Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feeling Better

I guess there must have been some bacterial infection somewhere, probably sinus, since I started feeling better a day or so after starting my Z-Pac.  Was back to work yesterday and had a good day too!  The day was long though since as soon as I got home, I baked some cookies, took care of some business for my girls and then was off to church for soup supper, church and choir rehearsal. I brought warm cookies so needless to say, I didn't have any to bring home.  I played for church and the kids choir sang beautifully last night.  Choir rehearsal went pretty well, our accompanist wasn't there so I did the best I could. I was home in time to watch the season finale of Top Chef, where my favorite won the competition!  Have been watching Sarah's athletic training video on you tube almost non-stop so they can get as many hits as possible. Today is the last day of that competition so get on you tube and watch a couple of times at least! Thanks!

Today I cleaned the kitchen, got the AT video rolling again and made some pancakes for breakfast.  I still need to practice the piano for orchestra tonight, enjoy lunch with the quilters and then go to the dentist.  I sure hope that I can fit in some time to watch some of the Tiger's Season Opener this afternoon too. I put off working on Quicken to type up some VBS notes on Tuesday, so I really need to be quick and get that done before vacation.

Speaking of our spring break vacation. It is coming up fast. Still trying to figure out our plans. I know we are going to Busch Gardens one day and then we will try to spend a few days in Oviedo and a few days in Leesburg.  Taxes need to get finished, financial aid papers for u-mich need to get completed and of course Easter is just around the corner.  Add in concerts, bowling tournaments and getting kids home from school, puts a lot on our plate.  Boy we do need a break!

Guess I better get going!  Have a great day and keep watching Not All Athletes Wear Jerseys!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Just an Update

I did get to the Physician's Assistant yesterday morning. I don't have strep throat, but since I have been sick since last Thursday and I was not getting better, I did get started on antibiotics.  So I am on day 2 of Zithromycin aka a Z-Pac.  Taking Motrin, Sudafed and Robitussin around the clock.  With the meds, I feel ok and able to get some things done.

We really need spring to arrive. Kids Choir is getting a little rowdy and hard to focus.  They are still singing great, just need to listen more.  Chimes are ringing along wonderfully.  Have a couple of Easter songs that are ready to go! Thinking of having an all music service.   Compile all of this years favorites. 

Skipping my golf buddy lunch today.  My appetite isn't so good, and I just want to rest a bit.  I am going to have a meeting with my VBS Co-Leader.  Our curriculum is in!  Pandamania!  Will do some brainstorming! 

Will use the rest of the day to work on the computer, rest and recover.  Plan on being back to work tomorrow.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

Wow Wow Wow

What a great weekend! Even though I still feel yucky with a sore throat, we had a wonderful day!  I actually got the laundry caught up, and did a few errands in the morning that really needed to get done after a restless night.  Just kept waking up every hour or so. I usually do that when I have a lot to do and there are some time deadlines.

Sarah and I left for Detroit just before noon with nice sunny but cold weather.  Went through the Drive Through at Steak N Shake for lunch and continued on to the Airport.  Our timing couldn't have been better.  We arrived at 2:45 and got inside by the baggage claim to welcome him back. Jeff had his luggage and we were heading to Ann Arbor by 3:30pm.  Since Mary had rehearsal, Brandon had her room key and let us in her room. We delivered some packing goods as University of Michigan school year ends in three weeks!  Sarah Jeff and I watched the first half of the Gator Football Game in her room and realized it was going to be a CLOSE game!  Mary arrived back at her room around 5:30 pm and after meeting up with Brandon again, we headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, the game would be on there for sure!

It so it was...on every screen and with  lots of Butler fans! There I was sitting at the end of a table in front of a HUGE flat screen TV.  The scores were going back and forth..It was just too close.  Butler went ahead by three point and the place was cheering and even though I knew this was going to be a tough game, even debating if Butler would win, I was hoping and rooting for  Florida.  Then it happened.  Gators sunk a three pointer and I shouted "Oooh  Yeah!!!".  My girls were embarrassed and we all had a good laugh while the rest of the people saw the only Gator fan in the joint. I didn't care, I wasn't trying to make a scene I was truly rooting for my team.   That will be a memory for all of for a long time! In the end,  the Gators panicked with enough time on the clock to score and win, rushed a three pointer, missed and lost the game.  What a shame.  With that said, I hope that Butler makes it to the finals. Maybe Kentucky vs Butler. That would be awesome!

