Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lots of Lasts

Today is the last day of the Olympics. It has been so much fun watching all the events. although I have missed some skating and bobsledding. Thank you Sarah for sending the links for those things I was so sad about missing and for keeping me up to date on other events. Apolo got DQ'd and it would have been nice to watch the skating exhibition last night.. I had more important lasts.

"A Night of One Acts" at the high school ran from Thursday to Saturday. I attended the last two nights and it was great! Mary did an awesome job. Her play was a comedy and she was hilarious as a lady in a garbage can! I was surprised when she came out in mussed up hair and covered in dirt/soot. Her part may not have been a large one, but it she made a tricky role look easy! She played several different people in the same play, where an accountant was thrown into three separate scenes. You can ready about the play on Grenville High School Arts link. Click on theatre program then on One Acts. Matthew was the sound man and did a great job too. The second play was more of a drama. Mary wasn't in the second play. There were some fun moments in that play too. Now with that play over, the spring show auditions are the 9 and 10th of March. The production? "Bleacher Bums". It is about fans at a baseball game. I love baseball, you know that! LOL! It will be Mary's last production at Greenville High School. She will audition for one of the two female parts and will also consider being a stage manager. We will see what happens. Matthew will be trying out for the Greenville High School baseball team!

Mary played in her last winterfest yesterday morning. Winterfest is an event similar to festival. They play three songs for 4 judges/clinicians. One of them follows you to a classroom and works with them to improve their music in preparation for festival this Friday where they will receive a grade.

Jeff's last day in Miami is March 10th. I will pick him up at the airport later in the evening. I hope to have everything in nice order when he gets home. We have missed him and are looking forward to his return. It has been a good learning experience for all of us. I am not as afraid to do the banking and bill paying. Our church has worked together to get business and worship done.

Tonight is not the last night of bowling. I hope I do better, sure can't do much worse. Our partners, the George's won't be there tonight. So I guess the game will go faster, just hope the scores are better and we win some points.

Since today is the last day of February, this will be the last paragraph of the entry and the month. Be sure to check on the photo album. I should have pictures posted of the play very soon.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Busy as a Bee

Yesterday I wrote about the subtle signs of spring. Later we got about 2 inches of snow. Oh well, I live in Michigan. I hear that it might reach 40 degrees next week! As much as I like snow and winter, there comes a time when spring is soooo welcome.

This morning I went to PT and the therapists discovered that my arches fall when I walk and go up steps. They have been giving me meds through some electrical device and today they taped my mid foot. Although it doesn't give me full pain relief, there is some progress.

I got home and get ready for my job interview. The interview went pretty well, I am happy with all of my answers. The job is definitely a "side job" consisting of 2hours a week on Tuesday evenings teaching childbirth classes. I won't hear anything until next week.

The kids and I went to wal-mart to buy some needed things, and a few wanted things! I noticed the van tires were a little low so we stopped added air, dropped off newspapers at the paperdrive and then had McDonalds for dinner.

Mary and Matthew have hurried off to the opening night of the winter play. I have added a link to the review in our local paper along with a picture. There is church orchestra tonight, so I will miss the opening performance. I will attend tomorrow and Saturday's show. I am excited to see it and will be anxious to hear how the kids say tonight went.

Better get off to orchestra. Figure skating finals are tonight on the olympics and I work tomorrow.

Orchestra went very well tonight. I have a much better handle of what we will be playing the next few months. Before I know it, the school year will be over and graduation will be upon us. Time is just going to fly.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Subtle Signs of Spring

I woke up this morning to find the kids were still sleeping and school started in 30 minutes. Got them up quick and off to school and even remembered to take the garbage out. Still sleepy because of late night olympics and a couple early mornings, I decided to go back to bed for more sleep. As I was resting my head on my pillow I heard a bird chirping~I thought, spring is almost here. Thank you little birdie! Just last week when I was in Lansing for a meeting, my friend and I saw the trees are budding, another great sign of warmer weather! It is snowing today and we have another 1-2 inches of snow, but the sun is out and the streets are warm and travelled enough that the snow melts. I don't think it will be too long now. Of course, this is Michigan and we have had many snow storms in March. Still it is nice to see the subtle signs of spring.

