Sunday, May 31, 2009

Before Church

Happy Baptism Birthday Mary! Well, we celebrate 17 years of Mary becoming a child of God! Hurray. What can be better? I am playing for church in just a few hours and I think I am ready. The communion hymn is tough. Playing and singing. I am going to have to help the people sing this one. Otherwise, the songs are great today! The 2009 graduates of our church will be recognized this morning. They will be wearing their caps and gowns. All of the Sunday School students will receive ice cream this morning as a perk for thier attendance.

We can't stay too long after church, as we have to get over to the high school and get in line for graduation. It is a beautiful day, so it won't be too bad standing out there. Rumors have it that there are still tickets for the gym, just don't know how to get them. I hope that Mary can be in the gym even if I sit in the comfort of an auditorium seat. The bleachers aren't too comfortable, but it is nice to be there in person. Either way, we will get to see the graduation.

I got a note with my paycheck yesterday that I need to drive to Lansing in the next 7 days to correct my charting. Another nurse got one of those, when she called they told her she didn't check the right box. Well, I am telling you I am not going to drive over an hour to check a box. I will pay for postage for them to send me the problem papers. It just really urks me that even after several errors I found on the chart, they think it is ok to ask someone to drive over an hour. Hah! They didn't come to fix the errors on the chart that I reported! We'll see if I still have a job tomorrow. Don't worry, I will be nice and diplomatic, at least at first!

Guess that is it~I need to turn my attention to Sunday School then piano playing!

Grace, who wears many different hats!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Time to Catch Up

Baccalaureate was very nice on Thursday evening. The orchestra played Slane, aka Be Thou My Vision pretty well. The second violins always struggle. There was some good scripture readings and the Village Green sang You Raise My Up. It brought tears to my eyes. The Catholic Priest gave the address and did a really nice job too. It was all over by 8 pm. I had to race out of there to pick Matthew up from driver's ed. Tomorrow is Gradaution! Mary and I will attend and Matthew will be playing in the band. As for Mary and Matthew they have one more full day of school and then 3 days of finals. Mary has only one due to exemptions and taking the AP tests earlier this year. Matthew has to take all of them, poor guy. He was sick and missed more than three days, so no exemptions for him. I don't think he will have to take a band test, since he is playing for graduation, just as Mary played for baccalaureate as her orchestra test.

Friday I worked again, only 6 hours but I was just exhausted! I took a nap after taking Mary out to Brandon's. Then Sarah took the van to her Hope College friends house. They enjoyed pizza together and then saw the movie UP! They liked it very much. I guess Mary and Brandon are going to see it tonight. Matt Jeff and I went to Home Depot and looked at new lawnmowers. Our old one's self propelled thing a ma job broke. We decided however after looking at new ones just to repair the old one and use it until it stops again. On the way home we enjoyed burgers from Checkers, something we don't get to eat very often.

Today I helped at our church's garage sale for 4 hours. We did pretty well. Made some money for this summer's VBS. Mary and I went shopping, she went running and I am blogging. Matt and Jeff got some mulch for the "flower" beds. I think that our grass is looking pretty good. I play for church tomorrow, so I will be practicing and organizing music for the morning and next week's trinity service. The orchestra will play the whole service next week. Tomorrow is also the last Sunday of regular Sunday School. Starting in June, sunday school stops and we have church at 0900 with Kids Church during the sermon.

Of course I will have to try and keep up with chores, laundry, cooking and keeping track of our day to day activities. I got a letter from my job in Lansing that I need to come and fix some nurses notes. I think they are crazy. They sent the same letter to another nurse here for forgetting to check one box. They will be getting a call from me on Monday. I take a lot of care to make sure things are right and do a lot for them.

The bat man should be out this week. Sadly, he rolled his new truck last week. He is ok, but the truck is totalled. I heard our batty friends last night near my closet and in the ceiling. I still wonder if we will ever be rid of them. Seems normal to hear them now. That is Crazy!
That is all for now.. Have a great day!