Next was the premiere of Mary's Sweet Adeline's group.  They were just fabulous!  I was amazed.  By now I am sure you have already watched it.  Pretty sweet, right?  The UMWGC concert was excellent, Mary was part of a small group of singers for one song.  I especially like the the Song of Spring and Summer by Hulst and Sail Away.  Of course, ending the night with the Victors is a great moment.  We also had a GREAT SURPRISE~ Mary received a scholarship for next year from the Women's Glee Club.  We are so proud! Congratulations Mary! We said our good-byes and headed back to Greenville. 

Matthew had good news of his own.  The final night of Aladdin Jr went well and the crew striked the set without any trouble and brought home a pagoda cutout as a souvenir. It is pretty awesome and upstairs. I will have to take a picture of it and post it soon.  He also received his ACT results and got a 22!  What a good start.  He plans to take it again and improve his score.  Matthew was waiting up for us when we got home after 1 AM.

Sunday School and Church went well. Today was preschool Sunday.  I played for the service and used as many kids songs as I could.  The Chime team did a great job playing Jesus Loves Me. We had an ice cream sundae fellowship afterwards. 

The family had lunch together at Applebee's before Jeff and Matthew went to a Christian Concert.  Sarah took a nap and then drove home and is safe and sound. Miss her already!  I was able to watch March Madness and work on the computer.  I also took a little nap.  I bowled pretty well tonight, average or above. Our team won all four points! 

My throat still hurts and it is more difficult to swallow. I will be going to the doctor tomorrow.  I can't go on like this. So glad I was able to make it through the weekend. 

Guess that is all for now..time for rest.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Great Show

Just a quick entry to say how much I enjoyed Greenville Middle School's production of "Aladdin Jr".  It was very good.  So proud of the High School Techies and Management for helping it make a great success.

We made dinner together, baked manicotti and now I have brownies in the oven. One pan for us and one pan for an event at church tomorrow.   Laundry in progress.  Watching a movie with Sarah and Matthew.  What could be better?

Catch ya later!


A Change in Plans

I stayed home from work today.  Still didn't feel too well and I was able to find a nurse to cover for me.  Luckily, I feel a little better this afternoon, so I think I can still sell tickets for Aladdin JR tonight.  Sarah and I will see the show.  I had better keep the meds in me so I stay symptom free.

Sarah informed my that the Hope College Athletic Training trip to Japan has been cancelled.  I am very sad for her.  She isn't sure what is going to happen, because they had non-refundable tickets.  This also means that she might be able to come to South Carolina for Jeff's retirement.  That would be nice!

Full Time NICU job is available at the Children's Hospital.  I have applied and my status has already been updated as been interviewed.  So I guess I won't need to interview again. Will have to wait to see if the Nurse Manager will hire me. Will keep you posted.

So looking ahead:
  • Tonight is Aladdin Jr.  Matthew will be responsible for the fog machine and some props. He has already done light stuff. 
  • Tomorrow we will be heading to Detroit to pick up Jeff and then to Ann Arbor for dinner with Mary and Brandon and then to the Women's Glee Club Concert.  I can't wait! 
  • Sunday I play for church and we will see if I can bowl like crazy again!  Let's hope so!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

That's Too Much...