Work was uneventful yesterday morning and then I went off to therapy. We are trying just about everything. I had lunch with my golf buddies and then stopped off at church to get some things done. Keeping up with the mail and banking and watching the Olympics.

Today I still hope to get to the store and take the kids for dinner before lent service. Choir and praise team rehearsal follows. Tomorrow is therapy and my job interview. Hope all goes well. GHS theatre has opening night of their play and I will have church orchestra. I will go to the show on Friday and probably Saturday. Work a whole shift on Friday.

Good news is that Jeff will most likely be home in 2 weeks! Hooray! We can celebrate his birthday together!

Better get moving..I play for church tonight.. Hymns are pretty easy, practiced several times already.


Monday, February 22, 2010

Heavy Snow Stayed South

School is in session! Not much snow on the ground this morning. Still snowing, maybe get another inch or two. I can say it is blowing! Will this be the last snowfall of the season??

Here are some pictures of the concert as promised. I have posted more on the Family Photo Album. I was sitting in the upper area of the auditorium, so I couldn't get close ups of the kids. See my facebook of a video of one of their songs.

Mary has a job lead at McDonald's. We eat there every Sunday after bowling and have made "friends" with the Sunday night staff. The manager last night gave us the hint and even had Mary put her name (the managers) on the application as a reference!

I need to get going to PT and work for a few hours. Kids choir and Chimes tonight.


Will There Be a Snow Day?

It is early Monday morning, just after midnight and the snow will start falling soon. We expect several inches overnight. So, we wait to hear if there will be school or if we will have the day off. Either way, I have therapy for my aching feet at nine and then I am going to work for 3 hours with my little girl. I guess there is a visit from the agency tomorrow. The nurse that was supposed to work called in and I am going to work a few hours till another nurse can get there for the rest of the day. Then I work on Friday.

Saturday was a good day. The kids and I did a few errands and looked at a few dishwashers. Ours is not always cleaning well, and we thought we could participate in the cash for clunkers. I found few but am leary of buying since I cannot install it. I would have to hire a plumber. My gut feeling is to just wait a little. Anyway the kids left for the Show Choir concert at 2 pm on the bus and I left at four alone in my Prius. The two hour ride wasn't too bad...I talked to my mom, listened to the Glee Club CD and the radio. I was there before I knew it. Got my sunday school lesson done and read from my new nursing book while waiting for the show to begin.

The show was very nice. I think, wait know that Greenville had the cleanest and classiest performance of the evening. The host school had awesome vocals, but just not too polished. I drove home alone with the radio and then stayed up too late watching the Olympics! I just love them!

I was still able to get up on time and get to church on time. The chime team played today and did the best of our ability. We had a lot of hurdles in the morning and I am thankful for all my ringers and their commitment to the group and encouragement even with my shortcomings.

Matthew finally got to go play paintball today after church and had a really fun time. He is pretty tired though. He went to youth group too. Mary and I tried to watch a movie but we both fell asleep. I woke up and then had bowling which for me was pretty much an epic fail. I am not bowling well at all! I think I have tried so many things and it just doesn't come together. I am ready to give up completely! I throw a good one and then try to do the same thing and get one pin. It is just depressing for me. Good thing I get Happy Meals afterward.

For the most part, our family is doing well and holding things together here. I have missed Jeff a lot today. Kind of feel out of place without him sometimes. Talked to him for a few minutes tonight before he went to work. He is back on night shifts this week and next week. One of their workers tour of duty ended today and she goes back to her family tomorrow. We are still waiting to hear how long Jeff will be gone.

I hope to post a few pictures from the Concert later today.