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cloudy and Gloomy

Greenville has been cloudy and gloomy the past few days, with occasional rain. I think it is supposed to clear up the next few days with cooler temperatures. I still have to do the whole flea thing, but I keep putting it off. That is one good thing about Michigan, I don't have to put on flea medicine med on Sammy while it is cold. It is time to give the treatment. I just don't like the smell.

I worked 11.5 hours yesterday. It was supposed to be only 7, but when Mom got home from the doctor it was clear she needed to sleep. So I stayed to make sure everything got done. It wasn't so bad, just made for a long day. I woke up later this morning and am still tired. Had my own appointment this afternoon and then will attend Baccalaureate tonight. Mary plays as a final grade for orchestra. It will be nice to attend for all of her friends too. I work tomorrow too, but I am only going to work 6 hours.

I have gotten 3 more rejections from applications at several hospitals. Looks like I am going to have to call and ask why I can't even have a chance to interview. I am discouraged and close to giving up.

Sarah is going to her college friends house tomorrow for a movie and spending the night. I hope she has a lot of fun. She really misses her friends from Hope. Sunday I play for church and then there is graduation at 3 pm. Matt needs to be there at 2pm and then Mary and I will stand in line to get good seats in the auditorium. Congratulations to the class of 2009!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Umpire is Sweet!

I finally got to one of Sarah's games. She is not the player, but the umpire. She did an awesome job! Think I got some good pictures of her too. See the album for more. I really don't know many ladies that love the game of ball more!

I had a pretty busy day at work. Lots of paperwork and phone calls today. My patient is doing better and was pretty happy today. I work for 7 hours tomorrow, but I don't have to get up at 0430. My alarm went off at that time this morning and I thought I hit snooze, but turned it off. Luckily, I woke up at 5 and was to work by 0515. Whew!

We had nice weather again today. Trying to get laundry done, but it slow going. After an 11 hour day of work, I really don't feel like doing laundry. The bat has not shown himself again, but we keep the door to the ping pong room closed. I still am a little nervous going down there at night. I don't know what I would do if he flew at me while by the washer.

Well, better get going. Have a great one!


Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! It has been a beautiful weekend here in Greenville, MI. Jeff and Matt got a lot of yard work done this weekend. We hope to have a nice green lawn this year. We also did some cleaning around the house and Sarah continues to unpack the never-ending boxes in her room. I guess she is leaving some packed with stuff she doesn't need until she is back at college.

On the fun side of things we went to see Night at the Museum-#2. We thought it was good. We grilled out burgers last night and then hot dogs today for lunch after spending time at the driving range hitting golf balls. I can't say that I got any better. Mary gave it a try as well. An onlooker thinks she would be happier with longer clubs. Matthew still likes to hit it like a baseball, but has many good hits. I continue to have good and bad shots eventhough I feel like I am hitting it the same way. Jeff helped Mary and Matt, as did I a little bit, then finished up his bucket. I think Matt was "helping" dad empty it by hitting some of his balls. This afternoon we celebrated at our firsts graduation open house. They had wings and meatballs some "regular" and some "hot", like the graduate prefers. The cake was delicious.

Now Mary is out at Brandon's house enjoying time with her best friend. I am sure it is an awesome sunset on the lake. Jeff is back working on the yard, Sarah in her room and I am holding off on the laundry since the sprinklers are running.
We have been thinking of our family in Ohio this weekend, celebrating the baptism of Claire! It would have been nice to see everyone and meet our newest little cousin. Hopefully we will get to visit them later this summer.

I work Tues 5a-5p, Wed 10-5p and Friday 8a-4p. Not much time to get other things done. I will just continue to plug along day by day trying to get as much done as I can. That is all I can do.

Thank you to all of our troops! Especially those in our family, Jeff and Bob! We are proud of your service to our country!


Friday, May 22, 2009


Swingout for the Class of 2009 was very nice. All three student speeches were good, especially the welcome. Village Green sang a song from the musical "Wicked". It was very moving. Matthew played in the band for the processional and recessional. They play a song from Star Wars. He had to dress up today, tie and all! I think he looks great! The band director liked his State tie, she's a Spartan! The whole class got a balloon and they had a ballon release in honor of a classmate who died from leukemia. I think that was nice. Thought about mingling with some of the graduates, but it was crowded and cold this morning. So I decided to let it be a day for their family and school mates.