That is how I am feeling about now.
  1. "Snow Days" yesterday and today for the ice storm we had.  I scraped 1/4" of ice off the van for nearlhy 30 minutes before I could drive to work.  Show rehearsals and tonight's opening show have been cancelled.  I think we are over the limit now, so there will be make up days ahead.
  2. Short power outages occurred during the ice storm and now our surge to our desktop computer is dead. Need to buy a new temporary surge and or call the belkin people to see what is wrong with it. 
  3. Took the Van in for a recall, it is ready to get picked up.  Still haven't found the second set of keys. Where could I have put them??
  4. Don't feel so go today.  Aches, sore throat, pressure type headache and just have little energy.  
Let's look at some good things!
  1. Jeff passed his last fitness test with the Air Force with flying colors! Better than last time.  Way to Go Jeff.  He is in South Carolina this week for duty.  Planning his retirement ceremony coming up this May. Lots of exciting ideas!
  2. Mary passed her test to run the techie stuff at the Residential College Theatre.  She said it was close but it is done! Kudos.  She also had a positive interview to be part of a planning committee for K-Grams (kids programs through umich).She is pretty excited about her sweet adelines group which will perform before the Women's Glee Concert this Saturday in the various lobbies at Hill Auditorium.  She said there will be a good picture opportunity on the front steps.   I can't wait. 
  3. Bought a work out Wii game and made it through one session.  Trying to decide if I am sore because of the Wii game or because I am getting sick.  
  4. Watching Tiger Baseball tonight with Sarah.  That will be fun.  We used to do that all the time.
  5. March Madness is back- Sweet Sixteen
  1. I am supposed to work.
  2. Sarah is babysitting
  3. Hopefully Matthew will go back to school
  4.  Opening night of Aladdin Jr since tonight's show was cancelled.  I am selling tickets.
  5. March Madness~Sweet Sixteen
  1. Drive to Detroit to pick up Jeff, have dinner with Mary and go to her concert!  Woohoo.
  2. Will have to prepare for sunday school and I will be playing for church too. 
Lots to do...That Too Much!  Hahaha!  LOL  Keeps me from stagnating.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

Sunday was a great day.  I know that I say this every week, but Sunday School has been going so well and I really enjoy my class of 3rd through 5th graders.  Today's story was Nicodemus.  Had some really good questions and discussion.  The orchestra played "Above All" and it sounded great.  I must say that the French Horn was exceptional this morning. Love the sound of a french horn and the man who plays it!

Immediately after church the congregation had cake and ice cream to celebrate his 50th birthday!  The cake was home made and so delicious!  I was glad to take some of it home,so we could eat some more later.  There was also a basket of cards and some balloons and decorations to make it a cheerful time. While enjoying some cake, I was able to round table with our church softball team and get them up to speed after my meeting last week. Some of the team even went out to practice today, a cold and rainy day!  Hope they stay well.

Since Jeff will be leaving for military duty on his birthday (today), we went to Texas Roadhouse for his birthday dinner.  We all had steak and potatoes and Jeff got a side of baby back ribs for free as the birthday boy!  Of course we had a baby onion blossom to start things off. Mmm. By the time we got home, it was time for senior youth group.  I stayed home and watched the nail biting ending of the Duke vs. Michigan game.  Boy I thought we were going into OT, but Duke held on and won by two.  I would have given up my lead in the brackets to see Michigan win this afternoon.

The night wasn't over yet.  There was still a night of bowling.  Norma and Randy were out of town and had pre-bowled last week.  So it was Jeff and I bowling with the other team tonight.  I am not sure how it happened, but I was bowling like never before.  Bowled over average all night with a 144, 191 and 132! Holy Cow a 191!  I had only one open frame, what a great feeling!  My average went up two, from 118 to a 120!  Sure hope I can keep bowling this way.   Jeff had a great second game too..a 205.  We ended up winning two points, game two and total pins.  We lost the first game by ONE pin and the third game by FIVE.  How crazy is that??

We did go to McDonalds per tradition, just didn't eat as much since none of us were extremely hungry after the big lunch.  Glad to eat some more bday cake when we got home.  Watched some basketball and now Jeff is getting ready for his trip. We will be leaving at 0600 for the Grand Rapids airport.  Sarah and I will pick him up in Detroit before Mary's concert on Saturday.  Matthew will be busy this week with the opening of the spring play, Aladdin Jr on Thursday.  I will be spending time working at the ticket booth or ushering.

Took some pictures of the "supermoon" last night. They are ok.  Posted some in the photo album.

That is all for now!


PS- Had some Thunder and Lightning with the rain this evening.  Happy Birthday to my weatherman!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thank God for March Madness

I am so glad that March Madness is going on right now. It kept my mind off my disappointments.