For now, I am going to call it a night.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Week Three Over

Three weeks have passed since Jeff left for military duty. I can say sometimes it has gone by fast and other times it seems like forever. Either way we are all doing well. Still waiting to hear if Jeff will come home mid or more likely the end of March.

I am loving the Olympics, but not as much as Sarah. She is working hard at staying focused on school not sports. It isn't easy! Glad the American won the gold in figure skating. We are watching ice dancing now. Two of the US couples are from University of Michigan. GO BLUE!

Matthew went to his orthopedic surgeon this morning (eventhough he didn't do any surgery). He did a great overseeing his healing. A resident did the reduction...and a good one at that. Anyway, he was discharged from anymore ortho visits. His arm/bone looks great. Praise the Lord! I talked to the vice principal and she reluctantly corrected the attendance today so he can still exempt three exams. I am glad this chapter of Matthew's fx arm is over.

My day in Lansing with my nurse friend Marcella was fun. We had a delicious lunch at the Middleton Diner and then went to a bookstore, where we ended up making a few purchases. I am excited about my new nursing book. The meeting at the nursing agency was tolerable and we accomplished everything we needed to.

Mary and Matthew had show choir choreography clinic the past two nights to prepare for the spring choir show. They were long nights especially for Matthew who had homework to do when he got home. Tomorrow they will be going with their choir to Chelsea High School for a show Choir showcase. I will be driving the 2 plus hours to watch the show myself. Better than sitting at home alone for most of the day.

I have a job interview! Thursday at noon I will meet with several people about being a Prenantal Educator. I am excited about this opportunity. It is only 1 night a week, so I would probably still try to pick up a shift with my patient too. Will keep you informed. I am waiting to hear about the other jobs I have applied for as well, Pediatric positions from 3 different departments and 1 OB job right here in Greenville.

Well, I am going to get back to the Olympics. Matthew is bugging me for the computer too.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Safe and Sound

Sarah is back at Hope College safe and sound. I got back to Greenville about 8:30 pm just after the Olympics started for the night. We all are tucked in safe for the night!

Talked to Jeff this afternoon for quite awhile doing FAFSA stuff. Think we finally got it all right. This evening we talked and got the information for Hope done and faxed. Looks like our Expected Family Contribution will be less than expected! Yay! Now we will wait to see what kind of help these institutions will give us.

Tomorrow will be a long one for everyone. I work 8 hours, then will change and get over to church for Ash Wednesday service. I am directing the choir. Choir rehearsals follow church. Maybe I can get some other things to do crossed off my list before church. The kids have school, then play practice and then choreography for village green until 10 pm! They will be so tired! Hope they feed them something. So much for Ash Wednesday service for them. No one ever considers families church involvement when planning school activities.

So I guess I had better get to bed.


Almost Time To Go Back

Sarah goes back to college later today. We have had a nice time together. Before we go back, I will go to therapy, take Sarah shopping, finish up her laundry and pack up. She will be back next month for spring break. Wonder if Jeff will be back home by then.. Should know this week.

Today started with therapy too. Then we watched the Olympics and I got the thank you notes done!! I also applied for a few more nursing jobs. According to the website, my application is under review for one of them and sent to the deparment for review on one of them. Will have to wait and see what happens. Had dinner at Applebee's and then watched the figure skating tonight.

Mary is home safe and sound. She had a nice time in Ann Arbor with her friend. Unfortunately Mary got blisters on both feet from walking to dinner with her high heels on. Needless to say she had pain during campus day today! The blisters are quite large and painful. There is choreography this week for village green and of course play rehearsal all week. So I decided to sterilize a needle and punctured the blister with a tiny hole for the fluid to drain out. It is covered with antibiotic ointment and bandaids and clean socks. We will see how they are in the morning. Anyway she did meet a young lady at campus day with similar interests. They plan to keep in touch and consider if they would want to room together next year.