I finally finished the laundry and even made dinner for this evening! Wow! Matthew is driving for the first time tonight. I am happy for him and also a little nervous. He will be riding while other students learn to drive. I have been praying a lot today, so I will include that too. Pray for my little patient as she is quite sick again. Waiting to hear from her mom. She took her to the doctor today. I am supposed to work tomorrow for eleven hours. Sarah will be going with me and taking care of two of the boys.

Tonight we hope to watch the movie about Benjamin Button. I hear that is very good and I will need kleenex. Mary has been invited to join up with her senior friends after their mystery trip and spend time together at a friend's house. I am glad that they included her. She is going to miss all of them. Everyone is growing up too fast. Technically I guess Mary is a senior now!

Better check on the dinner!

PS- Mary got two tickets to graduation! She and I will attend commencement anyway~

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Honor Roll

This was awards week at Greenville High School. Today was honor roll day. Both Mary and Matthew received academic awards this morning. We are very proud. Before I know it, Mary will be graduating. Tomorrow is Swingout, the seniors last day. Three students will deliver speeches, and student government will change over to the class of 2010. After the morning ceremony the students swingout and leave on the mystery trip planned by the senior parents. I think Matthew will be playing in the band for the processional tomorrow and on Graduation, May 31. Mary will play with the orchestra at Baccalaureate on Thursday.

I worked nights last Tuesday and had a pretty good night. My patient slept through most of the shift. The next day is always pretty rough. I slept several hours, but with at least 4 phone interruptions. I just don't feel like doing much of anything,except recover. By midnight was wide awake again and did work on the computer till 0300! While I was sitting at the computer I heard my little night friends in the wall! I don't think we will ever be rid of the bats! There! I just called the bat man and told him I heard them. He wasn't too happy. Neither are we. What will we do next??

I have tomorrow off to attend Swingout. I would love to see the kids in their caps and gowns. I won't get to go to graduation. Then I think I am going to take Sarah to Grand Rapids for some clothes that she needs. The weekend kicks off with a 12 hour shift on Saturday afternoon. We had hoped to go to Ohio for a family baptism, but Matthew has driving class on Monday evening. So the drive to Columbus was a little far for the amount of time we would spend visiting. We hope to incorporate a visit to see the new baby this summer. We do have a graduation open house on Monday for one of Mary's "boys".

Sarah has another game to umpire tonight. She is behind the plate. Matt finally has a day of rest. Tomorrow is his first day behind the wheel of a car! He can't wait. We also want to see the next Night at the Museum movie.

Well, better finish up the laundry, only 2 loads to go!


Monday, May 18, 2009

Driving and Softball

Today was Matthew's first day of Driver's Education. He was so happy to start and will drive for the first time on Friday. He can't wait. I guess they showed a movie that kind of scared the kids a little. I think that is ok, since driving can be dangerous. He has written is paper and tomorrow will be type type type! Unfortunately, he has to have a few baby teeth pulled in the afternoon and then driving again tomorrow evening. Lots to do!

Our church softball team did well again tonight. We won 32-9! I had some really good hits tonight, and crossed the plate twice! There are lots of good hitters on our team. All of the Wilhelm's got a least one hit tonight. Two of my hits went to the outfield. I am not much of a fielder, so I play behind the plate a few innings to earn a place in the lineup. We have next week off and play one of the toughest teams on June 1st. The weather was just perfect for the game, so that was nice too.

Tomorrow is the High School Jazz Band Concert. I really want to go, but I am working night shift tomorrow. I will see how much sleep I get and how Matt is doing with his paper, before I decide if I go to the concert and then go right to work. Sarah is umpiring her first game behind the plate tomorrow. I know that she will do a good job. She sure loves ball. We will also need to figure out who has what car when. I can get dropped off at 9 pm and get picked up the next morning.
Thursday is academic awards day. Both Mary and Matthew will be receiving awards that day. Friday is the senior's last day of school and then Mary will be at the top of the totem pole. She will be very sad though, as her best friends are seniors.

That is all for now.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

Happily Ever After...