  • Long, crazy day at matter how I tried I couldn't stay ahead.  Got everything (and more) done.  Tired when I got home.
  • Received email from NICU nurse manager.  Although I interviewed well and he liked meeting me, I missed too many questions on the written assessment test to be offered the temporary position.  I was very disappointed.  I didn't think I forgot as much as I did.  Would like to have the test to see what I missed and brush up on the information. The manager encouraged me to apply for some upcoming regular positions where I could get a more thorough orientation and get up to speed.  I hope that I will be able to apply, since sometimes the HR department  may post it as an internal hire, and even when I do apply they tend to reject it quickly. Hopefully that won't be the case.
  • Took Sarah and Matthew to Jimmy's Pub and Grub for a delicious dinner and yummy ranch.  Found out that they are closing after today!  What am I going to do?  Guess I will have to drive to Jim's Newaygo Restaurant to have a meal once in a while.  I think Brandon is going to work there this summer. Was sure to bring my left over Ranch home to enjoy.

    Today is my brother's 50th birthday.  Happy Birthday Dan! Let's hope that the Gators will win and give Dan a great gift!  So glad that my Sarah is home so we can watch basketball together.  Matthew doesn't like to watch it with me.  Besides, he has tech rehearsal for next week's Middle School Play, "Aladdin Jr".  Matthew is doing the lights. Not sure when he will get home.  Jeff has been at Concordia Ann Arbor with some of our Jr Youth.  He called and said it has been a very good time.  He will be home later tonight, and then leave Monday (his 50th birthday) for Air Force duty.  There won't be time for any celebrating since there is Youth Group and Bowling.

    Sarah is home for spring break and I look forward to doing some fun things together.  We will be picking up Jeff at the Detroit airport next Saturday and then going to Hill Auditorium at  U of M to see and hear Mary at her Women's Glee Concert.  That will be lots of fun.

    In the meantime, we might go into Grand Rapids for some shopping and I still need to practice the piano, prepare for Sunday School, put my clothes away and Quicken is still waiting for me to balance our accounts.

    Right now?? The Gators are playing.....Go Gators!


    Thursday, March 17, 2011

    The Muppet Show - Danny Boy

    Happy St Patrick's Day!  A friend sent me this link and I absolutely love it! I always loved the muppets.

    I had a good day at work yesterday and then attended church and choir rehearsal.   Our director just became a grandma and she is off to spend a week with the new family, so I will  need to run choir next week.  We were going to try and sing a few songs while she was away, but we just aren't ready.  The orchestra plays on Sunday and I will have the girls sing next Wednesday.  She will be back home before the next service.

    Today Matthew is in Grand Haven with the Village Green. They will be singing at the Choir Festival and receive a rating from the judge(s).  Break A Leg!  I am going to be baking some cookies, having lunch with the quilters and who knows maybe I will even sew this week.  Have to find to more material to match my current project. I am supposed to meet with my VBS co-leader and then I really need to practice the piano and work on Quicken!

    Well, That' all Folks!

    Don't get pinched, wear GREEN!


    Wednesday, March 16, 2011

    Quick Update

    My interview went pretty well.  There is promise...should know something very soon.  The job is temporary and would be up to 120 days.  The manager said he may be hiring in the fall and if this all works out, I would have tht possibility of becoming a regular employee.  For now I am taking one step at a time. I did take a written skills test to see how much I remember and how much orientation I would need.  Thanks for keeping me in your prayers.

    Did a little window shopping in Grand Rapids and had a delicious Steak N Shake lunch.  Got home and worked on laundry and practicing the piano for Sunday's orchestra anthem.  Made spaghetti for dinner and then have been working on computer and catching up on mail. I am writing this as I wait for the last load of laundry to finish drying.  Wanted to get it done since I work tomorrow and then we have church in the evening.

    Chime team was terrific last night. We are going to be ready for Sunday the 27th and for Easter. The softball meeting went smoothly as well.  I really enjoy coaching the team, but feel a little awkward being the only "girl" coach.  It doesn't keep me from speaking up if necessary. Still need to see exactly who will be playing this summer.

    That should do it from rainy Michigan!


    Monday, March 14, 2011

    A New Week

    We have a beautiful sunny day here in Greenville.  As much as I love snow, I am ready for spring! So tired of wearing coats and boots!  Looks like we are supposed to experience 50 degree weather.  Almost warm enough for shorts! Jeff will be able to get outside and jog, and that makes him very happy.