I only work at my patient's house on Wednesday this week, but also have a mandatory meeting on Thursday in Lansing. A fellow nurse and I are going together. I have church on Ash Wednesday and Orchestra on Thursday. Friday I take Matt to the doctor. He had his last OT appointment today. He has regained most of his range of motion and strength. His therapist reccomends discharge to home program. He has cool activities to do at home. He should be cleared to play baseball! Hurray. Matthew says he has no more pain or discomfort. That is good!

It is snowing again here, and I guess we have some accumulation before it is over. I don't have my weatherman at home so I just wait to see what happens. Jeff finished 5 night shift in a row and has a few days off now.

Time to get ready for bed..


Sunday, February 14, 2010

It Could Have Been Better

Bowling for me wasn't very good. I bowled below average all three games. I don't even think I got a strike tonight. I had a lot of nine pin frames, just can't pick up the last one standing. Doug had a great night. Our team managed to win one point. We seemed to be ahead early in the game only to lose it in the end.

Talked to Jeff this afternoon and talked through business and plans for the next few weeks. Things are going pretty smoothly for all of us right now. Praise the Lord! Thanks for all of your prayers. They are working! There is a possibilty that Jeff's orders may be extended to the end of March. We won't know for several more days.

It has been nice having Sarah home. We like to watch the Olympics together. What we really need to do is get her laundry done and work on financial aid papers and maybe taxes...maybe not! There is no school for us tomorrow, so we will get to sleep in. I take Sarah back on Tuesday. Will be sure to restock her food items before taking her "home".

Mary is in Ann Arbor safe and sound. She will be attending "Campus Day" at U of M for admitted students. Tours, sit in on classes and having lunch. She is pretty excited and can't wait to get to college period. She is so done with high school. She still hasn't found a job in town, but continues to teach cello lessons and tutors english. Her strings group hasn't had a gig in several weeks.

Matthew is glad to be off tomorrow and wants to go see a movie. I am not even sure what is playing right now besides "Valentines Day". He sure is a nice thoughtful young man. He offered to help a lady with her groceries yesterday and today pulled a car up to the door for a member so she wouldn't have to walk across the ice.

What does this week look like?
~PT for me and OT for Matthew
~Take Sarah back to college
~Work on Wednesday & Mandatory meeting at Nursing Agency on Thursday.
~Ash Wednesday Service, I will direct the choir.
~Matthew sees the ortho doctor on Friday. Probably will have final xray. Let's hope!
~Saturday the Village Green will perform at a show choir showcase concert in Chelsea MI. I will be going to watch. Last year's trip to the show case was cancelled due to snow!

I guess we won't be bored, right?

Have a good night and a Happy President's Day!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bringing the Birthday to YOU!

Matthew had a very nice birthday. We ended the day with a round of "Happy Birthday" and marble cake! Craig's Crusiers was a lot of fun. We ate lots of pizza, played lots of games and drove the go karts twice. There were lots of people there, but it didn't seem overcrowded to me. We were able to talk to Jeff after all the excitement and fill him on the birthday activities. It was so nice to hear his voice.

Earlier, we went to the store and bought a "dock" for his iPod. It charges and plays the ipod or you can also listen to the radio. It has a remote control with a snooze button so he doesn't have to get up to hit the button. Is that a good idea?? I got Matthew's old clock radio and I set it up on my side of the bed. Matthew is thankful for his birthday money and has put in the bank to save for a car!

Sarah and I have also been watching as much of the olympics as we can. The short track races were exciting to watch. The final race was pretty intense and we were glad that 2 americans received medals.

I have my Sunday School lesson done and I am ready to play for church tomorrow. Most of our orchestra won't be there tomorrow, so just the baritone will be playing with tomorrow. That is fine because we enjoy playing music together. It should be a nice transfiguration service.

Hoping to get today's pictures posted, so keep a look out for them.

Happy Heart's Day


Happy 16th Birthday Matthew!