Mary's birthday was very nice. She had a really nice time. Dinner was very good at Outback and then we had cake with her best buddies..all boys! She liked her presents too. We bought her a new DVD player and the outfit seen in the pictures. She got Emily Post's Book of Etiquette, (something she really wanted) a gift card, cards and even a birthday song written just for her! She was very happy to spend time with family and friends.

Boy, is it late and the alarm will go off soon. Goodnight!


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Happy 17th Birthday Mary!

I can hardly believe that our Mary is Seventeen Years Old! She has grown into such a lovely young lady. One more year and she graduates from high school. The time is flying by, just like my mother warned me. This morning we did had our traditional wake up call to the family singing "Happy Birthday" later in the morning. Then I made scrambled eggs and sausage for breakfast/brunch. Her funfetti cake is done and frosted and ready for a message. I took her shopping for a new outfit and she will get her other gift later. Brandon will be joining us for dinner. Mary is still trying to decide where we will be going. Cake and ice cream will finish off the night. A few other friends may come for the sweets.

Working backwards in the week, Matthew had his last baseball games yesterday. They won one and lost one. I guess he did pitch, but we got there after he was done. No walks. He got on base a few times and played 2nd base for the rest of the game.

Thursday night was the big choir concert. It was very good. We went to the late show at 8:15 pm. Matt's choir sang several songs and then the show choir did some awesome singing and dancing. Mary did a great job esp with the Quick Step during "The Joint is Jumpin". Later after the show, Mary didn't feel well at all and ran a fever all night. She got better the next day and was cleared at the doctor's office of any strep throat. She has the same kind of cold symptoms that I have had for a while now.

Wednesday I held our last children's choir. We had nice time eating ice cream and played "Name that Tune" with the songs we sang during the past season. We had a lot of fun.

Tomorrow we have church, then we will rake some leaves for a youth fundraiser for a hour or so. Mary has an AP party (for kids in the advanced placement classes) in the afternoon. Jeff and I will be leading worship at the Long Term Care centers in town. Matthew has to work on his paper that he has been working on for a while now. I will be glad when that it finished!

That is all...better go wrap Mary's present.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Win Win!

Tonight was a winner all around! The church softball team won big 28-0! Sarah got a double on her first at bat. From the looks of the scorebook, everyone was hitting well. Wish I could be in two places at once! While Jeff and Sarah were playing ball, I was at the choir awards banquet. We had a really nice time. Mary received her varsity letter for choir and as an officer helped with the passing out of the other awards. Matthew received his certificate of participation. Mary, Matthew and Brandon received the presitigious Musician of the Year Award. How wonderful! I was glad I could be there. We sat with friends and all enjoyed the evening together. Our table actually got a little rowdy!

Now it is time for bed again. Sarah is at a bonfire at a friends house and will be home late. Tomorrow is going to be busy again. Matt plays ball in Grand Rapids and then there is a Band/Orchestra concert at 7 pm. We will be going to Matt's game so we can bring him home in time for the concert. He will miss the 2nd game. There may not be a 2nd game, since there are 3 in the concert, 1 sick, 1injured and 1 ineligible. That is 6 guys short. I wonder if they will have enough boys to play?

We are under a freeze warning tonight. I brought in my flowers I received as a gift last Sunday. It was cold this AM too, dipping down to 37! The heater had to turn on last night! We are ready for spring to last!

A proud parent/church ball coach!


Monday, May 11, 2009


Well, after I thought my laryngitis was gone, I felt a cold coming on and by yeaterday afternoon I was really stuffed up, coughing and sneezing! No fever or aches, so I don't think it is the "swine" flu. I feel a little better today after taking many different drugs to relieve my symptoms. Maybe I will be back to normal soon!

Even with my cold, I had a very nice Mother's Day. Church was nice, though I couldn't sing with the choir as I had a bass voice yesterday. We went to Cory's for lunch. My chicken was very good, but the service was very slow. I got some nice cards from the kids and a box of chocolate from Jeff. Discovered a voice message on my cell phone and Mary's friend, Brandon, surprised me with Mother's Day wishes. How thoughtful! We took naps as always on Sunday, and then watched some TV and ate pizza.