    Yesterday had its up and downs.  Church was great!  Sunday School lesson went well! We went to the movies to see The Adjustment Bureau.  I thought it was pretty good fictional story with good acting. Glad we went to see it.  While we were having our late afternoon snack before bowling, Matthew called from the basement saying we had a big problem.  Without anymore being said, I knew what it was. The power had gone out several days ago and our freezer had turned off.  We were able to rescue most of our food.  Thank goodness we had bags of ice in there, it kept everything cold and most still frozen.  It is all cleaned out and cleaned up.  From that tragedy we went to the bowling alley where things just didn't improve.  We lost all four and our scores aren't worth posting.  Topping it off, my left foot was in a moderate amount of pain.  I sure hope I am not going to have a recurrence of foot problems especially on the foot that was fixed!  It has been feeling so good lately. It does feel better today.  We ended up the night celebrating Matthew's baptism birthday with some cheesecake.  That was a good thing!

    Saturday night after work, the three of us met Sarah in Holland and went to the Hope Hockey game.  They were playing for the National Championship of the ACHA (Club Sports).  We had a lot of fun.  While I was watching all the skating and passing, a puck flew right over my head! I didn't even know it until the guy a few bleacher rows back caught and held up the puck! Everything happened so fast.  Good thing Jeff was next to me, ready to save my life!  Funny I mentioned to him before the game, "I could die here tonight if I get hit with a puck".  There was a sign saying "watch out for flying pucks".  Some Hope fans temporarily altered the sign to say "watch out for flying dutchmen"!  LOL!  Flying or not, we lost, 5-3.  The winning team, College of the Canyons came all the way from California! They had some pretty big solid players. Matthew referred to them as a moose or bear! We had a very fun time and Hope has some great players.  Being the national runner up isn't bad. More importantly, we spent some time with Sarah!

    Today I had hoped to have more done by now.  I did get a splint for my hand with the small ganglion cyst.  It is pretty comfortable and allows my wrist/hand to rest . I have done some needed research on the computer on a personal project and have so much information, I am not sure what to with it all. Laundry is started and made the appropriate calls for choir tonight. No kids choir. Chimes will meet early so I can attend the Softball coaches meeting tonight as well.  Need to take care of the bills too. Matthew will be at school most of the day. He has play practice and then VG Choreography tonight and tomorrow for 5 hours! Whew, he is going to be tired!

    Tomorrow I have job interview at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital. NICU has a temporary job, and the manager is willing to talk with me.  He wasn't very encouraging, but I at least get to talk to a nurse manager!  That is an accomplishment.  As happy as I am, I am also very nervous about the whole thing.  I work on Wednesday and Friday the next few weeks.   Sarah is coming home on Friday for spring break, and Jeff will be leaving for Concordia Ann Arbor for a Jr Youth Gathering with some of MCLC's young people.  He will be home Saturday and Sunday, then leave again on his 50th birthday for military duty in South Carolina for 6 days.  He departs from Grand Rapids and returns to Detroit, where I will pick him up and we will go to Mary's Glee Club Concert.  Sarah gets to go with us this time.  Matthew will miss her concert again, as GHS has another play that weekend.  Do they look to see when Mary's concerts are and plan a play for that weekend??  No, but sure seems that way.

    We are all saddened by the earthquake/tsunami tragedy in Japan.  I still consider Japan one of our homes and it will always be a special place for me. How could I ever forget such a wonderful experience, plus it is where our little Sarah was born!  I am happy to let you know that we have heard from some friends in Japan and they are all ok, and property safe.  As of this writing, Sarah's trip will still be going over to Tokyo this May.  Of course, should the situation become too dangerous, it will be cancelled.  I sure hope that doesn't happen!

    That is all for today....Beware the Ides of March!


    Saturday, March 12, 2011

    Here's the Latest

    Work was fine the past few days. I have several days off now. I have a nice job.  Jeff is getting work done at church. He should be home soon.

    Sarah had a good time at the GLATA Conference. She donated blood for the first time! So proud of her!She is back in Holland and pretty tired.  Hope College Club Hockey Team is playing for the Division III of the ACHA National Championship. We are going to pick Sarah up and plan to watch Hope win!  Either way it will be fun to watch some hockey live! Sarah already has the tickets. Looking forward to having some fun with her.

    Mary is still suffering from some jet lag, but is getting good rest and up early and refreshed.  Guess she ran nearly two miles yesterday outside.  It was a beautiful day!  So proud that she is sticking with her exercise plan.  No ~Freshman 15 ~for her!

