be easy. Sarah reminded me that all things happen for a reason. I will trust and have faith in my God who is omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent. He has the whole world in His hands and that is a good place to be.

The coverage has been hard to watch. Oprah and Jesse Jackson crying at the rally. I was crying too, but for totally different reasons. I have never had a problem with the color of Barack's skin, but I do with his stance on the issues. The definition of marriage is on the line. The continuation of late term abortions of humans who have a right to live. Saving and keeping our earnings and private health insurance for my family because each family knows what is best for them. Drilling offshore at home and using alternative energy and being free from foreign oil seems like the best answer to high gas prices and electricity bills. Having a commander-in-chief without any military experience, is a scary feeling. Thanks to the mainstream media, Americans were worrying about having an "inexperienced" VP, instead they have chosen a president with even less experience and questionable friends. I hope America is ready for change, because with a majority in congress and the White House, they can do just about anything. Anything. I hope I am wrong. I hope that our country will remain what our founding fathers and veterans have fought for.

Locally, the people of the state of Michigan have approved "regulated" marijuana use and it's private growing as prescribed by a physicain and to expand stem cell research to include embrionic stem cells under certain conditions. In any condition it is a human being. I just found out that a member at our church who ran for commissioner has also lost. It seems like everything I voted for, lost today.

In closing, I will continue to support the conservative viewpoint, pledge my alleigence to the United States of America and forever live to God's glory! Tomorrow can be a better day!

In God We Trust,


Be sure to read all 3 installments on the blog for today.

#2: While Waiting for the Results

I took pictures of the curb or lack of one on our side street. I don't know how long I will be without a driveway, but I am happy that we won't have that icy slushy mess in the winter.

My golf game wasn't very good. I had some nice drives, several good iron shots and even a few 2 putt finishes. I can't tell you how many times I was chopping at it in the rough "grass". The good news is that I didn't lose any balls, I hit them over the water, and most of all I had a blast with my good friend Norma. On a side note, Norma bowled a 171 on Sunday to help keep our team number one! Norma is our solid rock on the team. I didn't list her top score, in the previous blog because I couldn't remember it. Sorry Norma!

I got a lot of errands done. We have tickets to the GR Symphony and we have milk to drink and gas in the van. I found the items I needed for my piano student and resisted buying more piano books for me. I bought a few tops and pants at Meijer that I needed and at a good price too!

Jeff brought home pizza for dinner. I had a bad headache after all the events and worrying about the election. I know there is nothing I can do but pray, and that I have done! I save my other comments for later.

Still hoping and praying,


#1: Praying For a Fair Election & God Pleasing Outcome

Well, today is the day. I have been really "worked up" about this election. Yesterday I even shed a few tears in fear of where our nation is headed if "the people" vote for a "new" America not with smaller or bigger government, but with a "better" government. That sentence has some scary words in there. Who is to decide what is better? I certainly don't want some politicians deciding what is best for me or how much of my money I get to keep and how much they think I need to donate toward trillions in spending and "spreading" others wealth around. I for one have been saving for my family's future since my first job out of nursing school. I am grateful that there are people more wealthy than me that can afford to hire me as an employee. If someone can make 1 million playing baseball than good for them..way to go! Follow your dreams. What motivation will there be to get ahead if you know that it will taxed away from you? The only way to make everyone equal is to make everyone poor. A young lady told me just the other day, " I really think that Obama is dating America. He says a lot of nice things, promises us tax breaks and change everything into good. But if he gets into office, he will break up with us (America)." That says it all. Don't you think? I actually went to the Obama calculator to see what kind of tax relief we will receive. According to site, he will save me an extra $33 than McCain, only he won't drill, he will allow same sex marriage and continue to allow the killing of innocent babies even into late pregnancy! There really is one choice...John McCain!

Going on to a new subject. The city arrived today to fix the drainage problem on our side street. In the winter our driveway floods then turns to ice! We can barely get out of our own driveway. So the city is digging up the street and our curb to fix it. We will have to park on the street in front of our house while they work is being done. Don' t know how long it will take. I will have to take some pictures of the process.

So for today...I am going to go vote, buy tickets to the GR Symphony Concert here on 12/9 and then go golf with Norma and have lunch. I had some jewelry fixed that I need to pick up and prepare for worship meeting tomorrow. Plus I have some Sunday School issues that I need to take care of. Did I mention laundry? There is always laundry to do. I need to go to the store too, since we are out of milk and few other things. I also got my stamping stuff and plan to work on a few projects. Whew! Good thing I don't work till Saturday!

I forgot to post the pictures of our pumpkins. Matt carved his own this year and did a great job. I carved the two simple ones and Matt did the nice one. I am so proud!

Well better get to my activities. Next post should be soon!

(cat tails at"Grace's" golf course)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

It's Been Too Long

My last entry really filled you in one the week's events. Mary's first orchestra concert was very nice. They played some wedding music and then some spanish selections. My work went well this week too. I am thankful to be healthy so far, since my client's brother was very sick at home Friday. We had some really nice weather for Halloween and our church's trunk or treat was well attended. Jeff and I passed out candy at church using a card game, and Mary and a few of her friends passed out 1,000 pieces of candy at our house. Unfortunately, my little patient and her family couldn't come to trunk or treat, but we did take pictures of the kids while I was at work and I have permission to post a one of my cute little pumpkin.

Our weekend has been filled with some shopping, play rehearsals, small group and youth group. Kid's choir sang this morning and they did great. I even got the congregation to join in on the last verse of "Soon and Very Soon". Of course our Sunday ends with bowling. We won three tonight that should keep us at least tied for first place! My new high game this season is a 160! I am bowling better, just need to pick up more spares. Jeff had two 160 games! Randy's last game was a 199. We had a fun time and that is what is important right? I like to win too.

Tomorrow I work 12 hours 5a-5p. The kids have the day off of school, but have play practice and scene shop in the afternoon. Musical groups are meeting all week and I have a good portion of my next quilt done. Wednesday I have worship meeting and Friday Jeff and I are going to Hope College for parents weekend. We are only staying on Friday and then going home. You can refer to the previous entry about the events we want to attend. So instead of working my normal m-w-f, I am only working mon and sat.

I would be remiss if Ididn't mention election day. I am praying hard about this election and as hard as I try not to, I worry about our country's future. I am still stumped as to how a candidate with so little experience and questionable friends, connections and scruples is so attractive to so many Americans. I am angry with the news reporters and the media in general for being so biased in it's reporting and really pushing a candidate down our throats.
I am voting for smaller government, less taxes and most of all pro-life!

God Bless America....Keep us the Land of the Free!

Found these cute pictures of Sarah from Halloween. Soccer player and also with the AT's dressed up as injured football players.