Mary is helping Matthew with a huge english assignment. We hope that he can get it done. Mary had her own project that she finished. It was quite impressive english assignment. They have less than 3 weeks of school left. Time really flies by. Mary turns 17 on Saturday. She wants to go out to dinner together. Not sure what else she'd like to do. Probably spend time with her friends. I just want her to be happy!

Tonight is our first church softball game. It is also choir awards night. Jeff and Sarah are going to play ball, and I am going to the awards banquet. I need to bake brownies and cupcakes for the event. Last week of HS baseball and there are two concerts this week. I am looking forward to both of them. Next week Matthew starts driver's education! I can't believe it! Look out world!

Sarah needs to work on unpacking her stuff, apply for a scholarship and consider other job opportunities. The only problem with a summer job would be trying to go on a family vacation. Are they a thing of the past for us???

That is all for now... Better get baking and start the laundry, again!


Friday, May 8, 2009


Jeff made it Dallas so far tonight. Got a message that his flight to Detroit was delayed. It is a good thing that he has hotel reservations tonight in nearby Howell, MI. I guess there are some thunderstorms around the area.

I had a good day at work. Then came home and watched some TV, took a nap and played some catch with Matthew. He helped me put the 3rd seat back in the van. We took it out to move Sarah home. Don't feel much like cooking whe Jeff isn't home. Tonight we had pancakes.

Think I finally have got all the prescriptions to the right place. We will see over the next week, if the newest prescription went to the right place. I really hate that I, the customer, has to do so much of the work. That is way things are though.

Guess that is all for now. We had nice weather yesterday and today, and expect some rain and thunderstorms tonight with cooler temps. That is spring in Michigan!


Thursday, May 7, 2009


My voice is missing. I sound very squeaky. Since I have no other symptoms, it have decided that it must be allergies. Lots of things budding and blooming. Wonder if I will be able to sing on Sunday?

Jeff is doing well in AZ. He packs up leaves tomorrow, flies to Detroit, then will drive home Saturday morning. it will be nice to have him back home again.

Charlotte's Web opened tonight and it was very nice. The kids really knew their lines and I thought it was well done. I will not go tomorrow, but am selling tickets on Saturday and will watch it again, I think with Jeff, Sarah and Matt.

Mary took her AP Literature test today and feels pretty good about it. We won't know the results for at least a month. Her birthday is next weekend. Can you believe she will be 17? Nothing much planned yet, but she'd like to go to dinner and spend time with her friends. I am trying to think of some thing nice to get for her birthday. Don't have much time left to dwell on it.

Matthew had an away ball game today. They won! Yay!! Matt got on base a few times and made some good plays. I wish I could have seen him, but I generally don't go to the away games unless I know right where it is, or if I am riding with Jeff.

Sarah applied for some jobs yesterday and did a few things around the house. Her friend is over watching movies. She was going to be the taxi driver again, but I don't have to be to work until 0730 instead of 0530. I will go to work after I drop the kids off at school.

Better get off to bed.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Here to There

Life just keeps a going. Jeff made it to Arizona safe and sound. He won't be home till Friday night or Saturday. In the meantime, things at our house continue at the same pace.

I made it through the split shifts at work Monday early morning and then the night shift. Both were fine and Hailey is doing better. She can sure get around and is getting into lots of things. It is fun and tiring at times to keep up with her. In between shifts Sarah and I watched Matthew's baseball game. They won by one run. It sure was a close one. I also spent a lot of time on the phone with our new prescription plan, trying to get things in order. Still not sure everything is in it's right place. Guess I will be on the phone again today.

Yesterday I slept and then made some cupcakes for Mary's orchestra banquet. Soon as they were frosted we were back at the ball park for a double header. Matt pitched the first game and played second base for the 2nd game. He pitches well, unfortunately the batters hit the ball and then our fielder's struggle to make the out. I saw Matt make some good plays in the second game before I left for the banquet.

The banquet ended up being a disappointment for Mary. She had hoped to be elected president of the orchestra for next year, but lost by just a few votes to a kid that probably won't work too hard at the job. Mary will share VP position with another girl as they had the same number of votes. We all enjoyed a dessert feast portion of the program.