    Matthew has a little cold.  But is keeping up with all of his school stuff and was glad to rest today.  He has his Hope College shirt on  and is ready to head to the hockey game.

    Don't forget to SPRING FORWARD tonight!


    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    Hot Off the Press!

    Just got an email from Mary. She was elected as Business Manager of the University of Michigan Women's Glee Club next year!  Congratulations, I know she will do well!  She can't wait to get to work! Go Mary!

    Today's Events

    My hot dog lunch was a big hit. "It's like a picnic" was one comment from a quilter.  I brought along chili and cheese too for those who wanted a chili dog.  We also had delicious home made potato salad, chips and apple pie for dessert.  Maybe spring will arrive soon!

    Spent some time planning VBS with my co-leader. We have some great ideas.  Hope that we can get a great crew to help it be successful.

    This afternoon I went to the hand doctor.  He was very cool.  Funny, his name is Dr DeHaan, almost Dr. "The Hand"!  I was treated great as always at Orthopedic Associates of Michigan.  My bones look great! "Couldn't be more perfect!  Bones of a 16 year old!"  Hooray for milk!  Anyway, he thinks that I have a small ganglion cyst.   For now, he thinks wearing a soft splint as much as I can will help.  Click on the link and read more about it.

    Sarah is doing fine in Minnesota.  Was excited to let me know she watched live knee surgery online at her conference.  Guess you could even asked the surgeon questions!  I looked up some information about the conference,   click here  if you want to read more about it. 

    Matthew had a choir concert tonight and I really liked their songs.  This concert was in preparation for the Choir Festival next week, where they will be judged and given a rating.  We are  hoping for a superior or division I rating.  You should be able to watch the concert in a few days by clicking on the link "Watch Greenville High School Events".   His songs are at the end of the concert, as he is in the top choir of the school. Enjoy!

    Well, the dishes are done, and my blogging is done. So I am going to relax and watch some TV and then go to bed. Work tomorrow and Saturday!  Matthew has a Saturday rehearsal as well with Aladdin Jr as the Lighting Guy.  Then we Spring Forward! 

    March Madness is close...join my group and choose your winners! Link at the top of the page. Email me if you have any trouble.



    The weather was crummy, rain and fog that turned into snow and then rain again.  Work was good...even received word that my mandatory course should be working again. Was able to send Mary her phone charger that she left behind Monday morning and then got to business when I got home.  My course was working and I finished it and took the test.  Passed on the first try! That was a big weight off my shoulders!

    Sarah arrived in Minnesota safe and sound.   Guess she got all of her work turned in and is now learning and enjoying the GLATA conference.  The Hope College Athletic Training department. Watch it and educate yourself as to what it is athletic trainers do. Pass it along to your friends. Its appreciated. The video is also part of a contest, so watch it over and over again and rack up points for Hope College!  Sarah is in the video! Enjoy! Hope College-Not All Athletes Wear Jerseys.  This link should take you right to YouTube.

    Mary messaged me that it was a very rainy day in Ann Arbor.  She wanted my to know that the shoes I got for her Germany trip seem to be waterproof and comfy too. She loves them.  We will see her in a few weeks for her spring Women's Glee Club Concert. Mary is running for a position on the executive board for the Glee Club.  She hopes to be the Business Manager. She'd be good at that.  

    I just realized that I didn't update you on the Germany trip.  Mary and Brandon had a wonderful time, and the weather was nearly perfect. Only one rainy day. We were able to see all of her pictures Monday morning.  They were so nice and interesting.  Lots of churches, Hitler's building, BMW museum, Dachau and pictures of her and her friends around the city, at theatres and restaurants.  Mary brought us some  presents.  Jeff got a German Bible and a nice stein.  I got a little wooden clock ( I love it!) and some sheep shaped cookies.  She knows I like sheep and lambs.  Lots of coasters from Restaurants, matches and euros.  I was glad that she bought herself a traditional german dress with apron.  She looks really cute in it!  Guess the other girls bought a dress too, and Brandon bought some Lederhosen.  They all wore them around the city and had their pictures taken.  Brandon said that the Lederhosen is very comfortable.   Perhaps one day Mary will post her pictures to our shutterfly. 