I can't believe that my baby is sixteen years old! He was a good baby and has brought us a lot of joy! We are going to celebrate today by going shopping for presents together and then play and eat a Craig's Cruisers. The pizza is decent and we like playing the games and driving the race cars.

We had fun last night too. First we did our chores before heading off to dinner, which was delicious! Best mozerella sticks I have ever had and of course the best ranch dressing in the world. It was nice to visit with Brandon's dad for a little bit (it is his restaurant). Matthew drove to Holland and picked up Sarah and then she drove home. We saw the end of the olympics with the flags, moment of silence, the torches and the lighting of the cauldrons. I am looking forward to a few weeks of watching winter sports.

Before the celebration begins, we are going to the bank, and I am going to practice the piano for tomorrow. I can prepare for Sunday School later...remember, that is when my creativity is working at it's best.

On a side note,

Happy Valentine's Day!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fun in the Snow!

Yesterday's snow day was a good one! I dug out of our driveway just after 8 am to get to work and then pulled safely into my patient's driveway after her mom made tracks with her 4 wheel drive. Work was pretty uneventful.

Mary did call me and ask to see the doctor about her eye. It was hurting more and swelling increased. I got her an afternoon appointment with a PA. He confirmed that it is a sty, and gave her antibx eye drops. She also continues to put warm compresses on it as often as possible. She wants it to be better for the weekend. She is going to U of M to see her friend and also for a admitted student visit day on Monday. (No school on Monday~President's Day!)

I told the kids in my morning note to have a fun day playing in the snow. They won't be kids for much longer and they should have fun together. Well, they had a blast. They made a large snow fort/wall in our side yard and extended into the front yard! I am so glad they spent time together and had a lot of fun!

We had McDonald's for dinner, then I was off to choir rehearsal. Attendance wasn't the best but it went pretty well. Watched a little tv and went to bed.

Today started early. I woke up at 0300 and couldn't go back to sleep, but was determined to rest as much as I could. I got up for work at 0430 and spent 3 hours with my patient, then became the patient at PT for my feet. I have quilting and Matthew has OT this afternoon. Tonight is the big Village Green Variety Show. I'll be selling tickets before the show.

Tomorrow I work again at 0530 till 1630. I promised another eat out night on Friday, probably to Jimmy's Pub and Grub (aka Cory's). We will pick up Sarah tomorrow evening and then watch the Opening ceremonies (that I will have taped) together. It will be nice to have her home.
I need to go birthday shopping today too. I can't believe that Matt will be 16 on Saturday. He wants to go to Craig's Cruisers. A place with pizza games and go karts. Lots of excitement ahead!

Better run along!


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's Official!. Snow Day!

Greenville Public Schools have already cancelled school for tomorrow. Kids are happy. I am wishing I didn't have to go to work. It will be a zoo! Hope that the Village Green Variety Show won't get cancelled! They don't cancel sporting events! Here's hoping!

Mary's eye has been hurting for 24 hours. Now it is swollen. Think it might be a sty. Starting warm compresses. Please pray for quick resolution.



It's Snowing! All Day!

Just as predicted, the snow began early this morning and has been snowing consistently all day. I managed to get the precip gauge up after about 1" of snowfall. It is nearly half full now about 8 hours later. It is supposed to snow until tomorrow afternoon! We expect a snow day tomorrow and of course I am scheduled to work! I never seem to be off when the snow days hit. Darn!

I got a lot done today. I had PT for my feet. That really seems to be making it better. Then I went shopping and got milk and some food that we could eat without cooking. Stopped by church and then quick went home to put groceries away before I went to lunch with my golf buddies. Today was Chinese food! Mmmm. It had been awhile since I ate chinese food. We spent a good while talking and laughing as usual.