Well, today I should catch up on laundry, insurance issues, choir and grocery shopping. I think a nap sounds good too. Still making up for that night shift. Sarah wants to apply for some jobs and work at cleaning her room. She misses Hope College a lot.

That is all...Have a great day!

PS If you'd like to see pics of the new cousin, you'll have to click on their link below the Sooner Schooner.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wow We Wow!

We've had some beautiful weather! Brandon came to pick Mary up for play practice in his '65 Mustang Convertible. Isn't it a beauty! This was supposed to be the prom car too, but of course it was raining cats and dogs that night. Practice is over and Mary is out with her friends probably watching TV and maybe going on a boat ride.

Church was very nice. It was confirmation day. All the kids had very nice professsion of faith speeches. The music was good too. My kids choir dwindled to only 2, sisters, that are very committed and enthusiastic. The sang the song as a duet into the microphone and did a great job. Had many compliments. Mary played the guitar for a song included in the children's message~ I Just Want to be a Sheep. Very fitting as it is Good Shepherd Sunday as well.

Softball practice was awesome! We had a good turnout and good hitting and fielding, except for the coach who couldn't get her glove on the ball most the practice. I know my limits and usually put myself in as catcher or RF. Batting is just so much more fun! Sarah skipped practice today. Her right knee is really hurting. She is self-treating right now until her MD appt next week. She also stayed up all night watching movies with some high school friends she hasn't seen in a while. I guess before they knew it, the sun rose! Sarah made it through church and lunch then passed out on her bed. Now she is out with some friends for some more fun. This week however, is find a summer job week. She has several applications filled out ready to turn in. I don't know how people feel about hiring just for the summer. I guess we will find out.

I am working two shifts tomorrow. I work early form 0530-0930 then again from 2100- 0800. Sarah will be driving us all around tomorrow, including getting the kids to school most of the week. Jeff is going on Military Duty tonight and won't be home until Friday or Saturday. So if Sarah goes job hunting, she will need a car. I am probably working Friday for sure too. I will get the schedule tomorrow. I applied for a couple more jobs this weekend. Both OB jobs one 20 minutes away and the other at the hospital that shafted me 3 years ago. The home care job is always changing. The nurse who was going to work all kinds of shifts, is backing out of a lot of them and guess who is supposed to pick them up? In the end, I could use all the shifts possible with college and two in the show choir! So Yay!!!

Matt has another ball game tomorrow afternoon. I will sleep, work,sleep, watch ball game, sleep and work. I am not sure if Matt will pitch, only time will tell. He plays second base too, so at least he plays most of the time.

Well, I think that is about all. Have a great Monday. I will be a zombie on Tuesday for sure!


Saturday, May 2, 2009

A Beautiful Day

Today has been just gorgeous. Blue sky and warm temperatures. Matthew was called to umpire a little league game at 1 pm. Sarah and I went to watch. He did a great job. I went prepared for wind and a chill, but got rather warm. Spring is defintely here. Mary is at play practice until 6 pm and then I have a chicken crescent dinner planned for 6:30 pm.

Jeff leaves tomorrow afternoon for a week in Arizona with the USAF. It is his last time to that base. He is being transferred to Shaw AFB in S.C. He will begin there this summer. He is not afraid to fly with the current flu situation.

Kids choir sings tomorrow too. It is confirmation day. The kids will sing "Teach Us Lord". It is ia great song and the kids sing it well too. There was one party invitation listed in the bulletin. We could stop by I guess. Church softball is supposed to have practice tomorrow at 3 pm. It will be our only practice before the first game on the 11th. I don't think people will want to come out on Mother's Day for ball practice. We will see. Have the first game's line up prepared. I will compare it with the people who show up!

Sarah got home safe and sound. We got to her dorm around 3 pm and then packed her up and moved her out. Jeff and Matt did a lot of lugging in the rain. We were checked out by 5:30 pm. However, Sarah still needed to finish her English paper. We sat in the Kletz, and eating and meeting place, and she finished her paper. We left after 8 pm. All is well, and one year of college is over! She missed out on the ice cream cake for our Anniversary, so we got her one last night as a celebration.

That is all for now. Gotta go make crescents!