    Tomorrow I am responsible for the main dish for our quilter's lunch and decided to bring hot dogs.  I think I am going to bake or fry them this time. I am also going to meet and discuss VBS with the co-leader. Need to be in Grand Rapids for my Hand doctor appointment.  It still hurts, especially after a work day.   Guess we will see what he has to say.  

    Wow, I wrote more than I thought I would.  Have a great Thursday!


    March Madness is coming soon.  Click on the link and join in the fun!  

    Tuesday, March 8, 2011


    The pressure of finishing the compliance course online is getting worse.  I worked several hours watching videos online. I have finished 7 of 11 sections and have hit a bad glitch.  The website won't allow me to go any further.  I have to finish by Friday or else! Sure hope I can get it working right. I have called my employer and they don't know what is wrong either.  So I am at a standstill and I planned on having it done tonight.

    Our Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper was a great success.  Lots of good volunteer help and probably close to 50 generous people who came to eat dinner.  We hadn't planned on serving meat tonight to save on cost, but this afternoon I received a call from a member who made a ham and wanted to share it with the pancakes tonight.  What an answer to prayer and a blessing. Had a great clean up crew and we were finished and home before 8 pm.

    Got Mary and Brandon back to University of Michigan on time yesterday and without needing to stop for gas. I needed gas once we got into Ann Arbor so I added gas after I dropped them off.  The problem was I got turned around gassing up and headed in the wrong direction.  Thankfully, I realized it early turned around and found I-94 and headed home another way..still made it home in time for children's choir and chimes.

    Sarah is getting ready and packing up for her trip to Minneapolis, MN for the Great Lakes Athletic Trainers Association conference (GLATA).   She is looking forward to a good rest of the week.

    Well, better get going, maybe I can get that website to work.


    Sunday, March 6, 2011

    Almost Pick Up Time

    I have been watching plane flight times and anticipating the arrival of Mary and Brandon all day.  So far they have had one delay, but it didn't cause any problems with connections. 

    Sunday School went well with a great lesson, and then church. The kids choir sang nicely.  Had a VBS meeting after church and have to come up with what our plan will be.  Youth group was later this afternoon, and we planned for our pancake dinner and was very happy with all the volunteering that was offered.  Matthew rode on a snow mobile for the first time today. He wanted to drive, but his worrisome mom, said riding is good enough.  He was disappointed but compliant.

    Bowling went fairly well. I bowled over average two of the three games and Jeff did fine too. Almost a 200 hundred game tonight. Our team ended up splitting the points, two each.

    Mary, Brandon and company are now in Chicago waiting for the last leg of the trip.  I will be leaving shortly for the Grand Rapids airport to pick them up.

    Better get going



    Mary and Brandon will be flying out of Germany in about four hours. I am praying for their safe travel. They arrive back in Grand Rapids late Sunday Night. Iam going to bed and they are getting up.

    Pictures from GHS One Acts are up on Facebook. Need to find their page at: GHS Theatre's Facebook. Lots of nice pictures.  Matthew wears all black.

    Good night. Need to be ready for church.

    Saturday, March 5, 2011

    Almost: "The End"

    I am feeling a little sad today as I write about Mary and Brandon's last day in Germany.  I know they have had a wonderful time, but I am sure they don't want the fun to end!  I wouldn't!  By now they have shared their farewell dinner and heading to their final show.  Even though I am anxious to hear about their trip, I am sure they won't be too eager to get back to class. The trip may be over, but they will have  lifelong memories from Munich!

    Yesterday we had lots of rain, one inch! Today we are back to snow flurries. Spring weather is so crazy!  Not sure what lies ahead as far as the weather is concerned.  As much as I love the snow, I am tired of wearing boots and heavy coats.

    I have plenty to get accomplished this weekend.  Prepare for Sunday School, organize the Shrove Tuesday Dinner, take my class online and finish the laundry. Suppose I should get to work.

    Have a great day!

    Friday, March 4, 2011

    Fine Friday

    I woke up this morning to an email from Germany that included this picture from Kochel. It brought back so many memories of our trip a few years ago.  I want to go back to Deutschland!  The group was enjoying some hot chocolate before heading to a museum and a hike in the foothills of the Alps.  Sounds so nice.  Friday night's show was Fledermaus, an operetta. Tomorrow they have free time for shopping and then a final show, Don Quixote.  It is hard to believe that their trip is almost over and I will be picking them up at the airport Sunday night.