This afternoon I talked with a friends at church about getting our boys to the National Youth Gathering this summer in New Orleans. There is a church in W Michigan that has only one young man going, so they are happy to invite our two boys to go along with them. Before I knew it, Matthew needed to go to OT. Whew! I received word that my other orchestra books were in at the music store, so I went to get those too. It looks pretty difficult. Practice practice practice!

Matthew and I worked on clearing the snow before dark. I decided that we needed to keep up with the snow, or tomorrow would be an extra hard shoveling and snow blowing day. Got that done and then balanced a few bank accounts.

Tonight's Theatre booseter meeting was cancelled, so I am at home blogging and trying to get in the mood to write the thank you notes. That is overwhelming! Tired too from a busy day and getting exercise with the shoveling!

That is all....Stay warm.


Monday, February 8, 2010

Lifes Ups and Downs

While life is good at the Wilhelm's house, there have been a few "downers". For this post, let's list the downer first then the good ones.. I like ending up on a good note!


  • Sick yesterday after church...missed bowling...self inflicted isolation for the rest of the day.
  • Rejected once again for a job that I was really excited about.
  • Didn't get too much done today, but have a plan for tomorrow!
  • Headached returned


  • Had fun shopping with the kids on Saturday.
  • Church and Sunday School a great success!
  • Better today...tried to eat a little of everything.
  • Applied for two more jobs!
  • Sarah comes home on Friday!
  • Winter Olympics are coming.
  • Talked to Jeff...that is ALWAYS good!

Off to kids choir and chimes! Then dinner with my kids :)


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy Weekend! Happy Birthday Janelle!

It is a bright Saturday morning with a few flurries blowing through Greenville. Just read on Facebook that our friends the Welshinger's already have 25" of snow and it is still falling in Maryland. Whew! Jeff called last night as told us we might see significant snow later in the week.

I have posted pictures of our medical facility and of Mary's math paper burning ceremony on our photo album. Both were pretty good, in their own sort of way. What is it about a fire that is so captivating? Mary finished PreCalculus with a C, which is still commendable from me since I barely made it through Algebra II. She much is happy with her classes this semester.

I had a pretty good day at work yesterday and then the kids and I went out for dinner at El Rancho. Mary came home and worked on creating a open house annoucment for her graduation this summer and Matthew went to the high school basketball game. I did a little of both. We had a little visit from some young friends too, and had some fun discussions. No debates! Talked to Jeff and then finished off the night with Mario Kart with Matthew. I am getting better and Matthew is first place in most games.

As for today, I am going to edit a job application online, go shopping, banking, prepare for Sunday School and then go to work for one of my famed 8pm to 2 am shifts. Hooray. So far I have eaten breakfast and did my blogging. What is more important than that?

Better get going and get something else done! Have a great weekend!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Day I Always Remember

Today is the day my dad was ordained in 1945. Eventhough he is heaven, a great place to be, I will always remember this important date with joy and remember dad as a wonderful pastor who LOVED TO TELL THE STORY! He was a wonderful man!

Yesterday was a good non-stressful day. I practiced the piano, followed up on some bill business and completed my last CEU class for my license. Matthew and I also attended the open house of our new medical facility. It is beautiful and it "green". I did take some pictures and will post them later, as I am supposed to be at quilting. Choir rehearsal went pretty well last night and then I watch some TV.

Later today I go back to therapy for my feet. I do feel a lot of progress!! We are waiting to hear if Matthew OT got extended. We hope so. Orchestra practice is tonight so I have practiced a some in our new books! I can't wait.

Talked with Sarah last night. She will be coming home late next Friday. It will be nice to have her home for Matthew's 16th birthday. The Olympics start that night too. I am excited. The winter olympics are my favorite! Think I will post a link for the olympics under the Look and See section.

So Long!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Groundhogs Day!

First event of the day was from the Groundhog. He saw his shadow and predicted another six weeks of winter. It has been pretty cold here lately and we had several inches of snow today. Sorry Jeff, I forgot to put out the rain/snow gauge. I must say that I still think that snow is pretty and I am still enjoying the winter season.