    Work was fine and then had a dinner and a movie.  Tonight we watched The Bounty Hunter.  I liked it much better than last nights show, The Hurt Locker.  That was too intense for me.

    I am spazzing out about the pancake dinner and need to work a lot on that the next few days along with the crazy class online for my nursing company.  No more procrastination!

    Guess that is all.


    Thursday, March 3, 2011

    Here's the Latest

    Receieved a second letter from Mary's German teacher and things are going well. Guess this is the best weather any group has had during a spring break trip.  That is good to hear! Today's schedule looked open in the morning and early afternoon.  The met up for a meal at Alter Simpl. Looks real nice. This website is in German, but you can click on Galerie and see great pictures. I wonder what they had to eat? Thursday's show was at the Munich Marionette Theater. According to the teacher's email, this theatre holds only 40 people. They were going to arrive early and get in line.  The teacher was hopeful that their group could go backstage and handle the marionettes.  Wouldn't that be cool?  Tomorrow is a day trip to Kochel.  According to what I have read, it is near a lake near the Alps.  Sounds nice!

    I got some laundry done today, had lunch with the quilters, went grocery shopping with Matthew and then attended GHS parent/teacher conference. Matthew got good reports from all his teachers and he was a huge help shopping and putting away the groceries. Made spaghetti and meatballs with "Emerils" sauce for dinner.  It was pretty good, I liked it a lot.  Our church orchestra had practice tonight and our songs are coming along nicely.  My hands were very cold tonight which made it harder to place all the 16th notes.

    Tomorrow I work during the day and then I really need to get working on the mandatory class for the nursing agency.  Our youth group is having a Shrove Tuesday pancake dinner and I need to line up all my workers and cooks.  Sure have plenty to do!

    Well, that is the latest.  More tomorrow.


    Wednesday, March 2, 2011

    Wacky Wednesday

    I had a good day at work today, even worked an extra hour.  Thankfully she is feeling better and we had a lot of fun today!  I am home now, and plan to shower before choir starts at 7 pm. Feels good to be at home and rest a little after a long day.

    Matthew's ACT test went fairly well, and had achievement test today and another test tomorrow.  His practice for Aladdin Jr started yesterday and will continue until the show opens on the 24th of March.  He is the lead techie doing the lights. Tonight he is at an evening Village Green Rehearsal.

    Sarah is feeling better and breathing better now that she is on the new asthma medicine.  I am working on the interview questions and am determined to finish them tonight.  It sure hasn't been an easy task.

    Mary and Brandon are doing well, and enjoying Munich and the theatre each day.  I received an email from both of them yesterday, and they both have lots of stories to share.  I can't wait to hear all about them. Today they saw two shows,  "Fahrenheit 451" in the morning and "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" at the Kammerspiele, Wednesday evening. They have also seen shows at the National Theatre and at the Cuvillies. All of these look like pretty nice theaters.  By now they are sleeping, so they are ready for another fun day in Germany.

    Better get going.  I have choir in just a little while.


    Tuesday, March 1, 2011

    I Love Tuesdays

    Tuesday is kind of my own day. I get up later, work on my computer, watch my morning show, Matlock, and then enjoy lunch with my golf buddies!  Whether we play golf or not! The afternoon is time to catch up on things I can't do during the week. That usually means laundry too.

    No news from Germany, but I feel like no news is good news.  Today the group is visiting Dachau Concentration Camp.  I looked up some pictures on the internet, and I think it would be a little creepy to tour a place like that, and walk into what was an actual gas chamber.  I suppose it would still be interesting as part of history.  Tonight's show is: Ludwig II.

    Matthew started taking the ACT today.  He was a little anxious, wants to do well, even taking practice tests to get ready.  I hated taking those tests. They made me nervous too. The tests continue for the next few days.  He'll be glad when they are over.

    Sarah is still feeling under the weather. Guess she talked with the doctor and he says there is virus going around right now. I know it is true because I know others with a virus too.

    Well, I guess that is it. Matlock is finishing up and he is just about to solve the case!