The rest of the day was packed with accomplishments. Sammy got groomed. He looks really nice and was glad when I picked him up this afternoon. The ladies at the vet say he is a sweetheart. That is good to hear since the previous groomer had other things to say about him. They are closed now. I wonder if they were mean to him?? Poor boy. We are good to go for a while now.

Next on the agenda was PT for my aching feet. They are doing stretching exercises with me and I must say they do feel better! I am going three times a week. I am encouraged! They hurt really bad the last few days. Today after therapy it was noticeably better.

Had lunch with Norma and Janet, my golf buddies. We always have a nice time. Dropped off mail, made some appointments, did online banking and followed up on loan information! I even completed my last CEU class for my nursing license renewal.

Mary thinks her math test went well. I was praying a lot during the test time. Mary made it to her Spanish class at the college and did fine on the listening test too. Even had time to stop at home for lunch. Matthew said his history test was fine too. Now the 2nd semester has officially started, and we headed to Wal-Mart to get new folders and paper. Picked up a few groceries and exchanged a pair of jeans for Matthew. We hurried off to the high school after checking out so Matthew could catch the bus with the Varsity Basketball team. He taped the game for them. He likes that job.

Jeff called in the late afternoon. He got to go jogging before more rain showers moved in. I briefed him about the family news and we are planning a phone conference to finish up FAFSA and other financial aid stuff, even taxes! It was really nice talking to him. I love him very much and miss him a lot! With that said, we are doing fine here and keeping up with the daily routine.

Mary planned for Sunday School with her co-teacher, Josh tonight. They made a Bible bingo game. There class has good attendance, the kids love them! What will happen next year? They will both be away at college. I attended the Theatre Booster meeting. A lot was accomplished I think. We meet again next week. Mary attended a city council meeting for extra credit in her government class. She was full of information when she got home.

I thought I was working in the morning, but the schedule has changed. I called my clients house tonight to check on my hours for tomorrow. She told me that I am not working until Friday and Saturday. The new nurses are working on their own and tomorrow was assigned to them. Guess my hours have been cut back again. Par for the course. I am going to look at the bright side and be happy to spend more time at home and keeping my brain sane! I have applied for a few more jobs that I found online. Waiting to see what happens.

Guess that is my news for now. Tomorrow will be snow shovelling, thank you writing, and who knows maybe I will paint the kitchen trim! I planned to do that after our windows went in last fall.

Gute Nacht!


Monday, February 1, 2010

All is Well

So far so good. It has been nearly a week and we are all thriving. Talked to Jeff tonight and he had a good Sunday. Went to church at St Mark's with his brother Andy and friend Stephanye. Mary spoke with Jeff while I was at bowling and I guess he stayed with Andy last night and enjoyed time together. He was off to work when we hung up the phone. He is working midnight shifts. He is able to get rides to work so he doesn't have to walk there at night in Miami! Whew!

Our Sunday was good too. Church went well, although it was a little strange without Jeff. He has missed a Sunday before for military duty, but we all expect not to see him for a month. Took the kids for pizza lunch and then got some chores done at home. Youth group planning meeting was tonight and then I went bowling. We ended up winning 3 points tonight. Yay! It will be fun having Doug on our team while Jeff is away. I had a good night tonight. I bowled over average, although I had some bad balls that I want to forget.

No school tomorrow! I like having days with my kids. These days won't last too much longer. Time really does go by faster every year! I have PT for my aching feet in the morning and Matthew has OT in the afternoon. Kids choir and chimes in the evening.

Last day of finals Tuesday morning. Please pray for Mary on her pre-calculus test on Tuesday morning early! Matthew has a history final. Tuesday lunch starts the next semester. Sammy gets groomed on Tuesday! He really needs it! Theatre Booseters meeting in the evening.

Time to go play Mario Kart with Matthew. I am getting better!